Message from Valerie Donner - March 15, 2004
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Dear Ground Crew:

Have any of you felt the roller coaster ride lately? It seems like life is getting weirder and weirder. We are having lovely spring like weather here in the San Francisco bay area – 80 degrees plus. The flowers are blooming and it is beautiful. The energies that are going along with the weather are symbolic of people springing up, out and everywhere. Yet it is not quite spring and people are not necessarily coming up more beautifully. Some seem to be less respectful of others and the Earth. I do see some of them opening up and looking for spirituality. These are people who would not have considered meditating last year. I see many others who have yet to awaken.

Each time I write I seem to mention intensity because it is what many of us are feeling. It is a time of new beginnings and endings, a time of completing old issues and becoming more of our God selves. Sometimes it feels wonderful and empowering and at other times you might wonder if you are taking steps backwards. You might be in bliss and then fall into the abyss. I hope if it is the later that you climb out quickly.

Spiritually I believe it is a time when we are closer to the Light Realms than ever. They are here to assist us and all we need to do is ask. Because of the chaos and the inner issues that we are moving through it is appropriate that we ask for assistance. We are never alone. Open and remember.

The other day while I was in meditation a challenging situation occurred next door with my neighbors. I heard the words “The peace that passes all understanding.” and I knew it was Archangel Gabriel. He was assuring me that all would be well. We have to be ready to listen.

Recently my son Bill spent two weeks in Kauai. At the end of his trip he and a friend of his backpacked in the most treacherous part of the island. Most of the locals do not go there because many lose their lives tackling this terrain. It is covered with rivers, slippery rocks, and mud slides with steep drop offs. Helicopters oversee hikers for rescue and search purposes. Bill and his friend hiked the 11 miles into a place he considers “The most beautiful place on the Earth.” He meditated under a waterfall for two hours. After staying for two days on the way back a huge storm occurred. The waves were about 30 feet high. The rapids of the rivers were class four (Fives are the most whitewater.). He got to a place along the ocean with a 500-foot drop off. It was a mudslide. He reached for two roots and they broke. He thought his life was over but he looked up and there was a guy there who pulled him across. He knew this guy was an Angel and he lives in the same county in California where my sister lives. At one point the man who rescued him fell into the river and Bill and his friend rescued him. He returned from the trip valuing his life and knowing how precious each moment in life is.

I had been asking the Angels for extra protection for Bill for this trip. I am grateful to the Angels for this protection. I am grateful beyond words that he is still here on the Earth.

Each day we take chances with our lives. We make choices about what we eat, who we are in relationship with, where to vacation, where we work, who to live next door to and in what house we will live. We chose to commute or not, exercise or not, listen to our guidance or not. We can let fear rule our lives or we can go with the flow of love. Whatever choice we make we can learn from it and gain empowerment or we can become victims. We can let our hearts or our heads guide us. We can be centered or get off balance. The energies with which we are now living will force the issues. They will enhance our learning prospects so that we might become freer and wiser.

The course of our lives is a direct route to Spirit. Some of us might be living in areas of potential earth changes. We might find ourselves be guided to move to some other place where our Light may be needed or where we will be safer. In each case, we must weigh the choice. What is our truth? What feels right? Is there energy for this change? Is this the right timing?

How we do this is by feeling the joy and truth in our hearts. We follow the energy. If your job runs out maybe the universe is nudging you in a different direction. If your relationship is shaky maybe you need to be with another. If your house has overwhelming problems maybe it is time to let go. This is all for your growth and trust in the universe. When things line up easily the universe is supporting the change. You simply need to make the choice. You must take responsibility for the choice. Make it an empowered choice that makes you feel good about your self.

We may be stretching ourselves beyond our normal measure. We may be taking risks that we had never dreamed we would do. Each choice is purposeful and your life may depend upon it. We must follow our guidance now to a tee realizing that our presence here on the Earth as Lightworkers is purposeful. Our energy and Light matter to the Earth and to the future destiny of the planet.

This is why you must follow the guidance you receive. If you make a choice that does not suit you there is always another choice. The days of remaining stuck are over. Even though it may feel that things are falling apart at the seams it is because you are being asked to reassess your life. Put it in the Higher perspective. Make a shift in your consciousness to see the Divine Plan in action. Look at everything and everyone as a way shower.

Most importantly of all is to trust God, Higher Power, Prime Creator whatever name you choose to call it. Trust yourself as that part of co-creation that is leading the way for your highest good. Deepening this connection with Source will assure you that you will always be taken care of. Deepening your connection with Mother Earth will keep you protected. Both parts are crucial in the future life on Earth.

