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Message from Valerie Donner - March 1, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

How are you all faring with the energies of these times? Not only do we have the openings of the Seven Gateways (the second one opened in January and is the Gateway of Destiny) but also it seems like the full moon of February 27 was a whopper. I could feel the energies building a lot when I was in the San Francisco bay area last weekend. Then I came home to Mt. Shasta and they were even more intense.

If you are finding yourselves needing more rest, feeling out of sorts, and seeing things crumbling before you, know that you are not alone. I hope this helps you to understand the major changes that we are experiencing now internally as well as externally. This world is changing before our very eyes and we are one with all of it.

There is great intensity with these energies. Sometimes it might feel like you need to step off of the merry-go- round and just breathe. You might want to take a walk, drink a cup of tea, meditate, read a book or watch a movie. Do whatever you can to get yourself back on track. If you still feel out of sync consciously merge with these energies and become one with them. This will assist in staying centered. Of course, connecting with the heart of Mother Earth is also foremost in importance.

When you do all of this then you can observe the rest of the world and its craziness. You can then be in this world but not of this world. Lightworkers for the most part are feeling less and less a part of the third dimensional energies. Sometimes it seems less real and the illusion more certain. Wave your hand good by to 3D and simply walk through the Gateway of Destiny and Light that you are creating on your pathway.

I see many mainstreamers groping for new purpose and meaning. There is fear but the need for change is becoming more apparent inside of them too. Some are choosing to leave their bodies. Even wonderful Lightworkers are creating ways to leave in order to have healthier bodies or to do their work on the other side. Lots of new choices are being made and carried out. Yet, this earth plane is still the planet of choice, the rocking place to be. Remember we are carefully chosen and chose to come here. It is an honor and it is time we take the necessary steps to create our planet to be more the way we want it.

As the world continues to wage its battles with the dark and Light new truths are arising with each minute. I believe that people are waking up. In this country they are making changes in our constitution to remove our free speech and other rights. Through the Federal Drug Administration’s actions you can see the pharmaceutical industry waging war against alternative healing. Certain words like “anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol, hormone, and insulin”, are considered “hot words” not to be used in describing alternative products for healing. Specific disease names cannot be mentioned or comparisons made to any product, antibiotic or other medication.

This could mean that alternative healing is threatening the powers that be. The old antibiotics are not working too well these days. The television ads for drugs are quite noticeable here and scary. My doctor friends tell me they do not think the drug companies should be able to advertise. They have patients coming to them asking for certain drugs without even knowing why and this is challenging for medical professionsals. When will it stop?

I guess it will stop when we take action and say “enough”. When you look around at the attempt to remove our freedoms in this country, at least, it is indicative of the fear the dark forces have for the Light.

Well, I can see myself shooting straight from the heart today. For as much as things do not seem to make sense I can see there is divine purpose in all of it.

My friend Charlie Manwarren passed away on February 25. She suffered at the end of her life. When I spoke with her last she could barely speak but I know she felt the love and prayerful message that was given to her. I will officiate her memorial service next week. The day after she died she came to me and said, “I did it girl!” I could feel her joy at being out of that physical body. God bless you, Charlie Ann:


To My Friend Charlie
By Valerie Donner

Dear Charlie,
I remember your smile.
It went with your laugh
That vibrated for a mile.

Dear Charlie,
I remember your heart.
It’s where your laugh originated
And how we'll never part.

Dear Charlie,
I remember you heeding
Everything you could
From your spiritual reading.

Dear Charlie,
I remember you cooked
Wonderful things
That had people hooked.

Dear Charlie,
I remember your face.
It was so pretty
And carried God’s grace.

Dear Charlie,
I remember you wrote
Numerous things
That are worthy to quote.

Dear Charlie,
I remember you as a friend,
And my love
For you will never end.

I love you, Charlie...

©2002 The Ground Crew


A Message From Djwal Khul and Kuthumi
Through Valerie Donner
March 1, 2002

Greetings beloveds,

We both come to you today to share our words for your strength of purpose in service to the Light. Looking around you can be quite challenging at these times yet if you could see the spiritual assistance that is ever present you might feel differently. For the illusion of the third dimension is clearing away and making the real truth of our existence known. Our presence is here and everywhere.

We in the Light Realms come to you and work with you in your dreams. We speak to you through the wind and ocean waves. We share our love with you through nature and the animal kingdom. The mineral kingdom glorifies you with its magnificent beauty. Some of you love to adorn yourselves with this beauty. And we watch.

We see you looking more deeply than ever for the messages behind the words and everything that you see and feel. This is most important for as you deeply explore your inner and out environments you will see things changing faster than you can bat an eyelash. So bat your eyes and see things changing right in front of you. And be happy.

Do not get caught up in what many want you to think is real. Can you step back and see the truth behind the fašade? Can you feel the love manifesting in the form of an inner awakening in new truth and adventures? Can you see the healing that is coming together all around you as peoples’ hearts begin to feel this love and act differently towards each other? Be aware.

The unity consciousness that has been on the backburner for eons of time is cooking, beloveds. Everywhere people are coming together in love and new truth. They are saying things like “no war”. They are asking the appropriate questions. They are not taking things for granted as in the past. They see where wrongs are coming out in giant ways making evolutionary leaps of consciousness even more probable. Ask questions.

Great healings are also occurring. This means inside of you, in relationships, families, at work, in government, the media and everywhere. What is behind these healings is the heart. As the energies of profound change occur they affect peoples’ hearts. Reconciliations that might not have been possible in the past are happening out of the blue. Since 911 all hearts have been penetrated with these new energies of change. With some it might not be as obvious as others but we tell you this is true. Open your heart.

