Message from Valerie Donner - June 3, 2004
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Dear Ground Crew:

How are you doing? The energies of May moved quickly and were improved from the ones in April. It is possible to feel the deepest connection with the powers of creation, masters and the angelic realms. Much has occurred at the internal and spiritual levels during the past month. I believe we are in the throes of the ascension process. Sometimes that blissful feeling comes and stays for a while and then swings back to the ol’ 3D feelings. The roller coaster ride is still happening. We will probably begin to spend longer times in the ascension blissful energies and these will carry us over when we experience the opposite.

A few days ago while channeling Mother Mary I was given an image of seeing the Lightworkers walking through an image of fog on the Earth but standing above this fog as powerful and large Light beings. She showed me the density through which we are now moving and how we must remember where we stand in the thick of it. This means we are towering over the density. Most of humanity is caught up in it but when we recall that we are capable of moving through and shifting these energies we will do so.

Our jobs are to transmute this density and to remain above it. Wherever you go or whatever you may be experiencing you are being encouraged to rise above the darkness and to be the Light that you are.

We are God’s power plants. The Light that Creator is transmitting to the Earth is being transmitted through our little (or not so little) antennas that are sensitive receptors. We are transforming this density by connecting with God’s energies. Spread the Light, ground crew. This is part of your mission.

Look at the darker energies simply as needing Light. They might slow you down a bit if you let them. The best way to handle them is to remember to rise above and glide through.

As most of you likely know we are about to experience the Venus transit on June 8. I encourage you to create meditation groups or prayer groups, starting June 6 to fully welcome these powerful energies from Venus. If you cannot do this in groups please connect with the Venus energies and do your own meditation and prayer work. Since these energies are coming to us already you may begin now and continue using the energies after the astrological event.

Yesterday morning I awakened about 3:00 AM. My mind and heart were buzzing with the energies of the Venus transit that is happening on June 8 when Venus passes across our sun for seven hours. This is a significant astrological event that sets the energies for ascension. This transit only happens every 122 years and will occur again in eight years. Many of you have read about this event. While lying in bed I began to feel the urge to get to my computer to channel some of what was coming through to me.



A Channeling From Venus Through Valerie Donner June 2, 2004


We come to you from Venus as the transit team for the events that are about to unfold beginning June 6 in your earthly time. We are pleased to present ourselves from our planet of love. We bring you love from the core of our existence. We are a part of you and you are a part of us.

We hold a sacred place for the Earth in our hearts. We hold the energy for this shift that is happening as we dance across your sun. We bring the energies of beauty and peace and intermingle these energies with yours. At this juncture you are in great need of our assistance. We are a team. We serve as a reminder of the need to awaken the divine feminine energies of the Earth. We communicate with you that there is much more of a future for the Earth with these energies in mind. It will serve you the most to awaken to what we impart.

Our planet is one of harmony and beauty. We are inhabitants of Venus and due to our frequencies we abide within our planet’s surface. You are the surface dwellers of the Earth where there is also much inner life within the Earth. You reside on the surface because you need to rise to the next level of consciousness. It is time for things to rise to the surface. Your ability to see us move across your sun is significant. Much will occur after this transit takes place. It will be an explosion in consciousness. The goddess energy will begin to be reflected in both male and female. The radiant beauty that has been on the surface will begin to glow. There will be a new way of viewing each other. You will even begin to notice a difference in your physical bodies because your awareness will be changed.

What was once desirable to you will change. Things that you gave importance too will meld into a higher outlook. This means your priorities will shift. Our transit serves as a reminder. You will always remember this time for it paves the way for your ascension. Do you know that our planet is also ascending? We are doing this along with the Earth. We have been waiting for this to happen for eons of time. Now the energies are in alignment.

The generosity and love of the Creator make way for this transition. We work in tandem with you to strip away the layers of imbalance that will allow for the new. You will discover a softening of conditions upon the Earth. Hearts will open, truth will be told, and sharp fragments of life that no longer serve will be swept away. The power and strength of the feminine will rectify and nurture life.

You will begin to do this in cooperation not competition for the survival of life on Earth cannot tolerate this harshness. That which is not life sustaining will cease to exist for there is no room for these energies with what we bring. Cooperation is the key. Much of the imbalances on your planet are the result of humanity’s self interest. Your future will magnify these intentions to the point where they will be transmuted on their own accord.

On our planet all of life is held sacred. It is deemed this way because creation is revered and respected. Humanity on your planet needs to learn these lessons. You cannot elevate yourselves to your next level of consciousness if people only think about themselves.

We have representatives from Venus living on your planet. They have chosen this difficult assignment to complement the Earth’s energies and to bring their love and knowledge to you. They appear physically to be the same as you but their hearts are capable of profound love and acceptance. They fit in yet they only do this so that they can accomplish their missions. Soon you will begin to see more of them for they are preparing to bring teachings to you. They are some of your planetary guardians.

