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Message from Valerie Donner - June 3, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we only had six months to get our spiritual acts together? What if we only had six months to make it or break it on this earthly time line? What if our very lives and the life of the planet depended upon how we conduct ourselves in the next six months? What would you do differently? What would you do more? What would you let go of? Who would you spend your time with? What truths would you reveal? What healing would you give yourself? Where would you invest your resources?

I believe that these next six months are crucial to our ascension and to the survival of the Earth. We have been through 12 rises of consciousness on the planet and this is the 13th. In the past, we have given our power away to our leaders. Perhaps we thought we didn't make a difference. Maybe we were apathetic. Maybe we tried but failed and still remember those failures in our souls. Whatever happened in the past was something that we chose to learn. Hopefully, we will make empowered choices for ourselves this time and this will be the last.

Does Mother Earth need us to complete her ascension? She is most powerful and can take care of herself. The other night we had a loud and profound electrical and magnetic storm here at Mt. Shasta. She spoke loudly and beautifully to us as she claimed her power of clearing and releasing energies to the rest of the planet and the universe. She got our attention.

What does she need to do to get the attention of the rest of the planet? We as Lightworkers are here to take our planet back in love, Light, peace, healing, harmony, joy, abundance, freedom, and all good things. Are we going to let the 13th rise slip away? Does she need to create major earth changes or are we going raise our consciousness enough to where these may not have to be so magnified?

What are we going to do to empower ourselves to not give way to the dark forces? First we must deal with our own inner darkness. These are the forces that keep us separate and feeling limited. What can we do to become unlimited? Can we make new choices in our lives about how we want our lives to be, how we want our jobs, relationships, communities, governments, countries and planet?

If there is war, we can claim peace, first within and then spread the energy of peace to the next person, and the next. Others living in chaos will see you as an example and will want what you have created. Most people don't want to continue living in chaos or suffering. They have lived in this situation for long enough only they don't know how to make new choices for themselves. So you can take this peace into your relationships, work places, and communities. Let it filter out into your state, country and to the planet. Start somewhere. Claim your new truth. Claim peace.

For instance, there is much war on the planet. Most people living here do not want war. You can claim a new truth in the depths of your being: In my country there is peace. In my life there is peace. In my heart there is peace. On my planet there is peace. You can hold this empowering truth in the core of your being as the most true statement of your life. You can see those in charge of wars having diminishing importance in your life. You can breathe in the energy of peace. You must make this declaration in the depths of your soul.

Any opportunity you have to create a new truth of how you want your life, planet and everything else to be, DO IT! We are the ones who are creating our new planet in the age of love and Light. We must create it first within and then take it out. We cannot continue to do things in the old way of separation. For instance, let us imagine you do not like the way your boss is doing her job. Everyone at work is upset. You want to confront her and after that you want to quit your job. It doesn't matter if you tell it all because you have had it. Take a look within to see what she is reminding you about yourself. Could it be the feeling of powerlessness that you had when you were a child? Is she a mirror for something that needs to change within you? When you go within and do the inner work to shift the feeling of powerlessness you can create peace. Then it won't matter if you stay or leave for you will have given yourself the healing.

We know we cannot change others. We have heard this time and time again. What we must focus on is the change within, the pivotal change that will keep us afloat and will raise the vibration of the Earth while changing our vibration. The old way of doing things does not work any more.

As life becomes increasingly chaotic we need to remember why we are here and to go within. The separated self (spoken through the inner child as the messenger of the soul) will let us know the core issues that we have yet to resolve. It is time to put the finishing touches on the separated parts of self so that we can come back into our divine beingness, our true essence. This is our job and this is how we will take our planet back.

For every one of us who shifts core issues, the results are exponential. I don't know a single Lightworker who has had an easy life. Do you? We are the pioneers, the volunteers who came to learn and to transform our planet and ourselves. We came here to do this in great love, to release victimization, and to use our powerful love, Light and energies to uplift our beloved selves and Mother Earth.

What more can you do to participate in this upliftment? I think everyone of us can do more. We can act as if these next six months are the most vital six months for life on the planet. We can remember we have lots of assistance from the Light Realms. We can ask for assistance and we can give assistance. We are the ones who can shift this planet back into the Light. Let's do more, much, much more. Let's do it together in whatever way feels right inside of us. We are the ground crew, the physical Angels here to serve the Earth during these times of change. Let's do it!

