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Message from Valerie Donner - March 31, 2003

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Dear Ground Crew:

Since my last update we were talking about the potential of war. Now we are in it so to speak, especially if you believe in the illusion. I hope that as Lightworkers you are not caught up in the illusion.

Some of you may be glued to the news, which feeds into the warfear. Warfear is what I call it because the images you see and messages you hear do create warfear. Warfear is another form of terrorism. Warfear and warfare go hand in hand. The first is psychological and emotional and the second is physical yet both can affect you physically. Some of us felt sick to our stomachs when the war first started. The energy hit us right in the third chakra. Others are physically ill from the situation. Please do not let this happen. Here is a better plan.

  • As sensitive beings you tend to feel what happens to others and to the Earth as well. Know the Earth is prepared for what is happening. She is a powerful being and can take care of herself. Commit to taking care of yourself, to do something positive and make you feel better.
  • Take this time to go inward, to win the battle on the inside. It starts there before you can win the battle on the outside. The war is simply a mirror of our own inner battles. Where are you angry, feeling hurt, less than, dis-spirited, alone, and unloved? Where are you feeling unsafe inside? Where do you need to find peace? Where do you need financial flow? What are your other fears?
  • Work with your separated self, the inner child, and the messenger of the soul. This is part of your ego, (ego stands for edging God out) and is there to tell you the truth. The inner child is the one you can trust. You need to care for the inner child as you would one of your own children. It needs attention, love, respect, play, joy, reassurance, Light and all good things. It needs to be heard. You access the inner child through the heart.
  • Know that we are working for unity within ourselves and on the Earth. It takes separation to come back to unity. The war mirrors to us the separation within each of us and on the planet. In truth we are all one.
  • Talk to God. Tell God what you want healed inside and on the Earth. God hears every word. Trust God and trust Self. You are powerful beings and so is humanity. Your prayers and desires for peace will not be forsaken. God honors your choices.
  • Let go of victim consciousness. Any time you blame someone, complain, point the finger at others, you are playing the victim game. As Lightworkers we are here to take our power back, to empower ourselves, and completely shift victimization forever more. Any time you point your finger as someone else you have three fingers pointed back at you. Try this and you will see it is always you.
  • To become empowered you need to realize you can make new choices. Life goes to those who take responsibility for their lives. If you are stuck and feel you have no choices you are not taking responsibility for your life. Ask yourself what new choice you can make to feel good about your self. You can practice this every day even in the smallest way. Make life affirming, life sustaining choices.
  • Have compassion for yourself and for all involved with the war. They are simply playing a role. Send love, Light and peace emblazoned on the hearts of everyone. See them whole and one with all that is. If enough Lightworkers do this it will create a critical mass. With this energy one could not harm another. It is love and compassion that will win the war.
  • Put a protective shield around your self, where you live, around the participants in Iraq and the Earth. Use your energy in protective, positive directions. Work with your angels, guides, masters also in deep ways. Call upon the forces of Light to show you the way.
  • Trust in the divine plan.
  • Do regular spiritual practice. This will feed and nourish you. It will keep your heart open and in love. Find the peace within. Find the peace within. Find the peace within.

©The Ground Crew 2003


Find The Peace Within

By Valerie Donner

Find the peace within.
This is the only way to win a war so grim.

A peace that passes all understanding
Prevents further misunderstanding.

There is brightness inside
That pushes the war paradigm aside.

It is the love in the heart.
With this love we are never apart.

Come one, come all.
Let peace be your inner call.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
March 29, 2003


We come to you today as emissaries of peace. We see the fires of hatred and warfare burning on your planet. We observe the unnecessary killing and see the leaders of this war ignoring the wishes of the people. Let us assure you these behaviors are playing out their final days.

As the Earth is readying to make her ascension she will carry with her only the energies of peace and the supportive energies towards this end. She is not fulfilled in her current circumstance and neither are most of you. We are planting the seeds of cooperation. We ask you to do likewise.

Although the energies of change for a new era on Earth seem almost insurmountable know that there is an equal measure of focus of love and attention from the Creator and creation providing support. We are a cooperative lot. This is how we work and live together. It will be something new for your planet and you will like it.

