Message from Valerie Donner - July 14, 2004
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:

How are you doing these wild and chaotic days? The energies are bringing up many unsettled issues. Have you noticed? You may be having strange physical symptoms like unusual body aches and pains, greater thirst, lack of desire for certain foods that you used to eat, throat chakra blockages and the need to heal the heart chakra are only a few of the manifestations that may be happening.

What do you do when these things occur? First always go with the flow. If you do not have answers go within. Ask for divine assistance. Ask your angels to help you. Ask for your guides to show you how to make it through. Seek counsel and healing from others. We do not have to go through these changes alone. That is why we have each other. We are here to assist each other. This is the way that the Light forces will burrow their way through the dark energies.

It is important to work with the inner child, what I choose to call the messenger of the soul. It is through soul level healing that you can clear whatever is going on within self and with others. As you may know, whatever has happened to us in this lifetime and all others is embedded in the soul. When issues bear the most intensity this is a sign that the God Self as expressed through the soul wants healing.

As we come closer and closer to the fourth dimension we will find the need to clear the past becoming increasingly pressing. Each issue that prevents us from being our true God Self is asking to be released. The pain body of the emotional body has held us in limitation. It is possible to tap into the pain body and come to a place of forgiveness and release.

It is interesting to note that doing physical cleanses of the body like colon, liver, kidney and gallbladder might also facilitate some emotional clearing. All of these old energies are lodged within the body. If you are not in a habit of cleansing you might want to look into this important part of maintaining physical health.

In my observation I see that many are starting to awaken now. They are looking for answers to their deepening challenges. I encourage most of my clients to begin meditating. I have been meditating twice daily for over 30 years. I hope you as Lightworkers take the time to meditate at least ten minutes daily. Some of my new recruits in my meditation class are finding their lives are transforming in many ways through meditation. We even have some children in the class that are meditators. They also have gifts such as clairvoyance and see auras. I highly recommend meditation as the only way to stay grounded and centered. If someone can get you off center then you know you need to do your inner work.


Channeling from the Master Djwal Khul Through Valerie Donner
July 14, 2004

Greetings beloveds:

I am Djwal Khul. I am here today to impart some important information to you from the Light Realms.

We in the Light Realms are always watching over you. We walk with you in the darkest of the days and in the Light. We whisper into your ears and breathe into your hearts. We are with you at every turn, challenge, and choice point. We work best with you when you are open to us for like the Angelic realms, we need to be asked. If we are asked we can then be of profound assistance to you. Ask and you shall receive.

This is truly an important time on the Earth. Your leaders are being called on their perennial carpets. They are being shown in all of their strengths and weaknesses so that you, the people of the Earth, can see them and become strong within your selves. This is the essence of empowerment. You are awakening, seeking the truth and asking pertinent questions. Your leaders are not infallible. You are stepping out of victim consciousness. You are taking off the blindfolds and realizing that you have more power than you thought you had. Isn’t this wonderful?

These are the times of change. You as members of the Light forces will not rest until you have taken your planet back. In order to do this you must first find your self, take your power back and remember where the true power originates. External power will never be greater than true power. True power comes from the inner forces of the Light from within. This is achieved by tapping into the Higher Power and by knowing that you are a part of that power.

You will soon come to ask, “How could so many have given their power away to so few?” You will begin to see this false sense of power and limited sense of self will be swept away into a new understanding of empowerment. There is a divine solution for every seemingly not so divine challenge.

As you ride the waves of this realization you will be overcome like a tidal wave of new truth. Choices that you never thought you could make will become clear. You will see those in power losing strength. As your power increases you will find your own personal power multiply in manifold ways. You will realize that the forces of Light of which you are a part are unstoppable.

You will see fear lapse into the annals of history. Fear has had its place but it will only hold back your progress if you give this energy any more power. During these times you must rise above the fear and not let anything stop you in your pathway of truth. See how humanity has been controlled by fear. See how the dark forces are continuing to blast huge waves of fear into the populace. You must know and understand their own fear in their last bastions of darkness. They know that their time is limited.

