Message from Valerie Donner - November 12, 2003
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Dear Ground Crew:

Congratulations ground crew on the excellent job you did with the Harmonic Concordance November 8! This unique planetary alignment included five planets and Chiron forming a Star of David. There was a total lunar eclipse at the same time. From my understanding the Star of David represents ascension.

I had a gathering of 11 women at my house for the Harmonic Concordance. We meditated and prayed amidst flowers, candles and music. We did nine minutes of Oming during the peak of the event. At one point I could feel the Earth’s ecstasy that so many around the world were Oming simultaneously. She was ecstatic! I feel that she was able to take a big breath and that she received with our assistance a huge influx of Light. Since that time I feel there is more Light on the planet. Our Light work was impressive and effective.

Astrologers and many others speculate about the significance of this celestial event. It is certainly a sign from the heavens that we are in the ascension process. One of my clients called me the other day asking what would happen after the 8th. She informed me that many people she knows are having difficult challenges right now. Is this true for you?

My sense of it is that we are being pressed to find deeper connections with God. If you are challenged at this time it could be because your God Self (Higher Self or whatever your choose to call it) is beckoning you home. For eons of time we lost our God focus. We forgot who we are, divine sparks of Prime Creator’s heart. We were created out of the energy of this love. With the impending events and those that have been activating humanity’s consciousness since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, we are being called back into the heart of Creation.

If your challenges relate to money, ask yourself what better way could God get your attention than to allow you to address your survival issues? You may be doing this to find the real truth. What is that truth? Your survival depends upon God. Purely and simply everything comes from God. If you know this intellectually you may now need to shift this belief to the core of your DNA so that you will never have to address this concern again. Prime Creator wants you to remember how you are so that you may instantly manifest whatever you need in your lives. Remember you are not loving your self if you worry about money. It is time for a big shift so if this is the issue please move through it so you may trust Prime Source to provide on all levels.

Many seem to be feeling an overall anxiety. If this is your situation use this anxiety to find truth again and again. Remember that as Lightworkers you are always working exponentially to shift and heal many others on the planet. You are also at the forefront of change so if others around you are not feeling some of the intensity that you are feeling, honor that their time may come. We are often put through various lessons prior to the rest of humanity so that we can assist them when the ensuing events occur. It is part of our jobs. Let go of stress worry and concern. Give it to God.

If your focus is relationships think about this—This planetary alignment was about ascension. If you are in a relationship that needs alignment this is the perfect opportunity to bring out integrity and truth. Transformation must occur or else how can you bring in balance? How can you create new beginnings if you are hanging on to old ways of being? You can make new choices. You do not need to change the other person. Change yourself. Anything that is not in alignment will be intensified for transformation.

What is your body telling you? Have you noticed any physical pain associated with your fears? The body is connected to the Earth. All is one. When the fears are not cleared the body may intensify pain within so that you can clear them. Lean on Prime Creator, ground crew, or the pain may lean on you. If you are having physical challenges please go deeply within to the pain or other concerns to learn the wisdom. See how quickly the discomfort shifts after you do your emotional clearing.

Another major issue may be work. Are you doing what you came here to do? If you are challenged with your work you may need to re-examine what you are doing. Where are your energies going? Your plan for doing your Light work in the future may not be God’s plan. Perhaps you got laid off because you have more important work to do. Trust in the divine plan.

The other day I wrote the following job description for Lightworkers.

A Lightworker’s Job Description

Description of job: One who is here to serve humanity and the Earth at this time of planetary transformation.

Reports to: Prime Creator, God, Prime Source, whatever names you choose to call our Creator.

Special requirements:

    • Must be available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Must be willing to connect with God at all times.
    • Must work for the highest good for all.
    • Must be dedicated to the Light.
    • Must be willing to give up everything that one might deem important like relationships, money, material things to do one’s work. This may not be necessary but it is possible.
    • Must not worry about what others think of you. Your friends and family may think you are weird or discount you.
    • Requires that one do their inner work.
    • A desire to be a change agent.
    • Acknowledgement that you are an angel, part of the ground crew.
    • Familiarity with prayer and meditation.
    • Desire to use special talents and abilities to co-create with God.
    • Must learn discernment.
    • Desire for service and your own enlightenment.
    • Requires a commitment to one’s spiritual path.
    • Necessitates compassion and an open heart.
    • Must be willing to release judgment and contempt of self and others.
    • Must be willing to learn right use of power.
    • May possess strength and courage only seen in someone like Superman.

Job duties:

    • Follow your heart in whatever capacity is possible in order to do your work and to use your gifts
    • Serve God to the best of your abilities.
    • Be willing to go where angels fear to tread.
    • Lightworkers serve in every aspect of life—government, business, politics, education, research, home, school, healthcare, even in the military, as artists, musicians, healers, teachers, counselors, writers, performers, and every where. They are everywhere present because God is everywhere present.
    • May be strategically placed to be a system buster.
    • Other duties as may be assigned.

From my experience Lightworkers are loving people. Most of them have not had easy lives. They are prone to self-reflection and are focused on their spiritual growth. They are a small percentage of this wide world. Many have never felt they belonged here and have been waiting for this time of transformation. They are not well understood by most of society. Many have strong intuitive abilities and are powerful beings. They may feel other worldly connections. They have had to become generalists to fit into society. They are sensitive to foods they eat and gravitate more toward natural healing.

