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Message from Valerie Donner - March 21, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

How great it is to be alive at this time on Mother Earth. So much is happening with such rapidity it is hard to know if you are here or there. By here or there I mean on the Earth or someplace else, like in the Light Realms working wherever you are needed on the Earth.

I feel that many of us have slept more lately. I wonder what we are doing on the other side. I am sure that if you find yourself needing more rest these days it is because you are working diligently somewhere else. One of my friends from Singapore just e-mailed me the other day saying he feels sometimes that our spiritual work is to sleep. We must be facilitating all of the shifts that are occurring now on the planet and getting ready for more.

Some of the energies we are dealing with now are the beginning of the opening of the Gateway of Realization. In January I wrote about the Seven Gateways that were channeled from beloved Sananda, through Eterna. The Gateway of Realization is to open in April and that is soon.

First we had the Gateway of Truth in September 2001, in January 2002 we had the Gateway of Destiny and now Realization. Each one of these Gateways brings increasing intensity. Have you noticed how the truth cannot be held back as it was in the past? I am reading an interesting best seller called Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. He tells some interesting truths that I had known previously. He is being mobbed with people at his book signings all over the US. People are ready for the truth and nothing but the truth.

With the Gateway of Destiny, people are losing their jobs and reflecting in deeper ways why they are here. For many doing what they have been doing no longer is enough. They are in the process of inner searching. If you are not doing what you came here to do this can be an intense process of growth and new choices.

The Gateway of Realization is bound to present some even more profound meaning for each of us and for the Earth. The Earth is going through her own Gateways along with the rest of us. Truth leads to Destiny and Destiny leads to Realization. There is a pushing effect like giving birth to a baby. The last few hours of labor are the most challenging.

These times of rapid change require not only rest but also time for inner reflection through meditation and spiritual process. Lest we forget we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Somehow I believe we will be standing more in the Light of our spiritual selves from now on instead of seeing only the human part of ourselves. I feel the human part is becoming more divine. We will see it all, call it for what it is, and live the truth and joy that we were intended to live on the Earth. We, as Lightworkers are setting the stage for our newly birthed Mother Earth. Don't let up for a moment to create what you want your Earth to be like. That is why we are here. Maybe some day one of us will write a book called Smart Lightworkers Who Saved the Earth;. How about it? We are writing our own history with each passing moment.


A Message From Djwal Khul and Kuthumi
Through Valerie Donner
March 21, 2002

Greetings beloveds,

I hope this time finds you in the wonders of the final moments of the old way of being on Earth. You are living during such an exciting time. It is like no other time before on this Earth and we are all proudly watching you. We see you seeking answers to questions long forgotten. Questions that are pertinent to the growth and salvation of the Earth. We see you looking as if you were wearing binoculars every day or looking through a microscope at what used to pass you by.

Good for you, beloveds. You are the torchbearers and truth seekers for life on this Earth. Just let me get started in telling you how important you are to this process that is now rapidly unfolding. I am passionate about you and coming from your spiritual family of Light I speak for all of us about how valuable you are to the unfoldment of the divine plan on the Earth.

I have said before that there is a plan and to trust the plan. Yes, there is quite a divine plan in the works. You are a part of it. You are working day and night (no wonder some of you are needing more rest.) by participating in your various roles from the Realms of Light.

Your next question is probably about what are you doing. Well, you are doing many things. Some of you spend times in meetings, planning and orchestrating the impending events. Much help of the angelic order is necessary right now. As you know you have many wars all about the planet. You are needed to assist some who are leaving their bodies at this time. Many more will be leaving and all of the angelic realms are standing ready to assist those as they cross over. Then there are others who work with the families and loved ones to help them in their times of grief and sorrow. Many of these people are finding spiritual signs from the departed and beginning to understand that there is more to life than death.

Some of you work in the High Councils of Light. These are God’s governing councils. You attend important strategy meetings where nothing is left unspoken and all that is occurring on Earth is of great significance. You work with world leaders. You look for openings in the hearts and souls of humanity where more Light can filter into Earth and where more illuminated choices and decisions can be made for the entire human race. This is truly challenging work and it affects those in powerful places on the Earth. You are doing an excellent job in this area. People who are in power are beginning to change some of their old ways of thinking and behaving. This makes our job and yours a little easier.

