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Message from Valerie Donner - April 11, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

This morning in meditation I began receiving a strong message from the Intergalactic Council. I was not planning on doing an update today, yet I was guided quite deliberately to go to my computer and take down the following message. The energies of the Intergalactic Council have been coming to me recently. I can feel their no-nonsense energy. It varies from the energies of the Masters with whom I am most accustomed to working.

This new communication comes straight from my heart. Please receive it according to your own ability to feel the energies. Read and explore it in your own heart. Pray and meditate on this message according to what you feel.  Act upon this message based on how much the truth resonates with you.

Let us work together and share in the Light of the unfolding consciousness on our Earth.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
April 11, 2002

Greetings, to our beloved friends and family on Earth.

How we watch you and are with you at this time. The Earth is in a precarious position as we watch from above. Her axis is tilting and this puts everything into a different perspective. From our position it is time for us to use whatever means we can to make this transition a smooth one. It is taking all of our resources to protect you and our time is greatly devoted to working with all of the changes that are forthcoming.

The Earth can no longer tolerate the level of darkness and negativity that has become such a massive part of her domain. The wars and violence have created such havoc with her and all of life on the planet, that life will not be able to sustain itself much longer if something is not done to clear this out.

Therefore we are telling you that massive changes are about to begin. This is not to throw fear into you but to prepare those who are not of the Light. They must begin to let go of the stronghold they have had on humanity and on how they have affected the Earth. The Earth wants them to be removed and we will assist in guiding them to their next level of evolution. For some it might be quite a challenging course on their pathways. For others who choose to evolve in more spiritual directions it will not be as difficult.

These forces of darkness are not being punished. It is simply that they cannot continue to interfere with the evolution of the planet. God has spoken and things have been arranged with the Earth and all of the Light Realms to create this shift.

When we come from the Intergalactic Council we mean business. We are the overseers of this galaxy and galaxies beyond. We have the power and the authority to speak and to activate solutions brought forth from the Hands of the Almighty. We rarely interfere in planetary situations. Mostly our job is to oversee but things have gotten to the point where we must interject. We are giving you notice that this time for us to intercede is now.

We realize that as we speak we are talking to many Lightworkers who are dedicated to anchoring in the Light for the planet and to preserve the Earth. For this we are grateful. We are also aware that many of the Lightworkers are tired and could use some assistance. This is what we are giving you. It is in the form of our reassurance that the divine plan will work out. You are a part of that plan. We are not telling you that it will be an easy ride but the results will be well worth it.

Think of this as a heavenly plan of attack. It is not a war but it is an execution of a plan to deliver a most loving planet and most of her inhabitants to a higher level of consciousness and well-being. Those who have made the choice to remain in darkness will find their like kinds and will live in a place where they can behave according to their level of consciousness. They have not respected this planet or life on it. They have no regard for what is right for the good of others, for preserving life, or for even appreciating all of the gifts this wondrous planet offers. They are completely off track.

Therefore, this heavenly plan of attack includes all of you who hold the planet’s and life’s entire well being in your hearts. It is directed to the hearts of all who can feel, hear and receive the truth and the love with which the Earth chooses to live in and to remain in. It will enable the Earth to stabilize herself in the solar system and in this galaxy. For she truly is not a small player in the scheme of life. She is a powerful presence that only needs her refinement.

The Earth has done more than her part to allow the souls of darkness (some are called laggard souls) to hold their sway for long enough. Hope was held high for these beings to evolve but the price has been too high. The suffering must come to an end. In the scope of Higher Consciousness war is never the answer. Love is the only answer and when love is absent creation cannot continue to evolve. It is that simple.

In our meetings we have the expertise of many wise and highly evolved beings. We observe and garner information for the evolution of planets. We hold back our involvement other than these main functions until a planet leaves us no choice but to interfere or until Prime Creator issues an edict to us. In this situation of Earth’s evolution both have occurred.

So we tell you today that we are in the final throes of our heavenly plan of attack. We suggest to those who continue their stronghold in the forces of darkness that they reconsider their route for when we act it will knock them off not only their feet but also their pedestals. We will not offer how this will occur but we are saying undeniably that it will happen.

