Straight from the Heart

September 2, 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

This is the latest information from Apollo: ‘What might have been appealing to you at one time in the material world may not be so appealing. That whole world is fading away quickly. You have a whole new world ahead of you. It’s all about your connection to the stars and your galactic family. Your human family have much to do in coming together. All is not as it seems. You will come together and will be at peace and love. Call this forth now. I will meet you at the gate.”

How are you doing ground crew? I pray that you are successfully riding the waves of change. Are you able to rise above the fray? Are you noticing the myriad of reactions to the current events from friends and family? Are you able to stay neutral and not step on any landmines that might be set for you if you have different opinions from those close to you? The last thing most of us don’t want to do is to alienate those we love. However, it is becoming challenging to listen to some peoples’ radical ideas.

A therapist friend sent me the name of a new diagnosis for a mental illness for people who believe differently from the main stream media. It is called Capras Syndrome. It has to do with the results of the last four years of this particular presidency leading to “weak ego strength.” It leads to people feeling like “something isn’t right” or that “there’s more to reality than meets the eye.” It creates skepticism without official explanations resulting in people starting to see cognitive sources of information. This can activate people politically. “At this stage, conspiracy theories and delusions may begin to overlap with self-referential aspects.”

It’s just a brief summary of what was said, so ground crew you will have to sit with this! You will have to see where you fit and if you are falling into the category of mental illness.

The following is something I wrote for us to empower ourselves during these times:

12 Steps for Empowerment in these Times

  1. I came to realize this lock-down program is unnecessary and is making our lives unmanageable. 
  2. I came to believe the plan of the dark forces won’t work.
  3. I realize it’s time to trust my own inner guidance and not to listen to the mainstream media and some of the Internet voices.
  4. I believe the forces of light are stronger and way more powerful than the dark.
  5. I understand there is a divine plan and I will follow it.
  6. I believe that ascension is near and that these challenges are almost over. 
  7. I believe in my own power of remembering who I am and why am on the earth now.
  8. I choose to believe in love not fear.
  9. I live in unity not separation.
  10. I am aware of some of the hidden agendas behind the world events and I won’t allow them to ruin my life.
  11. I believe in a power far greater than this illusion and I surrender to it.
  12. I know we are here because we love the earth and that soon we will be living happily and freely in the golden age.

I believe in and love the ground crew! We need each other very much right now! 

After reading my “12 Steps for Empowerment,” some of you may think I have this mental health diagnosis and that I need to run off to see the shrink! Maybe you can just cut me some slack and consider me one of those weirdos! Perhaps I just live in a different reality and see things from a bigger picture? I am a neutral person and choose not to get into politics. I have never been good at it!

She’s a Weirdo

By Valerie Donner


She’s a weirdo!

Heaven forbid!

She read out of the main stream!

Look what she did!


She’s a free thinker

And not a political animal.

She wants the truth

And isn’t a criminal.


What does it take

To support someone like that?

You have to open your eyes

And disregard the crap!


She’s a weirdo

And has a different diet!

One thing you count on;

You won’t see her at a riot!


She stands for unity

 And doesn’t let polarity divide.

She’s a free thinker

 And doesn’t want to be taken for a ride!


What does it matter

If there are weirdos around?

Some might be lost

 While others could be found.


We might want to welcome 

The weirdos into our life.

 They could make things easier

And soften the strife.


A Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner September 1, 2020

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love and solace for the challenging times you now find yourselves in on the earth. We are well aware of what you are experiencing. We are monitoring every situation and everything that you are going through right now. We wish that we had a magic wand and that we could take away your troubles. But this is not the way that a planet ascends.

As a planet moves into higher dimensions and higher consciousness that which is old and no longer serves will have to be released. As the light shines brightly upon the earth it is revealing hidden secrets that must be brought forth for the planet to rise above and into the golden age.

It can be touchy, sad, depressing, and one could question their own sanity when trying to cope with what is at hand. The planet Earth has been living in a darkness that is now something that you are learning about. You have been enslaved and not told the truth. So now it is time for the breakdown of the old systems so that the old controllers can be removed and you can be free.

We understand how uncomfortable it is for you right now while many are asleep. However, more are awakening. As this happens more and more will awaken and you will be drawn to each other. We are talking about moving from the head to the heart in preparation for how you will be living in the 5th dimension and higher.

