Straight from the Heart

June 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest from Apollo: “Greetings from the Galactic Command Center. I have moved closer to interact with the earth’s ground crew for obvious reasons. I am sure you understand the importance of the incredible shifts that are occurring now on your planet. The Galactic’s are focused on assisting with your ascension. Most of the obstacles and barriers have been removed. This means that whatever was blocking your transformation has been transported. The darkest of the dark are no longer on  the planet. We have seen to that. You are beginning to see the inherent love and beauty coming from the earth. This removal is making the earth extremely happy. She has been waiting for a long time for this transition to occur. The month of May has been pivotal for your planet. We are in your skies. We are cleaning them up and holding loving energy for life on the planet. We are assessing and evaluating where we are needed constantly. We love our jobs. We are very good at them. We honor the work of the ground crew. Please go outside often and look for us. We are in celebration mode and soon you will be too. Please prepare for all the joy that is coming your way.”

It is in deep gratitude that I write this message for June. My last message for May was posted in spite of some dark obstacles. Not only was the message that I wrote and sent to my webmaster, Gigi, removed, but she has had to rebuild her computer three times this year. I realized that the information that I was sharing with you was not something that the dark forces wanted you to know. This is the first time in writing for over 25 years that I’ve had this kind of interference. I really appreciate Gigi’s great work and I’m so sorry that she’s had such interference. The only way I could send you the last update was to get a new secure email address and use a different server. It was stressful and far from my customary joyful writing for the ground crew. Let’s be grateful for each other and what we have to share. “Gigi, I am so grateful for you. You are a great webmaster, and we are fortunate to have you serve us!”

So what has happened this past month? We are in the energies of the solar flash! If you go outside and feel what it is like now and look around, you’ll see there is a much softer, sweeter, more beautiful planet. We had the Galactic’s present here in the San Francisco Bay Area in the first week of May every single day. The chemtrails were gone and the sky became bluer and bluer, like it used to be when we were children. If you take the time to breathe in and feel the energies, you will experience lightness that is new and palpable. If you allow yourself to breathe in the energies, you will feel the fantastic energies of light that are here right now.

Some of us are having increased visitations from the Galactic’s. On my birthday, May 4, my living room was filled with galactic friends. I recognize them by the popping sound they make when they come when I’m doing a session, a class, or meditation. The sound comes from the windows and the walls. It’s almost like when the wind blows in through the windows. The sounds are all different and some are stronger than others. It’s so much fun to have the room full. They were even playing with my cat who was running back-and-forth. She’s pretty lazy now and doesn’t do this often. I can’t see them, and I can’t telepathically hear them, but I can feel them. It’s comforting to know they are here.

I do get some sense of what they want me to know and sometimes some visuals.

Here’s some recent photos of the ships.


In the “Bible” Corinthians 15, verse 52, it says  . . . but we shall all be changed, in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet and for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.” What has become apparent to me is that we have made a huge change. It is complicated. It was in the twinkling of an eye, maybe just one person’s eye? Perhaps we weren’t all supposed to see that solar flash like we were told when we were given misinformation combined with fear? Who knows?

Here’s a link on YouTube for a short video from Kerry K. On the “End of May Energy.” She discusses some important things like ascension symptoms and how consciousness is affected from the removal of the veil. “This will allow for much deeper contact with life,” she says. “We should be able to contact now with pure source consciousness and feel more of the oneness and connection.”

We still have residual paradoxical experiences left over from the imploding third dimension. This is obvious in the mainstream news, by the way some people are driving, along with how systems and organizations are falling apart. There are many examples of how the old way is no longer working. Some of the news is atrocious and absurd so I had to write a poem about it:

Atrocities and Absurdities

 By Valerie Donner


Atrocities and absurdities flow across the land.

They are beyond preposterous, sounding like an offbeat band.


There’s Twitter and TikTok, Facebook and Instagram,

Mainstream news and Elon the man.


There’s new renditions playing a different tune. 

We will find out the truth. It will happen soon.


There’s much more to come like faulty elections,

People going to jail for their stupid selections.


Some of these creeps think we’re in kindergarten.

 They tell so many lies even they have forgotten!


Some line up like dummies and wait for more. 

Too bad the technology can’t take them to the floor.


There’s more than 2000 mules and millions of jackasses too.

They made mockery of our system and they belong in the zoo.


They’ve tried to keep us locked up with masks on our faces. 

Pretty soon some people won’t be able to tie their own shoelaces.


The situation is completely impaired. It’s rotten to the core.

When will people put their feet down and say, “NO MORE”???



A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 30, 2022


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full-time with the Earth Council.

Currently, there is much to behold on the earth. The comings and goings are quite exquisite. The light, the life, the cleansing and clearing,  are transforming your planet. We also celebrate the removal of the dark ones. Their removal is long overdue. It should warm your hearts to know their reactions to being removed. They are getting what they deserve and will never be allowed to return to the earth again.

