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Message from Valerie Donner - May 8, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

It seems like every day is a new day now with all of the changing energies, planets, and things happening in our world. The world of the Internet has shifted dramatically over the last few months. It is a good day when some dear person doesn't send you a virus. Thank God for the good virus protecting software. I wonder when this stuff is going to stop or are the dark forces simply trying to squelch the Light on the Internet in this way? What do you think?

Our bodies are changing greatly at this time also. Our DNA is going from a carbon base to silicon base. We are going from two to three strands of DNA to 12. We are taking on more Light every precious minute and our measly pea brains that now function at around 10-15% are headed for 100% functioning. So don't be surprised if you are getting smarter. In fact, why don't you start acting as if you are smarter? Not a bad idea for us to begin stretching our brains more. Our expanding consciousness requires our mutating minds to keep up with all of the Light that is coming to the planet.

Sananda (Jesus through Eterna: told us recently that the Christ energies began returning to Earth on May 1 and will proceed strongly for the next three months. These energies are the most powerful energies to ever come to the Earth.

We also have some important astrological events occurring for the next couple of months. The planetary alignments that are happening the end of this month should be amazing indeed. Expect some unexpected events. Always hold the Light for these energies will produce the opposite polarities.

If you have not experienced some 3D challenges yet they could occur. Technology, banking and simply regular commerce appear to be more convoluted and challenging. Breathe and move through these events with your masterful Self. This too will pass.

It is our jobs now to hold the Light and to clear up our old ways of being. We cannot take our old patterns with us into the fourth and fifth dimensions. So this is clean up time. You might even be drawn to cleaning out the old from your homes and work places. Let is all go and surrender to the new. Things will flow more easily as you let go, let go and continue to let go.

I had some nice responses to my last channeling from the Intergalactic Council. I continue to work with these energies. Let us see what they have to tell us today.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
May 8, 2002


As we said in our first message to you, it is quite unusual that we interact with planets in the way that we are now involved with Earth. We look forward to our interaction and to providing pertinent information to you. We observed how we were received and are pleased to see your receptivity to us. We know that for some this is new and for others we saw that we were greatly welcomed. Thank you!

We will say what we have to say with love and respect. For truly all of you anchored to the Earth at this time deserve the utmost respect. You are doing so much for the planet and need to be acknowledged. Without the great Light that you provide the Earth would not make it. You have been told this before and it is true. You are the masters of the masterful that together with all who are involved will serve to lead yourselves and the planet back home.

From our vantage point we see the struggle and chaos. It is encouraging at times for us to see how far this planet has come. In the past we wondered if it would ever be possible for her to ascend. There were times when she was left alone for quite long periods. Things were too dark and chaotic for her pathway to be altered. She was on her way to destruction.

Many of you know this but we want to remind you of how far she has progressed. This is due to the assistance of the Light and those who have brought forth their own transformation. God is certainly pleased. That is why you are getting some extra assistance because the Earth and life on Earth had to do the work themselves. It could not be done for them.

We gave a no-nonsense message to the dark ones, in our first communiqué. It still applies. It is most merciful for all involved to know their options. The deadlines for taking action are quickly coming. This means that new choices must be made and old behaviors changed for their survival. If the dark ones do not choose to go to the Light they will find themselves rendered powerless and certainly off this planet.

What hope do you have for this shift? Right now we can say there is hope for some dark ones but many must transit. They will be given the appropriate help for all are a part of God. Please take these words seriously because they are intended to be serious. The life of a planet and its inhabitants are all at stake. Soon crucial changes to the Earth will make it necessary for these choices to be in place. Take stock in what we are saying.

Your power depends on the use of the Light and our connection or re-connection to the Light. Remembering that you come from a most loving Source of Creation is the first step to existing long term. The other steps that take place after that are up to each individual.

Your Earth needs a lot of tender loving care. She has been through much upheaval and these dark times have affected her in ways that can only require major changes. They involve clearing, cleansing, healing, love, respect and true commitment to her health and well being. It is like taking a baby home from the hospital. Nurturing and love are of paramount concern.

Through these challenging times you will need to care for your own physical well being like never before. Special gifts to humanity and to the Earth are coming at this time to assist the body's transformation.

We meet regularly to determine how we might be of the utmost assistance. Simply communicating with you to let you know how important you are as beings of Light radiates an energy from the Highest Source. We hope it gives you encouragement to continue your work. We need you most especially at this time.

Know that whatever happens on the Earth reverberates throughout creation. Earth is a planet of magnetism and far reaching scope. Her energies are of the heart and it is time to clear the pathways of her heart so that she can no longer be blocked. There are many, many wondrous mysteries and gifts that the Earth has to offer. She must be allowed to provide these gifts to follow her own pathway of Light.

