Message from Valerie Donner - April 8, 2005
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Straight From The Heart

Dear ground crew:


How are you doing these days? Can you keep up with the changes both inside and out?  Many find they still need more sleep. As the energies of ascension continue to accelerate, the mental stress levels have increased from too much information. That means we require more rest and inner peace. It also signals that things are shifting and this confirms that we are in our ascension process.


Mood swings and strange behaviors are also a part of these energies. It could be that you are feeling the weird moods or that you simply might be observing others’ unusual actions. It is clear that we must take care of body, mind and spirit for we are being affected at the deepest cellular level.


Does it appear to you that the truth is becoming blatantly apparent? By looking at what is happening here in the U.S. politically do you find that you can see through the lies? I think this is happening with a lot of us wherever we live. To me this augurs well for the rest of us. Since the tsunami I believe that humanity’s conscious has become more awakened. People are looking for answers. They are becoming more present. They are seeking solace and answers. Some are waking up and questioning the authorities.


On Friday April 1, other channels and I had a feeling the Pope was already dead. As you know he was officially pronounced dead on April 2. A couple of days ago I received a channeled message from another person saying that the Pope had actually died on April 1, which is All Fools Day. This message stated that the Catholic Church did not want the Pope’s death to be on that day. After a little research I learned that All Fools Day was a day in history when the seers or prophets were honored. It was also the time when the Hindus and Catholics celebrated the New Year. This was before the Gregorian calendar was changed in the 1500’s. With the superstition of the church throughout history it stands to reason they might not want their Pope’s death to be on April 1.


By the way, I heard from a reliable channel that the Pope was met on the other side by a huge number of magnificent beings. He wondered why he did not know that the other side was the way he found it to be. He was told to seek the Creator and he went straight there. I am sure he has lots of good things to do to assist the Earth from this level.


Another controversial situation in the U.S. also occurred when Teri Shiavo passed away within the last week or so. Teri Shiavo had been on feeding tube for 15 years after falling into a comatose state. Mrs. Shiavo’s husband wanted the feeding tube removed and her parents did not. Even President Bush and Congress got involved with this right to life situation. According to Matthew Ward (through his mother Suzanne Ward, Terry Shiavo’s soul left her body shortly after she became comatose. Her physical responses were simply more automatic biological responses. I believe that she was mostly gone but that her soul also still had to be somewhat connected to her body because she was not completely dead. This must have been a challenge for her because it kept her earthbound.


Someone called me with a question about what the spiritual implications are when water and drink are withheld from one in such a condition as Teri Shiavo. As an ex-hospital administrator (I worked in traditional medicine for 20 years.) I was involved and aware of many bioethical questions with the forms of technology that our health care system is faced with today. In some ways it is challenging for me to answer this question but I will channel Mother Mary and see what she has to say about it:


Greetings beloveds. I am Mary the Mother Of Peace. I understand that you want to know about the spiritual implications of not providing nourishment or water to one who is surviving via artificial means. First I want to say that the person to whom you are referring, Teri Shiavo, is finally at peace. She played an important role in putting this question to society. She was here with us for most of the time she was on the feeding tube. It was challenging for her to be in such a state and this is unusual for a soul to have to remain in-between for such a long duration. The Earth is one of the few places in existence where such a situation could occur. Usually when it is time for a soul to leave they go. Your system is archaic compared to most of life. Mrs. Shiavo’s case occurred to help you see that life is more than through a feeding tube. It comes and goes at the will of the Creator in accordance with the soul. So the question of withholding the water or nutrition from one who is physically dependent on these through artificial means puts certain humans in the position of the Creator. It creates anguish for the family who has to make the choices. It makes one wonder what life is really about. So I say to you, beloveds, that we in the Light Realms provide great assistance to those such as this beloved person. Life is a gift. Appreciate it. Know that whatever lessons you are learning through this case contribute to the awakening consciousness of your society. Please take this one to heart. There is no right or wrong about whether to deliver sustenance or liquids to one in a vegetative state. The Creator does not judge but you might want to look deeply into the impact that such mechanisms create for all of humanity. I pray for mercy for all of you. I am Mary in loving service to the Light and to humanity.


