Message from Valerie Donner - October 13, 2003
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Dear Ground Crew:

It’s been so long since I have written you probably thought that I was taken away by some Martians. No, in fact, I am still on the planet but in a different location. The Mars energy moved me so much that I chose to leave Mt. Shasta and move back to the San Francisco bay area. Having been in the throes of moving I did not have time to write prior to leaving Mt. Shasta. Then I had techno-complications and have not been able to go on line. So here I am, finally functioning again. I am happy to be communicating with you. I have missed our connection.

My choice to leave beautiful Mt. Shasta took me all year. Early this year I heard a voice in my heart telling me I was going to move. I was surprised and had to process that information. I finally realized that I am one with Mt. Shasta no matter where I live. I also saw that I had isolated myself by living at Mt. Shasta because it is such an isolated place. The main reason I moved back to the bay area is to do my work. My heart calls me to write books, do my healing, channeling, readings, and teaching so I am here where there is greater venue for my work.

Mt. Shasta is a special place. While living there I fell in love with Mother Earth in the deepest sense of it. Nature is pristine and it reminded me of what the Earth must have been like before man lost respect for Earth. Nature is in harmony there. I will never forget the first time I went to see the blossoming wild flowers on Panther Meadows. A big black bumble been lit on my arm and stayed there for about 20 minutes. I talked with him (I used to be afraid of them.) telling him what a beautiful job he and the others were doing with the flowers.

While hiking in the area I began seeing the faces of the rock beings and the faces in the trees. I saw the fairy glens and could feel where the elves lived. There were abundant butterflies, eagles, and other varieties of birds. I became acquainted with new forms of vegetation and trees. I drank from the healing waters and marveled at the mountain when she was cloaked in her finest white dress. I gawked at the lenticular clouds as they cloaked the huge mother ships and other ships that entered the mountain for meetings. I gasped at the angel clouds that would sometimes adorn the area all day long. This was a wonder to behold.

The people who live at Mt. Shasta are just as precious as the mountain itself. Although the mountain attracts a variety of people, I met people of higher consciousness there. They are spiritual family and I miss them already. These are some of the best healers, channels, teachers, authors, environmentalists, animal communicators, artists, musicians and most openhearted beings one can find on the planet. It is a virtual cornucopia of co-creation at its best.

Please don’t feel sorry for me now though. I am grateful for my three years at Mt. Shasta. I will visit often. I am happy to be positioned to be of greater service and to no longer have to do frequent commutes to the bay area to see clients. My new information is: Valerie Donner, P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705, Phone 925-287-8976, Toll Free in the U.S. 866-281-2402, and E-mail

As I mentioned the Mars energy is giving many of us the impetus for change. Certainly, it is not easy to sit still. This is the energy of getting the job done and of changing what is no longer working. It is the masculine energy of results. Now that we are putting it out we are awaiting the rewards.

The inner realms are also getting a good housecleaning. Have you noticed how old issues are intensified and must be resolved? I feel that Mars is a catalyst for our mastery and empowerment. That good ol’ masculine energy rises to the surface that says, “Something must be done about this!”

There you have it! We changed governors in the state of California. Arnold Schwarzenagger got the job! Last time I mentioned his name I received quite a few e-mails. No matter what his reputation is with women in the past I am certain that in California the women here will not let him get away with a thing. He is visible and his old disrespectful ways of treating woman would create another recall. These are interesting times. We are empowered. Let us continue our empowerment for the highest good of all.

Look at everything in your life and see how it is working. What do you need to change? What old energies are you holding onto that you could release? This could include material items, pictures, relationships, hurts, projections, stuck and stagnant third dimensional things. What is bringing you joy and what is not? Get clear, ground crew and do your inner housecleaning on every level.

In my meditations I found that I have a connection with beings on Mars. I am going to ask them to come through for a channeled message to you. This is a new one for me so let’s see what happens:

A Channeled Message From Mars
Through Valerie Donner, October 10, 2003

Greetings. I am Hermot and I am from Mars. I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak to some of you. We hold you in high stead. From our vantage point we are pleased to assist you in breaking up some of your antiquated ways of being. We are strong in our diligence to assist you and the Earth in her ascension. It is no mystery why we are closer now than in thousands of years although we always keep tabs on the Earth for we serve each other well.

In our position we see the potential for upheaval and turmoil. Most of you are aware this will be necessary for the transformation of your planet. We have been through these things many times in our civilization. We stand as what you might call great Gods overseeing our planet and its future. We communicate with the Earth and often advise her while providing support, encouragement and strength for her birthing process.

