Message from Valerie Donner - April 26, 2004
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:

This question might sound redundant but how are you faring with these energies of late? They seem challenging to many, even those who are not as spiritually aware seem to be feeling them. Some symptoms: sleepless nights, a feeling that your head is filled with concrete so you cannot think clearly, unsettled feelings inside, physical aches and pains, the need for more sleep. Some people feel depressed for no apparent reason. Some of us are having strange dreams. One day you might feel blissful and the next in the dumps. Balance is the key.

Yes, ground crew, these are the energies of change, profound change. There was a portal that opened on 04-04-04. These energies are coming directly from God. The portal was the opening in consciousness and the potential for humanity to choose one way or the other. One client of mine said she felt that she had been almost at the top of the mountain and then the week of the 04-04-04 she felt as if she were at the top of the mountain. A 13-year-old indigo boy in my meditation class who sees auras said he is now seeing them more clearly.

Certainly this month has been the strangest and one of the most challenging I can remember. Resistance to these energies of change makes them more challenging. Humanity is resistant to change. These are energies of change. Change we will. The sooner we go with the flow the better.

What have you noticed? I believe there is greater telepathic opening and that feelings are stronger. The polarities are swinging further apart yet so that you must see them. Have you felt a little more like an observer on this Earth? This might be one way that you can maneuver through the changes—be the observer. Merge with the energies that are coming in every day. Do this in meditation by simply breathing them in. Notice they are loving and powerful energies. If you resist them you may create challenges for yourself.

Have you noticed that it is easier now to tell when people are telling lies? Trust your inner guidance with everything and be discerning with it all. You are being tested. Your brains are being re-wired. Your crown chakras are being worked on. I think the work that is being done on our brains at night is sometimes why we are awake. Your DNA is changing too.

Since these are the energies of heightened consciousness you will find your awareness being expanded also. In some manner you may not be able to avoid being the observer.

Have you noticed how your thoughts about yourself are increasingly clear? You might be catching yourself running old tapes that are no longer for your highest good. These are energies of magnification.

Expect these energies throughout the month of April and May. We have much going on with the planets, Mercury retrograde on April 6, a partial solar eclipse on April 19, and a total lunar eclipse on May 4 (happens to be my birthday). Expect powerful changes and expect the unexpected. Go with the flow for have you noticed that it is impossible to plan? People are changing plans like there is no tomorrow. Go with the flow and you will be less stressed.

Mother Earth is receiving similar energies. Her changes are somewhat akin to a woman in her last stages of labor. Ladies, do you remember how you felt at that time when you were giving birth? Men, what did you observe with your beloveds in the final stages of her labor? To educate those who have yet to experience this part of life, there is pain, pressure, intensity, perseverance, anticipation, the pure presence of the now moment, no way to turn back, the need to breathe, risk, excitement, crankiness and the need for comfort and nurturing. Then the miracle of birth appears and somehow it seems like the greatest thing you have ever done. Your life is never the same.

Such is the case with Mother Earth. If you ground into her, talk with her and send her love you will be doing a mutually supportive thing. She needs us to realize what she is experiencing.

Have any of you had computer challenges? I certainly have had them. The reason this update is off schedule is that I was unable to access the Internet for almost five weeks. I learned that some computer angels might not know what they are doing. Others take their time, fit you into their schedule and also have their limits. In the end it was Microsoft that had the answers for me with my system. When you are not a technical person you may not know what you are getting into when viruses and spy ware take you down for a while. Let us send love and Light to those beings that send us viruses and spy into our systems. The time of integrity and alignment is here so they will be feeling the impact of their actions.

It is interesting to notice how much time we spend on our computers. Look at how reliant we are on technology? Think about how computers have changed our relationships. We are inundated with information. I wonder how much of it is necessary. From my challenge I learned patience. I found time with myself more enjoyable. I did some creative projects. The computer can lead to isolation. Connecting with self is important

Maybe the angels are getting some of us off line to get us more in line with our own information source. What would happen if our computers stopped working? Where would you go for information? You would have to feel the energies, tune into the Earth, stars, sky, other people and most importantly to Self. You would have to go within.

The other day I saw a sign written on the back of a pick up truck that said: “Go within or go without”. Truth is to be found everywhere.



Djwal Khul Channeling Through Valerie Donner
April 13, 2004

I greet you as one master to another. Have you noticed how Earth has become such a classroom for each of you? Are you astounded to see yourself moving through one lesson in life into another with very little time in between?

This is exactly the situation now for you are on an accelerated path of learning. You are reaching for your higher consciousness and enlightenment. This is the trajectory of your learning. The opportunities for healing are presented one after the other as much as you can handle day after day. Lightworkers, this is your time of finals. It is the time of the final tests to see if you have learned the lessons of the third dimension in separation and all of its challenges.

What you are beginning to understand is that everything that has happened to you has been purposeful. You are beginning to see how it all fits together into this neat little package called you. Little do you know of your own importance to the pathway of ascension. Some of you are beginning to catch glimpses of your Light and of your own vastness.

