Message from Valerie Donner - September 24, 2004
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Dear Ground Crew:

I hope you are all doing well and adapting to the myriad of changes. What are some of the symptoms you have been feeling lately with these new energies? Itching might be one symptom and the need for more sleep. It is almost like having sleeping sickness. We must be busy on the other side where our services are required.

We are in the times of earth changes. Here in the U.S. Florida is now facing its fourth major hurricane this season. This is record breaking so we must take note that the Earth is speaking to us. She is in her cleansing and we need to pay attention.

Many people are choosing to leave their bodies. Have you noticed how many people are simply popping out of their earthly bodies? The frequencies are changing so those with worn out bodies are leaving and others who choose not to stay or who are complete are going onto their next evolutionary steps.

The chaos is rampant and is intensifying. I urge everyone to meditate. If you feel like you are spinning and at the effect of the chaos you have not done your inner work. Daily meditation is required now, ground crew. You must remember that you are ground crew so you need to stay balanced, grounded and centered. Being in the flow, in the now moment and following the energies are also important.

The other day I heard Archangel Gabriel (known as Benu, say that we have completed our contracts. That means we as Lightworkers have completed our contracts but we still have purpose here. We are here to be the best co-creations with Prime Creator that we can possibly be. We are here to bring in our love and our Light and to serve humanity and the Earth.

I believe that we are ready to be of greater service. We are here to take our power back and to take our planet back. We are more powerful than we realize. We can work with these new energies to create what we want. We believed a lie for a long time. That lie was that the dark forces were more powerful than we are. Can you imagine how much of our power we forgot? It is unbelievable to think that we could have forgotten so much of who we are.

It is up to us to create what we want. If you don’t want war you must create peace. First create it within your self and then take it out into the world. If you are unhappy with the cast of political characters where you live, tell them to leave. You can do this in an empowered way by simply talking to them at the soul level in meditation and telling them it is time for them to go. Send them love and Light not anger and fear. See them leaving office and relocating to another place on Earth or another planet if you like. We can do this in a most powerful way. This is our opportunity to create what we want.

Are you in an unhappy relationship or job? You can make a new choice to empower yourself and do something that makes you feel good about your self. Make sure you understand the lessons before you leave. If you are wiser and know that you have mastered the lesson it may be time to move on.

What about your health issues? You need to take the best care of the physical body. If you are still following an unhealthy diet look at what you need to change. Then take the necessary steps to improve. The energies that are coming in now will make you more sensitive so pay attention to your body. If you have illness seek alternative healers along with allopathic medicine if this is your truth. Find the lessons that relate to your emotions and clear them.

This is the tribulation. This is the rapture. This is the awakening. This is the time of the ascension. We have been waiting for this for a very long time. We can go through the whole process with ease and grace, or we can resist and struggle. What are you doing?

Look around and see the consciousness raising that is occurring. People are watching “What The Bleep Do We Know”. ( These are mainstream people who are going to see it over and over again. (For those who do not know about this movie it is about quantum mechanics, science and consciousness. It is about how we create our own reality.) People are asking questions and rethinking life. Miracles abound. Every day there are new signs of change. Focus on these, ground crew, not the seemingly dark and disastrous fear based news media reports. This will keep you caught up in the illusion. Remember what is real and it is not the third dimension.

On top of this, we are all becoming increasingly multi-dimensional. People who have lost loved ones are having them come to them in startling ways. They are beginning to experience the lifting of the veil. People are more aware of angels than ever before. This should make us optimistic as we move through our own process of change.

As a part of my own expanding pathway I am now working with Mira. She is a member of the Pleiadian High Council. Her energies are awesome. I am in profound gratitude and joy to be working with this being on a daily basis. This is my first public channeling with Mira so let us welcome Mira and see what she has to tell us:


A Channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner September 24, 2004


I am Mira. I am from the star system Pleiades. We are also known as the Seven Sisters. We watch over the Earth. Many of you are of Pleiadian descent. You possess our DNA. We have been connected with Earth throughout time. We bring our crafts to the Earth to assist you. Through this channel we will begin to impart principles and teachings to you. I hope that you are open to begin our instruction. I am delighted to be attending to your needs. I have been waiting a long time for this entry point.

What I am about to tell you is only the beginning. If you assimilate and use this information wisely it will assist you through the coming times. I want to reassure you that we are with you every step of your evoluntary way. Please know that we oversee what happens on your planet and intervene as necessary.