We are very busy in the higher realms. You have our complete focus for your ascension and well-being. Each of you are being divinely guided and divinely protected. We encourage you to assist each other and live from your hearts. Do not try to make sense or to understand all of the occurrences that are going on in your world. Your brain cannot comprehend the multidimensionality that you are now living. Be prepared for miracles and magic.

Please don’t worry! The Creator is the only one who knows it all and is the one who is protecting your back! This ascension is a labor of love for all who are involved with it. Soon you will be living in a beautiful new world and you will see that it was all worth it.

We love you and we are with you! I am Mira.

Other information

Here in the San Francisco Bay area things have been quite challenging. We had over a week of extreme heat in the hundreds, then we had lightning and now we still have fires and terrible smoke. Our bodies are being asked to adjust and adapt to a lot right now. Sometimes it can simply feel like we are in survival mode and some of you may be feeling similarly.

I know that behind the scenes many positive things are happening. There is goodness in the works. I heard that 80 to 90% of the deep underground military bases have been taken out with many children being rescued. Praise God! 

Some things are pretty crazy when it comes to changing rules and regulations. I don’t know if it just is part of California but I don’t think it is. One day you can take a cloth bag to a store and bag it yourself. The next time you go they won’t let you bring it in! I mentioned it to one of the employees at the grocery store and she said the changes in rules are not from management but from the CDC! Some of it is downright stupid! It’s also happening here with businesses being able to reopen or not! One day they can the next day they can’t!

I wonder if these bureaucratic rule makers ever think about how their regulations are impacting the rest of us? We just have to remember that some of this is nonsense-making no sense! Perhaps part of the motive is to drive us crazy and go on drugs? No, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

My ground crew zoom meeting is progressing well. They are happy to have others to talk to about what’s going on now. We even have a lady from Sweden on our call and we have one man. The next call will be September 13 from one to 2:30 PM Pacific time. If any of you are interested please email me at or call me at 925-287-8976.

Todd Medina had a couple of my meet up group friends, Homer Castillo and Delia Flores, on his Soul Speaks 5D Show on August 31. It is quite interesting and here’s a link:

Here’s another link you might enjoy with Magenta Pixie and others in a “Powerhouse Round Table”:

I am heading up to Mount Shasta for a few days for a retreat with a few people. I will say Hi to the mountain for you!


In Conclusion

Some of us need to have reality checks with each other as we slip into a new reality of higher consciousness. It is unnecessary to focus on nonsensical things. They are probably just intended to distract us and keep us from going deeper to find the truth.

Keep your eye on the prize, ground crew! Soon we will be dancing in the streets, the riots will be gone and the rioters elsewhere. We will be celebrating our new reality and our new world. 


Blessings, love, and delight,




Straight from the Heart


August 4, 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo: “We are in the process of making numerous preparations for our teams to uplift the earth. This is a call for freedom for your planet throughout all of creation. This is the free world and it is at the command of the Creator. Many plans are already being adjusted and re-made to expedite the process so that the dangerous ones are removed and you can move into the Golden Age. The suffering and pain have lasted too long. Know that divine intervention is here and you will be free before you know it. We are with you in divine resolve and divine love.”

As I said in my last update, that Apollo has been extremely busy lately. He is working in the universe and the multi universe doing this important work for our ascension. I have had a few messages from him and the most important one was July 12, 2020: “We are about to complete this quadrant in the universe, just like the earth. All systems go! Get ready! We have to do this sooner because there will be too much destruction from the dark forces. What we are doing could be shocking to many, especially the dark forces. Big changes are ahead. Rest and enjoy yourselves now.”

Ground Crew, most of us are flooded with information. Some of it is true and some is not. I have received confirmation that what Apollo told me on 12 July is true. I pray that as lightworkers you do not believe everything you hear that the dark forces will be doing. Yes, they have their plans, however, we are in charge and we are taking our planet back! Even though some of us realize how wide and far reaching the dark forces are on the planet, this does not mean that they will continue to be in control. In fact, they are falling fast. If you pay attention to their latest antics, you will begin to see how desperate they are. They are doing everything they can to censor the truth and hide their service to self-agenda. Please connect with all of the forces of light that are assisting us now and know that the expansiveness of creation far outshines the dark. Just tune into the light in meditation and feel the mighty power of the light.  It is awesome.

