July 26, 2009
"2012: The Time of Never Ending Peace"

Dear Friends,

    My name is Kymberlee Ruff, MFT. On 08/08/08 Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma asked me to write on the Internet about the "Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies". I had no idea how to do this and then I was given a dream that introduced me to Valerie Donner and her web site "the Ground Crew" which gave me the space to post the writings.

    Here is a picture of Valerie and my son, Joe when they came with me to meet Grandfather Martin in April at the "Return of the Ancestors" gathering.

Hopi Prophecies

    The Message of the "Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies" is one Hope and "The Time of Never Ending Peace."
   I have been asked to write about this because people seem so upset about what they see going on in the world and this has all been Prophecized long ago.
   I have been so very blessed to have been taught the Prophecy of what the Hopi call "The Fifth World", the Tibetans refer to as "Shambala". Others call it "The Time of Never Ending Peace".

    With 2012 approaching, there are so many doomsday stories circulating. I was asked to tell the story of the Two Paths of the Hopi Prophecy Rock. According to this drawing of the Hopi Prophecy rock, the top path is the Path of the Two Hearted which ends with Nuclear.
   The second line is the Path of the One-Hearted which ends with entering the Fifth World. There will be war but they will not be Nuclear and destroy Mother Earth.
   The drawing of the figure in this drawing is "Maussau the Creator" in the Hopi Creation Story.

    The Mayan Calendar and so many Indigenous Calendars end on December 21, 2012. I have been told that the day AFTER the calendar ends is the beginning of a whole new calendar.
    I have heard that December 22, 2012 begins "The Time of Never Ending Peace".

Mayan Calendar

    I have been told that we have created the causes and conditions to Enter the Fifth World and that we are well on our way to approaching the Time of Never Ending Peace.

    I was asked to address this issue of all of the doomsday movies and documentaries that are coming out about 2012. There are more and more that are describing a terrible time of catastrophe and destruction.
My little boy showed me a trailer for another movie that is coming out called "2012" that has the usual apocalyptic ending.


My son said : "Mom, why are they creating all of these movies that feed on people's fear just to make money for themselves? Don't they feel any responsibility to help manifest the peaceful ending?

    The Hopi Prophecy speaks of a time when the Pahana will return to help.

There is a Hopi saying that :
"We are the Ones We have been waiting For."

    Last year I was contacted by the History Channel to help make a documentary describing the Hopi Prophecy.The Hopi Tribal Council didn't want to even give permission for the History Channel to film on the reservation because they had called the Anasazi "cannibals" in a previous documentary that they made.
    I traveled to Hopi with the nicest team and we filmed this wonderful piece where Grandfather Martin described the Hopi Prophecy in English and in Hopi.

    In the end, the History Channel producers edited out everything Grandfather Martin said and but used the his image of him at Painted Desert where this picture was taken. Instead the History Channel documentary interviewed this white man to talk about the Hopi Prophecy that gave the fear-based Doomsday ending.


    Recently I was contacted by ANOTHER company that wants to do a piece on the Hopi for the History Channel. I have a friend Elizabeth Hinn who apprenticed with Grandfather Thomas Banyacya who has written a script for them. I am hoping and praying that the History Channels keeps it's promise this time to portray the Hopi Prophecy accurately.

    I am doing everything that I possibly can to help get the word out that December 21, 2012 is not going to be the End of the World. It is going to be a time of great Change and Hope.

    Last week I received the most unusual request of all. The FOX News station called and said that they wanted to do a 7 minute segment on the Hopi Prophecy. I was surprised to hear this because of the rumors I had heard about the Fox news station.
    I believe that in the Time of the Fifth World, we will all be working together. The man from Fox said that they would expose the genocide from the Peabody Coal Mine situation on their show.

Grandfather Martin has told me how he walks to Peabody at midnight and prays because it is all he can do. All of the protests have not helped. Hopefully this FOX News story can get the word out to a population of people that have never heard about any of this.

I am hoping and praying that something good can come from this.

    I personally am witnessing people becoming more and more conscious every day. I have FAITH that we are going to find a way to enter into the most magnificent period in evolution that this planet has ever seen.

I have a friend who charts the Mayan calendar and he says that:

"There is a day in the new Tzolkin that I was given that actually called "Never-ending Peace" and here are its words from the "Song of the Kin" meaning the "Song of Days" for the Sixth Sun Tzolkin calendar

"I inspire a melody of existing
and desiring childlikeness.
I sing of peace and hope
with my never-ending tone of love
in chorus with Moon Star's energies of
will, purpose, and discipline.




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