Message from Valerie Donner - May 16, 2005
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How you do determine what is going on in your life with all of the new and strange energies? It seems like nothing is working the way it used to work. Have you noticed unpredictability and the need to go with the flow is stronger than ever? It makes you take notice of your life. You must ponder the consequences of what your choices might be prior to simply going in the same old direction.

Indeed this is a re-routing time. It is a time for the old energies to fall by the wayside and for the new energies to take hold. This is what might be making you feel less sure-footed than normal. Although it is clear what is happening it is also obvious that we each need to have clear intentions with every choice we make. We may know potential outcomes but we may even choose to ignore them and take the consequences. Oh well, it is all an experience one way or the other.

The predominant factor is that the consequences might be more serious than before. When the Earth is moving and shaking to the extent that she is these days, you must follow your guidance to the tee. Using your intuition is crucial now. You cannot ignore it.

Your dreams are most likely speaking to you directly too. It seems that the dream state is speeding up because we need all of the help that we can get. Clarity is needed for your pathway so you will have many opportunities to figure it out. Then the choices must be made.

Physically you may have found yourself challenged. Lately we have had an abundance of solar activity with M-class flares that come from sunspots. These flares have been active for over a week now. They affect the jet streams and bring severe weather patterns. We have also had geomagnetic storms. Since they are magnetic and we are too, they not only affect the Earth but we feel them as well. Sometimes you might feel foggy headed and forgetful. You might have a hard time staying in the body. You may feel sleepy or lazy. All of this is from our body’s attempt to integrate the new energies. It also explains why everything thing might seem so unreal.

Some of you may even be experiencing weird pain or discomfort in the body. Some of this might be moving through the body’s cellular memory from past lives. Remember we are clearing past energies too. Know that your body can heal itself so you do not need to run off to the doctor every time you feel a new health challenge. Trust the process the body is moving through.

It is my intention to have up-to-the-minute information on this website about the solar activity as well as the geomagnetic activity. It is updated every 10 minutes so you can check regularly to see if there is a correlation with these activities and how you are feeling. I believe there is a direct connection, which will explain much of what is going on with you as well as the Earth.

Previously, I have recommended as another good source of this information. is another interesting website that covers a lot of information. It is important to stay well informed. It will help keep you well and will assist you in these times of change.

You might now ask what do we do with these new energies? How do we take the best care of ourselves possible with such new and strange challenges? I ask the ground crew to offer suggestions too and I will share with all of you ( These are a few suggestions I think might help:


  • Get as much rest as possible.
  • Realize that your sensitivity is increasing so pay close attention to where you go, what you do and whom you are around.
  • Do your inner work—write, read, cry, laugh, let go and forgive and forget whatever is holding you back.
  • Practice yoga and deep relaxation. The relaxation allows the body to rest and heal.
  • Seek counsel and assistance from others who can help you.
  • Make new choices if you are not happy in your life.
  • Take responsibility for your life.
  • Stop giving away your power.
  • Use your creativity.
  • Make some new affirmations for what you want in your life.
  • Meditate and pray.
  • Breathe in and merge with the energies that are coming in. Resistance will make these changes more challenging.
  • Know when you are resisting. Resistance is normal because humans do not like to change.
  • Join meditation groups and be with other Lightworkers.
  • Be in nature as much as possible.
  • Always remember to eat well, drink lots of water, and exercise.
  • Laugh and have fun.
  • Be with people with whom you resonate.
  • Be willing to take some risks to have what you want.
  • Rise above the fear and the chaos to find your inner peace.
  • Work with the Light Realms for solace and healing. They will help you understand what is happening within which will assist you with your life.
  • Pay attention to everything that is happening within you and around you. These are the signs that will carry you through.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Feed your soul (even if it needs chocolate).

Some of you may be called to move to other geographic locations. This is a part of the process of change. Your guidance will tell you where and when so do not be afraid if the signal has not occurred yet. You may be fine right where you are and not have to move.

I think we need to be prepared because it might be necessary for us to move. We do not have to know all of the details for there is a plan and we will be taken care of well.


Have any of you dreamed about dying lately?  I dreamed I died because I was afraid of the earth changes. After the dream I realized I was not afraid of dying so why should I be afraid of earth changes?  We have all died many times before. We know our bodies are temporal but the soul is eternal. The fear of dying might be coming up for some of you too. I told God in my dream that I wanted to stay here. I know there is a lot for the Lightworkers to do. I want to be here to do it.


A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner
Through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the Pleiadian High Council.


