Message from Valerie Donner - May 29, 2003

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Dear Ground Crew:

Dear Ground Crew:

The other night I channeled the Master Djwal Khul to a group of people. He spoke about The Treasure of Life. Although I don’t usually remember what I channel I retain some of the energies and feelings of a channeling. I recall him saying how important it is to know that there is a divine organizing intelligence and principle that is behind all of life. It works in the physical body where you don’t have to stop and think about your heart beating, or taking a breath, drinking water, eating or eliminating. The body organizes itself in a divine flow of energy that makes everything work.

This same principle is true of life itself. The treasure of life is life itself and how everyone and everything cooperate to sustain and nurture life. Think about buying a lemon in the grocery store and how many hands were involved with getting that lemon to you. Think of the unseen hands of the nature spirits, devas, the earth, water, sun, moon, wind, rain, farmers and pickers, truckers, wholesalers, purchasers and produce people that made that lemon available to you. There is clearly a cooperative organizing principle at work that serves the whole.

Most of all Djwal Khul wants us to realize that life is indeed a treasure. He wants us to treasure our physical incarnations as a great gift from Father/Mother God. He encourages us to stop comparing ourselves with others while wishing we had different bodies, financial situations, gifts and abilities, work situations, relationships, etc. Simply look inside your own physical body and marvel at the divine organizing and cooperative principle at work. Hence, you are the treasure of life.

The spiritual treasure that humans are a part of is profound. Our abilities to love, be kind and compassionate, forgiving, nurturing and caring come from the human etheric heart. Therefore, for those who are spiritually aware it becomes impossible to think about hating or killing others, or to imagine being greedy, intentionally hurting another or being unkind. We begin to live in truth and integrity, which are higher vibrational states of consciousness. We treasure and value our lives and life in general.

When you look around at the world of chaos from a spiritual perspective it is challenging to see the polarities that abound. When spiritual awareness reaches a certain level it makes no sense at all to see most human behavior. At this point one can judge, go into separation and fight what you see, or one can choose to do their own inner work to focus on what you do want. You do this in your heart with love and higher consciousness. The gift of this dynamic is that the exponential effect of your inner work affects thousands or even millions of other beings on the planet. This is where you can have the most effect. It also explains the added treasure of the life of a Lightworker.

You are important to the divine plan. The organizing principle will take the planet home, back into the higher dimensions and you along with it. So when things seem crazy on the planet, and you start to feel bogged down, remember the treasure of life and the intelligence behind it. See how even the chaos and darkness are serving the divine plan. Then feel what you need to feel, go back within Self and do your inner work.

Please don’t forget that love is the glue that holds this organizing principle together. We were created in love, are sustained in love, and maintained in love. When you work this principle in love you are cooperating in a beautiful and powerful way.

©The Ground Crew 2003


The Treasure of Life

By Valerie Donner

You cannot find the treasure of life in a bank account,
Or in a chest in the deep blue sea
It’s not it what someone else has
Or what you think should be free.

You are the treasure of life,
In all shapes and sizes.
How you cooperate and love each other
Makes you worthy of many prizes.

When you understand the Intelligence,
The Mastermind of Life,
You step into the organizing principle
And let go of the strife.

When you see your beauty,
A sight to behold,
You will know you’re treasured
Far more than any gold.

The key to the treasure
Is buried in your heart.
It is the love, compassion and kindness
Of which you are a part.


A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Channeled Through Valerie Donner May 29, 2003


We are The Intergalactic Council. We are here with you today to communicate and serve. We want to tell you what we see occurring right now on the planet you call your home.

First, the Earth herself is unfolding in monumental ways. Her soul is rising in consciousness and desire to make her ascension. She is being called back into the heart of Prime Creator. Of course, it is her desire to take you with her. She hopes you will come. She loves all of you regardless of what you have done in this lifetime or others.

She is being bombarded now with the photon energies that are causing quite a bit of havoc. You are experiencing these energies. This is your call to awaken and to clear and cleanse your own life. She is about to embark on her own pathway of cleansing. You have already noticed this in the form of earth changes and unusual weather patterns.

It will become more challenging to continue your lives as normal. You will be questioning everything in your lives. You will be asking deeper questions about your purpose and looking for something familiar to hang onto. You will feel as if you are stepping off on uneven footing and you will be doing exactly that.

The photon energies strengthen the existing Light particles, which may feel destabilizing to you. They affect the consciousness of every cell, which pushes the cells to release the darkness within. This is why many emotional core issues are coming to the surface. They may seem monumental, like trying to push a boulder up a mountain, as you personally move through whatever has held back your consciousness. You may feel as if you are pushing harder and getting nowhere, yet you know you cannot stop pushing. This is how important it is to the soul to clear whatever needs to be left behind. In the fourth dimension you will not need these issues. You cannot take them with you.

There is also a collective consciousness of fear surrounding the Earth. Each of you has contributed to this holding pattern of fear. Negative thought forms cloud the Earth’s beauty as well as your own. Face your fears and assist the shift in the patterns of fear. There are some who want to keep you controlled through fear. Most of you are aware of this factor. They are also on uneven footing. Their plans to hold back the planet from ascension will not work. We in the Light Realms are working with you to assure you this will be to no avail.

The directive from Prime Creator is that it is Earth’s time to make her ascension. What happens henceforth is in God’s hands. If you take your awareness to the energies of the Earth you will feel the diminishing force of those who have controlled the planet. We know that it seems like the opposite but if you search your hearts you know what we are saying is truth. Continue to see the darker energies merging back into the Light for this is what is happening with the photon energies.

