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Message from Valerie Donner - November 6, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

I hope this update finds you dealing with life with the greatest of ease. There are some unusual energies that are bombarding us and it can be challenging to work with them. A lot seems to be building and the need for personal inner work is always there. Last month it seemed that things were stuck. It was hard to make decisions. People were handling their fears about war, finances, jobs, relationships and the usual other concerns. Yet changes were made and new choices occurred. The resistance appeared to be thicker than usual. Did any of you notice?

I found people conserving their financial resources. One of my massage therapist friends in the San Francisco bay area said his business was down. He called one of his clients who told him that he had lost $50,000 in the stock market on the previous day so he was not spending money on himself even for a $60 massage. Think about how many people felt falsely abundant with their money in the stock market before it started falling. It is electronic money unless you take it out. Now many are feeling falsely in lack due to losing money in the market. It is relative again isn’t it? One minute you are up and then you are down. It is a merry-go-round right now.

Where does your abundance come from? Does it come from a job, bank account, commercial investment, e-commerce, or the stock market? Does it come from a particular person, place or thing? I have asked myself this question numerous times over the last ten years since I have been self-employed. I have faced many fears and false beliefs about abundance and money. The truth of my soul knows that flow and abundance come from God. God is the Source. There are countless times when money has come to me through work, gifts, orders, unexpected miracles, trades, or other resources I did not know I had. There is a steady and constant flow from God and that is the only way I can explain it.

When you have faith in God even though you sometimes go through your worry and fears about finances you are always taken care of. The most challenging issue for me to reconcile in being self employed all of these years was how I could make money doing what I love. I always thought you had to have a regular paycheck and then do what you love outside of work. Now I know other wise and can only do things that have heart, passion, interest and meaning. If I try to do something just for money it never works and serves as a distraction.

Going through these times of stress and change require focus on Self. Giving up the nurturing things you do to care for Self makes it even harder to deal with what is in front of you. I hope you will still continue to do your inner work and to treat your self as an abundant child of God, dear Lightworkers. Some day money will no longer be an issue. You will be in the ever-present flow and money may not exist.

When I worked with Jose Arguelles about six years ago I remember him saying, Humans are the only beings that pay to be born, pay to live and pay to die.” He is the author of “The Mayan Factor”, a decoder of the Mayan Calendar and the Harmonic Convergence, as well as the author of many other books. If you look at the truth of what he is saying you will realize we have been living in an illusion for thousands of years. God takes care of all creatures and “they toil not neither do they spin.” They are in the constant flow and so are you.

When we are in fear we stop the flow. Choosing flow and love are the best choices. I know this from experience. When you are connected to the heart of God knowing you are a part of Source and that Source is a part of you, in the fullness of your heart and being, you are on your way to your abundance.

I am not advising you to quit your jobs, or to sit around and wait to manifest money from the ethers like Masters did in the past, simply release the fear and trust God. Trust God in every matter in your life. Let go and let God. Follow your heart and soul. Let your inner guidance be your source. Trust your self. This is the most important part in releasing fears. Work through the old issues and free yourself so that you need not create any more lack.

Lack Attack

By Valerie Donner

Are you having a lack attack?
Are you even afraid to buy a Big Mac?

Are you having a lack attack?
Is the fear of spending holding you back?

You can heal lack with ease and grace.
Let God in to take His place.

Lack is false and coated with fear.
Abundance is real and very near.

Are you having a lack attack?
Let it go and get on track.

God is Source and love is free.
Everything else will come to thee.

A lack attack is a false alarm.
It is a sign to take God’s arm.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
November 6, 2002


We are The Intergalactic Council with much to discuss. Right now we are on alert all around your planet. We are broadcasting through Mt. Shasta to this channel. Everything is being stirred up on your planet as the disparities grow and the dark forces continue to roust things. There is an ever-growing need to create balance for the energies of darkness are affecting every particle of life in adverse ways.

We call upon you as more consciously aware beings to please take note of everything you see around you. Walk with us as we take you around what we observe. In your United States you have is a divided country. The strong pull for war exists mostly in your Washington D.C. area, the seat of the government. There are splotches of others throughout the country that favor bombing Iraq and killing innocent people. There are many others who would prefer this not happen.