You are in a time of restoration that is an important necessity for the survival of the earth and life upon it. We would recommend the ground crew consciously strive to cleanse their bodies, minds, thoughts, and words, because this will also affect the consciousness greatly. By becoming more aware of vibratory sounds that come from your vocal cords, you will begin to understand how you can make higher contributions to elevating the consciousness of the planet. The old thoughts and words are stagnant. The fear-based visuals used in movies, and other media, contaminate and will no longer be acceptable on the earth. If you pay attention, you’ll begin to see how some people are already delving into this subject. They are powerful and they are going to cripple some of these businesses that have been perpetuating the toxicities.

Please go into your hearts and rank what is most important to you. Ask where you can be of great service and assess where your passion is first and foremost. We assure you that you will have the resources that you need to follow your hearts. You can become examples to others so they can do likewise. Your communities and your expanded spiritual families are drawing close. This is how you go about creating the Golden Age. You might also remove those you have put on a pedestal. Realize you are all equal and some of those on the pedestal do not deserve to be there. What’s important is your light and your gallant hearts directing you to your most passionate projects.

As the old systems begin to fail, you may find yourselves working miraculously to create new systems. Some of  you already have ideas for starting anew. The earth will become your canvas and you will use your paintbrush to create your infinitely beautiful new earth. By looking around you will notice, with your raising consciousness, where attention is needed. From these observations you’ll be able to gather other like-minded friends to take action.

Begin to imagine a safe, quiet, clean, cooperative, loving, well-functioning, happy, fun, and joyful new planet. See how joyful it will be for us, your galactic family, to come and go. You will share, and we will share, and learn from each other. We are excited about being with you. We enjoy celebrations and there will be many.

What do you have to do now, ground crew? Hold the light. Pay attention. Watch the skies. Follow your heart. Create new dreams. Have compassion for everyone. Release fear and choose love. Be in your truth. Help others. Share. Be in nature. Enjoy animals. Let go of what no longer serves you. Stay in the present. Be patient. Look for magic and miracles. Feel the well-being that is here now and continue to improve upon it. Take good care of yourselves.

The skies around the earth are filled with your galactic brothers and sisters. We are doing our part for the transformation of the earth, as well as, for all of creation. The earth is so special that what happens here affects all of life. You are special too. Please understand the truth of these words. We are all so pleased to be with you and to experience this ascension together.


I am Mira sending you lots of Love.


Other Information


Aluna Joy, wrote a beautiful article entitled: “Realigning with the LIFE we were meant to live!” Aluna is a world travel guide to sacred places and has worked with the Mayans for a long time. The article is dated May 31, 2022. I highly recommend it.


Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mount Shasta


Straight from the Heart


April 29, 2022

Early for May 2022



Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest message from Apollo:” We greet you today on our special mission of peace. The turmoil on planet earth is creating crisis and chaos throughout your planetary system and other places too. This cannot be tolerated any longer. Special forces of light are in place redirecting the dark and negative energies that invaded the earth throughout eons of time. It is necessary to embark upon this most important Mission to resurrect the earth and return her to the light. Everything is in place for this impending shift. You are already beginning to feel these energies. You may feel unbalanced, nervous, strange, overly tired, indecisive, and like a stranger in a strange land. You may be hungrier than usual, or not hungry at all. You may feel more inwardly and like you want to get rid of things. You may have also noticed the fast pace of time. There is much going on behind the scenes and much to attend to in your own lives. It is advisable to reconcile situations in your lives that have been unattended to. Procrastination will become something of the past. If possible, attempt to clean up what you can. Ask us for help if you need it. We are with you.”


Ground Crew, I am writing a few days early because so much is going on right now. It’s a lot of good news! It is about new life and new creation. It is very exciting! I’m sure some of you can relate to what Apollo is discussing in his message. There is so much more to be said. On Saturday, April 30, we will have the most extraordinary Solar Eclipse. This is something that can preclude massive change on the entire planet. It is about new life and new creation.


According to healer, teacher, Jelelle Awen,, in an April 27, 2022, article entitled “Energy Update: Rare Planetary Alignment Offering Balance & Healing of Polarities.” “There is quite a powerful planetary parade, as it is called, going on now as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon are in visible alignment with each other in our early morning skies. . . It’s an extremely rare and unique planetary event.. . . Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, will be seen very close in conjunction along with a black moon partial eclipse of the sun.”


Again, in conjunction with the Solar Flare information, Jelelle Awen and her husband, Raphael Awen, did  a special “Solar Flare Ascension Energy Update & Video” on April 20. They mentioned that “In the last 24 hours alone, the sun has produced more than 19 solar flares. The tally includes 5M class explosions and a powerful X2.2 class flare. The fusillade is likely to continue as colossal sunspot complex  AR2993–94 turns towards earth in the days ahead,” according to


Jelelle and Raphael, who’ve studied solar activity for over 10 years,  pointed out in their video, that the ancients recorded that prior to a Solar Flash, the sun acted up. There have been five previous solar flashes in earth’s history. We are preparing for a sixth.