Some of you work almost exclusively with the Earth herself. She needs a lot of assistance with her birthing process so you are like the midwives as she moves through her labor pains. It does cause her distress and pain when there is war upon her. Imagine having such explosions all over your own body. Think about how much healing she needs as these dark spots appear on her surface not to mention what happens to her heart. She loves all of you even those who cannot acknowledge her as anything but a source of money, power and privilege. She holds out for the highest good for everyone one of her children. Working with the Earth is important even if it is simply sending her your good will, love and Light. She is happy to know that you love her and are connecting.

The Earth is a powerful being and you also know she can take care of herself. She has been most patient and kind yet she is the one who in the end has the true power. She is a source of great love and her performance in this solar system and galaxy is not to be underestimated. Much hinges on what she does and much attention is being provided to her at this time. You are a part of this assistance too. Simply raising your own consciousness facilitates the rest of the work that is occurring. Keep opening your heart in love and Light, and raising your desire to go to the fourth and fifth dimensions in unity with all who have similar desires is good work.

As you awaken you are remembering things from the past that are needed at this time. It is as if the encodements that were set in place eons ago are being activated. You are outgrowing your old limiting ways of living and opening to new realities of creativity, abundance, joy, healing, relationships, work, and family. What used to be important has changed. Many of you are finding simple solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable in the past. The truth runs throughout. You are bringing back and putting to use systems, technologies, and remembrances of your greater work. In tandem with that you will receive proportionately to all that has been activated and brought out from cold storage. The Earth needs you and your work. You need to be doing your real purpose and destiny, your reason for being on the Earth in the first place.

It has taken such a long time for this opportunity and timing to arise. There have been attempts in the past but this is the right time. You are needed, important and necessary to this process. Let it begin again and again and over and over, until each one of you is dancing and humming to the tune of the Light that you are. You are God’s precious workers for the Light and there will be no stopping you.

Do not let the events of the world depress you or bog you down. Know they are meaningless in the whole scheme of things. They do serve as reminders of your necessary presence here and that the time for your work to come forth is now. You will see that you are standing more distantly from what your media tells you. You will be scrutinizing what you see and hear only to discover the real truth within your hearts. Let the lies and untruths give you cause to do what you can in your own consciousness to make a difference. Smart and dedicated Lightworkers are taking back the Earth. You are re-writing the history of this planet. Be proud of yourselves and know how much you matter.

Prime Creator is pleased with your commitment to the Light and the work you are doing. We all eagerly await the next major steps you take toward your own enlightenment and that of your planet.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to the Light.


Smart Lightworkers
By Valerie Donner

A smart Lightworker
Wants to take back the Earth,
Is willing to facilitate
Her desire to give birth.

A smart Lightworker
Is one indeed
Who knows what to do
To fill Earth's need.

It may be in sleep
Or in the day's work,
A smart Lightworker
Is always at work.

A smart Lightworker
Never lets up.
When the cup goes empty
They fill it back up.

A smart Lightworker
Knows the truth.
It's in the heart
And you know it too.

A smart Lightworker is
Is always on call.
When you work for God
Time is nothing at all.

Smart Lightworkers
Are here for the good
They Light up the Earth
As only they could.

©2002 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

This is the time for us to unify in the Light of our work and purpose. In the months to come we will be realizing more truth, purpose and destiny. We will remember things from the past and put them to use. We will be aware on all levels of how our work affects others and the planet. We will be grateful and find that even though worldly events seem ominous our lives flow with grace and ease.

Blessings, love and Light from my heart and the heart of Mt. Shasta,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2002

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, channel, spiritual counselor and teacher. She works directly at the heart and soul level to bring forth deep healing and information. She is able to affect peoples' lives in life transforming ways. She is available for sessions over the phone, e-mail or via tapes. Donations to this web site are always gratefully appreciated.

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