There is more that could be said but let us simply intention that we are being called into service and that we are eager to serve.

A Message From The Master Djwal Khul Through Valerie Donner
November 12, 2003

Greetings beloveds, I am Djwal Khul.

I am here in service to the Light and to the Lightworkers. Indeed you are doing a stupendous job with your Light work on the planet. The Harmonic Concordance was a part of a series of uplifting events in which you will find yourselves engaged that will change the consciousness of the planet. Your world wide Oming was felt throughout the universe for all are aware of what happens on the Earth.

We in the Light Realms appreciate you greatly. We can assist you, of course, but do you know how much you are assisting us? You make our jobs much easier by the inner and outer work that you continue to do for the Light. Your innermost desires and intentions affect our work. We are all one, you know.

At this time Prime Creator is pleased with the strides you are making in the ascension of the Earth and your own progress towards your enlightenment. You are being given the keys to the kingdom, beloveds. This is part of what has been promised to you for your hard and diligent work throughout many incarnations on the Earth. You are to inherit the Earth! Every one of you is important to the divine plan. Each one has an important role to play in the ascension process.

We know that the road has been challenging. Imagine yourself now at the breakpoint station. This is a point where you are taking the planet into a new direction. It is more than a choice point; it is a transformational point. The redirection of the Earth is what we are discussing. God is the conductor and you are the engineers of Light.

Please understand now why we only chose the crème de la crème of Lightworkers throughout creation for this important task. The journey is almost complete. It is an important inroad in the evolution of consciousness that we are addressing. It impacts all of life. As Earth advances so does the rest of life. You are trailblazers. Sometimes you feel small and insignificant. That is why I am addressing this issue so that you understand how loved and important you are to the divine plan.

Imagine Prime Creator’s hands reaching out to you. They are filled with everything you could ever need or want in your earthly embodiments. This is yours and more. Allow yourself to receive the keys to the kingdom. Your new kingdom is one of peace, harmony, love, joy, abundance, with everyone doing their divine purpose in loving relationships and communities. Yes, this is what was long promised and there is more.

We in the Light Realms will be with you again. You will remember us as well as yourself in the grand scheme of things. You will be with loved ones again who are on the other side. The veils will drop. The emergence into the Light is your goal, beloveds. It is this transformation that you are bringing forth into the fourth dimension and higher.

Think of yourself as a little child awakening from slumber. When the little one opens their eyes they are still in the remembrance of the Light from which they came. Then they phase back into the physical body. You are like the little child awakening from a deep sleep. The challenges that you find yourself in are more in the physical plane. As you awaken you are more challenged because you find yourself increasingly in the fourth dimension now rather than in the third. As the third pulls you back from the energies of love and unity, you may feel weary with the ways of 3D. See this simply as part of the process of ascension. Let it be a reminder that you are actually living more in the fourth dimension now than in the third. You can do this for a little longer, beloveds. The third dimension is on its way out.

  • I want to acknowledge you for some of the accomplishments you have already made in your service to the Earth and humanity. Some of these include:
  • Your perseverance in many incarnations on the Earth to hold the Light.
  • Your dedication to your inner work and self-growth.
  • Your participation in the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 as well as the recent Harmonic Concordance which both served to bring about shifts in consciousness on the Earth.
  • Your adept work at being generalists on the Earth and for infiltrating all walks of life to bring your Light.
  • Your endless meditations, prayers and communications with the Light Realms.
  • Your abilities to influence the darker energies just by your presence on the Earth.
  • Your higher consciousness that exponentially affects that of the planet.

This is a brief list. It is endless but I thought it was time to honor you and to tell you how important and loved you are. We are one with you. We feel every need. We answer every call. We experience what you experience. We encourage you in each lesson you learn. We applaud your very existence and every victory.

You, blessed Lightworkers, deserve the keys to the kingdom. You are the future of this Earth. As the precious leaders of the Light you will begin to see why your true identity cannot be revealed until the appropriate conditions exist. Trust that one day you will know who you are and why you came here. The glorious victory you have been awaiting is yours.

I am Djwal Khul.


The Keys to the Kingdom

By Valerie Donner


The keys to the kingdom belong to you.
When the door opens.
You will know what to do.

The keys to the kingdom are your divine right.
They are payment for your blessed light.

The keys to the kingdom
Are to the golden room,
A place where love grows
And flowers bloom.

The keys to the kingdom
Are in your heart.
They bring oneness
And love from the start.

The keys to the kingdom
Are present and clear.
God holds out his/her hands
For you are dear.

The keys to the kingdom
Are a miracle indeed.
You will open the door
And the planet will be freed.


©2003 The Ground Crew




In Conclusion

Ground crew, we have quite a job ahead of us. The short job description is a part of our work. I am sure you could add to it since you are doing your work so well.

Please take the encouragement that has been given to you as truth. You are a gift and will be gifted the keys to the kingdom.

You are loved and cherished.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer, poet, and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to bring forth profound healing. This is where healing needs to occur. She helps her clients get in touch with their inner child, assists with trauma, stress, relationships, life purpose and destiny. She is also available for individual channelings with Masters like Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, and Kuthumi. She is telepathic and empathic so she is able to see and feel what is going on inside the body.
For an appointment she may be reached at:
925-287-8976, or toll free in the U.S. 866-281-2402
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705

©2003 The Ground Crew



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