On April 23, 2022, Channel,  Michael Love received a “Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission, The Event and The Great Solar Flash.” In the article he says:  “The Pleiadians are masters of light, consciousness and ascension are indeed benevolent watchers over the evolution of humankind!


“They speak higher truths clearly to humans, in a down- to- earth and easy to understand way!


“The information they bring is pure light and is encoded in such a way to activate dormant DNA strands and increase consciousness levels!


“There is nothing more true than ‘What is.’ and this Higher light is eternal Akashic data and is the ultimate truth! 


“When this light comes into the body, things start to activate and turn on.


“This new light data triggers cellular DNA and causes much larger or more complex streams of cosmic-level information to flow through the DNA strands or optics of the body. 


“This new higher data then becomes available to consciousness, greatly expanding awareness and levels of knowing. 


“Furthermore, when this high vibrational cosmic light data begins to flow through the body, it unlocks memories stored in the cells of the body, even ancient memories. 


“When all of this happens, one will experience an amazing, blissful aha moment where everything will begin to make complete sense, for the first time! 


“At this point, all states of amnesia and ignorance of ‘What is.’ are removed and the light of truth shines, forcing all things to show themselves as they truly are!


 “This is the Great Awakening, and the grand process of ascension is underway right now on the planet earth!


“The great masters have said, “Now it is time to fully ascend so that you may know all things.. . . “


There is more to read. Here’s the link:


Ground crew, this might be the most important message I have written in 25 years of sending you messages. I have known about the Photon Belt for at least that amount of time. We are in the Photon Belt, which comes around every 26,000 years. We were taught that when we hit the null zone of the Photon Belt, we would have that flash of light. I remember waiting for that solar flash, that blast of light, that will hit our eyes, and our pineal gland, and shift us and the planet “In the twinkle of an eye.” The entire consciousness will change. It will change the consciousness of all of creation. I believe The Solar Flash is imminent.




 By Valerie Donner 


I am waiting.

Who or what am I waiting for?


It’s close. 

I can feel it coming.


 It hasn’t taken form, 

Yet it is coming.


 What do I do? 

Where do I look?


It’s deep inside

 Like a spiritual book. 


Its presence is real.

 My heart can sense it.


Everything else is on hold. 

This is the essence of it.


I know it to be true. 

It’s coming to an end. 


What is true and real?

Who are our real friends?


 It’s been so quiet,

 Getting ready.


 Staying in the unknown

 Keeps me steady.


 I will venture out

When the timing is right. 


It will be a huge form

 Of the brightest light.



There’s still more good news ground crew! We’ve had many ships here helping us. On Good Friday we had more ships than I have ever seen here in 25 years. That night they brought us a powerful rainstorm that was greatly needed. It had not rained here in the San Francisco Bay area since last December. Maybe we had a few drops, but nothing like we needed. The ships also came several days later. Again, they brought us very powerful, cleansing rain. It was so loud it woke me up at five in the morning. It sounded like thunder but there was no thunder. When I took a walk that day I could feel that they were measuring the water levels in our soil. It feels to me like they could come back and bring us even more.


Here’s some pictures of the ships:

Here is even more good news! This time it’s good things about little Esko, my grandnephew, who had a Redwood Tree branch fall 200 feet on him on October 22, 2021, while sitting on a park bench at the age of two. It crushed the right side of his skull. He was at a park in Northern California with his nurse mother and her nurse friend. They rushed him to the hospital a mile away and he was flown in a medical helicopter to a Children’s Hospital here in the San Francisco Bay Area. He had surgery, was in ICU for ten days, and in the hospital for two months. On April 8 Esko had a successful replacement of his skullcap. It was a four-hour surgery. It was so successful that he was discharged four days after surgery and two days later he got to go to the Monterey Aquarium as a special reward. He no longer needs to wear a helmet and is pretty much a normal little three-year-old boy. This is nothing short of a miracle! I know Esko is some special master to have a story like this! I want to thank all of you for your prayers over these last six months, and for your contributions, and for holding energy for his healing. Praise God!


Oh, there is one more good piece of news. I heard from a higher authority that “The money we are to receive is there.” We should start receiving money in the near future and I know most of us can’t wait.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council from Valerie Donner,  April 28, 2022



Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with all of the love in my heart. 


You are such an amazing ground crew. I want you to know how important you are to the whole Divine Plan for the ascension of the earth. 


As you might have realized by now, the ascension of the earth is a complex order of things. They are interlocking and intertwining, almost like the wiring of a computer but far more complex. The complexities contain past, present, and future considerations, which are also modulated and modified with ongoing, ever-changing quantum circumstances. 


