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Message from Valerie Donner - January 30, 2003

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Dear Ground Crew:

I hope this update finds you well and weathering the challenges in which you find yourselves and the world. It feels like we are on a roller coaster ride this year already. One thing after another is happening. As soon as you discover one thing another surprise is there.

I have seen this with clients and friends who have lost their jobs. They wonder where to go next.  One friend recently committed suicide. Her husband called last night to tell me. I had no idea she was challenged with mental illness to the extent she could not withstand the mental pain any more. She was only 43 and a lovely person with a young son. I pray for all for their wholeness.

My sister is improving from her surgery but still has quite a way to go in her healing. Thanks to all of you who prayed for Melanie. I know it helped.

This is a time of making new choices for all of us. What do we want in our lives? How ready are we to change our identity? How deserving are we of a new life, a better way of living? What unconscious patterns are we being forced to look at? What core issues are we willing to address and bring back to the Light? What new truths are we finding?

What is your heart telling you about your life? Dan Winter is a scientist who studies the heart. He has technology that measures the energy of the heart. In a seminar that I once attended with Dan he said: “The heart does not emit a lot of electricity unless you are in your truth.” Think of the stress we put on our hearts when we are not in our truth. Even if we do this unconsciously the heart feels it.

There is power behind truth. Truth is coming to the forefront in spite of the secret government on the planet. They simply cannot stop it. The war and lies about circumstances on the Earth are empowering people to stand up for what they want. The people will be heard because it is time.

Here in the U.S. there is a new movement to impeach the President and some members of the cabinet. Anger is building because people are not being given the truth about the real reasons (oil) for this war. Peace marches, petitions, questioning, communication, prayers, vigils, activism, are symptoms of a conscience that will be heard. Life is precious and those with self-interest and greed do not value life.

Message From Djwal Khul
Through Valerie Donner January 28, 2002

Greetings Beloved, I am Djwal Khul.

You are emotional today because you are feeling everything that is going on with the Earth. It is a time when tempers are flaring and the truth is being told. The dark agenda plan is being exposed so the divine plan can unfold. It is a test, beloved. A time of truth can feel uncertain. It is a time when new choices must be made for the improvement of situations. It is a time to bring your hearts and souls to the arms of love, peace and healing, not war.

The old foundation is crumbling. Right before your eyes it is allowing people to empower themselves and say, “We’ve had enough! Enough of these special interests! Wake up humanity! Get out of your comfortable ruts! Stop sitting in front of your televisions and letting your minds be programmed, as others want them to be. Fill your minds with openness so that new truth may be realized.”

There is a big burden that has been placed on Lightworkers on this planet. They are the ones who have upheld the Light of God for eons of time. They are the ones who kept the planet alive, whether it was only one or two, or now millions of them.

Lightworkers this is your time of transformation for self and the Earth. Use every thought, word and every bit of your energy to unify with God’s will. Never give up for the truth is at hand. It is in God’s hands and you are the ones to assure it unfolds into being. Don’t let the promptings of fear and negativity take you down. Using the Sword of Truth and the Rod of Light clear your way thought the darkness so that you may turn around your beloved planet.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to the Light.

The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner January 30, 2003


It is time for us to talk with you again for there is much happening and much at stake. We are your friends and allies to the greatest degree possible. We weather the storms of life on Earth with you even though most of you are unaware of our presence. We stand united in the efforts to bring peace to the planet. We work at the right hand of Prime Source with all of our love and abilities.

When we have communicated with you in the past we have explained to you that we cannot intervene unless certain conditions exist. Otherwise we observe. All of our attention is focused on the Earth at this time even though we are aware of what is going on elsewhere under our purview. The conditions are dangerous and potentially disastrous on the Earth, as you know.

Warnings have been issued to those in power. We are sorry to say that they choose to ignore those warnings. They go about their agendas of war thinking that what they want is all that matters. We want them to know they are wrong and they will be reminded of this fact in powerful ways. We have said they will be punished and stopped. This time we want them to know that these words are mild compared to the karmic lessons they are creating for themselves. This is something they also choose to ignore but when it comes to life on Earth and the damage they are trying to create we will use all leverage we need to put them in their rightful places.

