Message from Valerie Donner - November 26, 2004
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Dear Ground Crew:

How is your consciousness these days? Are you caught up in the frenzy that is fed by the media? Are you discouraged and depressed by the illusion? Did the elections put you down in the dumps? Are you allowing the 100 largest corporations that pay for the television commercials to impact your consciousness? Are you riveted with fear when you read the newspapers? Are you taken down a few notches when you listen to the radio?

Ground crew, I hope that you answered “NO!” to most of these questions. If not, then you are allowing yourselves, as great beings of Light to be used? Yes, the word is “used” and it applies to the dark forces that want to keep you in fear so they can continue to control you. This keeps you locked down and dumbed down so that your Light can be diminished. Is this your choice?

Is it important to you as preeminent Light workers from all galactic and intergalactic posts to buy into this contrived position of powerlessness? How badly do you want to do your work that you came to do? How much of your power do you want to reclaim? How happy do you want to be?

These questions are pivotal to the changing times and the chaos in which we now find ourselves. You do not have to buy into one iota of it though. It is a choice. You can take responsibility to create your own Heaven on Earth through your conscious choices. What do you want? If you want peace you can create it within by seeing through the illusion and seeing Creator at work. You can see the outside world, as you have known it, breaking down. Guess who is creating the new—YOU! This is how powerful you are, ground crew!

The following are a few suggestions on how you can impact your consciousness powerfully by doing your inner work:

  • Do your meditations daily.
  • Work with your intentions.
  • Feel the support from the Light Realms all around.
  • Nurture yourself and feed yourself with the Light and love from Creation.
  • Cancel out negativity.
  • Release what is no longer serving you.
  • Pray for what you want to create in your life and on the planet.
  • Watch what food and other substances you take into your body. They affect your consciousness too.
  • Be diligent on your pathway of Light.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Be in nature.
  • Find other like-minded ground crew.
  • Allow your awareness to expand and as it does let go of what lowers your vibration.
  • Transmute your inner darkness by letting of what is unloving to self and others.
  • Be kind to yourself and others every day.
  • Don’t feel like you have to fit into the box.
  • Don’t worry about what other people think of you. You came here to be a trendsetter not a maintainer of the status quo.
  • Take in the energy of the Light and work with it.
  • Work with energy to consciously shift war, death, disease, environmental problems, whatever is not right.
  • Use soul level healing within self to touch the souls of others.
  • Reconnect with Prime Creator to bring in the pure God energy and anchor it within your heart chakra so that the flame is brighter and brighter every day.
  • Do whatever you can for improved mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Assist others who are opening up on their pathways. Help the young, the old, the middle aged, friends, family, neighbors, plants, animals, minerals, and our world leaders with your love and Light.

All is needed. Every tool is necessary to recreate the Earth. You are the ones to do it. So go about your Light business because the dress rehearsal is over. This is the final curtain call. You know what to do so follow the energy and follow your heart.

In my work with many individuals I see the need for truth whether it is relationships, work, health or living environment. Long-term relationships that are not aligned are breaking up faster than we can bat an eyelash. People who have not been living their truth are being forced to face it.

You might query within:

  • Why are you in that relationship that no longer serves you?
  • Why are you working at a job that you hate?
  • Is there really such a thing as security these days? What are you afraid of in terms of making a new choice?
  • How many material things do you need to make you happy and do they really make you happy?
  • Are you taking responsibility for your health?
  • What is holding you back from following your true passion?
  • How much longer can you continue on the path that you have been following before the cosmic two by four comes along? (The “cosmic two by four” refers to getting hit in the head with a large board from the universe that forces you to make a change. It could mean getting sick and being forced to leave your job, your partner finding someone else, your company being sold, losing your house or a number of other things that make it impossible for you to remain in the status quo.)

It is always most desirable if you see the handwriting on the wall and make an empowered choice to change. Yet, aren’t most humans afraid of change? Aren’t we afraid of the unknown? Well, this is no longer a viable excuse, ground crew. We are in the midst of the greatest change ever to take place on Earth. You are part of its creation. You are catapulting it yourselves by simply being the change agents on the planet.

If you were not here at this time humanity would remain asleep and the Earth most likely would no longer survive. What are you afraid of when it comes to change? Wake up and take the next steps in your purpose and destiny so that you can live your truth.

The Earth is going through her changes and so are you. This momentum is unstoppable. You are unstoppable. You have the power to create what you want the Earth to become. You have the power and all of the forces of the Light Realms to dispel the darkness once and forever from the Earth. What are you waiting for blessed workers for the Light?

By sinking into the quicksand of helplessness or hopelessness you are holding yourself in victim consciousness. Is this what you came here to do?

There is a whole lot of shifting going on. There is a whole lot of healing going on. There is a whole lot of loving going on and a whole lot of Light coming in. What part are you contributing to with your consciousness and energy? Are you allowing fear and darkness to keep you from your pathway? Are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem?

Consciousness is collective. Light workers are a part of the collective yet their power is exceedingly more powerful than the masses. Take that power and use it. Run with it. Find it within and work with it with greater awareness every day. See what you can create. Remember how the power of the Light works. This is your pathway. Claim it and do your Light work. We are depending upon you to accomplish your mission. So be it.



A Channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner November 25, 2004

On Thanksgiving morning Mira came to me with the following message, which I believe, is for all of us:

Oh beautiful flower from the wind, the seeds of life, from the Creator spread throughout the land, a glistening Light nurturing all that it touches even the particles of air that you breathe.

The resting flame of the heart burning eternally as the Creator’s heart emanates the purity of love from the God within illuminating throughout time the heart beats of the Creator’s heart and spreading with wings of love the joyous encounter of life everlasting. Throughout eons of time the word is spoken and spreads throughout life, the love of God. Oh beautiful one, precious to the hearts of Heaven and Earth, find your way back home. Take every sign and guidepost as an indicator that this indeed is where you are headed, for this is in all truth is your destination.

Your destiny calls you as the route of creation, the foundation that is pure and divine presence, the love of all love, the joy of all joy, the beauty of all beauty and the truth that never ends.

As your cells awaken and reach out to each other, you too shall find your place within the balance of creation that stabilize and actualize this coming home, back into the true oneness of life.

Take it upon your self to produce these glorious colors and sounds of love as your heart awakens and as you awaken other hearts into the truth of who they are.

Notice all around you that you have help along the way from the seen and the unseen realms that love you so very much.

Take it upon yourself to the core of your being to follow the map that is set before you; your guidance that will show you to the Light that you are and to your destination.

A homecoming is in order for all who feel the call and hear the call and know why they are walking the Earth at this time.

Let this be the glory, honor and privilege of your divine presence on this precious Earth at this time.

The call has gone out and yet only a few have answered and for those few we beckon you to see the opportunity of awakening the many.

As you awaken, beloveds, you will be surprised at the even greater help along the way. And your hearts will ring happily and joyfully as you gather and embark upon this journey home, drawing with you the elders throughout time immemorial who have waited for this great awakening that will propel your precious Earth back into the arms of the everlasting One.

Take every opportunity that is afforded you to find this way home and to gather the flock. And with all of this, whatever turmoil happens around you shall be rendered harmless, for you will have become the observer and the co-creator of all that is beautiful, refreshing and clean about your Earth.

And you and yours shall be the way showers to the New Earth.

I speak to you today as Mira from the Pleaidian High Council and from the heart of the Creator in profound love.


The Message Is Clear
By Valerie Donner

The message is clear.
Love and Light are needed here.

It is time to start.
Healing the Earth
And healing the heart.
The message is clear.
There is no place for fear.
Love and Light are needed here.

The more you succeed
At the Light workers creed.
There is no place for fear.

Help is abound.
The message is clear.
Love and Light are here.

© 2004 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

I cannot describe the energy that I felt from beloved Mira yesterday when she came to me with this message. It was pure love in the highest sense of it. I was touched with gratitude on Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. I hope her message speaks to your heart. I am sure that she had something to do with the opening message to you too. We are in this together.

I hope that what we have shared with you today gives you some courage and inspiration to make the next steps on your pathway. These are important times and are not to be wasted. The only thing that can hold you back is fear. When you buy into fear you are feeding the darkness within self and on the planet. Let go of the fear and move forward, ground crew, in your true purpose and destiny.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
She is available for personal sessions and can be reached in the following ways:
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Two New Books About Telos, The Lemurian Connection

Telepathic Communications from the Earth’s Interior
“Teaching provoking deep connections and openings within the heart.”
These books were originally printed in French and have become best sellers in all French speaking countries of the world.

My dear friend Aurelia Louise Jones has just published two new books from the underground crew. These beings exist underneath Mount Shasta and have been there since the fall of Lemuria. The city is called Telos and the books are: “Telos, Revelations of the New Lemuria”, Volume 1, and “Telos, Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation”, Volume 2.

Volume 1 is about the return of the Lemurians and their eventual emergence among us is nothing less than the “Second Coming” that we have been waiting for, for so very long. The Lemurians have long achieved the fullness of the Christ consciousness, and as we are ready to receive them among us, they will teach us how to implement, right here on the surface of this planet, the type of paradise they have forged for themselves in Telos. They will assist in building a golden age that will manifest in the fullness of the Christ consciousness, which is the divinity that has always been there within our hearts. The indwelling Christ of our being becoming tangibly manifested on this planet and in our daily lives is a unique opportunity offered to everyone wanting to move on with their evolution.

Volume 2 contains inspiring teachings to assist the reader to rise in consciousness to new levels of attainment and explains how to reconnect with the divine aspect of Self, in order to live and experience once again our divinity and manifest its magic in our daily lives. The “eye opener” spiritual gold nuggets this book contains prepare the reader to embrace the initiations that will be required in order to be admitted in a fifth dimensional paradise. Great changes and new ways of living our lives on Earth are about to manifest on this planet and one has to understand and prepare their consciousness to embrace the changes.

Both of these books are inspiring and uplifting. They help lay the consciousness for our Christing on the Earth. If you want to purchase these books they are $18.00 each plus $5.00 for shipping in the U.S. (both books for $6.00) plus California tax if applicable. Foreign orders will be double the U.S. price for shipping.
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