We will be opening the way for much greater communication between our two planets. This will occur as others open their hearts to this possibility and stretch themselves. It will become easier but the first steps are always the most outlandish or so it seems.

We will work with the most receptive ones at the beginning and then open the channels for further insight and teachings. You will like what we have to share and we enjoy doing this for our precious neighbors.

Much is moving in the celestial realms. We are a part of this movement for creation is taking a giant leap itself. Holding onto the old ways will make it more of a challenging transition. Our first lesson that we want to share with you is to simply accept that we are here, that our planet is alive and inhabited and there is a much-needed collaboration that will take place. If you fear change or deny our existence you will do yourselves a disservice.

We have longed for this time of transition. In your hearts we know that many of you too are looking for signs of hope. We give you this and much more. We give you the reassurance that you are not alone. Dancing across your sun is one way of showing you this to be true and along with this sign we post the highest possibilities for the Earth and all of life.

We are your friends and stewards. We align with you to make this transition. We love you and shall communicate again.


The Transit Team

By Valerie Donner

The transit team is here and alive
Flooding the Earth’s energies
Like a busy beehive.
They are sweet and pure,
Miraculous and free
They have a recipe for life to be free.
It is in the feminine
That we hold hope,
For the earthly world
Is on a tight rope.
If necessary change
Is ignored and repelled
The Earth herself
Will react as well.
The transit team
Wants you to know
They will be here
And help you grow.
They will slow you down
Or speed you up,
In any result they will feed your cup.
Look at the heavens.
Feel the Earth.
See Venus transit.
Be a part of the birth.
The transit team
Want your attention
So that you can be
On your pathway of ascension.


© 2004 The Ground Crew



A Channeled Message from The Master Djwal Khul Through Valerie Donner
June 3, 2004

Greetings, Beloveds, I am Djwal Khul:

May the blessings of the Creator be upon you. How pleased we are that you are gathering your Light frequencies back into the heart of the Creator. This is what you are doing as you use the energies that are coming to the Earth from God and other Light forces. You need as much as you can absorb for they must filter through the forces of darkness.

There is more fear upon the planet than there has ever been. This makes your jobs as Lightworkers even more challenging. Yet it is a testimonial to your abilities to usher in the Light.

Work with the Light on a daily basis. Use Creator's energies and those other energies that you feel most drawn to for your work.

This is also a time when discernment is key. There will be beings that you may think have all of the answers and there could be a tendency to give away your power. The stakes are high so that is why wolves are sometimes clothed in sheep’s clothing. Please remember this and follow your guidance to the best of your abilities. The dark forces can be cunning.

In this lesson of discernment follow the continual stream of Light that comes from God. Perhaps your lesson is one of shedding more Light to those who need it. Who knows, maybe those of the darkness may be coming your way to receive Light from you so they too can make a new choice. This is a merciful situation but still requires keen discernment.

We also encourage you to pay attention to actions and not words. How do these beings treat others? Are their words and actions congruent? Are they making up rules and telling you what to do? Are you feeling empowered or less than when you are around them? Are you ready to rise to the top and skip to the next level on your pathway of ascension?

We in the Light Realms are working diligently to assist you in whatever matter is possible. We want you to know that we stand behind you 100 percent. This is our purpose and with this intention we offer you everything. We offer you the help you need to take your planet back in love and Light. We offer you clarity, peace and strength of purpose.

Behold! A great day is coming to the Earth! It is what you have long awaited, beloveds. It is the time of homecoming when you and the Earth re-enter the mansion of God.

We are with you and we celebrate with you as you remember the truth of who you are. We are one in the Light and are unified in purpose.

In love and divine blessings, I am Djwal Khul.


In Conclusion

As these new energies of abundance and unity flood the Earth you will begin to see things shift in your personal lives as well. You will indeed become more sensitive and aware of imbalances in your lives. You will find an increased propensity for joy and love. You will notice disharmony no longer fits.

I believe that we are living in the most exciting time the Earth has ever experienced. We are creating something akin to a fresh new painting of the glory this Earth was intended to become. We are painting this with our hearts and with the intention to rise above the darkness and density.

Whatever dreams you have held can now be manifest. The power of your intention and thoughts will be magnified. This is an excellent time to clear out the closets of your mind where cobwebs of limitation have been allowed to gather. They have taken up space and can easily be swept clean with your own awareness of what is truth for you.

Reality is getting a jump-start. Clarity is the rule of the day. Things will become so clear that your choices will be easy. Go with the clarity and empower your self with these new choices.

Humanity is on a speeding wake up call. It is a trajectory that cannot be stopped. You will be the conductors, ground crew. Where do you want to go, what do you want and how can you serve the Light in expanded ways? Ask yourselves these questions for they are ascension related. They are the material of Light upon which you will springboard the Earth into the Light.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, speaker, teacher, channel and writer. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to assist people find their truth and to move forward on their pathways. She works with the inner child and does energy work to clear blockages. She feels things, see things and information comes. She may be reached for personal sessions at:
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