Message from Valerie Donner - March 4, 2005
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Dear ground crew:


Many thanks to all of you who responded to my question from the January 28, 2005 ground crew update about having dark dreams or other dark attacks. I heard from many Lightworkers, and yes, indeed the dark energies seemed to have been working overtime. What I realized is that the dark forces are curious and afraid of the Light. So I have combined some suggestions for you prior to sleeping. First, put the Light of the Christ before you. Surround your bedroom in white Light. You can reiki all four corners of the room as one person suggested. Surround your entire house in white Light. This will bring protection and make you feel better.


I hesitated to even raise this issue. In truth we live in non-duality. There is no dark or Light for all is one. Yet, we still live in separation in the third dimension. We are working out core issues and we are taking our power back. The Earth has a history of mixed energies. The dark forces have controlled this planet for eons of time. They want to continue their dark agenda but the Earth has a different plan for herself. That is why you as Lightworkers are here to help birth the New Earth that will be free from the dark.


It sometimes seems like a monumental task to shift Earth’s energy. It is especially challenging when you see the sleeping masses. As I continue to stress, we are out of time. We have not a minute to lose in the race towards higher consciousness. Because much of humanity is asleep it makes our jobs harder. We need to be mindful of every thought, emotion, and where we place our energy. Our focus needs to be on the “Now” moment as much as possible. We are sensitive and increasingly aware of what is going on around us, within us and on the planet. Our empathy levels are higher than ever.


The truth is that we cannot change the masses. We can only continue to work on ourselves by clearing and cleansing our old ways of being. We need to stop judging and criticizing ourselves. We need to love ourselves in body, mind and spirit. We need to support each other on our journeys. We need to stop hiding and be in our truth. When enough of us create a shift in ourselves we will create a critical mass. This will shift the rest of the planet.


There is concern in the Light Realms about how many people will remain on the planet during all of the coming changes. That is why you must meditate daily so that you can remain in contact with your own divine guidance. Look at what happened in Asia. With a simple choice some people chose not to be in the area of the tsunami. They followed their guidance. I e-mailed an old friend of mine who lives in Bangkok, Thailand to see if he was all right after the event. He told me he was planning on going to the beach for Christmas but changed his mind at the last minute. Another old friend was in Thailand en route to the beach for Christmas but the plane was full so she was stopped from being in the area.


Either way we will need to pay attention to the signs around us, to our dreams, the energies, and our emotions and be flexible. Things will no longer be the way they were. We can expect the unexpected.  Since humanity is basically resistant to change we as Lightworkers must embrace the changes. We must stay fluid and resourceful. The Earth changes are continuing to alter weather patterns and create other events since the tsunami.


You might have been feeling this uncertainty lately. Things are shaky and unpredictable. If you feel that you have been walking on unsteady ground, you have been. Who knows what will spring up next? The Earth is doing the best she can to cleanse and move forward with her destiny. This also applies to us. We can make plans but must remember who is in charge. I recently heard that the angels are amused when we make our plans. Sometimes plans get changed because there is something better for us. Isn’t it interesting how we think we know what is best for us? Our strong wills dictate our plans yet we must remember there is “My will not thy will”, and go with the flow.


One of the keys to peace right now is to go with the flow. Follow the energy. Always follow the energy. If you place yourself into a struggle you had better take another look. What is happening that perhaps forces you into a new choice? You might get the “cosmic two by four”. (This means a big hit in the head.) You might lose your job, relationship, finances, house, business, and friends, get sick or in an accident just to mention a few ways of how the universe can upset your plans. What is the universe saying to you lately?


Have you noticed how quickly you can manifest now? The power of your thoughts is manifested almost instantaneously. Be aware of your thoughts. If they are negative you can tell yourself “Cancel. Clear.” This fourth dimensional energy can serve in positive ways but you must be clear about what you want. Find the gifts and blessings in whatever you create.


I am seeing integrity issues arise with some people. Some of this has to do with money. The universe is holding people accountable when they are not in alignment or in their integrity. The power of the word and keeping your word is a major lesson for some. You may be seeing this in the large scale or in your personal dealings. Perhaps those who are not aligned simply are afraid. This creates the lack of integrity issue. Maybe they feel they cannot manifest for themselves and therefore have to take from others. What they do not understand is that the universe will correct the energetic imbalance. I feel that we will be seeing some big mirrors with this issue on the political playing fields around the planet. Maybe this is a way that people can be awakened.


It seems that much has been occurring all around us. Let us see what Mira, from the Pleiadian High Council has to tell us:



A Channeled Message From Mira, The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, March 4, 2005




I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I come to you in loving service to further your understanding of events as they occur or are about to occur. I will give you a different perspective. This will inform you of our close watch and connection with the Earth’s progress into the higher dimensions.


