Message from Valerie Donner - June 16, 2005
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew,

Let me tell you how beautiful it has been here in the San Francisco bay area! We have had an influx of butterflies off and on for the past few weeks. I have never seen so many butterflies in my whole life. They are different and look lovely when they rest on a flower. We have many flowers here too from all of the rain. It is almost summer time so we have had nice warm weather. We thought it was summer but we are still having bouts of misty rain.


As I look at what nature is showing us I get a sense of how beautiful the Earth will be as we continue our cleansing. Butterflies represent transformation so clearly we are in a period of transformation. Maybe some of us are resistant to the changes the Earth is showing us but to me she is presenting a preview of the beautiful planet she is becoming.

Hold the Light, ground crew, for our glorious new planet. It will be beautiful beyond description.


You too are becoming lighter and brighter, beautiful beyond description. You are becoming more crystalline and your Light bodies are developing. Your hearts are feeling more love.  You can now connect with the Creator in a closer manner. You are becoming observers of the old way of being and pioneers of the new frontier of the new Earth. Yes, if you think of yourselves as pioneers ushering in the new Earth you will let the laborious part of your accession seem exciting and interesting.


Have you noticed as you bounce back and forth between the third and the fourth dimensions that you simply want to “be” more than “do”? I look at my cat and see him doing this and wonder why can’t we just “be”. Being seems so much more natural than doing. We can learn from the animals. You don’t see them making lists and running all over the place to accomplish in their daily lives. They already know who they are and we have yet to discover what they already know. It seems so easy.


As a meditation teacher I ask my students questions about meditation. The other day I asked them why they think more people don’t meditate. There were some interesting answers like: People think you are weird. People are too busy. My mind is too busy. My kids bother me when I want to meditate. The list was endless. Then someone mentioned that people are afraid of knowing what is inside of them. This sounded honest to me.


The whole process of life is about getting to know who you are and then coming back to realize you are God. I heard Archangel Gabriel known as Benu ( say the other day that the Earth does not really revolve around the sun. He explained that the sun is a projection of the Great Central Sun (the Creator) and that basically we all revolve around God. Think of that! We are all like atoms in the Creator’s body being different expressions of Creation!  Our scientists cannot see this far yet but I am sure there many spiritual scientists on the planet who will figure it out if they have not all ready.


The other day in meditation I asked Spirit how I could be of greater service. Spirit told me to heal my fears. We have talked about how endemic fear is on the Earth today—more than ever before. I determined this is one way I could serve by clearing my fears. I have been working on this as a practice—breathing in love and Light and exhaling fear. In simply doing this process a shift has happened. I feel as though I am conquering something that has been holding me back. It feels much better to dwell in love not fear. Try it and see what you can clear. This is a big part of our work as we make our ascension. Think about how fears (false experiences appearing real) hold you back. If we are all revolving around God, and we are God, why do we let the fear bug bite us? It is all an illusion but familiar.


The energies we are experiencing now are intense. In California we had a 7.2 earthquake on the 14th of June in Northern California about 150 miles from the coast. Today there was a 5.3 in central Los Angeles. With the emotional energies many of us are feeling there could be other events about to occur. We are one with the Earth so the release she is expressing is what we are doing also. Cry and laugh as needed because this is part of your healing process.


Yesterday a Lightworker friend made her transition. She lived in Sedona, Arizona and was only 57. She became ill about three months ago when they found cancer. In a deep prayer with her husband yesterday morning we released beloved Sheila to God for the highest good. About six hours later she passed.


I always feel a loss when someone transitions. I know it was her truth. I believe Sheila felt she could do more on the other side, yet when Lightworkers leave I feel they leave and empty gap for the rest of us to fill. I simply expect Lightworkers to remain on the Earth for the ascension. Some will do their ascension on the other side. I hope we all stick together, ground crew. We have lots of work to do. Please get help if you need it. Ask other Lightworkers to help you. Get on your pathway and live your truth for it is in living your truth and doing what you came here to do that you will find soul satisfaction.

If you think you do not have any choices about this then you are limiting your self.


It is tragic that financial issues plague most of humanity. The other day a Lightworker friend who has been trying to get work and also fulfill her life purpose, told me she would keep trying to make money but if unsuccessful she would just kill herself when her money ran out. Another psychic told me she had a woman in her early 70’s ask her how she could commit suicide without anyone knowing when her money ran out.


We did not come on the planet to simply make money. We came here to be of service and to find our calling. The travesty is that most of humanity is not doing what they came here to do. Most of humanity is doing things for money.


About 13 years ago I cut the corporate umbilical cord after many years in the business world. Since then I have not had a regular job and have had to face financial challenges that are not for the faint hearted.  The soul satisfaction I have from following my heart, passion, interest and meaning has been rewarding. It outweighs any job title I ever had, bonus or salary. I realized all flow comes from God, not a person, employer, bank account, or thing. If you need money it can fall from the sky and land right in front of you. Prime Source is the source.