Another Gateway is Opening in June

During the month of June, we have another Gateway opening. According to Sananda (Jesus through Eterna), 'The Gateway of Homecoming' represents the fulfilled Destiny of Humanity to not only reach God-Realization, but to create the restoration of unified relationship with our Creator. This is the experience of 'coming home' or returning to the Father's House' and consciously being received once again in the Light Realms in realized Mastery (without having to leave the physical body).

These gateways are opening gradually over the next few years but are affecting the Earth in major proportion. They represent the opening of the Seven Seals that are discussed in the Bible's Book of Revelations. They also represent the chakras.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
June 3, 2002


We are The Intergalactic Council here to speak with you today. We have some disturbing news. Things on the Earth are shaky, quite a big shakier than they were when we last spoke to you. We are certain that many of you are feeling the rumblings of change within, upon, and all around you. For truly, you are about to be shaken to the very core of your beingness.

This is an alert and it is sent with divine love and support. It is not intended to create fear, simply to support you in the forthcoming events that may seem to topple you. We know that most of you do not go for being shaken to the roots but this is the time when you will know what you are made of. It is a time of unmistakable changes that will affect all of life upon Earth. Earth needs a cleansing and she is about to create it.

The minds of humanity also need a cleansing. If you could see what we view from our vantage point you would see much muck and mire. The thought forms of Earth and humanity are mixed up and confused about a myriad of things. Many humans are most resistant to change and they are the ones who will tumble the most in the rumblings that are about to occur.

We can see the thought forms like you view your television sets. What we see baffles us. There is an extreme amount of density. It looks like it is rising and being pushed to the top, only to be expelled as if the Earth is sick to her stomach. We know this is a graphic description for most of you but it is what we see. There is nothing much left to do but to rid the Earth of such atrocious thinking by many on the planet. This thinking is what is holding the ascension process back. We will not go into the gory details except to tell you that we have never seen anything like it. We do survey our territory and we do a thorough job.

Please understand that we are not blaming anyone or recriminating the Lightworkers in any way. We simply observe and explain. We cannot go in to pry out the misplaced thinking. We work with all of the Light Realms and many other beings that are working to make this shift as smooth as possible.

Lightworkers you can assist greatly. Hold your thoughts in the highest Light. Purge your own negativity. Release your fears. Call in the Highest of the High to work with you to move through your own density to release what is there. This will facilitate the upliftment of the horrendous thoughts that hold the planet hostage in limitation and darkness.

The power of thought is astounding. It is not something that most of humanity thinks about. They simply put out the garbage without thinking what is in it to let someone else take it away. There is a lack of responsibility that goes along with thought. This garbage is not something that is to be recycled but to be completely cleared. Right now the Earth is like a big garbage dump. Surrounding the dump are clusters of Light thought forms. They come from Lightworkers and those serving the Light. Thoughts are energy. The dark forces know how to use thought as energy to encapsulate others. They have crafted quite a creation of Earth.

These thoughts and energies go back to the beginning so please understand that we see layers upon layers of the thoughts of different civilizations that have come and gone. Each one has left its mark, rather like the circles you see on your long-lived trees. The history of these thoughts is recorded within this expansive density. It is remarkable to us as we see how heavy these thoughts are and how much they have held back this planet.

In fact, it is almost so stifling to her that she can barely breathe at times.

This has been a rugged pathway and it is remarkable that life is still sustained upon the Earth. We can see clearly that this life would not be for much longer if a rapid clearing and cleansing were not to take place.

You can also assist by not only being aware of your thoughts but also being cautious of what you put into your minds. If you watch the collective you will see that input from the media affects mass consciousness greatly. Fear in particular casts a dark shadow over the Earth. Much of what is put out at this time centers on violence and the negative emotions of humanity. We need not mention them for you know of what we speak.

As powerful Lightworkers, you have the exponential affect to shift your own consciousness as well as much of life on the planet. What are you feeding your thoughts? Are you putting garbage into your minds? Remember you must feed your minds like you feed your bodies. Are your thoughts held high or are they in a lower place? What do you do when you find your thoughts diminishing? We ask that you at least begin to be aware of these thoughts and the impact they have on the process that we discuss.

This is a critical time of creation. It is a time of co-creating a new planet. Will your planet be clear and clean in thought or will it be weighed down with what needs to be cleansed? Will it stay stuck or will you pull it out of the mud? Transmutation of density of thought is at hand. Take a stand for what you want floating around in your astral realms. Use your power to rid whatever pollution you can. Send the darkness back to the Hall of Records, lessons learned, chapters closed, love prevailing. Do this with Self and with your planet.