Pay attention to everything thing, what you feel, think, want, need, how you act, and how others act. Search deeply in the core of your being to find the strength and courage to face these final tests on your pathway of enlightenment.

Look at your teachers, who are they, what are they saying? Pay attention to your dreams. What are they telling you? What is happening to your heart? Is it opening in greater ways? How are your values changing? Do you ever wonder why you stand out in the crowd and that perhaps you are thinking differently than the masses?

This is all a part of your job, beloveds. You came here to be the change agents. You are the pivotal portals of consciousness. You are serving the planet and humanity by transducing this Light through your bodies, anchoring it to the Earth, and spreading it throughout life. You are the twinkling stars of higher consciousness.

With each breath that you take you are coming closer to higher consciousness. Soon you will find yourselves saying things that you didn’t know before. You might even find yourself speaking other languages. Let it happen. Be in gratitude for what you are bringing forth.

Channeling With Djwal Khul Continued on April 26, 2004

Greetings beloveds, I am Djwal Khul:

We had a disruption in the flow of our channeling from two weeks ago. We go with the flow here in the Light Realms too. We too are affected by these energies for we are one with you. What you think and feel is transmitted to us. When we work with you we can help balance and nurture you in your experience. Please call upon us and ask us for assistance. We are here to help.

I can see that some of you felt less of a connection with us lately due to the intensity of the energies. That is when you need to turn to us the most. When you feel that the communication is shut down if you enter into meditation you will find us there. There are times when we go through our own energetic shifts but we are not in the physical body having to deal with that density too. This is one reason you have been feeling over the top.

Sometimes you do not know quite what to do for these are new energies of significant proportion. What would you tell a little child who is just learning to ride a bike? You would be patient, tell him to keep getting on the bike when he falls off, and help him practice. Eventually he will gain confidence in his abilities and will be fine. This is also true with you. Since these energies are new to the Earth you are learning about how to flow with them. You will find yourselves falling off the bike and bouncing back sooner each time you fall.

God is giving the Earth a big boost for change. It is time. You will see great change in the future. You have been asking for this change and wondering how much longer you could continue with life as it has been. These energetic shifts are proof that what you have long awaited is here.

You will begin to see earth changes in a grander scale. Strange weather patterns, water events, earthquakes, sink holes, land mass shifts, volcanoes, and winds will be a part of the cleansing. Most of you already know this and understand the importance of remaining close to the Earth, following your guidance and your heart. You will always be where you are supposed to be. It senseless to be in fear of these changes for there is really nothing to fear. Love is the means of giving birth so if you look at everything as the Earth birthing herself you will be happy for her. You will be the midwives in this process.

If you hang onto the old way of doing things you will slow down your progress. Suffice it to say if you can remind yourselves that accelerated change is why you came here you can move smoothly through the changes. It is important to not get caught up in the illusion of what you think is real. You are so much more than whom you have thought yourselves to be.

Reach out to each other. Join hands and heart. Share. Love. Practice. Dream. Imagine what the new you will be like and how lovely the Earth will be when all is complete. Hold the vision in your hearts for what you want life to be like. You are change agents. You are visionaries. You have been sleepwalking on Earth for a long time. It is wake up time. The alarm has gone off. The Earth is calling you. Vast change is upon you. This is the time you have been waiting for. Go with the flow and do it to the best of your abilities.

Your physical bodies also need extra support. Get bodywork. Take special supplements to nurture your body with these energies. Watch your diet and improve your nutrition. This is the pathway of healing. Attend to your emotions. Empower your selves with every opportunity. Drink more water. When the pressures build rest as you can. Find other Lightworkers and share healing gifts. You are here to assist each other. Play and rest. Live and breathe.

Throughout eons of time there have been attempts to ascend the planet, beloveds. Please remember that the past is the past and this pathway of ascension is a given this time. This means that you are called into service. Please do not give up. We are with you. You have earned the right to take your planet back. So be it.

I am the Master Djwal Khul in loving service to you and Light.



By Valerie Donner


In the quiet I sit with thee
Feeling the connection with the master me.
In the quiet I go all out
For with the Heavenly Father I do have clout.
In the quiet time I wait and see
What comes through for me to be.
In the quiet I feel fulfilled,
The world is here but I am stilled.
In the quiet I am that I am.
I am the love of woman and man.
In the quiet I am at peace in life,
Everything is easy and is free of strife.
In the quiet I am my true God self
Going deeper and deeper to find my self.
In the quiet I am nourished and sustained,
Only God’s love and Light remain.
In the quiet I am one with all.
I feel the union of it all.
In the quiet I rest and receive,
So glad to be me as I believe.
In the quiet I live and breathe
With my God I do receive.
In the quiet I am all I can be.
I bring forth the mastery in me.

© 2004 The Ground Crew




In Conclusion

Ground Crew, it is my joy to be back in touch. We have challenges and joy ahead of us. It requires a commitment to follow the inner guidance, do the inner work, pray, meditate, heal and hold the Light for our new Earth. We are in this together and we shall see it through.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


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