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Kymberlee Ruff
Newly Reopened

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Kymberlee's Radio Show Listing:

1) "Coast to Coast"

2) "New Realities with Alan Steinfeld"

3) "Godlike Productions"

4) "Truth Brigade: American Freedom Radio"

5) "X Zone Radio"

6) "Starseed Academy"

7) "Voice of the People"

8) "Exogeny Network: Dawn of Shades"

9) "Richard Dugan :Tell Me Your Story"

10) "Ken Hudnall Radio"

11) "Prophecy Keepers Radio"

12) "Prophetic Voices Radio"

13) "Intuitive Divine Solutions Radio"

14) "Off Planet Radio"

15) "The Whole Agenda"

16) Envision-This Radio

17) "Focus Change with Dr. Ed"
18) "Radio Vision Network"


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    Hi Friends: Kymberlee Ruff writes about the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecies on my website. She has lucid dreams and has been told that this year we have special "Angels of 2012." I have had a couple of experiences recently when driving and I thanked the angels. I am sure they are very close because they are watching over us. They are with all of us. What a blessing!           Love,     Valerie


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