Everything continues to be in a state of flux. This can be unnerving and stressful. What are you doing in your daily lives to overcome this situation? Are you doing your prayers and meditation? Are you rising above the chaos? Are you allowing the sweetness of the earth to bless each day? Can you be grateful for the blue skies and for the absence of chemtrails? Are you smelling the fragrance of the flowers and enjoying the deliciousness of the food that you eat? Are you staying in contact with your family and friends? Are you nurturing your body, your mind, your heart and your soul?

How are you handling some of the negativity that is directed at you? The polarity can be intense and disturbing especially if it has to do with friends and family. How do you maintain neutrality in the face of perhaps some type of attack? Do you fall for the bait or do you remain silent? It seems that many people are feeling brittle, angry, impatient, and perhaps wielding a short fuse. Clearly, everyone is feeling the stress of these times. Some people have their own agenda and maybe they do want to create a fight. Is that our job as lightworkers to be fight workers? It can be tempting at times but I think we are more inclined to want to be peacemakers. This requires self-control and awareness. It takes resolve to stay straight on the path. Most people are just trying to do the best that they can with whatever confronts them.

The virus certainly has changed peoples’ behaviors.  Some are using coping mechanisms like increased drinking and use of drugs. Some are depressed or ill. Fear is common place. The change in rules and regulations can drive one crazy. They change from day today in what seems like with the whims of those who are supposedly in charge. I had to write a poem about my next-door neighbor:


Corona Neighbor

By Valerie Donner


Corona neighbors are making things hard.

They party day and night

In their back yard.


They have a pool

And think it’s all right

To drink like fishes

Day and night.


Alcohol runs through their veins.

They make so much noise

It’s like a freight train.


They’re nice people,

What can I say,

Except what they are doing is not okay!


Circle the wagons.

Open the doors.

Soon the bars will be open.

And they won’t be so loud anymore.


I wrote this poem a little earlier in this phase of the lock down. I’m still not sure, like most of us, when things will open up again. It’s sad to see businesses not being able to survive. We are in this together and must remember that spirit has our back! We will all be taken care of. We will have everything we need. There is so much abundance on this planet there is no reason for people not to have enough to eat or to not have a place to live.

Have any of you wondered if you could discern who is a Reptilian? There are many beings who are shape shifters and are Reptilians on this planet. Some are more obvious than others and they exist in many walks of life. Some are good and others are not. Recently, I did a little research so that I could sharpen my abilities in determining if someone was reptilian or not. This is what I was told by one of my friends who is knowledgeable about them: “They have angular features, different eyes, more  pointy teeth, a narrow jaw or a receding jaw, sallow skin; they can look like the royal family, have a certain geometry in  the face; they walk differently, speak with a different timbre; you might feel uncomfortable around them because their energy is weird; they can be sly and cunning, powerful and charming; they can be very beautiful, or repulsive like what you see in movies; they are vampires with high levels of need, especially for money.”

As ground crew we need to elevate our discernment powers because there is a lot of subterfuge that is going on right now. One of my friends got involved unknowingly with a beautiful dark Reptilian woman who created a huge distraction for him in his life. (I define a distraction as a dark attack.) We also need to be cautious and discerning in case there are some landings of spaceships and not just get on board any ship because we think that it’s safe because they are “galactics”.

A message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeled through Valerie Donner August 3, 2020


Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. 

I bring you great tidings from the Earth Council and all beings of light. We recommend you take a few deep breaths and let go of the stress and the chaos present on the planet. We understand how you could feel saturated with all of the chaos and change right now. We ask you to loosen up your bodies, minds, hearts and souls. You have been staying in place for too long. This is the time when you need to reach out to each other to show your caring and concern. So much is going to be revealed to you in the very near future and much is going to be asked of you. Yes, you need to shake off the fear, let go of the isolation, and open your hearts.

You are here for the great awakening. The earth has had enough and so have you. She is ready and is moving into the fifth dimension and higher. She will no longer be patient with the dark energies. She is in need of cleansing and should be honored for her power and her glory. Like you, she needs to shake it off and that is what she is in the process of doing. This is not to instill fear but it is to show you how powerful the earth is.

The earth is being held steady in her place and is getting ready to be moved in your solar system, galaxy and universe. This will bring forth the necessary changes for her survival as well as yours. In fact, you will be living in the glory of the new earth and the beauty of creation. These are the final days of living in the old material world. You will be uplifted along with the earth. Your consciousness is rising and this is what will allow you to be a part of the new. Please do whatever you can now to release the old that has been holding you back. This applies to old wounds, memories that no longer serve you, and anything that is lowering your vibration. You must not let it have a hold on you anymore.