What is encouraging is that many are speaking up and opposing the war. Some are beginning to take their power back. Others are looking at ways that war can be prevented without joining into groups. This is not a society that will passively allow war to occur. You have the seasoned baby boomers that voiced their opinions strongly during the Vietnam War and they are ready to do it again. In fact, many are launching protests throughout the land. We are pleased to see that people are standing up for their truths. We stand behind the people for every choice for peace creates an effort against the energies of war. As more begin to awaken you will see radical changes on your planet.

In the Middle East there is a profound imbalance too. This is an area that is sitting on the wealthy resources of oil, the blood of the Earth. Many want their rights to this resource that the Earth gives so freely, yet with the oil, there has been too much bloodshed. This creates disturbances that the Earth can no longer tolerate. With the negative hold that certain beings have had on this part of the Earth it would not surprise us to see some catastrophic earth changes. The Earth knows how to take care of herself.  We are also prepared along with the other influential beings to partake in a divine intervention. Bullying will no longer be allowed. We say this to the leaders who have harnessed the energies of others for the sake of their own profits. Self-interest will find itself being dealt harsher and harsher blows. It is time for them to chart new courses for themselves.

We also see other countries that might be pulled into the confrontation for political reasons. There is very little support from the people for these behaviors either. There is much polarization and this is when the broadest swings can occur. Anger is building and this affects the Earth. People are getting tired of being pushed into conflict for reasons that they cannot understand. Even the figureheads of darkness are confused about their positions. They are not receiving the same support they have had in the past. Many are breaking away from their ranks yet others hesitate for fear of their lives. Pity that truth cannot be told at this time however those breaking ranks (most not so visibly at this time) are waiting for the appropriate timing.

You as the caretakers of the Earth have a big job to do. Being aware is one thing and the next question is what to do about this ever-expanding awareness. You have our utmost support and are partaking of this support. Feathers will be ruffled and your job is to hold steady on the pathway of the Light. Increasing numbers of humanity are becoming more broadly focused even though they still seem asleep on many levels. They are beginning to question the sanity of war and killing. It never seems to get anywhere but more of itself. This can become an end unto itself.

We will spare you the particulars of what is now occurring but we elicit your complicity with us to prevent potentially disastrous results. Do whatever you can energetically, whatever is in your strength and power to be that trajectory of Light and peace. You have our full support.

In the days ahead you will need to be strong and courageous. You will be asked to settle nerves and drive away the darkness. You will be required to be as peaceful as possible to keep yourselves on even keel and to be the rudders of Light throughout a land of darkness. Conflicts will occur and so will the chaos. This means that the old is peeling away level after level to unveil the new. It is a necessary process but one that could be disturbing to others, especially to those without a spiritual foundation. Many will be looking to God for support in their trials and tribulations. This is also positive.

Countering the darkness is a full time job. You must work through your own fears and doubts knowing that the divine plan will be successful. There has been much preparation for every detail and there could be positive surprises with outcomes that are also favorable. Never give up. However long it takes to turn the tide of life on Earth it will be done. We in The Intergalactic Council have every possible resource we need to do our part to create the necessary shift for the planet. We are pleased to participate and to help Earth on her voyage Home.

We are The Intergalactic Council in service to the Light and the Earth.

In Conclusion

There is a divine plan in place for your abundance, joy, peace, healing, freedom, your purpose and destiny. Whatever is being stirred up right now is part of putting that plan in action. If you are in lack you can make new choices. In God’s world there is abundance everywhere. Lack does not exist.

Give yourself time for your inner work because the outer world is a reflection of the inner. Work through whatever issues you have so that you may free yourself to have all that you want. Make what you want for yourself and for the Earth your first priority. This is more important than buying into the negativity that surrounds you.

Blessings, love, abundance and Light,
Valerie Donner

©The Ground Crew 2002


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, teacher, channel and writer. She is available for private sessions over the phone or through e-mail. She has helped many in the U.S. and internationally to heal the inner child. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to assist with relationships, fears, purpose and destiny and health problems. She is here to help others transform and empower their lives. She also channels Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, and other Masters in personal sessions. If you would like a session she may be reached at:

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