Message from Valerie Donner - October 20, 2004
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:

In my last update I told you about my work with Mira, from the Pleiadian High Council. I have been working with her energies for about two months. In that time I have experienced some amazing things. The most important energies I am receiving are love. Last week I felt the deepest love coming from her. It took me into a sacred place where I chose to linger.

In this afterglow I began my work with clients. One day I had a session with a woman who had just adopted a Doberman rescue dog. She had him for less than 24 hours when they came to my office. We did some work with him and in that time I felt his loving heart. Next, I worked with two children ages 11 and 12. They were brother and sister. Their parents were “druggies” and they spent five years in the home of abusive foster parents. Four years ago they were adopted by loving parents who are doing everything they can to heal these children.

After being blessed with these sessions I then walked out into the store where I see clients. I reconnected with a couple I had not seen for around eight years. The last time I saw them she was pregnant as a surrogate mother carrying the baby for a friend who could not do this herself. I asked her how that went and she informed me that her friend’s son is now seven. When she delivered there were 30 people in the room.

My heart was filled with love and awe. I was speechless. I put it all together: how people care for animals and others’ children. I was reminded of others who are so loving give of their own bodies to bring a baby into the world for others who cannot do this themselves.

Think about the kindness and acts of love that are everywhere present. Get a taste of the love that Creator has for us. I believe that we are loved beyond description. We are so loved that our hearts would almost burst if we could feel this love. We have simply forgotten. We get distracted and focused on what we don’t have. We forget the whole realm of human angels and the Light Realms of love eternal. We believe the lie that we are these bodies and that we live separately from everyone else but our own little sphere of influence like our family, friends and co-workers. We sink into separation and live in fear that our love is going to leave us, that there is a shortage of it on the planet.

Our limited thinking keeps us from living the magnificent lives that we are capable of living. We need to open our hearts to the many forms of love around us. We need to allow ourselves to be loved and to give love in new and glorious ways.

In the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know” they talk about quantum physics and how we create our own reality. They point out that every day we can create what we want for that day then we let the “observer” bring it to us in ways that will surprise us so we know that it has come from “you”. If you meditate and ask for what you want to create in that day you will begin to create more and more of what you want. This is what I have been doing. I believe this is how I am letting in greater awareness of love.

From the movie: “I’m taking this time to create my day and I am affecting the quantum field. If in fact the observer is watching me the whole time I am doing this and, there is a spiritual aspect to myself, show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of the things I created and bring them in a way that I won’t expect, so I am as surprised of my ability to be able to experience these things and make it so that I have no doubt is has come from you.”


A Channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner October 20, 2004

Greetings, I am Mira.

As a member of the Pleaidian High Council I come to teach you and to reassure you. We know and see things that you cannot see. We can help you to remember and we stand by to serve in times of need.

You are coming into turbulent times. The political contest in the United States will have far reaching implications. The stakes are high. It is almost like a gambling contest where you are betting on one or the other candidate and placing the future of the planet in their hands.

Please do not despair. The future of the planet is not in their hands. It is in your hands!
It is in God’s hands. These figures are metaphors for human consciousness. You already know that. You need these figures to show you how you must change within so that you can change the outer manifestations of your world.

Things may get rocky but think about this: if there was always smooth sailing you would continue with the status quo. Where would you be if you stayed within the same waters? You would not be moving your planet forward. You might even find your planet treading water. This would not suffice for long. You know it.

From our vantage point there is huge energy for change. It must happen. The consciousness needs a great awakening. Sometimes people must be shaken out of their weary ways so they can create a new focus. The children know this. They are teaching adults plenty if only they would listen.

What you will find is the sleeping multitudes are going to awaken as if from a long lasting nap. Some of the news will be startling indeed, as if it hasn’t been startling enough already. It is shocking to us that the events in the past few years have only been brought to the attention of a small portion of humanity. The mirrors are getting bigger and could shatter in the faces of those who are in control.

When mirrors crack they break into many pieces. That means the old form will be no longer. The old wives tale is if you break a mirror that you will have seven years of bad luck. What we are telling you is that it is going to be the next seven years of intense change. Some of those in power may consider it bad luck for themselves as they lose control. They have tried to control everything, even the weather. The Earth is shaking off this energy. She is a mighty player in this future. She mirrors back to you and will take you to places where you have yet to be in this lifetime as she goes about her cleansing and changes. You will sometimes need to hang on for the ride.

As the old pieces shatter and the new takes on a different form you will begin to see the role that we and other extraterrestrials will have in redirecting and repositioning your Earth. Your lives matter to us. The Earth is one of us. We all serve each other.

Towards this end we shall assist in a stabilization process. This is necessary because life and the Earth’s future are shaky. There is much scientific evidence pointing out this fact and a lot needs to be done to reverse what has taken place.

Therefore, we want you to know there is a plan in place that will bring you and the Earth back into balance. Harmony will be restored. Please do not invest too much negativity in this upcoming election. See it as part of a process of breaking up the old and bringing in the new. Fear and negativity contribute to the challenge of bringing back balance. Those in power now are unaware of the power of a determined humanity. Little do they know the true power of the Lightworkers who are holding your planet afloat. They are about to learn in new ways how empowerment matters. This is what we know and see from our vantage point.

Miracles are in your future. You are already beginning to see some of them and there will be many more. Divine intervention occurs through many unseen ways. You must simply open your eyes to what is happening and see the divine hands in action.

We serve as part of this team along with multitudinous others. We will not let you down. We will be with you all the way home. We will love you like you have never been loved and we will guide you if you need it.

We are a part of the package deal. We know you enjoy packages so in our divine marketing plan we are bundled together in a complex variety of ways that will serve only the highest good for all.

We will not rest until the journey is complete. We will not stumble nor will be falter. We will be with you in the brightest of days and the darkest of nights. It will not matter we will be there.

Deep in our hearts we shall find the pathway home. It will be a rewarding journey. You already know this in your hearts. This project is a most important one throughout creation. Please remember how important you are to these works and how loved you are through eternity.

Our Council works with many types of councils that oversee the Earth. We are a package deal that speaks to the hearts of humanity. We stand by in loving service.

I am Mira.


Love's Way

By Valerie Donner

Love’s way is a gentle touch,
The smiling of a baby
That means so much.

It is the heart of a dog,
The birth of a child.
Love’s way makes everything mild.

It comes from Creation far and wide.
It is bigger than ego,
More advanced than pride.

Love’s way is simple and easy.
It settles the stomach
When it is queasy.

Love’s way is what makes life go ‘round.
It glistens and sparkles
And makes beauty abound.

Love’s way is shiny and clean.
It takes out the dirt
And everything mean.

Love’s way is broad and aloud.
When it makes a statement
It may be in a cloud.

Love’s way is a rainbow of Light
With angels dancing
Throughout the night.

Love’s way is truth to behold.
It is precious and more valuable
Than gold.

© 2004 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

Life is meant to be love, ground crew. Life is a gift and love is the package in which the gift is wrapped. Let us unwrap some of our self-focus and be love-focused. Let us create our days to be newly filled with love in everyway possible. If you make this your intention you will have the surprises of your life.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
She is available for personal sessions and can be reached in the following ways:
866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.), 925-287-8976
P.O. Box 5705
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