As you reach to the sky, and into your heart, there at the core you will find your truth. It is a process of listening. It is a process. The energy is there for this _expression. Get the courage to listen, take responsibility for your life choices, find your passion and move past the fear into the realm of unlimited possibilities.


The planet needs awakened Lightworkers. We need you now. If you are happy doing what you came here to do you will be fulfilling your contract. The ascension process will be part of the flow of your life. By serving you will be present in your work and not in such a hurry for life to shift. You will be the shift.




Look to the flowers

Or right in front of you.

If you are lucky

You will see a most beautiful sight.

You will catch the wings

Of a butterfly in flight.

The colors and patterns

Are different and pretty.

As they dabble in the flowers

And get all glittery.

If you touch their wings

They will leave a mark.

It might be on your fingers

But mostly in you heart.

They are a spiritual signature

Of love at its finest.

They are foretelling us

The Earth will be the sublimest.

© 2005 The Ground Crew


A Message From Mira, From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie DonnerJune 16, 2005

Greetings, I am Mira speaking to you today from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to have this ability to speak with you and to spur you on in your process of adaptation and ascension on the Earth.


We are friendly and loving counterparts to the Earth. We are a part of your DNA. At some point you will remember in your hearts the lovely star system of the Pleiades as part of your origination. You will feel the stream of love coming from us. You will know the appropriateness of the moment and how the pieces fit together to make you.


What makes us happy here is to be of service. We are pleased to assist other planets with their ascension. We made ours a long time ago. We are of a higher frequency than the Earth but little does that matter when it comes to our work. We can work at whatever level is appropriate. All that has to happen is for the receivers to be open much like your phone lines. The channels get cleared and here we are having a conversation.


What we want to tell you today is how we view the current events on the Earth. We want you to be optimistic about things even though at times the events surrounding you might appear bleak. We can see what the future portends while you get yourselves immersed in the density. We see what is occurring from a Light perspective so that is how we want you to see it as much as possible.


There are new and necessary gateways that have opened and are continuing to open on your planet. These gateways let in energies directly from the Creator. There has been a powerful influx of these energies in the past two months with more on the way. Because these energies are of the ascension quality they feel different. There is an inner knowingness that things are not the way they used to be. This is certainly part of the ascension. Filtering through these gateways are patterns for removal of the old force energies of fear and control. These are the frequencies of freedom. They allow the soul to draw from the pure Source energy so the soul’s evolution can be expressed. This is one explanation for why you have been feeling off balance. It also explains the push for the soul’s purpose and destiny.


Pure Source energies are powerful and invigorating. They take a balancing effect as they ebb and flow to new heights. The physical body remains a conduit for these energies so when they are coming and the resistance is there rest is a necessary part of it. Your physical side effects are constantly being observed because of the nature of this process. It is a new one for us, as most of you know. Your situation is complex for usually when a planet ascends life is not on the planet. The better you care for the physical vehicle the more energies can be sent to you and the Earth. This will hasten the ascension process.


The placement of the particles of Light that are coming do best when they can find receptive cells. The intelligence of your cells is smarter than your mental intelligence, at least your cells know what is better for them than your mind, at times. You get your emotional bodies in the way and this can cloud the new cellular patterns, particularly if you continue to consume foods and substances that interfere with the Light absorption process.


We recommend you become more discriminating about what you put into your bodies. They are sensitive and responsive to everything now. The frequencies are slowed down when the cells are faced with toxin removal and Light influx simultaneously. Let your consciousness and your body be your guide not your mind and your emotions. They have led you astray in the past. Become aware of how you feel when you fiddle around with things you know are not good for you.


To best absorb the Light particles find time to connect with the Creator so you have direct contact. Get it straight from the Source and stay attuned as much as possible throughout the day. This will help keep the emotions on even keel and so you can stay focused. It is all about staying focused on the Light anyway, isn’t it?


From our perspective you are progressing well. The wheel keeps turning and so do you. There are starts and stoppage points so you can feel jagged at times. Know the wheel will keep turning from the largest to the smallest, as above and so below. Resistance will make you feel flat, as if you are falling on your face. When you embrace the Light in every way possible you are making way for the ascension process.


The Earth is the big wheel with directions from the Source of all. It is a privilege to be a part of the evolution from here and everywhere. We applaud you for your perseverance and forbearance, for indeed your circumstances can be challenging. You are the catalysts and transducers of the Light. Embrace your jobs and let your expertise shine. We are with you and love you in the oneness.


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


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In Conclusion

We are blessed to be a part of this ascension process. Our work is needed more than ever. Our jobs are to transduce the Light and to assist the Earth and our selves as we go Home. Working with the Light is part of fulfilling our destiny.


Let us work together as we receive help from all of Creation. It is such a beautiful time on the Earth and can only become even more beautiful.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive healer/reader, channel, writer and poet. Valerie has meditated twice a day for over 30 years. She worked in the corporate world for many years so she understands what it is like to be in the business world as well as being on the spiritual pathway. In her work she goes deeply to the heart and soul level where true healing is needed and given.
She is available for personal sessions and can be reached in the following ways:
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