Message from Valerie Donner - January 2, 2005
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Dear ground crew:

Last year certainly ended with a huge splash. The devastation in Asia is beyond description. As an empath I feel the loss in my heart constantly. I can hardly stop thinking about and feeling the pain and suffering on the other side of the world. Many of you are probably feeling similarly.

This huge disaster reminds me of what I was told about 30 years ago. The information came from the Space Confederation through a channel. They said that in the next 25 to 30 years all of the major organizations on the planet would fall apart. They said that 60-70 percent of the population would leave and that the planet would be restored to a planet of love, cooperation, harmony and peace. They said that the Earth was designed to be a planet of love and cooperation not competition and greed. That is why all of this had to change.

Since that time the consciousness on the planet has changed. It has risen and other reliable channels have used figures like 30-40 percent of the planet would leave and the other 60-70 percent would remain. Could this natural disaster be the beginning of this cleansing?

Mother Earth has spoken with the tragedy in Asia. What is she saying, ground crew? Is she showing us how powerful she is and that she is fully intent on mission towards higher consciousness? How long have we known that massive Earth changes would take place? How are you feeling after the Tsunami that already has taken the lives of over 120,000 people? Are you wondering where the next one will be and when? Are you concerned about what my happen where you live?

There are many questions to ask ourselves and yet know that all is in divine order. What happens to one of us affects all of us. The more sensitive you are the more you will be affected. This is not about being in fear. It is about knowing how important it is to follow your guidance. It is about connecting with the Earth and listening like the animals listen.

I e-mailed an old friend of mine who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been thinking about him knowing how much he loves those Thai beaches. He told me that he had been planning on going to one of the resorts for Christmas but cancelled at the last minute. I was relieved to hear from him and to know that he is all right. Talk about following your guidance!

How were you feeling prior to the December 26 nine-point earthquake and Tsunami? Were you feeling out of sorts? Are you still feeling strangely and wondering if you in are foreign land? You probably were and are with the people of Asia in the higher aspects of your self. You also were most likely assisting the tens of thousands of people who were transitioning to the other side while you were in the dream state. You have been busy, ground crew. Take some time to get rest for there is more to come.

I have been interested in knowing what Mother Mary would have to say about this tragedy and also Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. Let us see what each one of them have to say:



Mother Mary Channeling Through Valerie Donner December 30, 2004

Greeting beloveds,

I am Mary the Mother of Peace. I greet you today with my open arms and open heart for truly I feel your unrest and suffering on the part of those who have departed your earthly plane. I hold you in my heart as we all do for the massive events that just occurred. Please understand this is all purposeful and be mindful of the importance of this event.

Much has been triggered as a result of this tragedy. Those who departed did so because it was their time and to participate in the awakening that is taking place. They sacrificed their physical embodiments to help humanity awaken. This situation is a heart opener for your planet. It tells those in charge that they are not really in charge at all. It is a profound statement of who is in charge. It is power beyond human power. It shows the need for restoration and cleansing. It shows humanity that it is time to get out of the preoccupation with Self and that they need to look outside of themselves for the utmost good of all.

You, as Lightworkers, have received the message. You have taken it to heart. Many others who are not as aware are also getting the wakeup call. Still there are many who are afraid to feel the impact of what the Earth has done and choose to remain locked in their own material worlds. They are frozen in their patterns of behavior even though they have been deeply impacted by this event.

As Lightworkers I am sure you are curious about those who have left. This is always a question you think of when something of large magnitude happens. In the past it might have been a smaller number from a plane crash, war or other event. You wonder what we are doing here in the Light Realms and how can we accommodate such a large number of beings passing over to the Light.

First, there are many of us. We have been preparing for this so that numerous angelic beings and other family members would greet every person who left on the other side. Each person has been wrapped in the arms of the Creator. I have visited each one and have embraced their hearts for healing. Many left with other family members and this was purposeful so they would go in mass. This was agreed to on the other side prior to the event. All was done with planning and preparation in agreement from each participant.