God is a loving God. He permits free will on the Earth until it comes to the most destructive means available and then He puts his foot down. Right now He is stamping His foot and that energy alone is enough to wipe out the destructive ones who want to fill this world with woe. Is it not enough for people to live in heartache and pain as they have for such a long time on Earth? Isn’t it time to find new ways of living? Well, it is time for the new ways, for the end of war and suffering. It is time for this planet and all of life to be cradled in the arms of love, peace, unity, abundance and healing. It is time for the mother, for the nurturing feminine energy to rise again as God’s most creative force to free the Earth once and for all.

As our jobs on the Intergalactic Council we participate in the unfolding of the divine plan and of the disempowerment of the hidden agenda dark forces. Can you see how the agenda of the dark is being brought forth to the Light? Can you not see how the Light is trickling into every corner of the Earth where the dark energies have prevailed? Can you feel the human heart rising to the occasion of actually accelerating energies of peace, love, Light and truth? We can see this mounting a campaign of Light that will not be stopped.

We have at our fingertips the most technically advanced means of offsetting the direst circumstances for the Earth. Much depends upon humanity’s preparedness for this type of intervention. So much of humanity has been in victim mode and helplessness it may not be for the best interests for us to use these means. We continue to evaluate all means that we may use.

We also employ the most loving and advanced spiritual means for the acceleration of human consciousness ever created. How much of these means to be revealed also is contingent upon humanity’s choices.

Everything that you do to accelerate your own consciousness as workers for the Light, gives us a garden of opportunities for using these energies to serve mass consciousness on all of Earth. There is a huge awakening that is forthcoming this year. People will look for spiritual solutions for material problems. That is how it will be for this will be the only way they will be able to find any semblance of peace. This is how we will slip in to use and accelerate the transformational energies.  We need your help with this process. It is most important.

We encourage you to overlook the shadows behind what seems like every corner. Instead focus on the Light that permits the shadows to appear. Behind the darkness is the plot for humanity’s evolution. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let it get away. We are with you in every thought, word, deed and breath that amplifies the upliftment of the Earth to the higher dimensions.

You are not alone. You are closer than ever to your evolutionary brothers and sisters. You have the full attention on you now. That is a lot of energy. You are precious to us and the Earth is loved in all her fullness. The splendor of this new awakening is worthy of your attention. Go about your lives as you may need but make your ascension and the quality of your spiritual lives your greatest priority. This is what will create everything else that you want for your selves, families, friends and the planet.

We stand by and along with you to further the process at hand. We stand in the truth and the Light of the love of all that is and ever will be. We are The Intergalactic Council.

Today’s Energies

If you are feeling tired, having disrupted sleep, dizziness, pain in the body, other sicknesses, headaches, you may be experiencing the energies that are coming to the planet right now. Sometimes the third dimension seems surreal. My sources tell me that these energies will continue for about two more months. We will then have a short break and they will start again.

Last year Sananda (Jesus through Eterna) told us about Seven Gateways opening. I believe we are feeling the energies of the Seventh Gateway of Preservation and Illumination (crown chakra). “This Gateway will provide for the Great Seal to be placed within the Earth and within the Heart of the Creator, thus sanctifying the Earth and consecrating it as a Christed Planet of illumined Masters. This will seal and preserve all of the work that has been done to create an enlightened Earth.”

“These gateways are symbolic, and the actual manifestation of each Gateway will be brought about over time from September 2001 to the year 2012.”


A Textbook Case

By Valerie Donner

Mother Earth is a textbook case.
In the celestial realms
She looks really base.
She is a planet of love and Light

That has been impeded
Of her celestial rights.
She is so loving and kind
She has permitted

The rudest of minds
To interfere in foul or fair play
With her ascension
That she wants today.

Yet upon her dwells
The brightest of Lights,
The Lightworker team that will change Earth’s plight.

Remember that you are writing the book
That the celestial realms
Will use for other planets to look--

At what not to do,
And how not to be,
And how Mother Earth
And you were set free.



In Conclusion

Look at the assistance we are being given at this time, ground crew. We are the focus of all of Creation for the divine plan is unfolding. We are a celestial textbook case. What is being learned here on Earth will be taken to many other places by all who are partaking of this plan. We are the teachers and leaders who volunteered to assist the Earth and life make their ascension. Let us do our jobs in the true knowledge and Light of who we are and let us remember all of this to further our own enlightenment.

Blessings, love and Light,
Valerie Donner

©The Ground Crew 2003


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, channel, teacher, and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to facilitate healing. For private sessions she may be reached at:

Valerie Donner
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