The continual Earth changes keep reminding us that we are not in a status quo situation. Expect that these will affect each one of us closely. Our own back yards could be impacted if a super volcano like Yellowstone or the Toba super volcano in Sumatra explodes. According to a vulcanologist supervolcanos are the greatest hazard to the Earth except for asteroids plowing into the Earth. They could spew sulfuric acid and circulate volcanic ash all around the planet. This would make the atmosphere warmer and the weather cooler closer to the Earth thereby making it challenging to grow crops.


Today we also have a solar eclipse. Since we only have two solar eclipses a year this one is important. I understand this particular type of eclipse is called a “hybrid”. They only occur once every 18 years.  Astrologers say it is time for us to slow down. It might be good to stay close to home on this day. Do not push it.



This week has been rather strange emotionally for some of us. I have a feeling that we could be getting ready for another big earth change. Maybe with our sensitivies we are simply feeling the grief of the Pope’s death.


A Channeled Message From Mira of The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira.

I speak to you today with love in my heart from your friends and family in the Pleiadian Star System. We are aware of your turbulent times and have reminded you that we are with you spreading our energies of Light as the Earth proceeds through the times of change.


It is important for you to take a look at your life. What is of value and purpose? Are you accomplishing your mission? What material things are most important to you? What would you take with you in an emergency? Where would you go? Who would you want to be with? Are you connecting with spiritual family? Do you have back-up plans? How well do you trust your guidance?


I am asking you these basic questions today because you might want to think about them. You might need to make quick choices for yourself in the event of an emergency. This is not to alarm you but to let you know that the Earth changes are accelerating along with your expanding consciousness. There are many comforts that you take for granted that could change in the future.


We look into your future and see that you will have many adjustments and adaptations to make. Some of the mechanisms that you depend upon may change and you will need to be resourceful. You will probably not like it much at first but you will see that you can live simply and manage well.


The root of your life style has been comfort and ease. A lot of you have given up many of the time consuming chores like cooking and cleaning, only to discover that you have filled up that time with commuting, computers, and jobs with long hours. Many of you have lost perspective and sense of community. Too many of you have become isolated and feel that you have to do everything alone.


This is going to change in the future. You will be in community and will discover that you cannot make it well without assisting each other. You are already beginning to connect with spiritual family so you will be drawn to each other as necessary. You will find that no amount of money will buy your way to the support that you need. It will become apparent that you will need to connect with each other for survival. The means that you have relied upon in the past will become disrupted for a variety of reasons. Most of this will be from the Earth changes.


Your communication methods will also change. This means that getting back to basics is what you will do. You might want to hone up on your telepathy for this will be important on many levels. It is the way that higher consciousness life communicates and since you are rising in your consciousness you will follow suit.


Your transportation means could also become basic. You might need to use your own two feet or the assistance of a four-legged friend, like a horse. This will only be temporary for new forms of technological assistance will come to you.


All of these changes will create a closer connection with the Earth and this is what needs to be regained. Much of humanity is out of touch with the Earth. The situations that will occur will require and build a new respect. The power of the Earth is profound and you will believe it to be so.


The time of increased technology that much of Earth has manifested was supposed to be a time for leisure and spiritual pursuits. This was the higher rational behind the so-called extra time. Instead you can see that what is happening throughout the world and even your underdeveloped countries. There is a push for greater materialism and usurpation of the Earth’s resources. How much will be enough and when will it stop?


From the Pleidian perspective we have no lack. We always have whatever we need. We do not have illness or disease. We have no need for drugs. We do not own anything for everything is shared. We receive from the ever-flowing generosity of the Creator. We spend our time following our path. We fulfill our life’s missions. We live in community. We play and produce from the soul of life.


We are free from worry. Fear is non-existent. Fear is something that exists on Earth and is an example of lower consciousness energies. We still work through life issues with the assistance of well-trained counselors and helpers. Anger is not an issue. What we focus upon in our lives is how we can manifest our greater purpose. We have huge projects in comparison with Earthly existence. Our projects involve other planetary systems and have far reaching implications for technological advancement. It all hinges on consciousness and creative collaboration.