Think about how it will feel to be free of the encumbrances that you’ve carried around, not just in this incarnation, but in many others. When you let it go, let it go for good and do not bring it back. None of the old memories, slights or concerns, are who you are. 

You are masterful, powerful beings of light with many gifts and abilities that you are about to use in ways that you never could have imagined. Some of you will begin speaking languages that you did not know you had within. You will create beauty and art as an expression of the love in your heart. Some will play beautiful music and others will dance to it. You will be surrounded in joy, love, and play. Your lives will have new meaning. We will all be involved in the resurrection of the new earth.

Technologies will be available to everyone without expense. They will be simple and easy to use and will improve your lives. You will heal the bodies, bring forth new teachings, and be doing the work that you were intended to do. You will live in peace, harmony, joy, and balance. The earth will be restored to her pristine beauty. There will be abundant healing throughout the planet.

We love and admire you. You shall be set free. 


I am Mira

Mt. Shasta Retreat


I have been called to do my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta from September 3-6. So far, there are a few of us who will be attending. You can still join if you feel drawn. It will be a low-keyed gathering. I am told that there will be some special energies there during that time and that I need to be there.


Please click here for more information. You may also email me at or call me at 925-287-8976


Lions Gate



Maureen Moss is doing a special Lions Gate meditation on 8-8-20 at 11:00AM Pacific Time. She is calling it “A Magical, Unparalleled Journey into the Syrian Stargate and Beyond.” You can connect with her at



Magenta Pixie


Magenta Pixie channels the Council of Nine from Sirius. She has a new YouTube: “Breaking the Dream spell- Lionsgate Portal, Sirian Stargate – August 3 to August 13, 2020.” It’s only 23 minutes and here is the link:



Ground Crew Zoom Call


We have a small core group of ground crew on a zoom call that we do every two weeks. We even have someone from Sweden in attendance. If you want to be a part of our group you can let me know. We talk about what is occurring right now in our lives and on the planet, I do some channeling’s, and meditation.

Our next call will be on Sunday, August 16th at 1 PM Pacific time. It is 90 minutes and it’s $20.

In Conclusion


This is a tricky time to be on the earth. We have to be aware and cautious of everything we say and do including the people we are around. More people are awakening but we cannot expect everyone to be as aware as we are aware. This long journey to go home and to be in the golden age on our beautiful planet

is nearly complete. Please be grateful for everything in your life and for the precious gift of being on the earth at this momentous time.


Take blessed care, dear ground crew. We can do it! We are doing it! And we can rise above it!


Blessings, love and light,







July 3, 2020

Dear Ground Crew:

The following is a message from Apollo from July 2, 2020: “The ground crew are doing an exemplary job. In spite of all of the chaos, you come through for us every time. We are working together to put everything in place for the new world you will be living in. It is about to catch hold. Do the best you can to care for yourselves and loved ones as the final days of darkness blow away. Your new world is waiting and it is pristine. Remember who you are and why are you are on the earth now. You are doing your jobs beautifully.”

Apollo is extremely busy now so I am fortunate when I get a message from him. It is somewhat arduous for him to communicate with me because he is working at high levels with the Ascension process on a multi-universal level. This also means that we are getting very close to the completion.

How are you doing ground crew? Are you feeling weary? Are you challenged to stay balanced, to rest, or even sleep? Have you had enough of the flood of information from the main stream media? All they seem to talk about is the virus, the Black Lives Matter, and everything they need to do to instill fear, control, and political discordance.

With the control mechanisms that have been pressed in our faces such as threats for not wearing a mask, temperature taking, and social distancing, one could wonder what country we are living in right now. Has China taken over? What about Antifa? Who is behind the discordance?

Take a deep breath. Go into your heart and search for your truth. What feels right and what doesn’t? Many are questioning most of what is coming out from the media. They are questioning for good reason and are therefore awakening.

How do we maintain our sovereignty? How far can we go in refusing to give up our free will and free choice? Who has the right to place all of these rules and restrictions on us? Do you still believe in the spirit of the American people? Certainly, there are forces that want us to think this is gone but what has made this country great is our determination, our creativity, our hard work, and our resourcefulness.