We are providing monumental assistance at a very high level at this time. In our cooperative mode we work with the destructive energies at hand to mollify their effects. Earth was designed to be a planet of love and cooperation. It was never intended to be war like. The history behind this occurrence is being brought forth by various spokespeople on Earth. Some of you may already know it. We do not want to explain it today to provide energy to those beings with their own special agendas. All we want to say is their time is short.

Look to the current events as stimulating factors for world change. Never give up. We work as the hands of God for the upliftment of life on Earth. You are not alone. Know you are under constant observance and held in the radiant love of creation. There is no turning back at this stage there is only moving forward. You are in motion, a forward motion towards peace for all.

Please understand that our Council is a special one. We have told you before that we are observers not interveners. There is purpose to our function though and Earth fits into it. We have not only the Earth in need but the overall effects of what happens on the Earth feeding into all of life in this universe and beyond. We hold the energies for peace so we serve where peace is most needed. Usually civilizations bring out peace on their own but there are some places such as yours that require a true boost.

Throughout eons of time there have been attempts to uplift the Earth. There has not been the appropriate level of assistance on the planet until now to make our facilitation process complete. Understand that we rely on the assistance of those special task maskers of the Light to work with us toward this common end. In the past it was the presence of one individual like Christ who bolstered the planetary Light. As you can see it was not enough. Look at where Christ’s presence took the Earth. His intention was never to have wars created in his name. This has been humanity’s own doing. Sometimes it makes us wonder how all that has been given and done on the Earth could end up in such spiritual disarray. Many lessons are being learned though for eternity.

The seams of separation throughout time will be mended in the hearts of humanity and the Earth. The winds of change are rustling the leaves for hope. The tears of sadness will be washed away with oceans of love. The lives of those lost will not be in vain for they serve the knowingness of history that war is of no avail. There are no winners in war only losers. Some may profit in your financial realms but this will not serve them where they are going.

Every person that drowns in darkness paves the way for greater Light on the Earth. For every one who chooses the Light there is an exponential effect that brings the greater good along with it. We are enhancing these energies of the Light as we assist in ameliorating the effects of the darkness.

Each one of you who read this message is a carrier of the Light. You are on special assignment. Always remember the importance of your work. Know we are with you now and always.

We are The Intergalactic Council.

A Message From the Master Djwal Khul Through Valerie Donner
March 20, 2003

Greetings Beloveds,

I am Djwal Khul. I sit with you today as you and the entire planet feel the shock and awe of the most lethal onslaught of war ever to occur on the Earth.

You look around and wonder what madness could have created such events. None of it makes sense to you when you know that love is the only truth. You wonder how so much separation could be winding its way through the love on such a beautiful Earth. Well, beloveds, I tell you it is a challenge even for us in the Light Realms to comprehend this flagrant lack of regard for life. Life itself is such a beautiful gift. It is Creator’s _expression of creation yet even at that some of creation has fallen away in separation. It has forgotten its point of origin as God. The question is will the part of you that has forgotten who it is find a way back to God realization? When this happens beloveds, you will make the way for eternal peace on your planet.

The war within Self must be won before the mirror of the external world is won. Make your intention one of reversing the illusion of what is occurring now. Make your charge of one finding the compassion and love within. Find the oneness within and you are on your way to peace.

You are all sensitive beings. What you feel right now affects everyone. What you choose to believe affects all of life. If you have feelings of hatred and despair beloveds, you are missing the boat. When you are in love, oneness and compassion you are sailing the vessel home.

Certainly the energies and feelings you are now experiencing are uncomfortable and undesirable. As you conquer those feelings within you will rise in consciousness and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you never want those feelings again. Release them to the Light and imbibe upon the Light for your sustenance and the work about to be done.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to you and the Light.


Peace Walk

One ground crew member informed me of the web site: This walk is a peace walk in Chaco Canyon during the summer solstice. A friend of hers was inspired to organize this walk. If you are interested please check it out.


In Conclusion

As ground crew we have an abundance of work to do. Never before has our inner work mattered to such an extent. Even though many of us have spent most of our lives doing inner work this is the time when the cumulative effects of our work will pay off. Make this your focus. Know that profound assistance is ours. The Light Realms are closer than ever before. Your connection is necessary and deep. Find it and keep the connection. With this we are victorious!

Blessings, love, Light and inner/outer peace,

Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner

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