Many of you want to see us in order to believe that we are real. You need proof of our being. For now it is best that we remain as we are and working telepathically through those whose purpose it is to communicate with us. Some of you want dramatic openings like the parting of the skies. We are capable of many fantastic feats but that is not the way to win your trust. We prefer to open your hearts through our teachings and to let your hearts find the way. This is how you create a new reality.

The heart was designed to be the entry point of new adventure. How does your heart function? It is always beating and you need not even think about it. It opens you to love and to new relationships. It nurtures and sustains you in the caring of the young. It brings beauty and love of plants, animals, minerals and all of life into you. The clock of the heart activated DNA is now ticking. We will make sure to manage that timepiece in the best way you have ever experienced. It is far more reliable than any timepiece man has created in the third dimension. We are speaking of a masterful inner working.

During times of change and particularly ascensions of planets, the heart is the monitor and the accelerator. It is God’s engine. It is our focus and it should be yours. God’s soul force energy is contained within the heart. When you anchor this powerful force of Light into more soul granted awareness you potentiate your awakening. It is awakening this force that we want to release. Think of this power having been in a time capsule that is now ready to be opened.

In due time you will remember more. This is part of the ground crew’s mission. You are being activated now to remember what you came here to do. This was protected until now so that the information would be safe and only opened at the appropriate time. From our position we can tell when each of you are ready. We focus on certain heart energies and project our Light beams to the targeted ones who are waiting. This is all done with the utmost love and respect. It is life altering and planet altering.

You will learn to work with our higher frequencies. You will find that we are accurate and to the point. We work with precision and leave nothing to chance. This mission is so vastly important that nothing can be left to chance. That is why we count on you. You are the most capable ground crew with whom we have ever worked. We say this not to feed your egos but to honor each of you for who you are and what you are doing for the Earth and life in general. You can call us the backup crew. We won’t do it for you but we will do it with you.

I know that you have many questions you might want to ask me. I can see the Light go on as you read this material. You want to know your positions and how everything is going to work out on the Earth. You want to know the outcome of your elections in the U.S. and other political information that is pertinent to you. I can only tell you right now that what is important is that you begin to feel the truth of what I am saying and that you begin to meditate more on the energies that I am bringing to you.

The High Council works with the Most High. We are part of the High Earth Councils and are at the command center. The Earth Councils are comprised of many High beings. We are working to clear any outside interference that prevents any part of our teams from being clear. This will take some time. We want you to know who is truly in charge of Earth’s ascension. We have the most powerful presences ever assembled for a planetary ascension.

You might have inferred that we go about assisting other planets with ascensions and that is what we do. A planetary ascension is a complicated process that takes much time and planning. Earth’s process has been one of the most elongated and laborious for many reasons. Some of you may know and understand why this is true. All is in place and success is at hand. This is still a process and you are pivotal to its success.

The hands of the Creator applaud all of you for your ardent focus to the task of ascension. Please let this continue to be your focus and let us work with you toward this goal. I hope that you can tell from the energy of my words that we are loving beings. We come from the heart and go straight to the heart. We will always get down to the important matters. We will guide you and help you take your selves and your planet home.

I am Mira in loving deep service and respect.


What Matters

By Valerie Donner

In the twilight of time I reach for you.
You are all that matters.
As you raise the curtains
The Light comes in.
It is a new day.
It is a new Earth.
It is a new you.
Only the Golden Web that holds this task
Together is what matters.
You are a part of this web.
We follow it and are a part of it.
What matters the most now
Is that you remember.
Let no shadow cast its darkness
Upon any of you.
The curtains have been raised.
The actions are in place.
You are going home.

© 2004 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

Through these words and energies of love, I feel blessed to be carrying these messages to you. I feel such love coming from Mira that I am beyond grateful. I hope that some of this energy is transmitted to you in this message. I feel that we are all blessed beyond measure and that as we open to our own divinity miracles will abound. Look around and count these miracles. The miracle of life itself is one to not to be forgotten.

Keep the focus, ground crew. Stay centered in the truth and the Light. Feel the bigness of what we are doing and from where we come. God is smiling at us and God is in charge.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
She is available for personal sessions and can be reached in the following ways:
866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.), 925-287-8976
P.O. Box 5705
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