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Message from Valerie Donner - November 21, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

This morning while I was sending peace and love to Washington, DC and other places, I heard the word "war". I tried to discount the word and energy behind it but then the phone rang. It was one of my friends who told me that Archangel Gabriel, Benu, said last night in his regular class that "War was imminent." Here is the attached message:

Urgent Request from Benu/Gabriel today
Importance: High

I just got a call from Kathy in Albuquerque and she said that last night in their evening lecture, Benu said WAR was imminent and that it could start today. He is urging everyone to meditate today at least 3 times and send much love and peace to that country and hope that our prayers will head off the war. It is likely that we can intervene, but with the shooting at our planes yesterday, there is a greater possibility that we will go to war within the next day or two.

So please send this note out to all you know and pray for peace now as much as your jobs allow you to. Send this on to everyone you know, it is critical.


Hello again, here's the Invocation for Peace Prayer from Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

God of life, breathe your resurrecting Spirit
through lands wounded by violence and death.
Fill the vessels of our hearts of God, that
we may sing with the hope of healing and
new life as we rise in our peace-full gatherings
here and around the world. ~ And so it is ~

In loving gratitude, Athea

Importance: High

I just received this email from a friend and inasmuch as I refuse to go into a fear based reality, I asked Raphael to assist and he says at this point in time, the entire angelic host of many are gathered together throughout the 12 dimensions and the universal counsel are holding a mantra of loving vibrations emanating peace to our planetary vortex ~ 11 portals are open today and by end of day 22-- sacred numbers for peaceful balance.

Please join me in loving prayer and dedication to PEACE first and foremost within ourselves thereby a ripple effect to the entire planet and we connect with our space brethren and all they are doing as well.

Walk in peace, work in peace, turn in peace, and speak in peace.

Thank you all for the hearing the call and unifying with our angelic vibration.

Hiyaa gozhoo dolee, may peace flow ~ love Athea

James Twyman's Peace Concert Tonight

Beloved Friends,

On November 21 at 11:30PM New York time, I will have the honor of presenting the Peace Concert and a workshop on peace at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan. This is a unique opportunity to join together as a world community to radiate a wave of healing peace for the whole world. Fifty-seven years ago an atomic bomb instituted an era of hatred and fear capable of destroying planet Earth. Now we have the chance to turn the table and send a prayer of peace from the same place, healing the wounds of separation that cause war. I hope you will join me by spending ten minutes Praying Peace while I am in Hiroshima. And please help us spread the word of this vigil by passing this message on to everyone you know.

Here are the details:
At 11:30 PM New York time on November 21, spend ten minutes feeling the emotion of peace and extending it as a gift to the world. Peace is already present on Earth, though it is sometimes hidden beneath layers of hatred and conflict. The more we FEEL the reality of peace, the more present it becomes in our lives and for all beings. Just ten minutes of FEELING peace, and then focus on the concert in Hiroshima. If there are millions around the world participating in this vigil, I believe a miracle will occur, and we will begin experiencing peace around the world.

There are over 60,000 people on our Spiritual Warrior e-mail list, and this is the sort of "Prayer Action" we are dedicated to. Our goal is to have at least 100,000 people on the front line, with millions more behind us. If you still have friends that have not joined the list, simply ask them to send an e-mail to with the word list in the subject or body of the e-mail. Please keep me in your prayers.
In Peace,
James Twyman

A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner November 21, 2002


We are The Intergalactic Council sending you an urgent message. On behalf of all of us who work together for the good of the whole we urge the planetary members of the Earth to be on high alert. We are admonishing those leaders around the world who would invoke war upon the Earth. We see this as nothing but the most dismal of choices and are saddened to see the determined few who want to create the ruination of many. We warn them of their own self-demise and destruction in this process.

We have said before that we will not stand by and see the Earth and her inhabitants be completely destroyed. At this point we can only repeat our words to deaf governmental ears that we are here and we mean business. We work for the good and for Prime Creator. In this instance free will is still allowed but the planet will not be allowed to be destroyed. Wake up Earth beings! Take this warning to heart. It is time that something is done about the direction of the planet and its inhabitants.

Do you need the most dire circumstances to get you out of you slumber? We regret to say this but this might be the case at this time. How much life and suffering do you need to come together in unity and peace? War has never gotten you where you want to go. It is only a power mechanism for those in charge who want more for themselves. We ask them do they want the spoils they are going to be creating or are they will to stop and take another look at the direction in which they are traveling?

There has already been enough destruction and suffering on the Earth. What you now need is new leadership, real leadership that is based on the good of all not the special interests of a controlling few. What good will all of their money do them in the long run? They are busily spoiling what God has created and that will lead them to nowhere. We emphasize this word "no where".

We can only implore you to stop the game of war and suffering. Let down your desire for more and stand back in the wake of the tidal waves of war you are attempting to create. It will bring you down.

The Earth is not going to stand by and see the land destroyed. She will participate in her part in undoing the harm that has been done. She is a mighty being and we are working closely with her at this time. We are in action mode and together we are quite formidable. There are others working with us too and you know who they are.

For those of you who are awake at this time we ask you to participate with us in creating a peaceful planet. We know some of you have been with us and doing your parts for a long time. We ask you to do more, whatever you can, to take the reigns of Light in loving service.

Yes, we are sorry to say that it appears you are in for some major disturbances that will leave you tipsy and out of balance for a while. The masculine force of war is out of balance with the feminine force of love and healing. Work together to create that balance within your lives for this is where it starts.

Our strong message today is sent with guidance and love. It is not a warning we have enjoyed making however it is necessary. We stand by in our roles as overseers and interveners when that is necessary.

We are The Intergalactic Council standing for peace.

Lack Attack

By Valerie Donner

The pathway of peace
Is long indeed.
Yet, the Earth has survived
In spite of greed.

The pathway of peace
Is not an easy one
When war has been what we have known.
It is a mirror for what's inside,
Our separated selves
That we want to hide.

What is the pathway to stop this mess?
Align our selves to be our best.
To know we are one,
That there's plenty for all.
The pathway of peace
Isn't shopping at the mall.

It is knowing there is more to life
Than taking from others,
Using bombs and creating strife.

The pathway to peace
Is the end of war.
If we don't create it
There may be no tomorrow.


In Conclusion

Last week I received a Message From The Great One, who used to write for this web site. I had not heard from her in quite some time. It is timely in light of the events of today. I will summarize what the angels said:

". . . That people are apathetic about what is happening in the Middle East. . . They have never seen such insistence to create havoc on Earth. . . People are unwilling to help end this situation. . .This is a dangerous situation. . .It seems impossible to stop. . .Where is everybody-are they asleep?. . Today we say wake up world, get ready to defend yourselves. Then we can help you. Our love is with you."

Ground Crew, I feel that many are asleep on the planet but there are many Lightworkers who are working night and day to create peace. Are you one of them?

I feel that we are in a challenging time and much chaos could occur. I hope that you will stand by your spiritual principles, keep God in your hearts, love and Light in your consciousness and that you do not get caught up in fear. Pray and meditate as much as possible and remember we are here to take our precious planet back in love, Light, freedom, abundance, peace, healing, joy, truth, oneness, wisdom, courage, strength, and beauty. We are here from the future to change this present time. Let us do our jobs well.

Blessings, love, abundance and Light,
Valerie Donner

©The Ground Crew 2002


Valerie Donner

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