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Message from Valerie Donner - November 9, 2001

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Dear Ground Crew:

As I write this I am in deep contemplation and sadness. This week I felt a lot of sadness. I was prepared to make my regular trip to the San Francisco bay area to see clients. I kept checking with my guidance about this trip because physically and emotionally I was not feeling well. Yesterday I chose to reschedule my trip to next weekend. Then I received a call this morning that my friend David, who had a stroke about six months ago, made his transition. He was my friend for over three years. He was only 55 years old. He had a positive attitude about his situation, but I knew he did not want to remain in his physical body with all of its challenges. I ask you to please say a prayer for him or Light a candle. He was a part of The Ground Crew.

Another ground crew regular, Charlie Manwarren is getting close to leaving also. The pain from her cancer is unbearable. When I spoke with her the other day she said she just had a few more things to clean up and she would be gone. I prayed with her for her smooth transition. She healed everything with her family and brought them all back together. I will be doing her memorial service. She is the one who sent me the funniest jokes. She has a great laugh and during the six years I have known her we have had many bellyaching laughs together. Her laugh will ring in my heart forever. Godspeed, Charlie Ann, on your journey to the celestial crew. I also ask for prayers for Charlie.

What is happening now is intense, isn't it? People who do not want to be here are choosing to leave quickly and as rapidly as possible. Only those who choose to be in the new energies will stay. Please be prepared for the transition of others you love or know of to make their way to the other side.

The veils are thinning. As events on the planet escalate some will find it more appealing to leave rather than to stay. Lightworkers, please know your jobs are important. It will be worth it to go through this breakdown of the old. This is part of the rebuilding of our planet in the way of the Light. Please do not let these challenges discourage you. Know that all is going to come out in our favor. Hold the faith. Let your loving hearts prevail.

I received another message from The Pleiadian Council of Light as follows:

Channeling From The Pleiadian Council of Light
November 7, 2001
Through Valerie Donner

We are the Pleiadian Council of Light. We serve this hemisphere, the place called Earth. We are earthly guardians and we work with all of you. We feel your pain, your worries, and concerns, all of your emotions, your depression and lack of trust. We feel the darkness inside of you now that wants to be lifted, yet when we see you looking around some of you don't know where to turn.

Turn to us, to those of us who watch over you and your planet. We want you to know that we love you and care. We are able to view the big picture in the earthly kaleidoscope. We see things churning both inside and out. We see the waves of darkness sweeping throughout your air waves, the currents of darkness that have maintained a stronghold on your planet for far too long. And we offer you our perspective.

Please do not get caught in the flurry of darkness. This is only a transitory energy for the Light that is coming directly from Prime Creator now far exceeds the dark. They, of course, want to hold onto their territory and they perceive they can do this through the accelerated means that are being thrust upon the planet. We ask you to see through the illusion of what appears to be unfolding. Rise above the clouds of darkness and see the blue sky and the Light that shines before you.

We see there is an elaborate scheme to hold you imprisoned, to keep you in limitation. Yet, we want to remind you there is a divine plan at work that supercedes any plans that would work other wise. There is a plan. Trust the plan. Trust yourselves and the guidance you receive. You need to follow your guidance now like never before. This is your ticket to the Light and to your own preservation. You may check with your friends, psychics, and others to get concurrence about your important daily choices and decisions, but your own guidance is the one that you will need to follow.

We are also available to you if you but ask. You simply go into meditation, call upon us, and you will feel our Light energy and presence. You may ask us questions or simply bask in the energy that we send to you. If you are in dire circumstances and do not know which direction to take, please check with us along the way. We will give you a boost and guidance as clear as you can receive. If you feel you cannot connect with us for some reason or the other, go through this process anyway and you will be assisted. Some of you are not quite ready to believe in this type of thing, so we serve at all levels, in whatever regard an individual can receive it. This is like turning to different channels on the television set, a unique program for whoever is tuned in at the time. The difference between our mechanism and your TV's is that we are unlimited, there are no commercials, and there is no mechanical device. We simply serve in tandem with Prime Source.

Right now you are our first attention. We have heard you loudly and clearly. We see some of you stumbling throughout your day wondering where to put the next foot, which channel to turn next. We of course, recommend you turn off those devices so they do not distract you for too long. You already know they are programmed to bring you down, create fear, and to mentally distract you. They do whatever they can to keep you from the truth. Those of you in the U. S. are particularly vulnerable to these tactics at this time. You can feel their attempt to close in on you. Breathe. Rise above the turmoil. Get ready for some big doses of truth.