Some of you may ask, “Why isn’t this happening sooner?” In all sincerity, you are about to see everything expedited to lightning speed. The crumbling old system is chugging its way to a halt. It’s like seeing a runaway train that suddenly comes to a stop. It shakes itself loose and all that is left is a foundation, an amorphous form remaining with which to work. 


This is a simplified way of saying your lives are in for a big planetary change. You have been sleeping on the earth and most people are still not awake. What is about to occur is going to be like a blast off into a whole New World. It is going to be taken care of simply and easily. You will awaken to a New World, a new you, and a glorious planet.


We are telling you this now because it is the right time. We know some of you have been hanging on for years. We understand how your patience has worn thin. We don’t blame you for having had enough. We know it is impossible for life to be returned to the way it was. You thought it was normal to live the way that you were living, yet that is far from the truth. 


What is real and true about how to live is in peace, harmony, joy, kindness, cooperation, abundance, and respect. The way you have been living is the antithesis of what we have just described. The ease with which you will be living could be shocking for a few minutes until you realize you are out of the old mold. You will never return again. This planet will never be treated the way that you experienced it and you will never be treated the way that you were treated either.


Together we are creating a New World. With this consciousness all of life in all of creation will be celebrating. You are to be honored and glorified for your good work. Your dedication and devotion have made this possible. Soon we will be able to unite as one big galactic family.


I am Mira and welcoming you open heartedly into our New World!


Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta, July 21-24, 2022


I am happy to say I’m having a retreat at Mount Shasta this summer. I’ve been doing these retreats for years and this year I think it will be easier to plan for it. The last few years have been tenuous based on weather conditions, lockdowns, etc. 


Since I used to live in Mount Shasta, I know many sacred places to visit. We spend most of the time in nature, going to the mountain, swimming in lakes, going to waterfalls; I do channelings; we commune with the nature spirits; we have experiences with the Lemurians and the Masters; we have sky watches at night, crystal experiences, and live in the spontaneity the higher dimensional energies. The walking that we do is not strenuous. We bring our lunches and eat out in nature. We go to dinner. One meal is provided but the $444 price does not include lodging.


There is a 10% discount if you pay by June 21.


If you need more information you may contact me at: or call me at: 925-287-8976



Getting out of the Box eBook


A new eBook written by my friend, (which includes me as a participant), Dr. Robert Gerard, called “Getting out of the Box.” Working with Spiritual Concepts” has just been released on:


Amazon Kindle “KDP” at 

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The KDP price is $5.00 USD for the General Public (available worldwide)

The OHF price is $0 for 10 days (after May 15th, the price will be set at $5.00 USD)


If any of you decide to get the book now and read it, I am sure Robert would appreciate your feedback. 



My classes for May


As I told you last time, I’ve decided to stop hiding and step out of my comfort zone and do some Zoom classes. This month for the first time I had three classes. Two were “Merging with Mira” classes and the other one was a “Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class”. This time the Master was Djwal Khul. It was uplifting and fun for us to get to know each other and to meet in this way.


My classes are experiential, so you get to feel the energy of those with who are working.


For May here’s a list of my classes:


Monthly Meeting with the Masters, Tuesday, May 10, 5:00PM-6:30PM, Pacific Time, $30. The Master will be announced before the class. I will send a link after I receive payment, and this applies to all classes.


Mother Mary Channeling, Tuesday, May 17, 5-6:30 PM Pacific Time, $25. Mother Mary presents the divine feminine energy. I started channeling her over 20 years ago. Usually the Master St. Germain comes with her, so we have fun with him before she starts.


Merging with Mira, Thursday, May 26, 5:00-6:30PM Pacific Time, $25. We work with Mira’s energy in this class. She also provides us with information and healing. We can be offered to visit her ship in the etheric body and experience what that is like. 


Please let me know if you’re interested in any of these classes. You can sign up: or call me at: 925-287-8976




My Work


If you need spiritual counseling, readings healings, energy work, energy clearing, heart healings or galactic connections, please consider having a session with me.


My fees are: $70 for 30 minutes, $105 for 45 minutes, and $140 for an hour. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things, and information comes. I can do a combination of whatever you feel you want or need. I am good at helping you understand the emotions behind whatever is going on with the body and then clearing it. You can contact me at the or 925-287-8976 





I still need financial assistance because everything has changed so much with my business. I do believe that soon we are going to be getting lots of financial assistance but until that happens, I continue to have to ask you to help me if you can.


You may use PayPal:


Many thanks and lots of gratitude to everyone who has helped support the website. 



In Conclusion


This is it! It is finally happening ground crew! I am so happy that our lives are about to change in “The twinkling of an eye.” It’s celebration time! Let your hearts be filled with joy! We are the grand ground crew! We are one!


