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Message from Valerie Donner - February 4, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

How have the energies of the Gateway of Destiny that opened in January been affecting you? Many Lightworkers I know have needed more sleep. Dreams are quite interesting and clear.  Sometimes the intensity gets stronger than I have experienced previously. This time is one of deep reflection on where you are going and what you are doing here. The Earth too is also in her process of moving forward with her destiny.

As I said previously, some of the emotions that are surfacing are buried deeply in our souls from past lives like Atlantis and Lemuria. If they feel more intense than you can rationally understand they probably come from one or both of these past lives. Many people are here from the time of Atlantis and are here now to heal these old wounds.

As I experience some of these energies I know my soul is remembering what it was like at the time of Atlantis before it fell. Great fear can arise when those old familiar energies come to surface at this time of darkness as well as Light. The fear of failure again can arise in your heart from that time when the plan of the Light did not make it. This time we are victorious, ground crew, so please do not give up.

As the energies continue to accelerate many will leave the planet. I am aware of some Lightworkers who might be leaving. They are at least fighting for their lives or have manifested some extreme health challenges. My friend and ground crew member, Charlie Manwarren is barely able to speak. She is near her transition from pancreatic and liver cancer. Her life force is low and she is suffering at this time. Please pray for her smooth and most merciful transition. Charlie, we love you and will always remember your great laugh and sense of humor. Beloved one let your soul be free.

Pressing financial issues seem to be stressing out many at this time. In the San Francisco bay area where I see many clients, it appears there will be more layoffs. This seems to be happening throughout the U.S.  Amongst some Lightworkers, there is a weary feeling from the fear of lack of money. The question is when it will shift? I feel that grace is upon us. It is through finances that we are able to face all of our fears. Remember at some point we will not need money for we will have other means of exchange.

A few years ago when I worked with Jose Arguelles, author of “The Mayan Factor” and several other books, he said: “We are the only species that pays to be born, pays to live, and pays to die.” These words have registered with me since needing money seems out of alignment with the rest of life on Earth. This is truly an abundant planet and there is no reason why all of our needs should not be provided for as Prime Creator has intended.

The Master Djwal Khul came to me today with the following message:

Message From Djwal Khul
November 28, 2001
Through Valerie Donner

Greetings beloveds,

I am Djwal Khul here to bless you today and to spirit you onwards in your ascension process. You are greatly loved, beloveds, and greatly assisted. Every moment we have our eyes on you and our hearts are connected at every point. It is up to you to receive our assistance, which is stronger than ever before. It is our desire to keep you going and to inform you of our heartfelt gratitude for all that you are doing for the Earth and on your spiritual pathways of the heart.

We see your struggles yet we also see your aim. We see you pointed to your ascension process and doing whatever you can to remain on target. We know what is held most precious to you and how much love you bring to the Earth and to each other. We see the true importance of you connecting with each other and the need for community coming into play. Your hearts are beginning to remember more of the divine plan of which will living in community will be a part.

As humanity begins to awaken more from its slumber you will see an increasing number of newly awakened spiritual beings. It will be as if they are seeing the world for the first time in a completely new way. They will be finding their way out of their old ways of living and looking to you, the seasoned Lightworkers, for teaching, assistance and support. Some will feel like they are going crazy for their old support system for the third dimension may not be walking in step with them. This is part of the Gateway of Destiny. Each chicken pops out of the egg when it is ready. Soon they will be flocking to you for information and to activate their gifts. They will need your healing abilities and all of the gifts you carry with you in your spiritual tool kits.

Some of this time may seem like old hat to you for many of you have been at the entrance to this Gateway of Destiny for a long time. You have worked hard on yourselves and have followed an arduous and devoted spiritual pathway. You have put everything at stake including your relationships, finances, work, living situations, and have lived in complete trust of your process. You have followed your hearts and that has not been easy on a planet where this is mostly discouraged. But you are the courageous ones on whom God has placed great responsibility. You contracted with the Light Realms and with Mother Earth to bring forth your gifts and your Light presence to the Earth for this specific time. You are well prepared and trained for the work at hand.