Let us support each other in the work at hand in the days to come. Major changes are afoot. Standing united in the Light and the life we are given is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. So be it.



Djwal Khul Channeling Through Valerie Donner
March 14, 2004

Greetings beloveds,

I am Djwal Khul here to greet you today to help you move forward with your lives. It is of spiritual significance that you are attending to the matters at hand. This is the most important commitment you can make at this time. It is fortuitous indeed that some of you are being forced into a corner with your backs up against the wall. You are being pushed to make changes.

Please give me a minute to present the scenario. You are a spiritually aware and somewhat active Lightworker. You have been cruising along in your life with everything seemingly in perfect place. You have been complacent about your life, but not doing as much as you could on your pathway. You have been resting somewhat on your laurels. Then all of a sudden something unexpected happens. You lose your crutch, feeling the uneven footing upon which you are treading. It is frightening. You look around you and feel as if there is nothing there familiar upon which you can hang onto.

This is when you begin to doubt everything including yourself, friends and families, God, the Light Realms. You feel alone and abandoned. You wonder what your life is about. You get to a place of darkness that you avoided most of your life. You can only surrender to God at this point. At this very moment you are right where you need to be. This is when the shift can occur. The sooner you surrender the better. You need to release the ego and your own will. It becomes “Thy will” not “My will” at this juncture. It is only at this choice point that the new pathway will appear.

This opening requires a deeper spiritual path. It means you take the next steps in your life that will anchor you to the Earth, to your purpose and destiny, to your full empowerment and mastery. It means you will walk your talk. Be determined to discipline your self like never before. The temptation to slide backwards may be there but you must be so focused on your destiny that you can only move forward.

I will place another spin on this circumstance, beloveds. We in the Light Realms expect you to make the next steps on your pathway to fulfill your destiny on the Earth. This is the most important of all lifetimes. The future of life on Earth depends upon you. Soon you will have no time to waste. You will make each minute purposeful. You will make each choice a conscious one. If you falter you may not complete your missions. You will be sorely disappointed and could feel later that you wasted your lifetime.

Pay attention to everything that you feel, think about and want. Follow the energy. Listen deeply to your heart. Look at where you get distracted. It will simply take another focus for you to lift the lid of the box in which you have been hiding. It will take intention, beloveds and then courage and focus.

What are you made of, Lightworkers? Do you know that you are the best of the best? Have you forgotten that you clamored to be on Earth at this time? Can you remember that you have many gifts to offer? How can you make the next steps forward if you are frozen in the old reality?

So do something beloveds, to pry into your hearts to get unstuck. Some of you may need to make small changes and others may need to make giant leaps. Whatever the choice, the more deeply you go within for your truth and the sooner you make a shift, the easier it will be on yourself.

We in the Light Realms stand beside you. We have been with you all along. We have served our time on the Earth much more alone than you are now. This is the time with the largest number of Lightworkers ever to gather on the Earth. It is quite spectacular to watch all of you go about your lives. You have each other and you have us. Use your gifts, open hearts and courage to kick your destiny into gear. All of creation is watching and we are depending upon you.

In loving service,

I am Djwal Khul


The Masters Call

By Valerie Donner

Have you heard
The Masters call?
They are ringing a bell
For one and all.
We ask you dear workers of Light
To Step forward,
To shine so bright.
We ask you to create and be
In service to humanity.
We urge you
To change the now,
To release the frown
Upon your brow.
We ask you to stand in the Light
To face the changes,
To make things right.
We ask you to hold steady on Earth.
Make it a new day.
Give it new birth.
Have you heard The Masters call?
Please follow your heart
Please answer the call.


© 2004 The Ground Crew




In Conclusion

The message seems clear. It is our challenge to get more on our spiritual paths. We are needed. Humanity is awakening. The Masters are calling us. Our lives will become increasingly difficult if we continue to resist our pathways. Are you up for it?

Let us work together in love, Light and mutual support to share the load of Light work. Let us bring in those who are now awakening into the fold. Let us teach and show the way of the Light that will take us all home.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of the Ground Crew website. She is an intuitive healer/reader, spiritual counselor, channel, teacher, writer, poet and speaker. Whether it is stress, relationships, work or health, Valerie can assist you with energy work, readings or other issues. She works deeply at the soul level so she can introduce you to your inner child and help you to understand yourself differently. She helps you see the bigger picture of what you are experiencing. She also channels masters such as Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, Kuthumi, and St. Germain, and beings from Telos, the city underneath Mt. Shasta that is left over from Lemuria.
She may be reached at:
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