June was a challenging month for many of us here in the San Francisco Bay area and in other places. On June 14, I was driving to San Francisco to visit my family and got caught in a Black Lives Matter protest. Fifty cars blocked the bridge on the west side, along with some other protesters who came in an old school bus to spray yellow with BLM on it. What should have taken me 35 minutes ended up being over three hours. Twenty-six people were arrested. It could have been worse.

I know I must have been there on some type of assignment. The energies were full of fear, anger and density that I am still clearing. It was a swamp over a bridge in a very wide area. Thousands of cars were tied up for miles and miles. Wherever there is light there is darkness.

Speaking of that, we had a victory for the light here in Walnut Creek. I used to work out of a metaphysical bookstore here for eight years. It was a light center and people from all over the world used to go there when they were in town. After I left, the store was purchased by some people who turned it dark. It was very dark to the point of them casting spells over others and supporting Satanic rituals, etc. I was so happy when I saw their sign was down and that the store was free from their merchandise. This was a death due to COVID. It is not one that I am mourning and I know many other lightworkers in the area will be celebrating too when they find out about it.

The weather here has been perfect and beautiful. The temperature has been in the 80s. The sky is blue, the flowers in bloom, the birds are singing, the butterflies and the bees are flying around and nature is blessing us. The earth feels as if she is happy and all is working together to bring us that happiness too if we just pause and partake of it. The other morning while I was sunbathing in my backyard I looked up at the sky and this is what I saw: 

We have also had many ships in the area letting us know they are here: 


This is the fun stuff and if we can rise above the swamp, we can keep our vibration up and our hearts singing. Some believe that we have already ascended and we are just waiting for the rest of the hologram that we are in to play itself out. The dark forces are trying their best to get their way but every time they do something, it backfires on them and lots of light comes in.

Let’s play

By Valerie Donner


Let’s play!

Let’s have fun!

The old matrix

Is just about done!


Let’s breathe 

And live in nature’s beauty.

Take off the masks

And live in purity.


No matter what happens

The show will go on.

The evil won’t last.

It is been just too long.


Stop pouting

And wanting the old way back.

It wasn’t that much fun.

Too many lived in lack.


Know you are being freed

To live better lives.

You will learn to live

In more ways to thrive.


This is the final awakening.

Won’t it be fun

To see the devils leaving

With the dark on the run.


It’s almost over.

The secrets will be told.

We’ll live on the new earth

And forget about the old.

A channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner July 2, 2020


Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently focused full-time on the Earth Council.

Please look at where your attention is focused now on the planet. We know there are many distractions from the dark forces who would like to remain in control. We can tell you unequivocally that they are losing and have very little time left. They are desperate, angry, and fearful which are the energies they are trying to instill upon you. Their desire to control you is futile, especially for those of the light who know the truth.

We would like to make some suggestions so that you can overcome more of the hurdles that they are sending your way. Please remind yourself what a formidable being you are to be in the position you are in right now even though it is uncomfortable. Stay in your strength and your power and align yourself with the light. 

Maintain your spiritual practice, your meditation, walks in nature, your sense of humor and creativity, your friendships with other like-minded ground crew and family members. Reach to the stars and look at the stars. Watch the sky and see the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above your current stressful situations. 

Remind yourselves that you are creating your new world of light and love, harmony and balance, joy and abundance, community and friendship. Embrace us as the Galactic’s and your brothers and sisters. Get ready for the magic and the miracles that are coming your way. Stand back from the chaos and the rubble remembering that this is just an illusion. You are not victims, you are victors. You are some of the most highly evolved beings in creation. You would not be on the planet now if this were not true. Remember that control comes from fear. Do you see how afraid the dark forces are right now? Stay away from anything that makes you fearful. Make new choices of where to put your focus.

During these times give yourself the best that you can give yourself. Pay attention to the energies around you and if you are feeling discordance it is best to remove yourself. Keep your vibration up as best as you can. Know that you are stepping into your mastery. Masters don’t always know the answers to whatever they were going through but they will always find the solutions. This is the process of mastery. When you are complete with your mastery you won’t ever have to come back to the earth again unless you want to. 

This planet is considered the blue jewel of creation and will become a vacation spot. We appreciate you for staying on the earth and for seeing this process through to completion. We are almost there so thank you! It will all be worth it!

Goodbye for now and I give you all my love, truth and blessings. I am Mira.

