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Message from Valerie Donner - December 16, 2002

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Dear Ground Crew:

Do any of you have resistance to the good olí Christmas spirit this year? It seems less real in some ways so I feel this time of holidays is more difficult to be a part of this year. It also feels like we just had Christmas because time has sped up so much. Last year was yesterday and so was the millennium.

Otherwise how are you feeling these days? Try some of these symptoms: tossing and turning, not being able to get a good nightís sleep, feeling out of sorts, feeling like you arenít capable of doing anything, aches and pains in the body particularly the back, neck and shoulders, emotions you canít seem to release, feeling on the verge of tears or crying a lot, anxiety, fear or feeling beside your self?

If any of these symptoms resonate with you let me suggest why. In the last three weeks or so some energies have shifted with the Earth. These could mean cataclysmic changes later next year. You as Lightworkers are working with the Light Realms to work through these energies. You are dealing with your own emotions and working hard on the other side at night to assist.  The Light Realms are hoping to align this energy. (Maitreya through Eterna)

A Message From Djwal Khul
Through Valerie Donner
December 16, 2002

Greetings Beloveds:

I am Djwal Khul. It has been some time since we have communicated but because so much is occurring on the planet right now it is timely for me to reconnect. You are probably wondering what I am going to say so I will get right to the message.

Most of you are Lightworkers and this is to whom I am addressing this message. You came here a long time ago for this sacred and special time upon the Earth. You agreed to be a part of the Christing ones who uphold the Light of God and His messenger Jesus, the Christ. You are sub units of this energy that was anchored 2000 years ago. You are now being called into service. This message comes directly from the assemblage of Masters and God. I am simply the spokesperson.

You may have heard the call a while ago but this is no false alarm. It is real and it is at this time that we in the Light Realms wish to activate the remembrance that you have of your specific part in the unfolding of the Earth. The information is encoded in your hearts for you to attune into and to become a part of again. The Earth needs as many awakened ones as possible for much is happening next year that will require the greatest amount of consciousness possible.

What is your heart telling you to do? Are you riddled in fear or are you choosing love?

The templates for awakening require an absence of fear. They are set to the harmonious waves of love so any place where fear is lodged it is necessary to replace the fear with love. Think of this as a deep cleansing of your house. Look at the areas inside that are cluttered or stuck with old things that are taking your energy. Look into your own heart and find the sealed places where the Light has tried to get in but could not find its way.

Address each issue and as you do you will transmute the old energies. Release the fear in every fiber of your being. Do not let any emotion slip away without some revelation and truth.

At this time there are new portals opening that will require your fastidious work in self-harmony and self-mastery. These are the largest openings that have ever come to the planet. The Earth is ready for these energies now as she is bracing herself for the underpinnings of war and chaos. These energies that are coming directly from Prime Creator facilitate the absorption and transmutation of discordance. The will help to offset what is occurring and so will you.

You must understand that we cannot do this for you. It is something that you agreed to do a long time ago. We can point out things to you but you are the anchor points, the pivotal points that will offset the forces of darkness that want to maintain their grasp. It may seem like a cumbersome process at first, to first align these portals within Self and then with the Earth, but each of you are Masters at this process. You will know what to do and you will do it well.

This does not negate the possibility of massive amounts of upheaval and change for this is necessary to awaken humanity. Much of humanity chooses to look the other way until something affects them personally like it has this year. Next year you will see challenges on all levels for humanity is at a choice point. It is a time of resolution where nothing will remain the same.

If you look at this from our vantage point you will see how necessary a shift in outer worldly conditions is in order for the inner process to take place. This means that as the old begins to fall away the new can enter into that cell of awakening within the consciousness of those who are ready. For them it will mean an overhaul of how they have functioned on the Earth previously. It will require them to find the internal feast of the God within that will lead them home.

In concurrence with the openings of many, you will find the rest of humanity clamoring for answers and trying to hang onto the old. Even as the old drifts away they will be grabbing for a solid structure like the one they thought they had before, not knowing that this was a false security anyway.

What we want to assist humanity in doing (and this is part of your job) is to help them find what is real and true. That means going within to establish a solid core connection with Spirit, Soul, Heart, God, Oneness, The Earth, The Light and who they are in the most divine sense. Identifying with possessions, titles, money and things will hold them in the harbor of less than safekeeping. The only safety will be what one can find inside. This requires a close connection to Spirit and to oneís own heart. It necessitates the ability to access some spiritual tools that facilitate the awakening to a new reality.

You as Lightworkers have been establishing and using your tools for quite some time. You acknowledge that you could not have made it this far without them and this will stand next year in ways you have yet to understand. The rest of humanity has looked outside for these tools thinking they are the only way to survive on the Earth. Imagine how challenging this could be for many, as they have little to hold onto. They will need you, your love, compassion, heart, teaching, healing, counseling, and uplifting energies. They will be looking where to turn.

