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Message from Valerie Donner - September 10, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

It is now a year since September 11, 2001. Here in the U.S. things are accelerating at a rapid rate for Bush’s war in Iraq. The media is filling the airwaves with fear and anticipation of some potential events that could occur. Military reserves are called into service for “homeland security”. Various channels and people who are tuned into the energies are feeling something building. There is a frenzied type of energy that surrounds this preparation. How will our lives change?

After 911 life in the U.S. has been altered. Travel by air is no longer simple with the security measures in place. People are more aware of what is going on around them. The economy and business climate are in turmoil. Grief from the loss of life at the Twin Towers is still being processed. What have we learned and where are we going with our lives, country (countries) and our planet?

As you walk on less certain ground, what is it that keeps you going? Is it hope for a new life, a new way of being on the Earth? Is it deep spiritual growth? Is it being called into greater service? Is it heart opening like never before? Is it love at its highest levels? What do you hang onto when things get tough? Are you living in community? Are you in a place of cooperation with the Earth and those around you? Are you committed to creating a peaceful planet? What are your dreams for yourself and the Earth?

I ask these questions because this is our job as part of the ground crew, the physical angels in human form, who came here to bring their gifts, talents, love and Light to co-create and uplift the planet. Where are you now one year later since 911? How have your values changed? Who are you closer to? Who and what have you left behind? Are you in more profound communication with the Light Realms? Are you reckoning with your own inner conflict and shadow side?

With question after question we reach the truth. It seems there are more questions these days than answers but the truth is always the truth. Get yourself in gear for the truth in all aspects of your lives. When you find it align everything else in your life, work, relationships, finances, where you live, your own thoughts and lifestyle. The truth is in your heart. Follow the feelings located there—love, joy, peace, fear, upheaval, confusion, blockage and release. It is in the heart.

We do not have the time to waste our energy in any area of our lives where things are not in alignment. Do you ever find yourself getting impatient or angry when things do not go smoothly? Are you tired of making excuses or hearing excuses from others? This means a situation is out of alignment. Let us vow to align everything in our lives by making new choices, following the truth in our hearts, and letting go of that which is not working.

“Little by little we subtract, faith and fallacy from fact, the illusory from true, and starve upon the residue.” This was the first poem I had to memorize in speech class my first semester of collage. It came back to me today as I focus on clearing and getting clear in my own life. It ties back into discernment and the need to follow our innermost guidance.

In contact with our guidance we need to find the answers within. If you seek the answers outside of Self you will get many different answers and you will still need to go within for the final answer. Tomorrow on 911 I plan on being on the mountain and in prayer. I will pray for guidance, peace, and healing for our planet and myself. I ask you find your sacred place to pray and remember, to create and heal and to find the truth above everything else.

If we have learned anything from 911 it is that we cannot count on things being the same. Be prepared to stand in the Light of who you are and what you came here to do. Much change is occurring and we must be flexible enough to adjust to whatever is happening.

A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
August 19, 2002


This is The Intergalactic Council reaching you from beyond your present limits. We are with you today to explain some things and to provide encouragement and support during your upcoming times of need. There will be many trials and tribulations such that you have yet to know in this lifetime. It will seem like nothing is making sense for everything will be in upheaval. It this strikes a chord in your heart it is because you know this is about to occur. It is necessary for everything to break down. You will find yourselves challenged beyond what you could have imagined.

Are we telling you this to create fear? No, it is out of our love for you and compassion for your present state of affairs. This situation is speeding out of control at breakneck speed. Yet we are here and we will assist in stabilizing things after the initial shock. We regret that the impending events are necessary for you to weather yet in the long run there will be many desirable results from what happens.

In the past we alluded to the potential of nuclear war. This is a tenuous part of your future. We are standing by on alert with every possible means of intervention. We are capable of stopping this disaster quickly if it starts. We cannot prevent it completely but want you to know that we are a part of the protective units encircling your Earth.

Your planet is in deep need for enlightenment. A sleeping humanity have let the days pass them by as they have slowly given away more of their freedom and power. Should a BIG wake up call occur know that this is necessary. The main point is for life to get out of slumber, to begin to take action. Step by step, person-by-person the pathway will be made clear. It may seem murky at the onset yet there has been ample preparation for what lies ahead.

You as ground crew are the finest of the finest as God’s precious beings of love and Light. It will take all that you have, every resource available to make your impact. This implies that spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally you will be stretched. You are up to the challenge for you are so desirous for your planet to become like “home” again. Most of you would do anything to see the fruits of the labor of so many lifetimes come to fruition.

Standing at the ready for such monumental changes is a challenge in itself. You will see upheaval on all levels. Remember this is only a test. Things will be restored to a new level of normality, one with which you would rather live than the way you are now living. You came here to participate in this huge re-creation of your beloved Earth. Therefore we tell you that you have little time left for things to remain as “normal”. The value of your work and your energies are countless. Your Light alone makes the difference on this planet. We are working with you in the Light and God will see all of us through these next evolutionary phases of existence.

