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Straight from the Heart — August 5, 2016
In This Issue
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Image: Valerie Donner of the Ground Crew
Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew

Dear Ground Crew,

     If these challenging times aren’t getting to you then you must be getting into these challenging times. We can’t escape them and must face them. Words like crazy, intense, unpredictable, wild, slow, fast, sad, happy, and amazing come up when we talk about this past month and year. Have any of you been losing things, can’t see them at all, and then having them show up? This has been happening to me quite a bit. We are going through reality shifts.

Some of the feelings we are having are a part of the ascension process. Are any of you feeling headaches, needing lots of rest, lazy, unmotivated, meditative, anxious, extra sensitive or emotional? Have friends or family been in health crises? My beloved sister was in a major health crisis and was at a choice point. Fortunately she made some new choices and is healing some important life lessons as a result.

Another lightworker friend who works with lots of people told me she is very busy working with people with major health challenges. I have mentioned that I have been feeling many are making choices about whether or not they will stay in their incarnations. When I was in Mt. Shasta last month I heard about several people who left who were young and in good health.

The attendees at my retreat called it “Fabulous” and life altering. We were blessed with a welcoming party of many butterflies at the beginning of the retreat. We got blissed out in the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs, which some say is the most healing water on the planet. After I channeled Adama from Telos while sitting in the Lemurian energy of Castle Crags, one person exclaimed “I don’t feel like the same person any more in the same body. I feel transformed.” We went to beautiful Burney Falls, these gorgeous waterfalls about one and a half hours from Mt. Shasta, where we saw bald eagles circling overhead. It was also fun going up to the mountain the last night looking for ships and lights from the mountain. We had a Lemurian experience. The mountain and nature healed us and brought us great joy. We also reconnected with two couples from Oregon who met at one of my retreats in 2009 and who came again in 2010. I want to send many thank you's to Mark and Gail and John and Denise for coming for the reunion. After meeting Mark and Gail in 2009, the couples became great friends and John and Denise moved from Kansas to live next door to Mark and Gail. They are having such fun being a part of the Lemurian family.

I also want to thank both couples for the assistance they gave me with my technical needs from the hacking and hijacking of my e-mails and computer problems. I don’t want to say too much about the changes I have made but I am in better shape now. I learned plenty about how these negative beings install infections in computers so they can continue to interfere with our technological functioning. They even tried to hijack my g-mail account when I was in Mt. Shasta. I don’t want to take anything for granted with my computer but I will say we have to stay on top of these “Shituations.” (This is Swami Beyondananda’s term. He is also known as Steve Bhaerrman, www.wakeuplaughing.com.)

Speaking of “shituations” isn’t our election process in the U.S. one for the books? The other day I was listening to a talk radio station here in the San Francisco bay area where they were talking about how Google and Apple can skew search engines and influence opinions. One of the hosts decided to ask Siri this: “Hillary Clinton is a liar.” Siri responded with “False.” I even tried it the same day to see what I would get and she gave me the same answer. He also asked if Trump was a narcissist and was given several websites to the affirmative. I guess this artificial intelligence has bias.


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A Message from Djwal Khul

On August 3 in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class, the Master Djwal Khul (He is the Master who taught me to channel over 20 years ago.) came to be with us. This is part of what he said: “Greetings, I am DK. I am at your service. What you are experiencing now is the culmination of lifetimes of work. You are truly moving into the Golden Age. The turmoil is necessary a way of clearing out the old. These are precious and precarious times but please know we are with you.

“You are rapidly coming to an end of these energies when things will come to a screeching halt. What was will be no more. What will be will be right before you, a clean and sparkly new life. It will be your job to lay the foundation for a new earth and all that it represents. The unfolding is now. We are here to help you.

“Your time is coming and your heart won’t skip a beat. There will be new classifications for drugs—None! They won’t be necessary. So you know what will happen to big pharma. It won’t be overnight but it will happen. All the vaccines will be neutralized as will other forms of weaponry against humanity and life. There will be many new healing modalities so your healthcare system will change completely. Healing will take place in gentle, non-invasive harmonious way."

