Message from Valerie Donner - March 6, 2003

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Dear Ground Crew:

In these times of deep and profound change you might find yourselves questioning everything. Do you wonder why the world is in such hatred and turmoil? Why you work so hard and feel like you are not progressing with your spiritual growth or your pathway? Do you feel in some ways that you want to withdraw be in the inner world of meditation and Light?

Well, dear friends, we cannot escape the chaos that is here nor do we want to change it. The chaos is how we will use the energies to create peace. We need to recreate life on our beloved planet and that is exactly what we will do. Our job is to find peace within and then to filter that peace like radiant rays from the sun to each other and to the planet.

If we keep the focus on the inner truth and strength that we are courageously building we will rise above the illusion and see the divine hands at work. Simply look at the miracles that are in abundance:

· Peace rallies all over the world with millions of people speaking up for peace.
  • A Virtual peace rally last week in the U.S. with over a million phone calls, emails and faxes to Washington, DC. They had never seen anything like it.
  • An e-mail campaign to the U.N.Security Council that has served to slow down the potential of war. In fact, France, Germany Russia and China have voted their desires for a negotiated settlement for continual weapons inspection instead of the war.
  • A request for the Pope and the Dalai Lama to be human shields against the war in Iraq.
  • School children and others doing walk outs in favor of peace.
  • Turkey’s government refusing to let the U.S. stage troops there in spite of a sizable amount of promised U.S. dollars.
  • It is likely that President George W. Bush will be defeated in what is described a “humiliating defeat” next week before the United Nations Security Council.

 It is a miracle that we have been able to prevent the war up until now. I am sure Bush and gang would have preferred it would have already been in progress. Praise God and let us continue to empower ourselves as world citizens for peace and harmony. There are many eloquent leaders and writers who are reaching deeply in their hearts to touch the hearts of others for peace.

Doing something that makes you feel empowered, good about yourself; like you have choice (you always have choice) is highly recommended in all areas of our lives. In my work with many clients, I see many facing challenges. It might be with their health, the loss of a pet or family member or friend, loss of job or money, relationship or any other type of challenge. People are being stretched and you can feel it within your self.

Here are some recommendations for facing challenges:

  • When fear or crises arise, I recommend stepping back into meditation and your connection with the onness of God, Mother Earth and your own I AM presence. Deepening connections in this oneness will serve you and the planet the most. When you feel the oneness you cannot be in separation. This is how you will find peace in your heart and how you will be co-creating unity on the Earth.
  • If you are not doing regular spiritual practice it is time to get started. Even if you spend a mere 5-10 minutes a day in meditation, being quiet within, you will bring balance to yourself and assist others by being in your own center. Any type of meditation will do.
  • Regular exercise will allow you to handle stress, release toxins and gain physical stamina and strength.
  • Deep breathing helps to release fear. Focus on the breath in the soft belly.
  • Write in your journal, call friends on the spiritual pathway, and get assistance with bodywork or counseling.
  • Know you re not a victim. This is one of the primary areas of re-focus. Take responsilbity for your life and what you have created. Look at where you can make new choices. See the wisdom you have gained in the process.
  • Gather in groups for meditation, prayer and purposeful focus as you are guided.
  • Find joy in every day. See how valuable and beautiful life is and how lovely our planet is in her fully glory.
  • Continue to feel and hold the vision for how you want our planet to be in a peaceful harmonious state.

The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner March 2, 2003


We are the Intergalactic Council here to speak with you today. We also have the Star Council members with us for we all share in the events of your world. We want our message to have a direct impact and that is why we are teaming up. Get ready for our message of truth with some directions for those of you who want to move into action.

At this time as we survey the mappings of you currents of energy we can see they are about to explode. Those who would create the greatest upheaval on your planet back this energy to which we refer. We assume you know to whom we are referring and we do not want to give them the privilege of granting them the favor of thinking they will succeed in their endeavors. They will not.

This statement does not mean that you are free from taking any responsibility for the part of peace, upliftment and Light, ground crew. It means that you must awaken to your steadfast part in co-creating this new world. You will be required to go through the shift and turmoil that is forthcoming.

