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Message from Valerie Donner - August 19, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

The energies that are coming to the planet now are intense indeed. I feel something stirring and as I look around my feelings are being reinforced by what is occurring. It feels to me like President Bush is doing his best to create another war and this time in Iraq. It is time for us to call forth peace and to not buy into this idea of war. We want peace so we must first create that deeply in our hearts and anchor that feeling of peace so deeply there that is no room for war.

Create peace inside and anywhere you can in your lives, ground crew. Peace is what is needed. Do what you can to breathe in the most peaceful energies you can possibly find from the depths of your soul. When going through emotional turmoil ask yourself what you need to do to create peace in your life. This is the best principle to follow when you need healing.

If you feel some energies of fear or sadness you may be remembering the similar energies that were around at the time of Atlantis before the fall. Perhaps the Lemurian energies remain connected in your heart too for this was a painful time for the Earth and life that was lost.

On a personal level do what you can to be fully present with everyone and everything in your life. Do you realize how often most of us are not present? “Anytime you are thinking you are not present,” according to Leonard Jacobson, an author and an awakened spiritual teacher who is committed to assisting others break through to the joyous experience of living in the now.

The other evening I attended a presentation by Leonard Jacobsen. It was a powerful experience. He told us that the way we become present is to be fully connected to the five senses: what you see, feel, hear, taste and touch. He recommended spending at least 10 minutes a day being fully present. When you are practicing the presence you are free from thoughts and are open to the Oneness of God.

“To awaken simply means to awaken out of the illusory world of the thinking mind into the world of the present moment. This does not mean that your memory of the past or your sense of the future disappears. You still participate with the world of time, but you are no longer identified with or limited by those memories from the past or imaginings into the future. You come to know yourself as the one who exists in this moment. You know that only the present moment can fulfill you so you choose to live more and more fully in the present moment. The present moment becomes the very foundation of your life.”

 “As you awaken, your experience of yourself and the world will dramatically change. Fear, anxiety and conflict disappear as you enter into a world of love, peace and abundance. You come to know yourself as LOVE. You encounter the living Presence of God within you and within everything around you. Separation dissolves as you enter into Oneness. This is what is meant by enlightenment. It is what Buddha spoke of. It is what Jesus spoke of. It is what Lau-Tzu and Krishna spoke of. It is what God promised to Abraham.” (

Can you imagine how joyful our relationships would be if we could all be present with each other? Most people are caught up in their stories or in identifying with past pain so that they barely listen to each other. When one is listening and the other is talking without being present for the other, there is little relating going on. As one of my friends recently said to her overly talkative friend, “Your lips are moving but I can’t hear a word you are saying.”

Isn’t it true that when someone is going on and on with their diatribe that the listener begins to tune out the other person? Yet, what is happening to the listener? Does she/he begin to fall asleep? Are their energies being drained? Are they honoring themselves by not calling a time out or leaving if they are getting bored or tired? Are they facing an endurance contest that leaves them feeling angry with themselves for not ending the one-way conversation?

This lack of presence is a big problem in relationships. It is not fair for the long –winded talker to not be made aware of their impact on another. If the listener does not put a stop to it the talker will continue to remain unaware of their lack of communication and presence. Only by speaking the truth will someone like this become aware and perhaps change.

If we are going to have a more enlightened planet we need to start becoming present first with our selves and secondly with our relationships. Parasites of the mind, those that steal your energy, do exist in physical form. It is up to us to not let these people feed on our energies as we try to have a two-way present and fulfilling conversation.

I ask everyone to look at your presence, or lack thereof, in your relationships and to become increasingly honest about it. If you are one of the big talkers, look at what percentage of the time you doing the talking. If you are one the listeners, address the percentage of the time you are listening. For the talkers, if you walk away from a conversation and have not even spent five minutes out of three hours in a conversation finding out about the other, you are not present. For the listeners, if you have not partaken in a conversation with another and shared about yourself for at least half of the conversation, you are not present for yourself either.

It is sad to think how truly un-present most people are in their relationships. To change the planet we must become aware of our lack of presence and take the necessary steps to find ourselves more present. I don’t know about most of you, but in following the energies of friends, family and others, if I walk away feeling drained, unfulfilled or unheard in a relationship, I am not inclined to spend much time with that person in the future. If you are lacking friends or relationships, take a look at your ability to be present and to truly listen to another. Then step back, be honest with your self and focus on being more present with others in your conversations and in your life.

I know many of us are hungry for someone to listen to us. Many Lightworkers don’t have anyone with whom they can share their spiritual experiences so when they find another Lightworker who will listen; they download as much as possible. I think we are all hungry for conversations with present people. Let us simply be aware not to take advantage of one of those good-hearted Lightworkers, or friends who are willing to listen. Otherwise, the next time they may not be so willing to give you an audience.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
August 19, 2002


We are The Intergalactic Council here to give you an important message today. It has been a little while since we have shared with you so now it is time to continue what we have to say.

The world about you is changing rapidly. The Earth is beginning some of her most noteworthy earth changes. Long lasting and devastating fires and floods have forced many to take a new look at their relationship to the Earth. Therefore, we say it is time to review all relationships whether they are your relationships with the Earth or with each other, for truly the times of great changes are upon you.