Your planet is in the midst of the energies of the unspoken. These represent a calling that has never before come to the Earth. They bring assistance and change, challenge and upheaval. They are unspoken only because they are unknown.  Much of the unspoken energies come from human thought forms of negativity and fear that have created a collaborative effect with a direct impact upon the Earth and all of life.


We feel the effects here. From our vantage point your planet is swirling with these forms of energy. They deposit an almost corrosive form leading to the density some of you are feeling. You feel you are walking in slow motion or outer space. This is what you are doing in certain ways. The density is an outer casing which must be peeled away.


We write about these to tell you what to expect. They will continue to mirror the journey of the Earth. She is ready to burst apart inside yet she will only do this gradually. She wants to be free just as much as you want your freedom. You see there are different times lines merging together. For instance, you have one time line that takes away your freedom and another that gives it back. This is why you are on the Earth. You will make sure the Earth and those who choose this course will become free. You are working with the freedom time line.


The Earth is powerful. You know this already. You are aware she has many natural resources with the means to purge and cleanse. She will use all of them. She has been crying rivers of tears with the rain and floods in certain parts of the world. She cries with love and pain. She cries with hope and joy. She cries because she has lost touch with many of you and because you have lost touch with her. She cries because she is tired. She cries because she is ready. She cries because she is cleansing her soul. She cries so you can cleanse yours. She cries to release the energies coming to her. She cries with strain. She cries so you can see things clearly. She cries to wash away the density. She cries to feed the flowers, plants and trees to show her beauty. She cries because it is necessary.


In places of drought the Earth catches your attention. She shows you her water is a gift and blessing not to be taken for granted. She is not to be discounted or taken for granted like in the past. She makes you hunger for her and appreciate her gift of water. The only necessity is you notice. Accommodations will be made.


She whimpers from the loss of her vital blood, the oil running through her veins. She has generously allowed the use of her blood, which is running thin. There is a limit to her patience. You are beginning to see this now.


She spumes lava to purify and sanctify. She proves her power with fire and molten lava. She quakes and moves earth to match her desire for change. She wants to renew herself. The sun and the moon, the winds, storms and waves, assist her. She is making waves. Pay attention. There is more to come.


Every planet is lined up and affects the Earth as the Earth affects the planets. This includes the Pleiades. We are greatly involved with this transformation. Even the Earth’s geographic location within your solar system will change. It is all in the stars waiting to be seen. Your astrologers will be surprised.


Whatever is bottled up will be released. Can you understand this is happening now? It is happening within the Earth and within you. There is a release occurring on many levels. The birthing continues. The contractions move with each breath. The Earth is birthing much beauty.


Do not be afraid. We are with you. We will show you the way. We will guide you and support you. You will be pleased we are standing by along with many others. What will make the difference? Your fluidity and acceptance will make a difference. Your acknowledgement of us as your space family will give us greater access to you. Reach with your eyes to the skies. We are a spectacle and you will be a part of it.


Soon there will be an influx of the carpet of Light. We await your welcome. We know there will be a joyful reunion when we can claim our own again. You will remember and we will dance in celebration of this time.


I am Mira in service to the Light and in celebration of the Earth and the Pleiades.


Reach For The Stars

Reach for the stars.

It is where we are.

We live by the Light.

We don’t need a car.


We know and love Earth.

We are related as well.

We will help you create your heaven

And to get out of what isn’t so swell.


We are a part of the sky

And a part of the Earth.

We have journeyed together

And have given birth.


We love the Light

And beauty too.

These are things

That we love as you.


We have made it our part

To encourage and enliven

Those of you on Earth

Who are divinely driven.


We are available to the eyes

For all to see.

We look like you

And you look like we.


If you look to the stars

You will know it is easy,

To seek our counsel

And to not get wheezy.


We are one

In the name of the Light.

Our ships visit you

In the middle of the night.


If you look to the skies

You might see us soon.

We will gather together

By the Light of the moon.

© 2005 The Ground Crew

In Conclusion

The energies of this particular day are active with the M-class flares from the sun and another geomagnetic storm. It has made it a little different for me to write to you. I had a silly margin problem I could not correct. Isn’t that funny? This is the first time I created a problem like this in all of my writings. Oh well.  I will practice some of my suggestions and hope you do too.


One of the things I am doing this summer will be another “Heart of the Mountain Retreat” at Mount Shasta. I am excited about being in nature with those of you who would love to meet me at the mountain. We will have a wonderful time. Please see the flier below.


Stay grounded, centered and peaceful, ground crew. This is your job. We are definitely in the times of profound change. As we learn let us share together so we can weave our web of Light in unity and strength.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
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