With love, bliss, light,  joy and happiness from my heart to yours,







Straight from the Heart

April 1, 2022 



Dear Ground Crew: 


Here’s the latest from Apollo:


“Right now you are living on a planet with the empty nest syndrome. This applies to the earth because many of her children have been off the mark and can no longer remain in her domain. She has been longing for this moment of the great awakening in tandem with the departure of those who have misbehaved. The earth is as sensitive as you are, so she feels everything. She wants to awaken the sleeping ones, and the other ones she wants to shake off and out of her body. She embraces the ground crew. The fire of her divine feminine energy is rising to the surface with huge emotional outbursts. She is gentle, yet strong. She will no longer tolerate past behaviors because her consciousness has risen. The earth desires peace and well-being. It is her intention to return to balance and harmony. This can only be done while living in higher consciousness. There will be no more excuses for the horrific imbalances. We in the Light Alliance are assisting the earth so that the Golden Age is completely anchored into the earth and into your lives. We are excited about our long-awaited reunion with you.”


How are you doing, ground crew? These are sketchy times. The energies are unstable. Time is speeding up. Some of my light- worker friends and I have taken some pretty big falls recently. This is because we are navigating between different planes. One of my galactic friends described it “like being a drunken sailor on a ship.” She talked about how “matter and form are dissolving, thus contributing to the instability on the planet. It’s like the planes are shifting, almost like the movable staircase in the Harry Potter movies,” she mentioned. We need to be aware because we are fragile and vulnerable right now. It is recommended not to rush and that we take our time going places. Some of us have been tripping over area rugs and other things. Please stay as grounded as you can. These falls can be disabling. Look out for each other and be careful when you’re driving.


There is a mishmash of confusing energy contributing to the chaos and insanity on the planet. Have you noticed how the third dimensional world is not functioning well at all? Clearly, things are no longer the way they used to be. We can’t be sure of anything since the old is imploding upon itself. We can be sure of change. The extremes are becoming untenable. It is almost impossible to plan because we are in a different flow that is constantly moving. The mainstream media has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. In some ways it appears they don’t even know it because what they are writing about is ridiculous. Those of us who are aware can see through their lies. They are being driven by the evil that pays their salaries. They have created insurmountable harm on the planet.


We are in a planetary emergency. This is why the dark ones are being taken down. All of creation is helping us save the earth. We are doing this together with our light,  energy and our love. We are doing what we signed up to do when we agreed to come to the earth.


The question then becomes, “What can I do to contribute even more to this process?” Here’s a few possible answers:

Go deeply inside and ask for answers. Pray. Meditate. Listen to uplifting music. Be in nature. Create the beauty in your thoughts, words, and mind. Remove your consciousness from fear and negativity. Be mindful of where you put your energy and to whom you listen. Pay attention to what your heart tells you about someone who’s giving you information. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away, or turn it off. 


There is a lot of misinformation coming from even the so-called truther’s. Some of these people have big egos and act as if they have all of the answers. There can be a certain level of cockiness. For example, someone sent me a video of a so-called truther who is talking about being in charge of the binary system for the planet. According to my galactic friend, there is no more binary system on the planet. This one also gave some dates and some information that were misleading and incorrect. Use your discernment and don’t fall for everything that is being said.

Please continue to do your deep inner work. Clear out old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you. Merge with your I AM presence. Merge with the masters of light and galactic’s that are here to embrace you. They want to take you into their hearts to assist you along this pathway of ascension. They love you and want to show you their love. To be in their presence is one of the most uplifting things that you can do. It helps raise your vibration and is healing. Be grateful for every miracle of beauty and love, light and healing that you receive. Ask for more of their assistance. They are here.


By Valerie Donner


So much information

 Is coming out.

 We are being put to the test

 Of what is true and what is B.S.


Some people have stature 

And are well-known in their fields. 

They can stand there and lie 

Like it’s unreal.


Information is light. 

 It is intended to awaken.

 When the real truth is out

 Our lives will be shaken.


What will people do 

When all is opened up?

 They’ll realize what we’ve been 

Told is a bunch of crap.


We’ve had a foundation

With lies upon lies

 That can no longer be hidden. 

The truth is wise.


Truth is power. 

It comes from the light. 

It’s exponentially magnified

And is radiantly bright.


We are at the crossroads 

When the truth is being told. 

Now realization after realization 

Will be something to behold.


Let the liars and the cheats

 Fall into the sand.

 They will be off the planet.

We will strike up the band.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

from Valerie Donner March 31, 2022


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you today with all the love in my heart. The Creator and I behold you for your powerful presence on the planet earth. Due to your presence, we have made a huge shift in the situation on the planet with the removal of the darkness. We attribute and thank you for this great work that you are doing.


You may have noticed recently that you are feeling increasingly connected to us. This is partly because we are closer to you. We are present in your skies, your thoughts, words, and everything that you are doing. You are first and foremost in our hearts. We are here to address your needs. We work behind the scenes to provide magic and miracles in your lives.


Every day this connection could be some little things such as a beauty in your sky, music, and love in your heart. We are the way showers here to uplift you and to show you the way. We want to acknowledge you and remind you that nothing you do is in vain. It could be your kind thoughts or kind words, your spiritual practices, your reverence for the earth and for each other. It could be your compassion and your open hearts. It might be your holding of the light, truth telling, something nice you do for humanity or for animals. It is all appreciated and needed at this time.