We work most gently with planets and with your beloved Earth. Our plan will stick and in the long run the action that we are pronouncing will be monumental. Life will never be the same and all who live on the Earth will be pleased. It is time for massive changes. Take stock of what we have brought to you today. Our connection with you means important business for continual life on the Earth.

Hark to the darkness! Run into the halls of your consciousness. Find your truth. With speed assess your situation and know that you can still choose the Light even if you are afraid. God would take you back into His folds even at the very last minute. We urge you to reconsider your direction.

We leave now in complete love and devotion to the Earth and all of life ready to become a part of the new consciousness of love and peace. We are the Intergalactic Council.

In Summary

In interpreting the message from the Intergalactic Council, I imagine that the Earth is in jeopardy. Whether it is the warmongering throughout the planet, the threat of nuclear war, earth changes, or a combination of not so promising energies we are being fully alerted to something that feels important.

As Lightworkers, we are feeling the energies and working with them daily. Many of us are not only transducing Light and feeling the heavy energies of that, but are also working hard in our prayers and meditations to assist wherever our hearts lead us. I feel this message is telling all of us to step it up a little. Consciously create in your prayers and meditations on a daily basis what you want our planet to be like. Please don't dwell on the darkness and negativity. The collective consciousness is being affected by the chaos and there is much upliftment occurring that is not necessarily obvious. It is happening.

Continue to do your part and know that we have lots of assistance.


By Valerie Donner

Lightworkers do your part.
It is now time for a jumpstart.

Whatever you do for peace and love,
Step it up with the orders from above.

If you pray or meditate five minutes a day,
Close your curtains for a longer stay.

Open your hearts to what feels right and good.
Do everything that you never thought you could.

Lightworkers you are the bringers of peace.
Use your Light with the greatest of ease.

Create miracles of truth and love.
Spread your wings with the sign of the dove.

Lightworkers you are the very best.
Could it be this is now the big test?

Whatever you do dear family of Light
Make it big and make it right.

If this is the test of what you can do
Let love and Light be the answer through and through.

©2002 The Ground Crew

Twilight Products - No Longer Available - Updated 2007

In my March 21, 2002 update, I wrote about the Twilight Products and their wonderful use and affects on the body and the Earth. I know some of you have ordered these products and are already pleased and grateful to have them in your life. What a blessing! I am grateful every day for these higher consciousness products that give so much.

In synchronicity, I heard Paul Harvey this morning on the radio talk about the Philosopher's stone and Sir Isaac Newton in the 1600's. The stone was something that worked alchemically to brings things into their perfection. Jim Carter, the founder of these products was gifted with some artifacts. One of these purportedly could be this Philosopher’s stone. You may read Holy Water Sacred Oil by Dr. Norman Shealy, where he tells Jim Carter's story and shows a picture of the stone.

I continue to learn and rejoice in the benefits of these products. I recently learned that Jim Carter originally designed the Prill beads to clean the water from nuclear plants and the result was a reduction of stuff in the water to parts per trillion; not even parts per billion. Imagine what wonderful benefits our bodies and the Earth are receiving from our use of the Prill water and other products.

My friends and I are finding ourselves becoming increasingly creative with their use. If you resonate with these words you might want to try them. They are fun, nurturing and exciting.

The other day I came back from one of my regular long drives. To my joy, my bath crystals had come in the mail that day. That night I bathed in these crystals for about 30 minutes and awakened the next day feeling great. It usually takes me several days to recover from one of my trips but this time it was different. Awesome.

I have a favor to ask some of you. If any of you ordered your products through Global Light Network, please make sure that you signed up under me: Valerie Donner with my phone number: . I am in the GLN down line but I want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due.

If any of you have questions about any of these products or the company you may call me. I love to talk about these products and how happy I am to have them in my life.

No longer available

or you may go through our up line to Global Light Network and use your credit card. They are doing this as a courtesy to their down line. Please give them my name and phone number when you first place your order. If you want to make this a business (MLM) to receive commissions on products purchased by others who enroll under you, please tell them at that time.

Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2002

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, channel, spiritual counselor and teacher. She works directly at the heart and soul level to bring forth deep healing and information. She is able to affect peoples' lives in life transforming ways. She is available for sessions over the phone, e-mail or via tapes. Donations to this web site are always gratefully appreciated.

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