We do not live on the surface of our planet like you do on Earth. We live beneath the surface of the Earth where it is Light and hollow. Much goes on here and we are highly technical. We are advanced in our civilization and we live a long time. We interact with other planets and are a gathering place for meetings with beings from other galaxies. These beings are also assisting in a concerted effort to uplift the Earth to a higher dimension.

We are no nonsense beings. We like to get to the point and set things straight. For the records, we are absolutely against any type of nuclear detonations on the Earth. These actions affect every ounce of life. We do not understand how some on your planet think they have the right to do such harm to others. We demand respect and also command it. We have not seen anything like what is happening on Earth. The beings that cause this harm are creating an aftermath that cannot be ignored.

Even though their minds do not regard the aftermath of their deeds they will find themselves in the middle of it. This means they will take themselves down with their own efforts. Everything that matters to them will be taken from them and they will not be allowed to incarnate for a long time period. They will have to review and understand the impact of their misdeeds.

The Creator allows free will on your planet but does not condone such destruction. These beings have been given warning after warning but they refuse to abide by these warnings.

Any time we come close to the Earth it forebodes powerful change. It means that our energies combine to restructure life as is presently exists. It takes our powerful explosive energy to combine with the feminine energies of the Earth to bring forth new creation.

We have assisted the Earth through many trials and tribulations. We benefit from her loving essence. When we are close to each other our planet receives love and healing. Our two energies embrace each other so you can expect our influence to be prevailing for about another year in your earthly time. There is a merging occurring. You may have noticed increased sensitivity of your heart and this is part of the focal point for your planet. We are pushing forward in expansion of the human heart. The Masters and many other superlative beings from other places also assist us with this process.

Conscious co-creation is what we are about. We catalyze the conscious thoughts for change and set the wheels in motion.

How do you like the pace at which you have been moving lately? You can thank the Mars energy for this rapid pace of change. Whether you like it or not we do our jobs well. The energies from our planet are serving the Earth to the highest degree.

Please understand that we have been somewhat misunderstood. Many seem to believe that we represent the war energies while in fact we simply provide the impetus for massive change. We do it with powerful energies and we are focused on the planetary goals of movement. We bring out the best as well as the worst. Some beings are challenged by what we represent. These are primarily those who want to remain in control, who resist change and who do not want to rock the boat. As you can see we remain forthright in our energies.

When we feel resistance we stay focused and do not let up. In the long run you will be pleased to see the growth and movement that you have made. You will see how the Earth has benefited and how the old guard is falling by the wayside. This is necessary for too much destruction will occur on your planet if change is not catalyzed for the highest good for all.

We are in a place of what you might call global reasoning. We work with the Earth for a balance of energies. We as the “Gods of Mars” are a part of the Gods/Goddesses of Earth. In this oneness we shall carry forward the divine plan and help deliver the Earth to the heart of the Creator.

I am Hermot. I have enjoyed speaking with you today. Digest what I have to say and see if you can connect with us too. We shall communicate again in right divine timing.


On The Move

By Valerie Donner


We are on the move
From here to there.
Everything we want to
Hang onto
Is up in the air.
It may be a hairdo,
A place or a thing;
It could be an old relationship
That has lost its zing.

We are on the move
From here to there.
It’s time to let go of the grip
Or to buy new underwear.
Anything that doesn’t seem to fit
Must be re-examined
Bit by bit.
Does it make you happy?
Does it feel good?
Does it look pretty?
Is it serving as it should?

We are on the move
To and fro.
Don’t let it scare you.
Let it grow.
Find yourself expanding
In leaps and bounds.
Let Creator know
You are on your heavenly rounds.

We are on the move
Dancing late into the night.
Things are shifting
And being made right.
No more secrets
Or scars covered up.
The accelerator is advancing
To earn the golden cup.

We are on the move
Yes, Angels, Masters et al.
Isn’t this why we came
So we could ease the fall?
Movement is advancement.
That is the name of the game.
Being on the move
Will serve us again and again.


©2003 The Ground Crew




In Conclusion

Whatever we are doing we are not staying the same. If you make a move follow it to its fullest. Let your new choices grace you with joy and peace. Release your limitations and fear of change. See your movement as your transformation knowing all the while that more is to come.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer, poet, and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to bring forth profound healing. This is where healing needs to occur. She helps her clients get in touch with their inner child, assists with trauma, stress, relationships, life purpose and destiny. She is also available for individual channelings with Masters like Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, and Kuthumi. She is telepathic and empathic so she is able to see and feel what is going on inside the body. For an appointment she may be reached at:
925-287-8976, or toll free in the U.S. 866-281-2402
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705

©2003 The Ground Crew



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