For too long there has been a lack of respect for the Earth. People have taken her for granted and have forged their way usurping the Earth’s resources for personal profit. There is nothing wrong with using the gifts the Earth has given you but when there is a lack of respect and regard for the Earth and all that she provides there needs to be some reconciliation and re-balancing. This is what has begun to occur and there will be much more in the future as the Earth continues to reconfigure herself.

Cleansing is occurring at a rapid speed and this shall only accelerate. Awaken yourselves to what is going on for soon you will see that all of life is being affected. This is necessary and part of the divine plan. The Earth has given you much yet she too has reached her limits. She is in such a fragile place now that it will not take much to tip things over to the brink. We say this with love in our hearts but are giving you the straight truth. The lack of regard for the Earth and for life must stop. A new exchange needs to be created that is based on respect for one and all. It must be brought into balance again. This will take quite some time but if those of you who are more aware of this need work on this balance within your own lives you will pave the way for future balancing on the Earth. This could also assist the Earth and serve to subdue some of the more cataclysmic things that could take place.

This new exchange must be based on faith and trust. Service to others will be the name of the day especially for Lightworkers who are ready to do what they came here to do. What is the basis for faith and trust? Truth is the springboard upon which a new foundation for life on Earth will be brought into manifestation. Unfortunately, most of humanity has little faith and trust in themselves, in God, in the leadership of their country or in life in general. This is a sad response to all that has been paved for a new and revitalized Earth.

We know that depression is rampant on the Earth. It might not be discussed in every culture but we can tell you that it does exist predominantly throughout the Earth. Even your animal kingdom feels and expresses this energy. All levels of dimensions feel this sadness from the third on down. Yet there are some places in all of life where the Light is becoming increasingly amplified to the highest levels ever felt. We see that some of you are about to reach your enlightenment. We observe your Light and energy fields as stronger and more powerful than ever before. And we experience the heart wave energies that are being sent out as the most loving we have ever seen on the Earth. This in itself is a cause for optimism and celebration.

Remember the old saying, “It is always darkest before dawn.” What we are telling you is that this is the dawn, the dawning of a new age. It is a time for faith, hope, truth, love, trust and re-building on all levels. It is the ripe time for the co-creation of new relationships with all of life. It is particularly important that you create new and fulfilling ways to relate to yourselves, each other and to the Earth. In fact, we are charging you with this duty—to change your relationship with life. Then the depression will leave, the fear and hopelessness will dissolve, lack will disappear and the most divine flow of love and Light that you have ever seen will spread like wildfire throughout all of life on the planet. You will find yourselves flooded with such love that you will wonder how you ever made it to the pivotal point for this to occur.

This is within your reach. It is possible. It is the way of the future and the future is now. We in The Intergalactic Council have never seen a planet with such a multitude of gifted Lightworkers laying the way for God’s Light and love to filter through the darkness. We can tell you that we are with you pushing you forward as fast as the speed of Light and faster. We know the urgency of the hour and so do you. Please think about what we have said today and make the necessary steps to use your awareness and your gifts to create Heaven on Earth. We are counting on you and so is life itself.

In loving service, we are The Intergalactic Council.


The Gateway of Ascension

According to Sananda (Jesus through Eterna) September will bring the opening of the fifth gateway, called the Gateway of Ascension. These energies are already coming to the planet and will bring very strong ascension energies. They will create the imprint to ultimately lift mankind to a state of awareness beyond the need for embodiment to a place where Planetary Ascension may be brought about. (

This Web site

Thanks to Gary Brown, our beloved and devoted webmaster, we have a new look on our web site. We have changed it to reflect The Ground Crew at Mt. Shasta, which seems to be somewhat of a headquarters for the ground crew. There are many Lightworkers and spiritual seekers who come here to be in the presence of the sacred energies of this majestic mountain. I appreciate meeting any of you who choose to come here for rest and replenishment. Thank you again, Gary. You are the best webmaster ever!

Also, please visit “The Underground Crew” section of our new site. There are channelings from Louise Jones who channels the High Priest of Telos, Adama. Telos is the underground city left over from Lemuria. Many of us have Lemurian roots so this should be of interest to you.

In Summary

Isn’t life about relationships? Most of us have had our share of relationships that have been un-present and out of balance. It is timely for us to think about what has been said today and to make ourselves present to life as well as to the Earth. Let us do this with the powerful intent to find that state of Oneness so that we may be walking examples of God/Goddess that we are in the I AM of our being.


New Relationships

By Valerie Donner

New relationships
For the gift of life
 Will assist the Earth to rid
 Her of strife.

They will be balanced
With tender loving care,
With people touching each other
And being present and there.

These relationships
Will be bold and fast.
They will wrap up the darkness
That can no longer last.

They will benefit the Earth
Who greatly needs
Relationships that are
 Balanced and free.

New relationships
Are around the bend.
They will make way for the new
And bring forth the end

To anything that is centered in Self alone.
New relationships
Will take us Home.


©2002 The Ground Crew


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, spiritual counselor, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level. She can see the inner child and assist others in getting in touch with the inner child. She may be reached for personal sessions or to come to your area for workshops, talks, or groups of sessions. She is also available for e-mail readings or phone sessions.
Valerie Donner


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