How steady you are on your feet is the question? How steady do you want to be? Do you choose to flow with the coming disruptive tides or do you want to be the anchors and even keels that chart a new direction? We like to think that you will flow with it and re-direct the planet. Remember this will be accomplished with our assistance and the company of Light. Join our team.

This is a pivotal point in our relations and a starting point where the division between the wheat and the chafe will occur. Find in the inner sanctum of your hearts what direction and what energy you can put into this movement. Is this not why you are here? It requires a choice point for each of you to redirect your own focus to your own inner world. It necessitates the desire to work through your own Light filters to find the clarity within. Then the commitment to using these energies for the planetary shift is required.

Take a breath and go right into your hearts and souls to where these words are focused. If you take in what we are saying we are asking you to make the peace movement and planetary upliftment your number one priority. Can you do this and still maintain your worldly responsibilities?

You might need to reassess your inner strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at where you spend the preponderance of your energies. What is your focus? What is your intention? What is most important to you? Will all of the material possessions carry you through these tumultuous times or does the inner need more attention? Where are you in or out of balance? Take a look at your relationships. Are your friends aligned with you? Do you need more community?

As members of the Intergalactic Council and Star Councils we encourage you to go within. Each one of you are galactic and from the stars. The principle of oneness prevails. That is why we know your thoughts and feelings. We carry your desires in our hearts and can assist you with helpful suggestions while we work together for a peaceful Earth.

First you must create a peaceful you. If you allow yourselves to get bounced all over the place with the external chaos it will be challenging for you to participate as successfully in the rise. It is like baking a cake. You must put the ingredients together and wait for the cake to bake. Then you can give rise to something beautiful and tasteful. If you leave out any of the ingredients, or falter in any way, the results are hard to stomach.

We speak to your stomachs for that is right where we are focused, the second and third chakras. Too much desire for power on the part of a few hits you right in the stomach. When this happens you either get sick or do something about it. You make new choices and change the ingredients.

What is your body telling you about these impending events? Do you want to partake of something that will make you sick or do you want to cook up something different for yourselves and the Earth? We think we know your answer.

There is much at stake on your planet right now and even we do not pretend to know the full results. We can only say that from our point of view we need you. You are the ones, the great masters, healers, teachers, and leaders who will rise forth to co-create with us. This is a beautiful opportunity for empowerment. It is one that will allow you to take up the true purpose of your incarnations.

Turn within and find your true job description. Ask and you shall receive. Listen to your hearts. Follow every inner nudge that presents a solution for your energy placement of Light. How can you Light up yourselves and therefore Light up your world? Strengthen your bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Be strong ground crew. Be the Light that you came here to amplify. Be the love that touches the hearts of many. Be the truth that sets you and the planet free.

As we sit in our meetings we find you with us. Many of you are attending our meetings and those of our colleagues. We are planning our new future together. Get plenty of rest and know that often times you are sleeping but working diligently with us on the other side. We work for peace and Light amongst all of life. We live with you and within you.

We are The Intergalactic Council and the Star Councils.

In Conclusion

What is required of us now is intense focus inwardly. As you focus you will see the world around you will change. It may look chaotic at first but the focus will bring its wonderful rewards. Do as much inner work as you need to do to make it through these rapidly changing times. Know there are many miracles and that you are a part of the miraculous. Much help is at hand.

Blessings, love, miracles and Light,

Valerie Donner

©The Ground Crew 2003


Peace and Light

By Valerie Donner

As filters of Light
Shining through the sun
The job of the Ground Crew
Has already begun.
There are rays of Light
Shining from you all
And the peace in your hearts
Looks like a crystal ball.
The loving energy that you have to bring
Explodes forth into everything.
It feels like love,
The love from home,
And makes you wonder
How you’ve stood it alone.
Yet peace and Light
Will hold you together
And each of you
Will be as Light as a feather.
Peace and Light will feed your soul.
It is how you will complete your role.
As precious Angels,
The merciful ones,
Who share their hearts
For what needs to be done.
Your job is as important
As can be
For your work here will serve eternally.


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Web site. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, channel, teacher, and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to facilitate healing. For private sessions she may be reached at:

Valerie Donner
PO Box 5705

Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705
Phone: 925-287-8976

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