This is also true for you. Your hearts must open to your own pathway and true purpose. As powerful beings you need to know that you are just beginning to come into the true essences of your divine beingness. Let this progress with rapid speed. It is needed at this time.

There are many obstacles that are being cleared away. Gateways and passages are opening that will render amazing results for all concerned. The energies of transformation are at hand.

Reliabity is the key. We know we can rely on you, members of the Force Family of Light, to continue to stay dedicated to your work. In fact, in the near future you will be activated in such ways that your work will become easier. That is the way of the Light. You have given up plenty and so there will much given back to you. As you give to yourselves in loving dedication to your pathway you assist the Earth and radiate this assistance to all of life. We admire you and honor you for your achievements. There is more to come.

We want you to know that we are just as dedicated as you are. We have our hands in the pie, this precious piece of Earth. Our intergalactic hearts are entwined with yours. We are a part of the divine plan that is unfolding now at breakneck speed. You might say it is as fast as the speed of Light or faster. Every current of love energy is directed to places of need. All of the Angels and Masters, the entire Realms of Light, and many beings from galaxy upon galaxy are observing and surrounding you with loving assistance. We hope this makes you even more assured of your victory.

All is in place for this victory. Plans have been made and altered time and time again. We are surprised with the energy and attention with which the hands of Creation are at work. You are a focal point of Creation.

We will say good-bye now. As representatives of the many who are working with you we send our heartfelt love and blessings for your onward journey back home.

The Intergalactic Council


The Wesak Festival And Opening to the Heart of Lemuria

Every year Dr. Joshua David Stone presents a Wesak Festival here at Mt. Shasta. It is held during the first full moon in Taurus in honor of Buddha's birth in the Wesak Valley. Many come from all over the world to gather, hear music, channels and other presentations.

The festival was held the weekend of April 26-28. I want to thank some of the ground crew from Holland, Australia, Sweden and other parts Europe for coming to introduce themselves at our Twilight booth. It was truly an honor and joy to see other Family of Light members face to face. I am also glad that you got to experience the energies of Mt. Shasta and that you have taken much back with you.

On Monday night after the festival, we had about 50 people attend our presentation on "Opening to the Heart" of Lemuria. Louise Jones channeled Adama, the High Priest of Telos, the underground city left over from Lemuria. It resides beneath Mt. Shasta and soon we will have some of her writings on this site. I channeled Rosaleia, the twin flame of one of my clients. She is an elder from Telos. Beth Black channeled some scientific information from a being called Hiram. Jim Michaelson who is a gifted illustrator (worked for Walt Disney) and musician sang some of the Lemurian songs he composed as part of his "Blue Island" project.

Many of us have connections with Lemuria but the loss of Lemuria was so painful to us we shut our hearts down to this connection. This evening we opened the hearts of those in attendance and often there was not a dry eye. Louise Jones also gave an informative history of Lemuria. She published a book called Telos, The Call Goes Out From Hollow Earth and The Underground Cities, by Diane Robbins. I have some copies of the book. They are $15 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling in the U.S. and Canada Foreign shipping is double the U.S. price. We have two 60-minute tapes of the event that will be available soon for $20 plus $4.00 shipping in the U.S. and $6.00 international. You can e-mail me or send a check or money order to:

The Ground Crew

Twilight Products

During Wesak we had a Twilight booth and met many wonderful people who are using Twilight Products. We also got to see the immediate results for people using some of the products like Magic Oil. One lady who is a body worker had pain in her hands and fingers and tried many things to heal it. We sprayed some Magic Oil on her hands and for once she had some relief. These products are a gift to us and to the planet.

Everyone I know who is on these products loves them. I have never seen anything with such a positive reaction with all of the things I have tried in the past. Even my little strawberry plant that didn't bloom last year now is blooming (been giving it Prill water). There are so many uses for Prill water. It is the number one thing to do. It hydrates the cells of the skin so it allows the skin to absorb magnesium. Magnesium is what produces the hormone DHEA, the fountain of youth. Our bodies slow down the production of this vital hormone in the 20's. Feeling young again and looking young requires the absorption of magnesium. Taking the Twilight products like the Bath Crystals or Dollop of Love allow your body to take in magnesium topically.

I am also the grateful owner of the Crystal Cupcake, which is Jim Carter's technology. It is baked in a kiln for 40 days. Taking it out early or late causes it to crack. The 40 days are somehow related to the Bible. The cupcake is what you use to make Magic Water, which is like embryonic fluid and is more powerful than Prill water. It is used to hydrate the skin. I sleep with mine when I am not making the Magic Water and it gives off a lovely energy. Someone said, "It is like sleeping with a pet." Magic Water can be used to remove stains and to clean windows and counters. The Magic Water that is made with the Cupcake is not as powerful as the water that comes from Jim's Star Chamber but it is a lovely addition to the Prill water.

