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Message from Valerie Donner - October 5, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

If ever there was a time on the Earth that humanity could come together, the time is now. There appears to be a of lack of unity, especially amongst Lightworkers. Should even a small percentage of Lightworkers unify amazing events would occur. You would see all pathways coming together for peace, love, joy, freedom, abundance, ecstasy, truth, wisdom, healthy happy relationships, thriving children, right livelihood and hearts that know they are One. There would be an honoring of all pathways because the hearts would be in sync.

Are you doing your part to create unity first within Self and then with others? If you look around viewing only the darkness and separation then you might want to look again. Revisit where you are putting your attention. See the war hype as a perfect time to unify into love not fear. It is simply a matter of choice and where you want to put your focus. If you allow your consciousness to hone in on the media fear based hype this is where you will find your energies going. However, if you take a leadership role with your own consciousness you will begin to rise about the outer appearances and see the divine plan in action.

Beloved Ground Crew, you are the leaders for our newly emerging Earth. If you don’t rise above the fear who will? If you don’t shift the core darkness within yourself who will? See yourselves as the generators for peace and place every thought in that direction. Be a director for peace. Look at what one Lightworker brother of ours is doing for peace.

Prayer Vigil: October 12, 1 pm New York time
James Twyman invited to Iraq to Pray Peace

From James Twyman:
As many of you already know, I have been invited to perform a concert for peace in Baghdad on October 12. Millions of people around the world believe that war is an inappropriate solution to our problems with Saddam Hussein, or any other international conflict. This is a chance to do something about it, to use the power of prayer as a catalyst for positive change. I hope you will forward this e-mail to your friends around the world. The goal is for millions of people to focus their prayers of peace at the same moment. We need your help to make this happen.

This is the second time the government of Iraq has invited me to Baghdad when the threat of war seemed imminent. In 1998 millions of people from at least 80 countries focused their prayers on Iraq, and three days later a peaceful solution was achieved. This year the worldwide vigil is being coordinated with another international event called Earth Dance, a peace initiative being held in 106 cities around the world. (If you want information on how you can join the gathering in your city, go to Over a quarter million people will gather in each city on October 12, and at 1pm New York time participants will join together in this prayer:

We are one global family,
all colors, all races, one world united.
We dance for peace and the healing of our planet earth.
Peace for all nations.
Peace for our communities.
Peace within ourselves.
Let us connect heart to heart.
Through our diversity we recognize our unity.
Through our compassion we recognize peace.
Our love is the power to transform the world.
Let us send it out...

We are asking you to do the same. After you say this prayer aloud, either alone or with a group, FEEL the presence of peace in Iraq and the whole world. This feeling is the key to creating peace. Scientists have proven that our emotions influence events and even weather patterns, and we want to produce a wave of peace that will touch the leaders of our countries, as well as every person in the world.


I will be with a group of people in Baghdad and we will consciously anchor these prayers into the earth there. You can also join me via the Internet by going to I will have a satellite phone with me and will broadcast the prayer at the designated time, and World Puja will transmit my signal around the world. If possible, try to be with a group of people in your own home or church, joining me either online or in spirit.

I also intend to send regular e-mails reporting the details of my trip to Iraq. If you were forwarded this letter and want to be on our mailing list, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this e-mail.
Please keep me in your prayers, but more importantly, please join us in changing the world with the power of joined prayer.

In Peace,
James Twyman

James Twyman is the author of six books, including the best-selling “Emissary of Light” and the newly released “Emissary of Love; The Psychic Children Speak to the World.” He spends his life traveling to countries torn apart by hatred and despair bringing his message of peace. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, and is often referred to as “The Peace Troubadour.”  You can also visit James’ website at

You can become your own peace troubadour by singing songs of peace and healing wherever you go. Create your own healing by asking “What do I need to do that will create peace for me now in my life?” I frequently ask my clients to answer this question when they come to me with various concerns. It all comes back to this basic question.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, a toxic work situation, living in chaos or financial need, ask that basic question deeply within and see what answers come to you. Then you need to remember that you always have choice.

We are being asked to be brave and courageous ones as the ascension process accelerates. We are being called to align everything in our lives, to be the living, walking talking centers of truth. Have you noticed how areas where you are not congruent with your word are making you uncomfortable? Every word you speak and think has power. Become conscious of when you are not in accordance with truth and speak a new truth.

For the Lightworkers on the planet to create a new Earth we must be aware when we put ourselves into a feeling of hopelessness or victim hood. This will not get us far if we maintain this type of attitude. It will keep us in the lower vibrations and we will continue to be stuck. To raise your vibration it is necessary to own everything you create, gain the truth and wisdom and make new choices. You might ask, “What do I need to do to take care of myself now?”

Staying positive and on track during the times in which we are living is a challenge Yet, have we not been waiting for what seems like eons to see signs of the old melting way to make room for the new? What is melting away, beloved Ground Crew? What is making your heart burn with love? What do you want to create for yourself and your planet?