Since my last message much continues to break loose upon the Earth. This is happening geographically and internally. It is a part of the release of the shadow side of life on Earth. We see it like your little ping pong balls bouncing all over the place. Who knows where they will land? They seem Light and out of control at times. The key is to let them fly and to not be attached to having them return back to you.


You are beginning to understand slightly that you own nothing. There is much focus on the Earth with the material possession of things. This lesson was taught to you through your Asian tsunami. One minute there was a physical presence and the next minute it vanished. Hanging onto the possessions may cause you your life in some instances. You saw this in mud slides in Southern California. Some people refused to leave their homes in unsafe areas and lost their bodies. Taking chances with your life by hanging onto what is no longer serving you could create loss of life.


I am stressing this concept because some of you may be in places where you will be faced with the need to make quick decisions as the Earth changes continue. We will be of as much assistance as possible. We are already working with many extraterrestrial groups to assist in stabilizing the Earth. We have been effective in this and have circumvented potential catastrophes. We monitor and know what is going on all around the Earth but even we are surprised sometimes with events. We have the technology to do this but last minute changes can be made. Once an event begins we can only do our best to support you and the Earth through the upheaval.


You have your own internal guidance systems. They are akin to our computers. If you stop, look and listen the guidance is there. You will need to listen deeply during the coming times. How attached are you to your material things? What value to you is your life? How are you progressing in your contributions to the Earth and the changes? Have you stopped to ask yourself if you are where you need to be or is it time for you to think about re-locating?


All of these answers are available to you through your inner guidance systems. I am teaching you this because this is how we work in the higher realms. We are in deep connection with our guidance. We are in close communication with each other in our work teams whether we are on ships or at home on our planets. We work in unison. This is one of our gravest concerns about Earth inhabitants. Most of you have not learned to work together. This is true even with the ground crew. You each take off on your own trajectories and have not developed the respect and trust of each other. You have such diverse pathways and beliefs. This makes the ascension process even more complicated. It remains a concern with the entire off planet efforts.


Little by little as the ground swells and breaks open you will find that out of necessity you will be forced into cooperative ventures for your very survival. You will grow in strength of teams. Your collective efforts and creative intelligence is vast. It matches what we provide for you except that you have yet to experience this type of teamwork. You will be astounded at what you can do. We will also be there to help you develop these new work patterns and ethics. It is integral to moving into higher consciousness.


In the core of your matrix there is a genetic coding for the entrainment of cooperation. It has been dormant due to the third dimensional energies. It would have been energetically wasteful to attempt its activation earlier. However, it is going to be activated as necessary. This is how all of life works together in the higher realms. It is also how the cells in the human body work. They work for the highest good of all without competition.

It is required for the survival of the organism and in this situation for Earthly survival.


All of nature is working together to further the New Earth. This ascension process has been in place with the patterns of re-evolution ready to be activated. Everyone is working diligently within, upon and around the Earth to further the process. It is a mammoth endeavor. It all involves co-operation. I suggest you consider your ability to co-operate with others to a larger extent in your daily lives. Practice now. Use it later.


I will continue to provide Pleiadian principles and perspectives to serve you. I will give you things to consider as times of change accelerate. Please think about what I am saying because in the future you might need to be quick on your feet. The safest place you will find for your self is with your inner guidance. Please use it to track your inner whereabouts, your physical situations and to check in with your emotions. All will serve you. They were designed for this purpose. Use the natural means that will keep you in sync with the Earth. You are made of each other and for each other.


I am Mira in service to you and the Earth.


Earth Changes


The seed is open.

The land is ripe.

Mother Earth will take a swipe.

She will uproot trees

And perhaps people too,

As the old and unruly

Find new venue.

There will be times of Light

And periods of dark.

Don’t let it fool you.

It won’t be a walk in the park.

You might run.

You might fear,

Yet when you listen

You will hear.

Your inner guides

Are working fast.

You are their focus.

They will last.

You will be given cues.

Will you pass the test?

Whoever you listen to

Needs to be the best.

Turn up the antenna.

Marvel at the words.

The inner lessons

Must be heard.

When you pay attention

Within and without,

You will have

Your divine clout.


© 2005 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

To me this feels like a set up. We have been asking for change, wondering when the Earth changes would happen and questioning divine timing for numerous years. At least we now have the reassurance that we are in the Earth changes. We are in the ascension process. We have the largest ascension team ever amassed for a planet. We will learn to cooperate and move through the changes. We are masters at this and we will remember what we came to do.


It will be worthwhile, ground crew. We will be with our off-planet friends here on the Earth. The Masters will be with us again. We will see the angels and those who have passed before us. We will have our Light bodies and our planet will be free at last. We are the ground crew. This is what we came here to do.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner

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