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Message from Valerie Donner - June 27, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

The energies of the last few weeks have been interesting. I don't know what you are feeling but I certainly have had to go with the flow. I will say that I am feeling deeper connections to Spirit than ever before. This must correlate with the Gateway of Homecoming that Sananda (Jesus through Eterna) told us would be opening starting this month. I have experienced a connection with Spirit that seems long forgotten. It must be the higher dimensional energies that we are anchoring onto the planet. Praise God and all of the Lightworkers who are so diligently doing their work.

This statement takes me back to my last update, June 3. I asked the question about what we would do if we only had six months to get our spiritual acts together. I did not hear much from you after asking this question so I assume that you either did not like the question or that you are thinking about it. Today I asked my self the same question and I reflected on what I am doing, which still does not seem like enough. These are some of the steps I have taken:

  1. Spending more time in nature and communing, loving and appreciating Mother Earth. This is a joyful experience.
  2. Connecting with some of the Native American ways of respecting the Earth.
  3. Frequently going into meditation to stay tuned into what is going on energetically. (I already meditate twice a day and have been doing so for 30 years.)
  4. Shifting old fears and self-doubts. You know this is necessary when something is harbored within (particularly the heart) that is dragging you down. I have discovered that most of these fears I have are contrived by my separated self and have nothing to do with anyone else. I see so clearly now how it is me making things up to feel less lovable, not included, etc.
  5. Improving my diet by juicing and eating foods that make me feel good.
  6. Setting boundaries about where I place my energy. I have become increasingly aware of who/what is draining me energetically. I see there are some people who talk without listening to others. Some can go on endlessly and if you are a listener it can be mentally fatiguing, to say the very least. Now I make more conscious choices about how much of my listening attention I give to them. Then I choose to be with people and in places that bring me energy. I believe Kahlil Gibran said, "People talk when they cease to be at peace with themselves." We can learn from this wise statement and love ourselves.
  7. Planning my next steps in my business and work. I feel the call to take my work out to the next level. This may mean traveling, writing a book or books, speaking, teaching more classes and becoming visible. I want all of us to learn to be empowered as we create our new Earth in love and Light.
  8. Speaking the truth (of course gently) but often. Beating around the bush no longer works. Who has time to not tell the truth? It takes too much energy to try to figure things out when we could simply speak the truth.
  9. Being grateful, so very grateful, for my life, my family, friends, clients, my work, Mt. Shasta, the Light Realms, the Earth, God, my health, where we are going and all that comes to me. This expands my heart in the deepest ways.
  10. Looking for new ways to be of service to the Light.
  11. Connecting with lots of new Lightworkers.
  12. Asking myself, what will give me peace in any situation and then surrendering to God as much as possible. Sometimes this means detaching and letting others have their own experiences knowing they are gaining the wisdom they need.
  13. Seeking clarity in my life and keeping things simple. Simple is good.
  14. Allowing more love in my life and not having to know the outcome.
  15. Holding a prayer in my heart for how I want the planet to be.

These are a few of the things that come to mind. I guess I have been busy yet I strive to continue to expand my purpose, destiny and to do whatever I can to anchor the Light into this beloved Earth. You might want to make your own list of what you are doing or what you want to do. Then start doing it and acknowledge that you are doing it.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
June 3, 2002

While meditating this morning I received a strong connection again with The Intergalactic Council. Let us see what they have to say:


We are The Intergalactic Council here to greet you again. We enjoy our regular updates with you for we are creating important relationships that will serve well in your future. Let us begin what we have to say today.

Numerous things are in the offing. There is a complicated state of affairs that we see as we reflect upon the earthly plane. You know it has not been dull in the heavens nor has it been boring looking inside. There continues to be a risk of nuclear attack that would result in dire consequences for the planet and for all of you. We cannot let this happen. We see the senselessness in these efforts and those that attempt to bring them forth will be punished. We will not say how but we will impress upon you that they will be stopped and stopped in ways they had not thought were possible.

Remember we are the group of many wise and powerful beings. We hold together a power structure that is of profound proportion and consequence. We have said before that we do not interfere as a rule with planets, we simply observe. The situation on your planet is out of control and there is much at stake. This is when we get busy and you get to see the results. You are a part of the plan. As Lightworkers you can assist in preventing the desired upheaval by those who want to implement their plan of darkness.