This re-creation is taking place on every level you can think of. It is a participative effort to re-instill the grace of God to your ever so needy planet. She is ready and so are we. We have fleets already in place, plans made, pathways laid, to take you back into the sacred fold of life. A planet that has spun out of control for such a lengthy period of time would not survive if it were to continue on this distorted path of destruction.

We know you have waited beyond the limits of patience to step into your place of destiny with the divine plan. You are ready for action, to take hold of planet again and to find your way home. As you create your pathway of service we encourage you to not get caught up in fear one iota but to be in the place of stillness that will lead you through any formidable obstacles.

Spiritually you must be at your best. You need to be spiritually fit. Use every tool you have and ask for assistance from those in the Light Realms with whom you feel most connected. We are one in the service to the Light and to the Earth. Be the leaders that you came to be and search your hearts for the greatest truth in the wellspring of life. Do not be deceived by appearances or words but simply observe the actions of others for your truth.

With these words we encourage you onwards as you make spiritual history. The story of the Earth is known throughout creation. You have the full support of the Creator and creation. All eyes are looking upon you and all love is around you. We look to the Earth and to you as God’s greatest teachers. You are the way showers, the transformers of worlds that have lost their way. You came to the Earth to bring your planet home. Those who have others plans that are not so divine will end up where they need to be but the Earth will no longer be home for them. Wait and see.  It won’t be much longer.

Then you can get to the task of rebuilding your Earth. You will have all of the assistance you need and you will be so happy that you stuck it out. You will find yourselves dancing for joy on your glorious planet. Your missions are about to start. We are one with you.

In service to the Light,
The Intergalactic Council

 A Prayer For Peace

In the Light of the Mighty I AM presence, One with All there is, Prime Creator, Mother Earth, the entire Realms of Light, we see our beloved planet free and clear from all destruction. We see only renewal, peace, harmony, celebration, abundance, healing, joy and freedom and all good things. We envision our planet free from greed, power, control, fear, those who use and abuse. We see truth within and running through all of life. We see chaos and turmoil replaced with stillness and clarity. We see all discordant energy being replaced with love and Light. Anything that has been harmful to the Earth and to any of life on Earth is uplifted to find its own place of being. With these energies we in this now moment align anything that is not in harmony with the new and higher dimensional energies that are entering our Earth. So be it and so it is.


In Conclusion

Beloved Ground Crew, trust that we will each know what to do and where to be as we move through these challenging times. Keep your eye on our higher dimensional prize, our blessed Earth ascending and us along with her. We are one in our Victory.

Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner


A Message From The Angels Through Doreen Virtue

Dear Lightworkers,

Please pass this message along to other lightworkers . . .

The world needs your help right now, at this very minute, to avoid violence. Last night, the angels awakened me and said that we must each take human steps to avert an invasion into Iraq. I normally don't send out politically involved letters, but the angels are pushing me -- and all of us -- to take immediate action. They said there are many alternative ways to deal with Hussein's nuclear and chemical operations. The U.N. and most western countries are aware of those alternatives, and are resisting the invasion effort.

The angels said that, yes, something must be done in response to Hussein's arsenal building.  However, the angels say that if we invade Iraq, the consequences could be quite dark and violent, as Iraq will retaliate.  President Bush will be urging Americans and world leaders toward invasion this week, capitalizing upon the Sept. 11 anniversary emotions.

You can take control of your world, and keep it peaceful and intact for future generations, through these actions:  praying without ceasing for peace; through affirming and visualizing a peaceful resolution to the Iraq and middle-east situations; and by voicing your opinions to your political representative and world leaders.  Send them your opinions this week, as the invasion is being planned right now. 

It will only take five minutes to send an email to your representative, and yet, your letter could make all the difference. Politicians and leaders do listen to voters' opinions, as they're sensitive to re-election implications. Be sure to put, in the email headline, a clear representation of your opinion, such as, "No Iraqi Invasion," or "Opposed to Iraq Invasion," etc., just in case they don't take the time to open and read the email letters.

For your convenience, we've put website links at the end of this letter, that list the email addresses for world leaders and U.S. members of Congress.

Let's all pray, visualize, and speak our opinions together, Lightworkers!

In Peace,
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Congressional Email Directory 
U.S. Senate
Write Your Representative - Contact your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives.

USA:President George W. Bush: email, Fax:(202) 456-2461
Secretary of State Colin Powell: email , Fax: +1-202-261-8577

United Nations: Kofi Annan, Secretary General: email
Mary Robinson, High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Email addresses of worldleaders 

Président de la République Française Monsieur Jacques Chirac

Prime Minister Monsieur Lionel Jospin (feedback form)

Germany Federal President, Johannes Rau.  Email:

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (feedback form)

Australian Prime Minister John Howard  (feedback form)

The Angeltherapy Staff
"Only Love is Real"


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, spiritual counselor, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level. She can see the inner child and assist others in getting in touch with the inner child. She may be reached for personal sessions or to come to your area for workshops, talks, or groups of sessions. She is also available for e-mail readings or phone sessions.

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