Some of you are wondering how this movie is going to play itself out. We want to reassure you that it is playing itself out and you have nothing to worry about, especially when you remove yourself from fear. The toxic things in your life, including people,  need to be cleared and removed. If the energies are no longer appropriate and do not feel right, you must address what you should do about it. If your body responds negatively to something that you consume, it is incumbent upon you to pay attention and remedy the situation. You are becoming increasingly sensitive, and your body will tell you if it doesn’t like something or someone. You must listen. This is your guidance. You will do best if you listen.


We are in this ascension process together. You were never intended to do this alone. As I said at the beginning, you have more access to us than ever. There are many plans for our reunions and greater closeness. You will get to know us, and we will get to know you. You will reconnect with your galactic families, and they are excited. We love to celebrate, and we are anticipating many celebrations with you.


If you go out at night, or during the day, you will feel our presence. You might see our ships. There is an element of excitement in the air and in the sky. Come and use some of your greater telepathic gifts to reach us and we will respond back. A little practice makes it even easier. You can do it.


Know that we are with you and that we will complete our missions. You will live in the golden light and the Golden Age on earth.


I send you love and gratitude from all of creation. 


I am Mira.



I am doing a retreat at Mount Shasta this summer from July 21-24. We spend most of our time in nature exploring its beauty and magic.


There is a 10% discount if you sign up by June 21. 


Please see the link here:  Mt Shasta Retreat ~ Summer 2022 for more information. I am excited that things have opened up so that we can get out and be together again. Connection is so important. I hope some of you will join us and venture forth. We usually have some contact with our galactic friends. It is more likely this year than ever.


My Classes for April


It’s time for me to expand my work in the world. No longer can we hide! People need us. Some of us are bridges between the worlds. I had a successful class with Mira on April 22. Some people reported having wonderful experiences. There will be more to come. These will be zoom classes. They are experiential.


Classes with Mira:


Merging with Mira, Thursday, April 7, 5:00PM to 6:30PM Pacific Time. $25


Merging with Mira, Tuesday, April 26, 5:00PM to 6:30PM Pacific Time. $25



Monthly Meeting with the Masters:


Tuesday, April 12, 5:00PM to 6:30PM Pacific Time. $30


This is another experiential class. I have been doing it for many years. The master who wants to be with us tells me. I bring in the energy. We go into three different rounds of merging in meditation with the master and share what happens. People get to feel the energy of the master. Some people see them, hear, or feel them. Some of us get information or answers to personal questions. At the end, some personal questions are allowed.


Djwal Khul is the master who wants to come share in April. He is the master who taught me to channel. He is also known as DK and is called “The Tibetan.” He is a very knowledgeable master who knows more about The Seven Rays, healing, and initiations than his peers. He channeled the wisdom books to Alice Bailey of the Theosophical Society. He represents strength and has helped me very much over the past 25 years.




Ground Crew Zoom Call


Sundays, April 10, and April 24, from 1:00PM Pacific Time


If you are looking for more contact with ground crew, we have a lovely group of people that meets every other Sunday from 1:00 to 2:30 PM Pacific Time. I start out with a meditation and then we have a discussion group. $20


To sign up for these classes please email me at:  Please pre-pay for the class by the day prior to the class using PayPal with the same e-mail address. I will send you the link after signing up.


Other Information


My friend Kenji Kumara is a wonderful teacher and healer that I recommend. He does quantum work and offers some interesting, advanced classes. His website is Please tell him I sent you if you choose to get in touch with him.




My Work


I am a spiritual counselor, reader, energy healer, teacher, and channel. Some people like to have their chakras cleared regularly because they feel better. I have over 25 years of experience and I’ve been meditating twice a day for over 40 years. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things, and information comes. Sometimes people just need to talk, and I help them with that also.


You may email me at: or call me at 925-287-8976 to make an appointment.

My rates are: $70 for 30 minutes, $105 for 45 minutes and $140 for an hour.



Little Esko


Please pray for my grandnephew Esko on April 8 when he has his skullcap replaced. Last October he was at a park sitting on a bench at the age of two when a Redwood Tree branch fell 200 feet and smashed his skull on the right side. It is a miracle that he is alive and is recovering well. Praise God! The surgery is delicate so every prayer will be helpful. Thank you!



In Conclusion



These are wild and crazy times on the earth. Some of us didn’t read the fine print and must have skipped over this part of the show. It is a show indeed. It is something that most of us prefer not to focus on right now. It is more beneficial if we focus on our new earth, how it will feel living in the Golden Age, and do everything we can to raise our vibration and heal our hearts.


We need compassion, first for ourselves, and then everyone else. We are all going through something right now and this is what ascension is about. We are blessed to be here now and to experience the great magic and miracles that are happening. We will have everything we need, and we will be living our heaven on earth before we know it.