Other Information


Some of you may be interested in watching the presentation that Dr. Jerry Gin gave on May 22 to the Foundation for Mind Being Research on “The Energy Associated with Creation.” It has to do with the numbers 3 6 9. Here’s the link:

If any of you are interested in explanations about the Schumann Resonance, one of my friends named Susan does some good YouTube observations about this. Go to Susan Inspired Schumann Resonance on YouTube.

It’s possible that I might be doing a Mount Shasta Retreat in the first couple of weeks of September. I will let you know when I finalize this possibility.

If you are interested please send me an email at:


In Conclusion

We are in the final stages of our Ascension process. There are different scenarios of outcomes and each of them will be wonderful. The movie is about to be completed so please make sure you have a reserve of popcorn as you watch the rest of this drama come to its finale. We will be dancing in the streets and will be celebrating. It’s almost over ground crew!


Blessings, love and lots of light,




Straight from the Heart – June 4, 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo on May 31, 2020: “Pay attention to the details of what is occurring around you. You will not want to miss a thing! The truth is beckoning you to open your eyes widely. You will blink and the old will disappear. The past is over, and the future is now. There is a need for balance and harmony at all times. When this is off, you will find it more challenging to live your everyday lives. Be good to yourself and loved ones, animals included. They are challenged too. Take nothing for granted except your ability to rise above the chaos and shift into higher consciousness. Be aware and keep loving when things are not the way you would like them. Soon you will have your way.”

It is good that Apollo mentioned being in “balance and harmony.” This has been the most challenging week here in the San Francisco Bay Area and particularly for someone as sensitive as me. I live in a small suburb called Walnut Creek outside of San Francisco. On Sunday, May 31, we had peaceful demonstrations as a result of the George Floyd drama. (He is a black man who was killed by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25th.) In tandem with the demonstrations, hundreds of looters came because we have nice stores about five minutes from where I live. It started to feel like I was living in a war zone with the helicopters, sirens, terrible energies, and a curfew of 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM. I felt terribly nervous and uncertain about what to do. I finally closed all my blinds and went into my bedroom and locked myself in.

This happened again on Monday, June 1. They had a planned demonstration with many more people intending to come here and disrupt the peace. The energy was terrible again, with the helicopters and sirens etc. Many merchants boarded up their businesses and we were told that there was not as much damage done as they had predicted. They implemented a 6:00 PM curfew and that helped.

On Sunday before this all started, I had worked with the energies of the 3 6 and 9 to bring in harmony and balance. I found out that Tesla used to always walk with counting the numbers: 123,123456, 123456789. I walked around my neighborhood counting these numbers and I think it helped. I tell you this because you can do this also. These are the most powerful numbers of creation. I’m sure Tesla used these numbers when he was creating.

There is a lot of questionable information about this big event with George Floyd. Could it have been staged? Was he an actor? Was he the real George Floyd? Did he really die? This also raises the question: Was this event planned? It was clearly well organized at least here in the San Francisco Bay area. They hit every city large or small. It looks like it was well organized throughout the country. Who dropped off the bricks, rocks, and the frozen water bottles in preparation for the violence? Was Antifa (antifascists) behind it or did the Chinese Communist Party have some play in this whole war upon the United States?

There is a lot of drama going on right now and stressful times. We’ve been blessed in this country to not have lived like this before. Like you, I pray that this ends soon but in the meantime I need my poetry therapy. So here is a poem I wrote on June 2:


By Valerie Donner


Busy, busy looters

Standing in line,

You must get your temperature checked

Before you commit your crime.


How is it possible?

How can this be?

What country are we living in

That this is happening?


Where are they coming from?

Are they Antifa cells?

These aren’t normal people

Who are capable of creating hell.


We know you have a problem.

The anger is pent up.

You need the money

And use bricks and rocks to help yourself.


The sidewalks were rolled up.

The welcome mats taken away.

Your nasty, nasty deeds

Must stop right away.


Gather your goods

Amongst the broken glass.

When you ruin things for others

You really cannot last.


Whenever you hurt another

It’s a double-edged sword.

It will come back to you.

That is our reward.


Stay away in hiding.

Enjoy your new things.

You will be discovered

When the cannon ball rings.


Get out of my town!

We don’t want you here!

Take your pipes and bats.

Go have a beer!


You can take pride 

In a job not so well done.

You’ve hurt the lives of others.

You cannot live as one.