You have some important questions to ask yourself. Are you going to stand in line and follow the flock? Are you going to buy into what your media is telling you or are you going to discover the greater truths that prevail? Are you going to make empowered choices for yourself or give away your power? Are you going to choose love or fear?

As Lightworkers you know you are system busters. You came here to be the vanguards for the new Earth. You did not come here to slack off, did you? Now more than ever your services are needed and are most important. So how can you serve? First, by doing your own inner work, get a true perspective for yourself. If there are things you can change, do them. Write letters to your politicians. Circulate important information to all those you know. Begin to change the system from within for this is where the change needs to occur.

What is occurring now is not a series of random events. Know this is all well planned and calculated. We know this may sound cold but it is truth. Those who are orchestrating behind the scenes care little for humanity at large. They primarily want to stay in control and keep the planet for themselves. What do you want for your self and your planet? Get clear and get ready to make your stand. We are here to support you but we cannot do it for you.

As you make more and more important new choices for yourself you will begin to feel greater empowerment. Your perspective will begin to change. You will start to feel the Light inside expanding and your body vibrating at higher and higher levels of Light. Keep taking in this Light. Live on this Light for it comes directly from God. It is God's way of working with you and assisting you to remember your purpose and direction. It is the way your DNA is being activated to higher levels of consciousness.

We are a team of well-trained beings. We do our jobs well. You are a part of our team. As Lightworkers you must understand that you too are well prepared and well trained for your jobs. Otherwise, you would not even be on the planet at this time. Please remain confident in your abilities to accomplish what you came here to do. You have all of the resources you need. You simply need to tap into yourself and remember who you are.

Fear and doubt are the biggest barriers to you. For so long now on the planet you have allowed fear and doubt to hold you back. We encourage you to follow your guidance, what you know to be true and to trust yourselves at all times. In the spirit of the brotherhood and sisterhood of Light we ask you to do these two things first and foremost. Everything else will then fall into place.

We see you Lightworkers, standing up in front of the lines now carrying your torches of Light, love and truth. We see you pointing the way for humanity to follow. We see humanity looking for you, as many of you as they can assemble. You are humanity's hope for a new Earth, a new life of freedom, love, peace, healing, harmony, joy, abundance and oneness with the Earth and all of life.

All of this may not be quite apparent as we speak these words, but they will become so in the near future. As we said in our last message, the year 2002 will present immense challenges for you and the Earth. Do whatever you can to stay grounded and centered, to be in peace. This is one of the most important ways to serve in the days to come. We know these times are challenging to say the least, but remember you are the ones who are proficient at what you do and you will do it. You are victorious.

In divine love and service,
The Pleiadian Council of Light

In Closing

Ground Crew, I am glad we are all together, sharing, loving, blessing and caring. We can reach out our hearts and our hands to each other at these times of profound change. It is through our love and connection that we will weave our glorious web of Light. It will encircle the Earth and rewire the planet. Let this be our primary jobs. Let us hold strong and remember what is our truth and purpose. Thank you for being the Light that you are and for being my beloved friends.

In love and Light from my heart to yours,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2001

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site ( She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer, poet, speaker and worker for The Light. She is available for sessions over the phone or via e-mail. If you feel called or are interested

In Memory of David
By Valerie Donner

A computer angel,
A friend at hand,
A big guy
With a voice like a band.

Talked really fast,
A gust of wind,
Could market lots of stuff
Send people into a spin.

He left us today,
Went back home,
Has found his place
At Heavenly Father's throne.

A spiritual guy
Who wanted to know more,
ET's, angels, Sananda
And spaceships galore.

I see him laughing,
For now he knows the truth
He sees the whole earthly game
Has become our spiritual sleuth.

There was one thing he always wanted
Just to understand
How to talk to the other side,
Some simple evidence for the man.

Always optimistic,
Holding on with hope,
His time had truly come
For with life he could not cope.

So today he grabbed a hold
Of the golden rope of Light,
Shed his earthly body
And made his boldest flight.

David, we say we love you
And yes, indeed we do.
You have many angels
That will see you through.

2001 The Ground Crew

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©2001 The Ground Crew

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