Thank you for being a part of the ground crew. We are the best!


Blessings, love, and light,







Straight from the Heart

March 1, 2022




Dear Ground Crew:


This is what Apollo said on February 28, 2022:


“The majority of humanity is awakening to the call of the spirit within. It is as if they have been in a chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly. They are getting ready to release the external protection that has kept them locked in the third dimensional world. Some are ready to live as butterflies while others are afraid of coming out. Whether it is of their own divine desire to open their hearts to live in higher consciousness, or not, everyone is changing and will land in the most appropriate part of life. Please understand each choice is divine and part of the transformation now occurring on the earth. The light is shining everywhere. The dark will not get away with anything. You are witnessing the spectacular spotlight shine where it is most needed and where the startling truth will set the planet free. I am declaring this in the name of the Almighty I Am.”


Can you feel it ground crew? Can you feel the excitement in your heart when you take the butterfly approach? It is lighter and more fun to connect your consciousness with your higher heart, which is already in the fifth dimension. Everyone is waiting for you, ground crew, to fly with the butterflies and to transform the earth. Your path and your flight patterns have already been established.


Your heart has volumes to teach you. Information is stored there for your activation in this now moment of this ascending planet and yourself. It is being enlightened and encoded by the magical lights coming from the sun, from the earth, from the Galactic’s , from the Creator and everywhere. The focus is on you, on us, and it is being magnified exponentially to the greatest power.


Your heart will lead the way in this transformation. It might disguise itself as uncertainty, resistance, fear, confusion, or just overall lack of direction. It is perfect for you to feel everything that you are feeling right now. It is part of your ascension process. It requires letting go of the old and opening to the new. These energies are pushing everyone to the limit. We never have been so uncomfortable and unable to forcefully push through to our goals. It is almost like our goals are meaningless, but I assure you that your dreams are like gold. There is a difference between goals and gold. Goals come from the left brain of the material world to which you have been long accustomed. Gold comes from the alchemy of the great awakening of the spirit within to be expressed everywhere by everyone.


Perhaps you can breathe into your heart and see and feel the astounding light that we are describing. It is on the precipice of creating itself. It’s been waiting to be free from the recent events globally. The light is pointing to the darkness that needs to be cleared and cleansed from the planet. If you try to figure this out with the old way of thinking, you will end up confused. You might feel like you have hit a brick wall. When you go into your heart can you feel the light and rise above the cursory words that are meaningless in terms of expressing this great ascension process that we are going through right now.


When you reflect deeply into your heart you will feel the profound love and the nurturing of the divine feminine energy. This energy is now rising to the surface through our earth mother and through this divine feminine energy. The divine feminine is rising like a Chariot of Fire clearly to be noticed and respected. Everything is different and will continue to be so.


Here is a short channeling from Mother Mary (through me) of  what she wants you to know:


“Greetings: I am in Mary. 


I represent the divine feminine energy.


I am here to awaken the divine feminine energy in everyone. This energy has been suppressed on the earth. It has happened through neglect, abuse, disrespect, disregard, greed, service to self, selfishness, closed hearts, and a lack of connection with Source/Creation. These energies are expressed by a lack of self-love and a sleeping populace that has been oblivious to the beauty and creativity of nature and all of life.


With this great awakening, the divine feminine will be expressed in many examples of beauty and miracles that will touch and open hearts like you have never seen before on this planet. Divine feminine energy must be restored so that the imbalanced  masculine energy can be brought into a favorable balance with the feminine. For all too long the hearts of humanity have been trampled by those who were too tough to feel their own sensitivity and sense of humanity. This brought suffering and it is time for this to stop.


I want you to know that I am embracing all of you in my heart. You are my children and the children of Mother Earth. We love you dearly and we are with you now and in the days to come. Soon we will be celebrating together in the dance of light on our beautiful new earth.”


The Dance of Light

By Valerie Donner


Let’s join together

 In the dance of light,

 A harmonious beat 

That shines so bright


It’s powered by love. 

It reverses despair.

 It brings clarity

 Of thoughts everywhere.


Harmony is its nature.

It just can’t be stopped.

The dance of light

Means a lot.


It comes from creation

And makes its own rules.

 It’s powerful and fun,

 And really cool.


In the dance of light

 Your toes will twinkle.

Your eyes will be bright

Shining to your heart’s delight.


In the dance of light

 Everyone has a position.

 Every little step 

Will improve your disposition.


We are on the stage

 In the finale of the show. 

Let’s dance to the light 

And let 3-D go!

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner February 28, 2022


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time on the Earth Council. This is very important work, as you know.


We greet you with tender loving care. We know there are ones who are trying to hijack the spiritual process of ascension that is currently in place. We will remind you there is no turning back. The light is true to itself and most powerful. There is nothing they can do to stop what is coming. However, they can sidetrack you somewhat with the illusion of fear, yet if you are tuned into the light and into your hearts, this will be futile.