We must also remind you of how important it is to keep your thoughts pure and clear. Ingesting drugs and others substances can make you sitting ducks for foul play with thought forms. We know many use substances to create spiritual experiences for themselves, or to escape the realities of daily living on Earth. Please be cautious about your usage of these substances for they also contribute to the density of thought. Take responsibility for what you put into your minds. We say this without judgment but with a warning.

We admire you for all that you are doing in deep devotion and love for the Earth. We are with you. We ask you to be forthright and creative in your endeavors to create your new reality. This is why we come to you. We see things that you cannot see. It is important that you heed our words for we hold the best interests for the Earth in our hearts. We know that you do too.

In loving service,
The Intergalactic Council


Earth's Thoughts

By Valerie Donner

Earth's thoughts are sick, sick, sick.

They are very thick, thick, thick.

We can shift them when we work through

Our very own thoughts, our very own goo.

This may not sound spiritual or like what you want to hear,

But when we heal our thoughts we become clearer.

What is the key? What is the trick?

Love is the potion that will heal the sick.

Mix love with Light and stir it well.

We will lift our earthly hell.


In Conclusion

The game of life, a new life on Earth is at hand. The stakes are high. We as Lightworkers are being asked to step forward and to take greater responsibility for co-creating our planet to be the way we want it. Simply stated, that is our job. We cannot rest any longer thinking that this situation we now find ourselves in will drag on forever. It will not. There are numerous signs of the shifts that are occurring now. We must be aware on all levels of how we can make this the best possible transformation for ourselves and for life on Earth. We must go the next mile.

Are you ready to be the real, fully functioning, gifted, masterful ground crew? I think we are ready. Let us work on every level possible to create our own empowerment and to bring forth the changes that we want. Bring your gifts and your changes. Our beloved Earth depends upon it.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Update on Twilight Products

I have been using the Twilight products for four months now. First I started drinking the Prill water and immediately noticed my skin was softer and looked younger. I stopped needing to use hair conditioner. I had nasal drainage at first and I believe I was detoxifying metals from my brain. I needed to rest a lot but this is not necessarily true for everyone. My hair got thicker.

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and noticed my eyebrows are darker. I have been using the bath crystals (especially after a long drive or when I am really tired). They seem to clear out whatever is in my energy fields. This helps a lot with the healing work that I do. I use the Dollop of Love every morning on my face and neck. It is like having the best facial. I use it on my body before showering and don't need soap. I use a combination of Magic Oil and Prill water for deodorant. At first my underarms broke out in a rash but I was willing to go with it for I knew it was detoxifying. If I have pain somewhere in my body or if my gums bother me I use Magic Oil in my mouth. You can spray it in your mouth every day to keep giving yourself more magnesium.

About a month ago I had a raging sinus infection. I used the Golden Seal drops under my tongue and the next day the mucous was clear. I also put lavender oil in my nose and the infection cleared up while I still used the drops.

I have also been using Sea Snow. This white powder is mixed with either Magic Water or Prill water and made into a paste. I have a mole on my back that is drying up. I am using it on other places of my skin where there are impurities and I see they are changing too.

I drink some Magic Water every day too. I also spray it on my face and body as a moisturizer. The Magic Water helps to awaken me in the morning and keeps me alert when I spray it while I am driving long distances. I use the Magic Water now to clean my mirrors and counters. You can also use Prill water for these purposes.

I am feeling great. My body feels stronger and my muscles are firmer. I need less sleep. I sleep well. There are so many blessings and benefits from using Jim Carter's products. They give me something positive to focus upon during these times of change and darkness. In addition, I am finding more love in my life and more interest from the opposite sex. Getting young again produces rewards on all levels.

I use the laundry bag to wash my clothes. They come out clean and soft with no need for fabric softener. The laundry bag can be used in the bathtub (put it in for 20 minutes and remove before bathing). The water seems quite alive after its use. Laundry bags are also good for swimming pools and hot tubs (might need a few of them).

Jim Carter, the founder of Prill water and the other Twilight products, was guided to release them to at least 144,000 people after September 11, 2001. He knew that we needed them. I believe these products are a great blessing to us and to the Earth.

If you want more information about Twilight products you may go to the following web sites: or for credit card orders:

Twilight products can be ordered directly through the company with a check:

1590 Foothill Drive, Suite 3
Boulder City, NV 89005.

Please use Valerie Donner as your sponsor and her phone number 530-918-9128. She is also available for further information about the company, business opportunity or products. Her e-mail is:, or address: P.O. Box 889, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. For credit card orders you may go to They process credit card orders but please make sure you use Valerie Donner's name and phone number as your sponsor.

Valerie Donner

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