Please feel in your heart the truth of what I am saying. We in the Light Realms are asking that you continue to move foreword in your marvelous pathways of Light. Let nothing stop you. Follow your vision. Let your dreams for your greater work come clear. Take the necessary steps to cross the bridge of third dimensional reality to the fourth dimension and higher.

The pulse of the Earth is flowing steadily and smoothly. She is moving uninterruptedly on her course. When you key into the Earth’s pulse she will give you strength to move forward with your pathway. You are a team. The Lightworkers and the Earth are steady on course for the impending shift.

What have you noticed lately about your own awareness? Have you spoken with any of the children? They have such clarity and much wisdom to share with adults. Let yourself pay attention to the children. Their Lights are strong and pure. Look into their faces and see the Light that they bring with them. Let them open your hearts. They are on the Earth at this time to anchor even more of the Light and to walk arm and arm with you into the shift.

Beloveds, also please pay attention to the wind. Much is recorded in the wind. The winds are not only connected to the Earth’s grids but also to Prime Creator’s loving breath. If you follow the winds you will absorb the Light and consciousness that is coming from God. Love is truly in the wind.

In the events that are about to unfold you will need to call upon the Light and strengthen your connection with God. This is a two-fold path. The path-ology of dis-ease will be will only make you feel ill at ease if you forget the path of Light. Remember what is real and what is not. You are headed for some planetary turmoil. You will need to be strong. I am telling you this so that you will choose the pathway of love not fear. You will need to trust in your self and in the divine plan as it unfolds.

At this stage in the Earth’s evolution as well as your own, you are closer to us and to God than you have been in eons of time. We are at your fingertips. We are everywhere present. Be glad that you are on the Earth living the gift of life. Your lives are purposeful and are indeed a gift to all of life.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to the Light and to the Lightworkers.


The Gift of Life

By Valerie Donner

The gift of life is a pretty thing.
It's gorgeous and beautiful
And makes God sing.

The physical body is a impressive indeed.
Just think what it takes
To make a human being.

The heart of God is in every cell.
It carries the love
That you know so well.

The physical body
Is complex and free.
What a work of engineering for all to see!

The gift of life
Is God in motion.
It is filled with many magical potions.

When we forget
How magical we are
The physical body wants to run afar.

The gift of life
Is a blessing for sure.
Loving your life is the cure.

© 2004 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

Much of what happens in the outer world is contingent upon what we as Lightworkers do in our inner world. There is much to achieve and heal. As our awareness expands so do our responsibilities. We are the ones who are being asked to pray and meditate to carry forward the divine plan. It is our clear and grounded energies that will assist during the increasing times of chaos.

We as spiritually conscious and aware Light beings cannot afford to be lulled back into the sleeping masses. We need to do all that we can to keep our minds, bodies, hearts and souls clear for the work at hand. We need to always remember that we cannot change the world until we change ourselves. This in fact is the only place where we have any control and that is why we must use our powers, strength, courage, Light and wisdom to remain as conscious as possible.

Work with the Light and the Light will work with you.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, speaker, teacher, channel and writer. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to assist people find their truth and to move forward on their pathways. She works with the inner child and does energy work to clear blockages. She feels things, see things and information comes. She may be reached for personal sessions at:
866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.),
or 925-287-8976,
P.O. Box 5705,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705,
or through E-mail:

© 2004 The Ground Crew

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Two New Books About The Underground Crew

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Book 1 is channeled from Adama, the high priest of Telos, through Louise Jones. It discusses the origin of Lemuria, what life is like in Telos, and about healing the heart of Lemuria. In the channelings I have done with Louise when I lived at Mount Shasta I remember the first time she channeled Adama for me and my heart finally remembered my Lemurian connection. It made me cry. This is a heart awakening for all of us who lived in Lemuria. The Great Jade Temple of Telos is mentioned as a place of healing. The Telosians mention their return to the Earth’s surface and their longing to be with us again.

In the second volume there are many messages from Adama to assist with planetary transformation. There are messages from other beings in Telos about the children of Telos, community, crystal beings, the Blue Dragon, St. Germain and others.

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