We have speedily nearly reached 2003, post millennium. As time races forward we see things dovetailing into the needs of the now moment. Where are you in this now moment? What can you do to reach into the depths of your soul to bring forth more of your purpose and destiny? Where are those hidden dreams and gifts that you have been holding onto for fear they might not be good enough?

Every one of us has an abundance of gifts to bring to the world. Let us unify in our prayerful intention to bring peace into our own lives and to stretch ourselves further to serve the planet. I choose to walk my talk, how about you?

Walk Your Talk

By Valerie Donner

Walk your talk in the spirit of things.
Let your words and thoughts have a wondrous ring.
Better yet do what you say.
Think better things in every way.

Walk your talk for the energies of truth.
Release the past and all that is uncouth.
Be determined to align every word,
This is the way God works to be completely heard.

Walk your talk for the sake of integrity.
Anything less will take away your dignity.
See how your time is wasted with the fake.
Through such actions you will become a flake.

Walk your talk and nothing less.
When you do you will be at your best.
Who has time to dance with the untrue?
Your energy is taken and you become blue.

Walk your talk to heal your heart.
Those around you will not want to part.
For it is a gift when you are congruent and true
And every day you start anew.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
October 5, 2002

We are The Intergalactic Council. It has been some time since we have delivered our last message. We want to assure you that you are now in the making of history. As we observe your planet and participate in the plans for the great awakening we see constant upsurges in consciousness. It is enough for us to state this but we also marvel at how far you have come along in these last few months.

Do not be deceived by the comings and goings of the fear-based tactics that are being played out at will. They are simply an overshadowing of great change that is occurring at breakneck speed. The old is collapsing in on itself to make way for stupendous Light that is coming up to the surface.

Your corrupt leaders and governments are about to go head to head. There may be some bouncing going on as self interest degenerates into the most senseless of actions. Our work is not to react or to attempt to convince anyone to make sense of this Earthly mess. It is simply to say that the nightmare may get worse but it will be over before you know it.

Your job is to understand that we are here, that the divine plan is in place and to let the situation play itself out. And it will.

Much is up for grabs. Your planet is a stellar example of a masterful and loving presence that has been taken over by disruptive beings. We know who they are and what they are doing. They think Earth is their sand box but they are about to lose their marbles. We track these beings wherever they go and assist in assuring that once their game plan is up they go to the most appropriate off planet locale. They also get to answer to Prime Source for none get away with their actions.

In our long council meetings we review everything with fine detail. We comb the consciousness of every party involved. We evaluate and counteract the plans’ pitfalls to see where the Light can filter in best. We encourage and train those whose pathways it is to strike against the reign of terror to move forward with their work. We invoke the resources at our disposal, which would surprise most of you. We leave nothing to chance for there is too much at stake.

Endurance is one thing and a planet’s survival is another. Too much has happened to the Earth and her fragility makes it necessary for quick and stupendous action. She is holding on by a thread. There is an all out effort to move her through this corridor of darkness back into the Light.

Bombs and bombers, missiles and misled, nuclear and unclear, the bent and the straight, the forward and not so forward, the peaceful and warrior will all be dealt with steadfast and well-trained hands. The hand of God works in a flash to create a straight and narrow path.

In our heart of hearts the pathway is clear. We do not see much deviation from the path. We see some individuals who still hold power trying to maintain their stronghold, but to little avail. The earthly temptations have been too much for many of these individuals to bear. They have sunk about as lowly as one could get. Interruptions in their patterns are assured.

Our business is about the business of life enhancing works. When you roll up your sleeves and work for God you go where you are sent and do what is necessary to fulfill your obligations. Our work never stops. We work in a variety of places all at once. This might be hard for some to understand in your earthy plane but this is how we go about our multi-dimensional business. You might call us “heavy hitters” by your standards. We work with the power of the Light and are trained and tested. We bring about the best measures from galaxies here and beyond.

In our meetings many masters and a support team of Angels, scientists, technicians, and experts on every level, surround us. Information is synthesized into a central computer that is powerful beyond your present imagination. The system is so complex that it takes the most gifted experts to work with it. This is such an important function that we provide every resource necessary.

We have been watching the Earth specifically for a long time. We have been waiting for this time to interact with you. The preparations are profound. We are empowered in our own way to create all necessary adaptations and adjustments to earthly matters. Let your own impatience with change for the good be soothed with our words today. We are a strong and united team. This is a team effort all the way. We are successful.

Be in deep preparation for what is coming. All will be put to the test. A big transformation of a planet like the Earth cannot take place without a huge shift in consciousness and energies. These shifts are far reaching. They are major events that affect every aspect of life. You will find yourselves in profound and lasting change. It is necessary for the future evolution of every living thing. If you have expectations that life will continue as it has in the past you will be surprised. Evolution is full of surprises but the rewards are well worth it.

Stay attuned to the peace that passes all understanding. Learn from the Masters and way showers of the past. Be ready to use every bit of spiritual strength you can muster. You will need it.

We are The Intergalactic Council sending our love and regards in service to The Light.