Art and beauty are focal points of our society. We are in harmony with nature and learn as much from it as we do from each other. Life learning is our goal to fulfill our soul’s desire for growth. We live in accordance with divine laws. There is always more to learn and much to be explored.


The development of our communities revolves around common purpose. Each community works together for the highest good for all. The ego is non-existent. Each person uses his or her gifts and abilities to contribute for the common purpose. It is creative and insightful to see how we all work together. We will be teaching you these principles when we have contact with you. Right now we will put them in words so that you can prepare. We are giving you advance notice that you will be loved and will love your new way of life.


As the Earth changes and you change we will support and nourish you along the way. We ask that you see the monumental and pivotal process in which you are involved. It is not about fear of change it is about embracing change. It is not about fear of life but about love of life. It is not about fear of the Earth but love and respect of the Earth. The planet is moving forward with your loving regard. Her pathway is set. You are the ones who can choose to jump on the bandwagon.


If the way is clear and the pathway is set than you have nothing to fear. This is because you must trust in the Creator’s intelligence to lead the way for all of life on the Earth to make the shift. Consciousness is the way. The heart will lead you as you learn to let go of the past and to be in the present exciting now.


I am Mira and I am pleased to speak with you today. I love you and encourage you on your pathway.


The Way is Clear


The way is clear
The path is set.
Stand in line.
Place your bet.


Trust in your self.

Trust in God.

Let your guidance reflect

That God is in charge.


News from above,

News from below,

The old earthly ways

Will have to go.


Let go of the old.

Make way for the new.

You will like it better.

You’ll be happy through and through.


The way is clear.

The path is set.

The plan is divine.

Place your bet.


© 2005 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

Ground crew, we are getting the changes that we have long anticipated. It is imperative that you meditate regularly so that you can remain in touch with your guidance and stay grounded, balanece and centered. I think we are on our acceleartaed journey now towards higher consciousness. Let us do all that we can to prepare and assist others. We are clearly being assisted greatly and will continue to be even more as things progresss.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
She is available for personal sessions and can be reached in the following ways:
866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.) or 925-287-8976
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-5705

© 2005 The Ground Crew

Why Meditate?

Meditate because meditation improves every area and every part of your life.

Meditate because it is good for you.

Meditate because it will fulfill you.

Meditate because you need to find your purpose for this lifetime.

Meditate so you can gain the higher knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.

Meditate so you can offer knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment to others.

Meditate so you can become compatible to your Creator.

Meditate so you may enter the inner levels of consciousness with awareness.

Meditate so that you may overcome sadness, depression, anger, greed, jealous, envy, resentment, hatred, insecurity, and low Self worth.

Meditate because it is the most fulfilling, rewarding, thing you can do. In meditation you may experience love and you will be filled with Light.

Meditate so that each day will go well for you.

Meditate so that each day you will feel and be centered and aligned.

Meditate so you will be a better husband, wife, mother, father, partner, boss, child, employee, etc.

Meditate so you will be a better friend.

Meditate so you may form deeper friendships.

Meditate so you may know God.

Meditate so you may experience the Creator.

Meditate so you will expand your consciousness.

Meditate so you will be happy.

Meditate because change is the greatest competence one can acquire.

Meditate to enable yourself to change and grow easily.* 

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meditate so that you can heal your self.**

Meditate to youthen and re-energize every cell in the body.

Meditate to find peace within.

Meditate to use the many gifts and talents that you were given.

Meditate to help change the consciousness of the planet.

Meditate to know that you are more than the physical body and five senses.

Meditate to raise your energy and block negativity around you.

Meditate for greater clarity and focus.

Meditate so that you can feel the connection with all of life.

Meditate so that you can achieve more in your day.

Meditate to do something for yourself that only you can give yourself.


*From the book “Superconscious Meditation” by Daniel R. Condron

**Copyright 2005 Valerie Donner



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