They felt this was a way they could serve the Earth and humanity. To be a part of a large statement to all of life is a great gift. Please know and understand that the departure of the physical embodiment in such a manner is powerful and creates an upliftment for the soul involved. This gift of being included in such a massive departure amplifies the soul’s evolution as well as that of humanity.

Please know that these precious beings are being loved and cared for beyond measure. They are concerned about the family members left behind. They are looking after them as we look after them. Many miracles abound and you will see many more.

You can imagine what a shock it is to the physical body as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies when one is jolted out of their physical embodiment en mass. They have not suffered but are being buffered in love in peaceful surroundings. They are looking at the Earth and their loved ones in utter dismay at what they experienced. They are thankful to the Earth for assisting them in their evolution, as the Earth is thankful for their assistance too. Some are disturbed that their lives on Earth have been cut short for they thought they had more life before them.

Now they see what life is all about, beloveds. They hope that you will do likewise. They aspire that you will view life as a great gift and that you will not take it for granted. They hope that you will not be too attached to the material realm and all of the trials and tribulations that you must go through in your earthly lives. They want to remind you of the gifts of love and friendship and how that love is eternal. They will love you forever unto eternity as you will love them. They want humanity to learn to co-operate with each other to assist those who are in dire need and who are suffering. They want you to know that the Realms of Light are with them and to ask for assistance. They want you to know how real we are and how ephemeral life on Earth can be.

There is much for you to think about and to process. Evaluate your own lives, beloveds. Look to those who have departed as teachers to you. Open your hearts in prayer and generosity. Give your energy in anyway that is possible to help your brothers and sisters in Asia. You all know what you can do so please do what you can. Follow your hearts in the oneness of life.

Many of you are aware of how I work with Mother Earth. We are a team. Mother Earth’s heart is wide open. She does not want to see any of her children suffer. She is in deep gratitude to those who have departed. She is so powerful, beloveds; she could cleanse herself entirely within a matter of hours if she so chose. But that is not what she is doing. She is giving you time to wake up to respect her and to find ways to cleanse your own inner self as she proceeds with her own cleansing. She is doing her cleansing in stages and will proceed with this process in the most healing manner possible.

This is a time for quiet reflection and new direction. Please participate in the perfection of all that is happening. Understand that renewal is part of life. The Earth is a most generous and loving soul. She has tolerated much disrespect and abuse. She nurtures and sustains all of life. She has been patient and generous. She has been flagrantly disregarded for long enough. It is her will that she advance into the higher dimensions. This cleansing and restoration will facilitate her process so that she and all who choose to remain on the Earth will be able to make their own ascension.

For far too long mankind has believed that the Earth belonged to them. They have parceled her up into their own portions. They have taken from her without the thought of returning anything in kind; even gratitude would have been appreciated. Thus, the Earth stands on her own as a sovereign being deserving of respect. Her unknown powers to those who currently reside upon her are about to be discovered. Previously they have only been read about in books but not experienced.

Please join with me and all of the Realms of Light in loving those who have made their transitions and in loving the Earth for the profound soul that she is. We all walk with you and will carry you afloat. You are living during amazing times. Have faith and know that this is all part of the divine plan. As the plan unfolds you will find yourself in your true place of being. You are being called into greater service, beloved Lightworkers. It is time for you to take the limelight with the Realms of Light. We will do this together.

I am Mary in divine loving service to the Earth and all of life.


A Message From Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner January 1, 2005

Greetings, I am Mira a messenger from the Pleiadian High Council. We serve the Earth and are with you as you begin the next phase of the Earth’s evolutionary process. We are here to assist you and to lend a Pleiadian perspective to what is occurring on your planet.

We have alerted you to the upheaval that was about to take place. We shall continue to provide you with hints when major situations are about to occur. This should give you some preparation. We work with you in the Light Realms and in the dream state also. We cannot pinpoint exact timetables due to the differences in time in our dimension and in yours.