The heart is the key to the evolution of the planet. You are connected to the heart of God and to the heart of the Earth as well as to each others’ hearts. Within the heart is the wisdom, truth and love to completely eradicate all darkness upon this Earth. Beloveds let your hearts open. Let your love shine through. Let your emotions expand the heart’s opening so that you can feel your deepest love and truth.

The greatest desire of Prime Creator now is that you begin to remember the importance of the heart and to live your life through your heart. We cannot begin to tell you the glorious destiny you have in store for you by walking the pathway of the heart. If there are places where you have shut down your hearts, open them now in the knowing that you will truly heal everything that is ready to be healed. Let the shadows show themselves as they assist you on your pathway of the heart.

Pretty soon you will find your lives changing in wonderful new ways. As the old ways of the mind fall away you will find your hearts leading you to your new truth. This will create your Heaven on Earth. This will unite all of life with the love of God and will serve each being in the Light.

Trust the heart and the new pathways that are unfolding in front of you. Do not be afraid of the changes that are taking place. Look deeper and see all of us working together for a new era of peace on Earth. Make your own changes as a part of this divine plan and trust that all is well.

We share with you today in loving service to the Light,

Djwal Khul and Kuthumi


World-Wide Requests From Ground Crew

I am including the following important requests from Ground Crew members in Japan and Romania. They are asking for our assistance so please do whatever you can from your heart. These are brave Lightworkers, like you, doing what they can to serve the Light. I know we all serve in our own way and have courage sly held the Light in some of the darkest of situations. As the darkness continues to resist the Light we will be called upon in a myriad of ways to be of service. Here are a couple of examples:

Dearest Valerie,

Since I promised God that I would like to work for God, almost five years have passed.

All God's children in Japan worked separately and we are now facing the final stages to reveal the true history of Japan.  We have known that Japanese gods are not God, but just passed souls of the Emperor family and killed souls.

We are really at the final stage to fight with the Japanese Government, which does not want to disclose the truth.  Without clarifying it, we cannot go forward.

Some Ground Crews in Japan were killed and I am also chased by some secret services. So please give us your pray that our project with God will be finalized successfully. The key to heaven is closed here in Japan.

We need your support to get the Earth back to heaven.  Please call in your Ground Crews all over the world to pray for us fighting this the Darkness.  I would like to fix a time to pray all together in the world.

Valerie, thank you very much for your nice coordination in advance and please reply.

Love and truth,

Dear friends,

My name is Eduard Diaconu and I am from Romania. I write you in the name of a small group of students living here. These days we have the chance to sail on the Internet, and, among all those wonderful things there, we have found a link to you. And, after visiting your web-site, we were truely amazed by your vision over the human spirit.

We are some kind of a research and study group, trying to evolve our spirit, mind and body. Sadly, here in Romania it is almost impossible to rise from the common mass, especially when you use methods wich are generally considered "unorthodox". They have such a limited vision, and anything which they cannot understand, they classify as some kind of "heresy"and never look at it again. You just cannot imagine how refractory and rigid they are. But, you can imagine our struggle against the system, our fight for freedom.

After a long struggle, we have succeeded in opening a public library. With some help from a local counselor, we have officialized our group as a Non Governmental Association. Then, to open this library was relatively easy. Though, we still have some minor problems in finding a proper location for the library. At the moment, it is located in a pretty old building, but we hope that we will find a more proper location in short time. Well, we have just started this "adventure", and those small problems are almost inevitable. What was really important was done.

At the moment, our patrimony consists in just six hundred books and almost two hundred magazines, plus some videotapes and music on CD-s and audiotapes.

The subjects of all those includes almost all kind of spiritual traditions, from Gurdjieff's teachings until Carlos Castaneda's way. And, even almost half of books are in English, we have more than 15 visitors per day. We were very surprised by that. People are really interested, especially in Eastern traditions.

We have such a great desire to read and study your works, but, you see, we have also a big problem. Unfortunatelly, we are just students here, and I can assure you that you will never ever want to be a student here. Our life is so precarious. We are rich in spirit, but the wind is the one who fills our pockets. Well, this is our situation. And now, we are asking for your help. Can we dare to hope that you may have some used or deteriorated books which you do not need them anymore? And, if you do, can you mail us something?

I just hope that we are not asking for too much. And, if we can do something for you from here, you can sure count on us.

Eduard & friends.

P.S. Here is our mailing address:

Eduard Diaconu
P.O.BOX 3-70
Pitesti Arges, 0300

P.P.S. Please excuse my bad English. Next time I hope it will be better :)”

Editors note: some small editing was done with this letter.


Web Site News

We are about ready to make some graphic changes to this site and to bring information from the nature spirits and underground crew at Mt. Shasta. We hope you will enjoy it. There is magic to be shared with you from this sacred mountain.

In Conclusion

There is a lot happening in the world around us and within us. The key is to listen to our hearts and to serve as our hearts show us the way. Even though the darkness appears to be in the running we are already victorious. Things are changing rapidly and we are blessed to be together in service to the Light. We are blessed to be here and to be able to connect with each other globally in this way. Let us continue our work to fulfill our promise of co-creating our Heaven on Earth.

Blessings, love and Light from my heart and the heart of Mt. Shasta,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2002

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, channel, spiritual counselor and teacher. She works directly at the heart and soul level to bring forth deep healing and information. She is able to affect peoples' lives in life transforming ways. She is available for sessions over the phone, e-mail or via tapes. Donations to this web site are always gratefully appreciated.

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©2002 The Ground Crew

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