Just then a flock of geese flew over my house. He said, “I am about strength. Come to me for courage and strength.”

Lately, lightworkers have gifted me with poems and music. It is fantastic to see what creativity from around the world express. While in Mt. Shasta I was given the following poem. It was inspiring to me and I thought it might be the same for you:

Sun in Pisces: Karma Comes for Us,
March 2014 “New Beginnings”

By Astrologer Salvador Russe

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Watch as all the devils fall.
Their secret poisons brought to light
As angels work to make things right.
Predictions posted watch the show
The wise will live in cosmic flow.
Forgotten things will come around
And wicked ships will run aground.
Desperate souls put down your rope
‘cause here it comes, the Sun of Hope.
Give it freely from the heart
And know the stars in your own chart.
With secrets coded in our sky
This sun will burn all tongues that lie.
Pious hearts will make the most
Just be sure to God you toast.
With magic moments coming soon.
Life reboots with each new moon.
Space and time is where we play
So souls can learn more with each day.
When I’m rich I’m sure to tithe,
It’s time these words be brought to life.

© 2016 The Ground Crew

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Aluna Joy’s Message

I have always resonated with Aluna Joy’s messages. What she says is what I have been feeling. In a recent message “Massive wave of Light is Coming” Aluna, who works with the Star Elders and the Mayans, was tuning into two recent crop circles and here’s part of the message:
“A link to this crop circle is here. http://cropcircleconnector.com/2016/westkennettlongbarrow2/westkennettlongbarrow2016a.html

“Then we were thrilled when another incredible formation appeared a couple of days later on July 30th. It was created with 20 points in a very unusual, inverted star pattern. I find it really interesting that the points are radiating inwards toward a large sphere. I feel the points connect to the 20 sacred days (perspectives - personalities) of the Mayan calendar. These 20 sacred days represent the core of our programming (routines and habits), our personality (how we perceive the world) and destiny (our soul purpose). So..... I asked about this, and I received another brief message. I was shown that the sphere was our Earth, and we were being told that it is NOW in the process of receiving a huge and incredible influx of powerful and transformational energy and LIGHT. But what was even more exciting is that I was shown that a powerful inward portal has been created (a wormhole in time and space of sorts) of which the Earth and humanity will pass through. This is the beginning of what could be a 180 degree shift in many ways the mass population does things, and how they perceive the world around them. Those people who are feeling that their job was done and over might very well get new, evolved job descriptions and a new boost toward even higher goals.

“These messages came through with a lot of peaceful and positive energy. This portal is part of our divine plan. Everything is right on point and is in perfect divine timing. No creation of any kind that is out of alignment with natural law will be allowed to go through this portal. Let's just say there will be a lot of necessary shakeups in the world, and people will have their eyes opened. The Star Elders rarely give me timelines based on any calendar, but I got the feeling from them that we are starting to move through this portal right now. It will intensify with the two eclipses in September, (we will be working the ancient ley lines in England) and by November or early December, we will begin to understand more about what this portal represents to us as a collective humanity, and how it will change our lives and our higher and evolved abilities to manifest and create. Then it will be time for some relaxation and celebration as we begin our re-entry process in a new field of time and space. We will be in the Palenque pyramids in Mexico for this re-entry on the other side of this portal. (See more about this pilgrimage on our website at www.AlunaJoy.com). The link to this crop circle is here... http://cropcircleconnector.com/2016/cleyhill/cleyhill2016a.html.