Twilight Update

In my last few updates I have refrained from saying anything about Twilight products or the company itself. Jim Carter the founder of Twilight and the products was here in Mt. Shasta on September 7. He had just returned from Australia after setting up Twilight there. We were pleased to be able to ask Jim questions about these wonderful products and to meet him. He is called “The Wizard” for his gifts are a blessing indeed.

The company itself is going through changes. Many of us have been in a process of determining our affiliation with Twilight due to Jim’s inability to produce down line records and the promised bonuses from the Multi-level-marketing association that he created to release the products to the world. Not only that, Jim has taken money from people for Star Chambers and founders without following through on his word. This has been disappointing and disheartening to those of us who love the products and believed in the company. We were willing to wait for the company to create structures that would support the promises. It has not happened and rumors flow.

I do not want to get into judgment only my own observations. (Judgments do not allow people to change whereas observations do.) I feel that Jim is dedicated to saving the Earth with what he has created. He wants to get Twilight into 60 countries in 60 months. He is an inventor entrepreneur type who has challenges with people. He changes his mind and is not one who likes to be involved with the business aspects of the company. He is a big mirror and teacher for all of us as he is moving through his separated aspects of Self.

I have been in the business world for over 30 years. Business is run on the word. You say you will do something like be at a meeting at a specific time and as a rule most people follow through. In business you don’t have time for people who do not keep their word. Either you stop doing business with them or if you are a manager you give them feedback on their lack of compliance with the required behavior. If they fail to meet the standards they are fired. It is simple.

In the situation with Jim’s current inability to comply with his word or to communicate to those of us who love his products and have spent our precious time and energy taking them out to the world, I find that my energy is lacking for the Twilight Company.  I do not have the time or energy to try to figure out what is going to happen next. I am still using the products but not promoting the business. I am waiting to see if the business will continue. I hope it will and pray that Jim will align his separated energies to produce what he has promised.

I am looking at where I gave my power away in this case. Where did I believe more in these products than my own ability to heal myself? Why was I willing to wait for the promised bonus checks to come even though I have been in the business world for many years and knew better? Why was I willing to put my energy into a company that does not have a direct phone line for customer service or the ability to take its own credit cards? Why did I think that the energies of love and Light from the products were any greater than my own love and Light? What do I need to do to empower myself with all of this and make a conscious choice that makes me feel good about myself?

So you can see I have been in my own process. I see the benefits from the products, how we worked together and found hope for our healing and rejuvenation for the Earth and ourselves. I do not judge myself in this case. I simply see that I have learned a lot, my body is healthier and stronger and that I will stand steadfast next time to make sure a company is fully functioning before I spread the word.

When working with spiritual energies we must remember that we are equal to all of them for we too are God. We too are love and our Light is just as important and bright as anything that comes from crystals or star chambers. They only reflect our own divinity and Light.

Pray with me that Jim Carter can see his blind spots and change his ways. Otherwise, I am concerned that at some point the spiritual energies he is working with will not be able to ride the current of his own shadow.

In Conclusion

Let us learn from every situation to stand for the truth and the Light, to be congruent with our thoughts and words, and to find the way to unify our planet. Let us be the peaceful warriors to empower ourselves in a world that needs empowerment. We are the ones who are re-writing history and changing the world. Let us continue to create our freedom within to ask the questions and to make new choices. So be it.

Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner

A Special Mt. Shasta Retreat With Valerie Donner

If your heart is calling you to visit Mt. Shasta this might be the perfect time.  You will be taken to several sacred sites in the area including, Panther Meadows, the Sacramento Headwaters, and Stewart Mineral Springs. You may participate in a Native American sweat or take a mineral bath and sauna at the mineral springs. Massage is also available.  Valerie will do some special channelings and meditations and share her beloved mountain with you. Have Sunday brunch at the lovely Mt. Shasta resort.

Who knows what magic awaits you?

If it is your time for healing in the beauty of Mt. Shasta please come to this retreat:

Friday October 25 through Sunday October 27, 2002
Begins Friday at 7:00 PM at The Gatehouse and Ends Sunday at 3:00 PM

Cost is $155, which includes Sunday brunch. Lodging is available for 8 people at The Gatehouse in Mt. Shasta for $35 per night. This is a wonderful place where Sister Thedra channeled Sananda and is filled with many of the Masters’ energies.

Phone 530-926-5752 for reservations.
Directions: Take Central Mt. Shasta exit, go to Lake St. (the road that takes you to the mountain) up about ¼ mile, turn left on Ski Village Drive and right on Vista. The address is: 1236 Vista. It is the last paved road.

Mt. Shasta Retreat Registration Form

Name: ______________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
E-mail Address ______________________________________________
Comments _________________________________________________


Please send your check to:
Valerie Donner

For credit card reservations:
Credit card number (either MasterCard or Visa) __________________________________

Name on the card __________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on October 25!


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is an intuitive healer, reader, spiritual counselor, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level. She can see the inner child and assist others in getting in touch with the inner child. She may be reached for personal sessions or to come to your area for workshops, talks, or groups of sessions. She is also available for e-mail readings or phone sessions.

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Valerie Donner

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