You will be required to not only transmute your own challenges but also to serve humanity in whatever way you are called. Sometimes it might feel like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find help in the deepest part of you while you are in your greatest need. At least you know there are resources within and this in itself is a blessing indeed. Just a reminder though when you do maneuver through those intense challenges there is peace and healing you had not known were possible.

In the end of the old times, the old way of being, there is a sparkling new energy of Light and clarity, love and harmony that you have sought for thousands of years. It is that Christed Light that Jesus brought with Him when he walked this Earth plane. As you assume the new energy you will become as powerful as that sparkling Light. You will become Christed beings living as Christ did and doing even greater things than He. You will see changes in your physical appearance, have more emotional and mental well-being, and make quantum leaps spiritually.

Although the road ahead may seem long and arduous, the well-worn spiritual path will lead you to places of achievement and understanding. You will find yourselves running toward the Light and drawing others with you. You will see the road is a clear one yet covered with potholes, dips and cracked places. There will be potential detours along the way but you must follow your heart completely. This is the pathway of Christing. Go deeply within beloveds to find that ever-expanding place of enlightenment. Leave no stone unturned for this is the path of the Masters.

Imagine what you can do as full Masters on the Earth. You will be able to do like Christ did to alter the path of a planet, your beloved Earth. Take this in stride and walk with us as together we find the pathway home.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service.

A Message From Mother Theresa
Through Valerie Donner
December 16, 2002

Blessings and Greetings. I am Mother Theresa.

I am with you at this time more than ever. I am watching the behavior on Earth and want you to know that I am with you. I abhor the thought of another large-scale war on the Earth. I went through many times of war when I was there. I am particularly concerned about the children and the trauma this instills in them. They are the innocent ones. They are the ones who lose their parents and have no one to care for them. This creates unbearable suffering.

When I was on the Earth I did whatever I could to assist the children. I ask you to do the same. Take them into your homes and hearts no matter how far away you live. Give financially to these precious ones in need. Take them under your wing. Do not let them drift into oblivion with no one to love them or care for them. I wish I were there to take each one to safety, to neutralize every bomb and to explode love in the hearts of those who choose to hurt or kill others.

I continue to plant seeds of love and caring to those who can hear. I hope you are ones who will listen. I ask you to join in circles of love for the protection and preservation of life on Earth. I never understood such suffering as what I experienced on Earth. Only my heart could maneuver me through places of misunderstanding of Godís love. I embrace those who can understand what I stood for when I was embodied on Earth.

Remember what the Divine Mother stands forónurturing, peace, love, freedom, caring, respect, creativity, divinity, compassion, mercy and heart. I still shine the love of the Divine Mother down to the Earth and through the receptive hearts of healing. Maybe this is the way I can serve in the grandest scale. I am a different size here and am freer to move and create. I also participate in celestial networking with Mother Mary and others who have similar roles.

We reach out our hearts and hands to you and take you unto our breast. We feed you the warmth of love and the treasures of the Mother. We offer you the mothering you have always wanted and ask you to share it with others. We ignite the spark of the divine flame of truth in every soul that is ready to receive it. We love and protect all of our children and ask you to do the same.

We serve at the request of God. We work directly with God to create balance and harmony. At this time of the remembrance of Christís birth, please offer the gifts of love and guidance to those in need. Keep the children of the world in your hearts as you also give to others. I pray for humanity and for the Earth that the truth and the Light take the stronghold at last.

I am Mother Theresa.

A Time of Need

By Valerie Donner

Christmas time is a time of need.
There are many in stress,
Not into the greed.

There are ones without homes,
Money or stoves,
Who are living on the streets in unfortunate groves.

There are children without presents,
Parents or food,
Looking for love or some Christmas-like mood.

There are the sick and the elderly,
The working brood.
Please make this be a year

Where you find a new need,
To assist someone else,
To plant a new seed.

Let this be a gift of love and delight
Shining forth the Divine Mother
In Godís heavenly Light.


In Conclusion

I am pleased to be writing for this web site now for over five years. I am grateful to you and to the many friends we have around the world. I am grateful for the Internet and for our blessed webmaster Gary Brown. I am looking forward to many more years FO communication and support as we take our planet home.

We have our challenges ahead of us. I know we will receive the assistance we need and we have each other to share with in our global community. I am excited that Mother Theresa wanted to speak through me. This is a new occurrence. I work regularly again with Djwal Khul and this profound gift. Mother Mary, Rosalea (an elder from Telos, the city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria), The Intergalactic Council and others like to use me as a conduit for information and energy. I am open to more and to continuing to share with you.

From the depths of my heart I wish you all a most blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!
Valerie Donner

©The Ground Crew 2002


Valerie Donner

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Valerie Donner

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