For you this plan includes a conscious effort to connect with us in meditation, with the Light Realms, your Angels, Guides and Masters, the Earth and those seemingly in charge of your planet. Your efforts for love and sending Light and healing energies to the places in the world that are at war are of great help. We also will give you guidance in meditation, prayer and through other channeled communications on how and where you can serve. We implore you not to feed into the fearful components that would have you bend into the thinking of the mass consciousness. The masses are still in their slumber for the most part even though many are starting to shake their weary heads and awaken.

You as Lightworkers, serve hand in hand with us. We ride with you during the bumps along the road always standing beside you even though you cannot see us. There will come a time when this will change. We meet with you during your dreams and show you what can be done and where. That is the reason some of you are guided to move to new places or are being challenged at this time to make significant changes in your lives. You might call it being called into action.

We urge you to understand the importance of these next few months during these times of change. Upheaval is before you and there is much to take into consideration. The old ways of looking at life as normal and established are breaking down. Being called into action requires taking action in your lives for your own betterment and for the improvement of life on this Earth.

The importance of anchoring in the energies that are coming to the planet cannot be underestimated. These energies are coming from God and will serve you well and the Earth exceedingly well. At this time the Earth needs assistance with assimilating these energies. She needs to know that you are fully and completely with her during this process of ascension. When Light comes it must be dispersed and you are the dispersers.

All facets of life are at work at this time. This includes the plants, animals, minerals, and humans, nature spirits, inner Earth beings, in accordance with the Light Realms and with God's plan. There are many taking in this Light of Awakening and growing stronger each day. Some are yawning in their awakening and others are ready for the race.

We refer to this as the race for there is a compression of time in the time lines of life that makes this effort a necessary priority. Peace is the cement that will glue the plan together. Impress peace upon yourselves in your choices and this will affect the energies most positively. What do you need for peace in your lives and in those around you?

The old ways of dilly-dallying around and not making choices for yourselves in your daily affairs will not work. Know the importance of each choice you make. Spend your last dollar on peace. By this we mean invest in whatever brings peace into your lives and do not expect your old investments to pan out as they have in the past. These new energies make it necessary to skillfully and consciously put your energies to use. Money is energy and in the future you will understand that energy spent towards peace is the best investment that can be made.

You are working with us to free your beloved planet. It is time to release the past, the fears, traumas, threats of nuclear war and destruction. Creation of the new necessitates letting go of the old. Do only that which will serve the highest good and the perpetuation of life on your beloved planet. We are here with you to make it happen. Are you with us?

We are what you might call the celestial back up team. We are now at the forefront of this project, to move the Earth into the higher dimensions. It is a most important task for all of creation and that is why we are here. Know that we will be successful in our efforts and that you have the utmost support from Prime Creator to carry about the divine plan.

We are The Intergalactic Council leaving you in peace and love.


In Conclusion

Ground crew let us work together in deep commitment and diligence now. We have been called into action. It is no longer time to wait for something to happen. It is time for us to create and to bring into action what we want for our lives and for life on the planet.

The need for peace is strong and towards that end I want to publish the Ghandian Prayer for your use in personal situations and whenever needed:

I offer you peace.
I offer you friendship.
I offer you love.
I hear your needs.
I see your beauty.
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom comes from a Higher Source.
I honor that source in you.
Let us work together.
Ghandian Prayer

Blessings, love, peace, harmony and Light,
Valerie Donner


Spiritual Acts

By Valerie Donner

Spiritual acts
Bring spiritual gifts.
There is less heartache.
There are fewer rifts.

Spiritual acts
Bring kindness and truth.
They leave us open
For spiritual boosts.

Spiritual acts
Are a signal to God
That we are ready
To become unclogged.

Spiritual acts
Elevate the Earth.
They empower us
And lighten our girth.

Spiritual acts
Are needed today.
The Earth is ready
For peace to stay.

Spiritual acts
Make us whole and well.
They get us going
And release us from hell.

Spiritual acts
Are courageous and true.
Ask your self
What more you can do.

©2002 The Ground Crew


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, spiritual counselor, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level. She can see the inner child and assist others in getting in touch with the inner child. She may be reached for personal sessions or to come to your area for workshops, talks, or groups of sessions. She is also available for e-mail readings or phone sessions.


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