They also have a laundry bag that is on sale for $50 for a short while longer. You can use it forever and never buy laundry detergent again. It makes your clothes clean without chemicals, is good for the Earth and I think the clothes look brighter. You can write in the laundry bag on the order form.

Jim Carter's Twilight Company

"Twilight is that magical time before the dawn. A time when anything is possible!"

Welcome to the Magic of Prill water

How would you like to spend $50 for pure water for the rest of your life?

  • What does Prill water do?
    • Prill water is conscious water that is infused with life force.
    • It works magically; even Jim Carter its creator cannot explain how it works.
    • It allows you to trust your intuition and feel the magical energy of this product.
    • Prill beads take out fluoride and chlorine leaving you with pure glacial water.
    • It hydrates and moisturizes the cells.
    • Promotes age reversal
    • Reduces wrinkles, age spots
    • Because it is thin water it helps the body to absorb water.
    • Cleans out environmental toxins
    • Gives the body life force (yinergy)
    • Can reduce the need for some supplements
    • Speeds up the metabolism
    • Cleans up Mother Earth
    • Supports your health and beauty
    • Can improve the libido
    • See yourself and loved ones become revitalized in front of your very own eyes!


  • Ways to use Prill water:
    • Drink as much of it as you like (start out slowly at first).
    • Be creative; use this water wherever you use regular water.
    • Give it to your plants, pets.
    • Cook with it.
    • Wash your fruits and vegetables with it--they last longer.
    • Put it in a humidifier or vaporizer--it kills mold in the air.
    • Put it in ponds, lakes, wells, swimming pools and spas (no need to buy chemicals again).
    • Put it in your bath water.
    • Wash your hair with it.
    • Spray it on your face or body.
    • Use it as a deodorant. Wash your clothes with the laundry bag-never buy soap again and feel how soft your clothes become.

  • Other Twilight Products:
  • Magic Oil
    • Contains 25% magnesium so it is topical magnesium
    • Can be used for pain relief
    • Expedites healing
    • Spray on face, hair, and entire body
    • Can dilute with Prill water
    • Bathe in it
    • Mix with essential oils
    • Use orally; strengthens the gums
    • Promotes DHEA
    • Age reversing
    • Spray it on food as a salt substitute and flavor enhancer.
    • Mix it with fruit juice to take away the bitterness.
    • Spraying it on hair can cause hair to go back to its normal color.
    • Facial hair may go away.
    • Helps heal varicose veins
    • Can create sense of joy and well-being
    • Can use in eyes
    • Reduces cellulite
  • Dollop of Love
    • Topical
    • Contains five years worth of magnesium (that you would get with supplements)
    • Reduces cellulite
    • Helps wrinkles and age spots fade away
    • Nourishes, body, mind and spirit
    • Can be used as a facial
    • The smoothest and most wonderful substance to put on the skin
    • A way to replenish the body
    • Can be used in bath or shower
    • Can leave on hair overnight
    • Use it with someone you love

Twilight products can be ordered directly through the company with a check:

1590 Foothill Drive, Suite 3
Boulder City, NV 89005.

Please use Valerie Donner as your sponsor and her phone number 530-918-9128. She is also available for further information about the company, business opportunity or products. Her e-mail is:, or address: P.O. Box 889, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. For credit card orders you may go to They process credit card orders but please make sure you use Valerie Donner's name and phone number as your sponsor.

Twilight Products

These times are exciting with many opportunities for growth and healing. Our love is needed in every way possible. Start with your self and bring that love to you. Then spread it around in ways that you have not tried before. Know you are blessed and loved beyond measure.

Blessings, love and delight,
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew ©2002

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, channel, spiritual counselor and teacher. She works directly at the heart and soul level to bring forth deep healing and information. She is able to affect peoples' lives in life transforming ways. She is available for sessions over the phone, e-mail or via tapes. Donations to this web site are always gratefully appreciated.



By Valerie Donner

So many blessings,
So much love,
The gifts that are coming,
Come from above.

We on Earth
Are ready to receive
All of the good
In which we believe.

So many blessings
Flowing right now;
Our hearts are happy.
We say "Wow!"

So many blessings
To be shared with all.
The blessings are vast.
Receive them all.

So many blessings
Filled with love and grace.
Use them with thanks
And a smile on your face.

©2002 The Ground Crew

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