“The bottom line to these message is.... that where we are, as the human race and mother Earth, feels very positive in spite of the fact that everything is looking massively distorted, bordering insanity, with a mass delusion of separation being magnified, and humanity at large appearing to have lost any form of common sense (This does not apply to those reading this. Sadly those who need to read this won't). All this collective insanity is being flushed to the surface to be cleared out before we pass through this portal. Those still believing in the insanity and imbalances as truth will have tremendous trouble with the next couple of months. This portal will also allow those who are done with their work here to leave their bodies in a blast of light filled with great blessings. Those who recognize the truth and can see the imbalances and mis-creations, and who work in the best way possible in harmonious directions, will find the Earth, your bodies and life in general begin to lighten up. I am already feeling grateful!”

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner August 4, 2016

Greetings I am Mira. I greet you today with love and profound encouragement.

Can you feel the shift happening? Can you read the energies of the light? Are you ready for big changes? We know that you are because some of you are petitioning to our Creator for divine intervention. You are praying for the shift because you are ready for it. It is here and so are we.

We are giving you this captivating confirmation that what many of you are feeling is indeed true. We know it has been a long process. It has felt unending but this is untrue. Every day you are challenged to feel that what is going on around you is real according to what the mainstream media and the third dimensional controlling energies would like you to believe. However, you know otherwise and I am confirming your feelings.

Your future is resplendent. You have worked and worked to make it so. Now you can believe it to be so. We know you have felt the unbearable side of the polarity of the third dimension for far too long. It is ending and it is changing fast.

Now it is time for you to determine how you want your world and your new life to be. How much love, light, harmony, glory, abundance, healing and unity can you receive? Our Creator and all of us in the Galactic Alliance and Light Alliance want you to have it all. T.

All of this is possible because millions of higher consciousness beings of light, like yourselves, paved the way, did the inner work, payed, meditated and resolved to do the work you came here to do. For this you will be rewarded. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with you and all of your accomplishments.

For now, stay centered, take excellent care of your bodies, and be positive and aware. Listen well to your intuition. Follow the instructions you receive. Enjoy the bliss and abundance that is coming your way. You will have your new earth and your new lives. You and the earth are most deserving.
In loving service, I am Mira.

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In Conclusion

We are in an amazing time on the planet. It is exciting and filled with unlimited possibilities. It’s time for us to reach for the stars, to remember our origins and to unify to take back our planet.

Can you believe it? We are almost triumphant in our chosen tasks. Praise our Creator and all of you.

Let’s see how much we get done by this time next month. We are blessed.

I love you, ground crew.


© The Ground Crew

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Image: Valerie Donner founder of The Ground Crew

 Sessions with Valerie Donner

         Working deeply at the heart soul level, which is where the healing needs to occur, Valerie uses her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. She has been meditating twice daily for over 40 years so this enables her to go in depth from her heart when working with people. She has been doing healing work for 15 years and has helped thousands of clients.

                  She invites her client’s team of their own guides, Archangel, Angels and Masters, as well as her own team such as the energies of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael, the Native American healers, and others, to be with you when the session starts. As she begins running the energy, information comes to her and she will give you a message. From there the session goes accordingly and includes a combination of spiritual counseling, energy healing, intuitive readings, channeling and teaching. It depends upon the clients’ wishes for the session.

         Valerie works with quantum healing because it is a blend of the spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body. Disease starts at the spiritual level, goes to the mental, the emotional and then the physical body. She gets out of the way so the energies of our Creator can work through her.

Some benefits of having a session include:

  • Greater understanding and clearing of emotional issues with relationships including with those on the other side
  • Energy healing for physical issues as well as from trauma, abuse and addictions
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • Release of negative energies
  • Deepening the connection with the inner child and your soul
  • Help with spiritual growth
  • Readings from hour angels and guides
  • Aligned chakras
  • Clearing out of old core issues like fear of being unlovable, fear of the future, fear of being alone or not good enough
  • Insight into your divine purpose
  • Improved self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Feeling lighter and more positive

Valerie also does channelings and readings.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.   Please contact Valerie at: vdonner99@gmail.com or by phone: 925-287-8976.   Rates are: $60 for 30 minutes, plus $30 for each 15 minute increments. Sliding scales are possible for those who need them.




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