We understand the spiritual fatigue that many of you are going through at this time. We feel it along with you. These intense energies have stirred up everything. They are accelerating the Ascension process quite a bit. One of the ways that you can realize this is by assessing the information from both sides. When you listen to your heart, you will tune in and know what is true for you and what is not. It could be that your information sources are running out of steam. You may have risen in your consciousness so some of this information is no longer pertinent.


There comes a time when you don’t have to continue to gather as much information as you did in the past. Spirit will guide you to what you need to know. You can be assured of this. Please do not get distracted with some of this extraneous information from either side. What you are beginning to discern, is that some of these sources do not know what they are talking about. Some of the truthers are carrying fake news just like the mainstream. With the glorious light though, you are beginning to figure it out and see through it. This is exactly what you will do.


You are in the process of rescuing yourselves, saving your souls and each other, by being valiantly strong and courageous in your power. Just go deeply within your heart to see what feels right and what doesn’t. You will be sorry to see that perhaps some of your favorite sources weren’t exactly up to the truth. This is the fine line, and it is important that you realize it.


We understand how you are being affected by the timelessness of how everything is speeding up. This is in preparation for living in the higher dimensions. The linear time in which you have been controlled and living for such a long time, has been one of your biggest stressors. Imagine what it will be like for you when everything is simply in the flow. So you can practice right now by allowing yourself to just be in the flow. You do not have to be at the mercy of a time piece. That clock was meant to mechanize you and keep you in control. If you do this you will be training yourself to tune in more to the natural flow. I think you will like it.


Overall, you are doing an outstanding job anchoring in the light, ground crew. You have access to much more of the higher energies like the Galactic’s, your I AM presence, the earth, each other, the Masters, Archangels, and all who are watching over you. When you combine these factors with what you are doing, you will see how you are opening to more magic and miracles. Look at how the unexpected occurs daily and see how fun it is to explore the synchronicity and beauty in this process.


We have wonderful expectations about how we are collaborating with you and how much more we will be doing this in our new earth energies. This continues to be a call for action. This is the Great Awakening. You will have everything you need, and you will be happy.


We love you dearly, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


We stand together in the truth and the light. And so it is!

More information about Mira


Last month on February 9th,  I did a special channeling with Mira.

Here’s the link on YouTube: The Magdelena Chronicles ~ With Special Guest Valerie Donner


Many thanks to Marianna Leah for inviting us onto her site. If you like the energies of Mira, I will be doing a series of “Merging with Mira Classes”  on Zoom so that you can feel her presence. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming more galactically connected. My classes are experiential so you will be expanding you field and raising your vibration. I am excited that she wants to do these classes. She is a galactic leader and has much to teach us. Please e-mail me at: if you are interested.



My Work


I am a spiritual counselor, energy healer, intuitive reader, teacher, and channel. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things and information comes. I’ve been meditating twice daily for over 40 years. 


The following is a recent testimonial from a new client: “Valerie is the real deal. I called on her to clear out my chakras and it just worked so well!!! My headaches disappeared along with my stomach and digestion issues. . .  She is just amazing, and it is a credit to her God- given gift that I am healed. I feel so much better, more energy and can eat anything I want without the feeling of being bloated like I was before the clearing. I highly recommend her. . . You have nothing to lose but your symptoms!”  CP


You might want to try a chakra clearing with me. This client’s first session was only 30 minutes and then she had another one the next day for another half hour. I can be reached at 925-287-8976 or email:


Due to increasing costs for everything, I am returning my rates back to what they were before Covid. My rates are: $70 for 30 minutes, $95 for 45 minutes and $140 for 60 minutes.

Little Esko


My grandnephew, Esko, who had a Redwood Tree branch fall on him in October last year that crushed his skull, is continuing to improve. He was two at the time and turned three on Halloween. He was supposed to have surgery to replace his skullcap on February 9, but it had to be postponed because he  had a cold. The good news is that his skull has regrown itself by 15%. The replacement surgery is on hold, and I appreciate all of your love and prayers for this little guy and our family. I will continue to keep you informed.





I still need financial assistance for the website. With all of the changes, I need to expand my work. I intend to be of greater service and I’m in the process of reinventing my work. If you are able to make a contribution it will be greatly appreciated. You can use paypal:



In Conclusion


The magic and miracles of life continue. Spirit has our back, our fronts, sides, our hearts, and our souls. Love and light are the keys to our new earth. When we focus on the beauty, the love, and the truth, we will be free as a planet and as humanity. Soon we will have plenty to celebrate. So every day when a surprising event occurs, be grateful for the miracle. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of this planet and make that your focus. This is how we are creating a new world and our new earth. Only feed the thoughts of what you want in your world. Just observe and do not get caught up in the dramas as they play out their final roles on the earth.



Blessings, love, and de-light,