According to astrologer Lorna Bevan, “A heads up! We are already experiencing the jarring discomfort and disconnect of the extremely seismic Triple Eclipse Gateway. Two days from the first eclipse with the Node of Fate in Gemini since 2002 and the karmic chickens of polarization, racism, and equality, I predicted are coming home to roost. The distance between lip service and reality, the emperor’s new clothes is out there in full view. In this life changing eclipse tunnel between May 22 and July 21, this is one of the most important pivot points when choices made now will have immediate karmic bounce back. Whatever is happening out there, choose the path of the high heart. The collective heart-based field is strong and will be boosted, charged, and amplified by the wildcard eclipse on June 5, June 20, and July 5.”

This is from Julie Umpleby is an astrologer.

Yes, we are in the eye of the hurricane! There is much disturbance in the field! Speaking of the emperor’s new clothes, have any of you heard about the fall of the monarchy in the UK? Some of us have seen pictures of Buckingham Palace without the queen’s crest, boarded up windows, none of her guards, but a couple of other guards out in front. There is a wild story that due to something fraudulent that happened in the 1400’s that Queen Elizabeth was not the duly entitled Queen. There is a couple of possible new Kings that could be claiming this heritage. This information is not in the mainstream media. It has appeared on YouTube with one video “Meet the new King.” I am not sure if it is still there but if you research it you may find some worthwhile information about this change. This is also connected with the Pope and the Catholic Church. 

My oh my! Recently, I made the statement that we don’t need Hollywood right now because there’s a new movie playing every single day! I don’t know if there’s enough popcorn to go around!

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian high Council through Valerie Donner June 4, 2020


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving full-time on the Earth Council. 

Many times in the past we have foreseen the chaos that currently exists on your planet. We feel your suffering and your anguish. We feel your despair and your fear.

We know that in your life experience in the US and many other places, you did not anticipate these events. As you know, this is the final battle between the light and the dark. You are being made increasingly aware of the evil that exists and how it wants to destroy whatever it can because it knows its time is done.

Did you ever expect the powers that have been controlling this planet to leave gracefully? Do you understand how desperate they are right now? Can you feel them clawing and fighting to keep what they have? They want to keep you in their clutches with their lies and deceit. However, whatever plans they have to remain in control, will not work. The light is on the planet and has taken charge. Whatever is occurring now is being played out as the very end game.

The way is straight towards the light. You all need a rest and are due many rewards and celebrations. Please rest your mind and your bodies. Don’t try to figure everything out because it is incomprehensible. It is deep and it is wide. It is dark and it is deceptive. It wants only for itself, its own self-interest. We assure you that behind the scenes the light ones are mightily at work. They know exactly what to do and how to make modifications when they are necessary. It is a way of flowing with the energy and you are all learning this too.

We recommend that you stay connected to your inner self and to us. We are in the skies all around you. We are your brothers and sisters. Be strong and vigilant. Be truthful and honest. Know there is a divine plan and trust the plan.

Help each other. Keep your hearts open and welcome in the light and love. Hold that light and love. Discount the fear. Stay connected to Source. Maintain your power by listening within.

Soon this drama will be over, and you will be on to new and higher things. We will be dancing with you in the stars, in the sky and on the streets.

I love you and I am with you. I am Mira.

Other news

With all of the uncertainty and so much going on, it feels like it would be an overload for us to go to Mount Shasta for a retreat in July. My heart wants to be there at the mountain and wants to share with some of you who might want to be there too. Please let me know if you are interested in going a little bit later like August or early September. You can email me at: or call me at 925-287-8976

We have had three Ground Crew Zoom meetings. This discussion group can be on any topic. It includes a meditation, sharing and some of my teachings. If you feel the need for further Ground Crew connection please consider joining us. We are having another Zoom meeting this Sunday, June 7, from 1-2:30PM Pacific Time. It is $20 for the call and is payable with PayPal. They are every two weeks.

In Conclusion

We are in it! This is it Ground Crew! This is now the time we are moving into the Golden Age. It looks like we need the contrast of ugly to get into the beautiful where we live in unity and not separation.

This is the Great Awakening! I remember reading years ago about how the Illuminati would keep us so busy that we didn’t have time to think. The tables are turned now. More people are awakening because they have time to think, to know themselves more than ever before.

We only have to play the game a little longer and we will be complete. Hang in there, Ground Crew! We are doing it!

Blessings, love and light,