As doubts and fears surface we encourage you to process them out for the final vestiges of this inner work. Work inside as if your life depended upon, for in fact it does. Allow for play for this is necessary to counter balance the challenging inner work that is coming to surface for final clearing. Your joy is just as important as all of the other emotions you may be feeling. If you are still blocking yourself from the work of feelings, I suggest you get some assistance from one who can make it safe for you to feel. There are many different healers around who are trained specifically to do this emotional clearing. Open your hearts and call forth someone who can work with you. As the dark energies continue to reflect themselves upon the planet you will also discover those buried shadow places within yourself that need to be cleared. This is part of the ascension process. Take it and run with it so that you can allow more Light to come to you and from you.

Beloveds, please do not be in fear of your feelings. Your emotions are precious and are a natural part of you. Remaining centered in the mind will stultify your ascension process for it is only through the emotions, and heart that you will find your pathway to the higher dimensions. The Gateway of Destiny comes through an open heart. It is only through emotions that you can feel your truth and what you came here to do. It is through your joy and your truth (your truth is your joy and vice versa) that your destiny will unfold.

At this time I want to report how Mother Earth is feeling. She is most excited about her own ascension process. Her heart is a blazing glorious Light in preparation for her own destiny to becoming a glorious radiant star. She will become a beacon of Light that will attract many from a multitude of distant places. She looks forward to her cleansing and healing process and to all of you who are assisting her so greatly at this time she is in profound gratitude.

Mother Earth takes each of you into her heart every night and works with you as you work with her. She is working intently with you right now in mutual preparation for the changes that are forthcoming. She is assisting you with your destiny as you are assisting with hers. She calls each of you to you own activations and accelerations on your pathway. She encourages you to work with her in your meditations, to feel her presence, and will also assist you to open up your emotions. She can assist you if you simply let her. Feel her energies in front of you and all around you. Ask for her assistance in meditation and breathe in her energies. Let your heart connect with hers and receive the blessings and love that she bestows upon you. Call up all of your angels, guides and masters to assist you with this work. This is how you may create enormous shifts in heartfelt consciousness for yourselves. There is magic in this connection and I will only encourage you to find this magic and healing that is offered to you now. She awaits your divine presence in conscious communion with her.

Mother Earth also wants you to know her rejuvenation blue print has already been activated. So has yours, beloveds. As above so below. What this means for her is a true activation into the full embodiment to her Light beingness. It triggers the release of whatever is non-sustaining to her life and her purpose and destiny. She will be held back no longer. This year she wants you to know will produce some earth shattering shifts in energies. She cannot sustain the negativity any longer. Her life and her Light and all who align with her will become the priority. She welcomes all to join her in this process, all who choose the pathway of the Light. For those who recede into the shadows she blesses them and bids them well on their own destructive pathways. She knows that eventually they will return in their own time back to Source, back home. For the rest of humanity who choose to join her in that spark of Light, that flame of love will be the prevailing factor that will drive all of life into the oneness of each other.

It is time for union and for reunion.  It is time for all of us to work together in the Light Realms and on Earth to take the planet home.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to the One.

In Closing

Ground Crew, you can see this is not a time to be a lightweight in any way. It is a time of inner work and inner searching to find your truth and then to bring forth more of your purpose and destiny. Work with what is being offered to you and call for even greater assistance as you choose. There is much at stake and you are the ones that are doing the work for the rest of the planet.

If you feel tired, get some rest. If you are hungry, eat healthy foods. If you are weary, lie down beside a stream or be in nature as best as you can. If you are worried, turn your worries over to God. If you are afraid, go within and do what is necessary to shift the fears. Align whatever needs to be aligned in your life. If you have little or no energy for what you are doing now, make new choices. Make every day and every choice count for this is your life and your planet. Take the necessary steps in new directions as your heart leads you. Find your peace and your peace will find you.

Blessings, love and Light from my heart and the heart of Mt. Shasta,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2002

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, channel, spiritual counselor and teacher. She works directly at the heart and soul level to bring forth deep healing and information. She is able to affect peoples' lives in life transforming ways. She is available for sessions over the phone, e-mail or via tapes. Donations to this web site are always gratefully appreciated.

Your Destiny Calls
By Valerie Donner

Your destiny calls
And this is real fun.
It means you are ready
To make Earth a bright sun.

It means you are ready
To live your truth,
To turn away from what
Is not serving you.

Your destiny calls
And it is through your heart
That you make the turn,
To create a new start.

Your destiny calls
And it feels so real.
You will be doing
What has deep appeal.

You will be living your life
On track with the Light.
Your destiny will make
Your life go just right.


©2002 The Ground Crew

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©2002 The Ground Crew

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