The consciousness of humanity is prepared for the photon energies. When the apex of the photon belt arrives it will affect everyone. It will feel as if there is an explosion inside of you as well as in the Earth. A period of darkness will ensue. It is important to meditate regularly now and when this event occurs. Many will want to go into fear but it is your jobs as Lightworkers to work with the Light and to remain in love and peace. See this as a welcome gift from Prime Creator and one that is necessary for the upliftment of the Earth.

We cannot tell you exactly what will happen or when this will transpire. It could be sooner than you think. When it happens you will be given the opportunity to reflect upon your lives both past and present. You will be guided each step of the way and will be in communication with Prime Creator. You will be flooded with Spirit so you will be occupied with the energies of love and Light that will fill you completely. Anything that is of lower vibrations will be released.

When you come through this process you will be in the fourth dimension. You will begin to see and know things you have forgotten. You will be able to instantly manifest what you want and will need to learn how to use this ability wisely. The Earth will become increasingly beautiful and so will your human bodies.

We see the Earth steady on her course. We encourage you to conduct your lives with scrutiny. Do not waste your time. Pledge your life to the Light and to serve the Light. New ways of accomplishing service will open to you. Many of you will be teachers in addition to healers, etc. There will be a demand for your services.

Please understand that the ascension of the Earth has been planned for eons of time. It has been adapted and adjusted to humanity’s growing preparedness and consciousness. You are the volunteers from many different universes and star systems. You are the expert Lightworkers who will assist in implementing the divine plan for the Earth.

This is a magnificent opportunity for each of you to advance on your spiritual pathways. The learning you have received on the Earth will be used for eons to come. We hope you will value your incarnations on Earth and know how loved you are by all of us in the Light Realms. We will be with you soon.

We are The Intergalactic Council in loving service.

Heart of the Mountain Workshop Reminder

We still have some space available for our Heart of the Mountain Retreat here on Mt. Shasta the weekend of July 18-20. I was on the mountain yesterday at Shasta Spirit Retreat Center where the retreat will be held. You would love this sacred three acres that has 15 different private campsites, as well as the sanctuary and deck to sleep on under the stars and on the mountain. We are primed for lots of fun, spiritual gifts, meditation, channeling, crystals, information and magic to occur at this retreat. I hope if you feel guided you will be with us.

We are also going to Stewart Mineral Springs for healing in the mineral waters, and to Panther Meadows on the mountain for some in depth experiences with the fairies and nature spirits. Feel the energy and follow your heart to The Heart of the Mountain Retreat.

In Conclusion

We are here to remember who we are and what we came to do. If we allow ourselves to be the treasures of life, to love our bodies, who we are, and why we came here we will give ourselves the reassurance and peace necessary to move through the forthcoming changes.

As the Light from the photon energies shines more brightly the shadow enlarges. It makes itself known so that it too can merge with the Light. This is what we are experiencing in our lives right now. Let no challenge seem larger than the power within. Keep your eye on the prize. Treasure yourself and every breath. Make every moment matter. Compassion for Self and others is necessary to leave the past behind.

When the ego emerges and tries to have everything its own way surrender. This can be one of the biggest challenges. Letting go of the desires of the ego will bring you peace.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, teacher, channel speaker, poet and writer. Valerie works deeply at the heart and soul level to bring forth transformational healings. She works with many Masters such as Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, and St. Germain. She may be reached for personal sessions at: 530-918-9128, P.O. Box 889, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067, E-mail:
PO Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705
Phone: 925-287-8976

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Come to the Heights of Mt. Shasta for a peak mystical experience!

Facilitated by Valerie Donner and Nan Olson

“There is no place like Mt. Shasta—a place where heaven and earth meet!”

Date: Friday, July 18, 2003, 12:00 PM until Sunday July 20, 2003, 3:00 PM
Location: Shasta Spirit Retreat Center on Mt. Shasta

Cost: $333 includes bath and sauna at Stewart Mineral Springs, breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch at the beautiful Mt. Shasta Resort
Lodging is available at Shasta Spirit Retreat Center for $25 per night in the sanctuary or for camping on the grounds.

Through meditation, teaching, channeling, music, rituals with nature and crystals, visits to sacred sites on Mt. Shasta, come be touched in the heart and soul by the beauty of Mt. Shasta. You will be graced with connections with the elementals and a special appearance of Raylene, fairy queen.

This sacred retreat will facilitate the following:

    • Connecting with some of the Masters (like Mother Mary and St. Germain)
    • Going deeply within to find greater awareness and empowerment
    • Heart opening and healing
    • Learning how to proceed with your purpose and destiny
    • Being in joy and beauty at the mountain

Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, teacher and channel. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to facilitate healing and transformation. She is the founder of The Ground Crew website,

Nan Olson is the creator or Altar Space, which is devoted to seeking Tools of Light given to us With Heart from the Mineral Kingdom to help facilitate individual transformation.

Both Valerie and Nan have been on their spiritual pathways for over 30 years.

Space and accommodations are limited so please register as soon as possible. Registration must be received by July 1, 2003.


Heart of the Mountain Retreat Registration Form



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Please make checks out to: The Ground Crew and mail them to, P.O. Box 889, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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For questions or to register over the phone please call The Ground Crew, at 530-918-9128, or e-mail

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Scrubs 1800 cu.ft. of air per second. Electrostatically separates and removes even the smallest particles from the airstream. Removes cigarette smoke, asbestos, bacteria & viruses, radon gas, and other airborne pollutants. Solid redwood collector plate is positively charged to attract pollutants. Wt. 2 pounds.

Zestron Ionair Model IG700
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Effectively removes pollutants from the air while adding negative ions to charge the air. Permits the highest possible ion output without ozone or radiation. Ion density 4.5 million cc per second. Wt. 3 pounds

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