At this time we have many ships around the Earth. There are also other participants from other planets surrounding the Earth providing a variety of services. Had it not been for this assistance the disaster would have been far greater. You are being constantly watched and guarded. You are being cared for also in unseen ways that you have yet to realize.

Due to the state of affairs that are taking place on your planet you will begin to see more of our presence. This is no longer a time to keep secrets about anything. All will rise to the surface just like the Tsunami waves in your Indian Ocean. Those who are in charge of your governments will be rendered powerless when it comes to the new priorities that you will be facing. Their best-laid plans will no longer take priority for they too will be faced with the fears of their own survival. They are reconstructing their own ideas and are wondering how they can be serving themselves while appearing to be responsive to the needs of their constituents.

There comes a time in the evolution of each planet when major changes must occur. The Earth can no longer wait for humanity to catch up with higher consciousness. She knows what she wants and where she is going. Those who have lagged behind in their evolution will not be going along with the Earth. This is her will. We in the Pleiadian High Council over see our own star system. We have been around and on the Earth since the beginning of time. We have a vested interest in the health and well being of the Earth. Our own DNA is connected with many of you as well as the Earth. You will not be left alone to go through these changes. They will occur over the years with waves and lulls in the process.

We request that you become open to us and to our assistance. We have only your highest good in our intentions. We look forward to the glorious time when we will walk among you like many others who have been waiting return in full form to the Earth.

We also work with many councils of Light that assist the Earth. She is going through her birthing process with many midwives. We are only a part of the assistance that envelops the Earth right now.

Evolution means to evolve. This means that things can no longer remain stationary. They must move in the evolutionary process. Resistance simply makes the process more challenging. Embrace what is happening knowing this is part of a divine plan. Trust that all of the resources that are needed are yours. Reinstate the awareness of your own masterful powerful gifts. These gifts that you will bring back will enable you to rise into the fourth dimension and higher will all that you need. Every bit of guidance will be yours. Your manifestation abilities will provide what you need for your physical survival. You will be reconnected with your soul family as you work along with the Earth and all of creation to settle the affairs of the Earth into the higher dimensions.

We have all been waiting for this time of sacred regathering. It is now in full force. We are with you as the multi-dimensional capacities are activated and realized. You are a part or the most powerful force of Light ever to be amassed for a planetary ascension. Thank you for your dedication to this cause. We welcome the time when we can be with our family again.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


A Prayer for All in Asia

Heavenly Father Mother God, we embrace our beloved family in Asia who were taken back to you and to those left behind. We surround all with love and Light. We see the millions who need supplies, shelter and food being provided for by your loving hands. We see the areas free from illness and harm. We see your assistance given at every turn for those in need. We see miracles everywhere. We see the entire planet working in co-operation for the safety and survival of the remaining ones. We see the Earth improving as a result of this cleansing. We see the elemental realms being given all of the assistance they need in their restoration work. We see all of humanity rising to the occasion and learning compassion and wisdom from this situation. We see the respect for life and for the Earth being instilled at every turn. We bless every person, animal, plant and mineral that is participating in this challenge. We see balance, wholeness, nurturance, support and healing prevail. We know that you know what is the highest good for all and we call it forth in the abundance of life. So be it.

© 2005 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

Due to the intensity of what is happening in the world and in Asia, I find it challenging to know what to say. We are all in our process of determining how to assist others, how to process our own feelings and what our next steps should be. If we hold faith, love, truth and service in our hearts and reach out to each other we will be lead where we need to be. These are the times for which we have been preparing. Let us work together in friendship and love. Let us be grateful for all that we have and for the Light that is coming to us from Creator. We are in service to this Light. So be it.

Blessings, love, Light and a most wondrous New Year.

Valerie Donner

© 2005 The Ground Crew

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