Message from Valerie Donner - July 23, 2005
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew,

Well, here I am, back straight from the heart of Mount Shasta. We had a fabulous time on our retreat. I am sure you were there in spirit. Being in nature, the creeks, lakes and drinking the waters from the mountain were healing. We watched the heat melt the mountain snow that remained from late snowstorms. We gathered in sacred places to discuss Lemuria and to receive teachings from Louise Jones, author of the two Telos books. (Telos is the city underneath Mount Shasta left over from Lemuria). We went to Panther Meadows (a sacred spot on the mountain named after St. Germain because he was seen there with a black panther on each side of him.) We saw perhaps the first little cluster of wildflowers as the melting snow was releasing the radiant new forms of life waiting to be fed by the sun. We bathed in the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs. I channeled Kuthumi for an hour and a half as we rested next to a noisy creek near powerful waterfalls on the Mc Cloud River. Kuthumi explained much of what is going on with the Earth and answered personal questions. We were activated too by Nan Olson’s crystal kingdom. We were blessed in so many ways.


Our group turned out to be seven amazing women who all got along well during our four days together. We have some wondrous members of the ground crew and I want to thank them all for their participation in the retreat: Rose, Dorothy, Denise L. and Denise D., Mickey, Jaime, and Terry. Let’s gather together again.


During these challenging and chaotic times, nature is the healer and the curer. If you get out in nature it will make the energies softer on you. I noticed we had an M-Class solar flare that hit the Earth last Friday or Saturday. Usually these flares knock me flat but the mountain and nature made it smoother. These flares affect our electromagnetic fields and also create the intense weather patterns we are having worldwide. There is a lot happening with the sun. The sun is facilitating the shift that we are experiencing. All of nature and the planets are working together to harmonize the Earth. It seems like we have a long way to go but we are making progress. (Please note that at the beginning of this website we now have updated information every ten minutes about the solar activity and the geomagnetic activity. Scroll down a little and you will find it. Many thanks to our Webmaster Linda for installing this information on our site.)


These are the times of the final battle between the dark and the Light. By sending divine illumination to the dark you can help dispel some of the darkness. This is part of the Lightworkers’ job. How often have you observed situations on the planet that seem almost insurmountable? Whether it is terrorist activities that get you down or your own personal situation, you must work with the energies to transmute them within and on the planet. When you remember the Higher Power is in charge you will not get embroiled in helplessness or disempowerment.


We have many tools to shift the darkness. The use of prayer is powerful. Praying for how you want things to be and turning it over to the Higher Power brings significant results. Working with the Light Realms, Archangels, Masters, Angels and powerful helpers you will find things shifting in ways you could not have imagined. The universal energies only need you to tap into them and there you are—situations are resolved with ease and grace. You only need to ask. Know your guides and helpers are there to assist. They need you to ask and also to be grateful when you are asking. Since time does not exist in the higher dimensions you can have instantaneous results. Trust and know that all will be resolved.


This is the clean up time. It is when we clear our own matrixes. The matrix is the soul’s original blueprint when it was first created by Prime Source. Clearing the matrix takes us to our own individual zero points. You will know when you reach this when you don’t hang onto anything anymore. You let go and remain in the now moment as much as possible in the third dimension.


I did a Mother Mary Channeling on July 1. She spoke mostly of our homecoming but she also discussed grace. I hope you enjoy what she says.


What Mother Mary Said About Grace Through Valerie Donner, July 1, 2005


You live, beloveds in a state of grace. You are supported 100 percent by the Light Realms and all of your Angels, Guides and Masters, your teachers, and everybody of the Light. Of course, your Creator supports you first and foremost.


You might think of grace and all your magnificent aspects, of having this sweet energy around you like a fluffy pink cloud of love and radiant blessings. It is malleable. What it does is it fits right in wherever you need it. It is a very cushy feeling like the cushion of creation. That’s what grace is. You are floating on the cushion of creation.


So it fills in wherever it is needed. It has an energy and intelligence all of its own. It is part of the goodness and the love of the Creator. Think of grace as a soft pillow that you place your head upon when you go to sleep at night. Think of grace as the arm that touches you and braces your fall. Think of grace as everything that supports you, every hair on your head, the skin, the bones, the whole configuration of the physical form, the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the water you drink. Think of grace as the chairs upon which you sit; think of the grace of God’s cushion of love that enfolds you. Grace is what will lead you home, beloveds.


It is not something to be taken for granted. It is something to be acknowledged, to be grateful for everyday for all the functioning parts of the physical form, just like your automobiles, beloveds. They carry you wherever you need to go in a state of grace. It is just like your physical bodies. This energy of grace, of love, is the cement, the glue that holds every cell together in the body, every thought the brain makes, every touch; it is so beautiful, alive and precious.


When you link your greatest heart’s desire to go back home to be with your Creator, you must also link grace along with it. Think of the grace of who you are in all the different forms and all the various places that you have been in this lifetime. All of the lives you have touched and all of the lives that have touched you are all grace, beloveds. The blood that flows in your veins that circulates, oxygenates, purifies, cleanses and keeps the body flowing in all its various functions is a state of grace.


So you know when you have mechanical troubles with your vehicles or physical challenges with your bodies, grace is always there. When these things happen and fall out of balance it is time for you to recollect your awareness of the state of grace that you take for granted. Every day you know the air will be there, the water will be there; the body will function usually in an optimal state at least. Your cars function most of the time. Occasionally you have to do something with them to assist them to support your state of grace.


The consciousness, love and creation of the inner workings and the outer workings of life are profound indeed. As a reminder on your pathway home pay attention to every particle of grace, every aspect that you can begin to think of that supports your physical functioning in this incarnation. You have a lovely song about grace, “Amazing Grace” and how sweet it is. Beloveds, you are amazing and you live in this beautiful state of grace from the point of conception to the point of departure. It is all a state of grace. Your planet stays intact and functions in the same form and it is amazing, astounding, beautiful and profound beyond words. Yet, let your awareness be more attuned, please beloveds, to what grace is and what it does for you.


. . . When you listen within you will comprehend the vastness, the creativity, love, grace and healing that sustains you. It is a matter of listening within to the heart that appreciates all that is done to support a physical embodiment in an incarnation. Beloveds, if you were just to reflect upon what it takes to bring you one bite of food that you take in everyday or how creation works together to support and sustain life, you would be in awe indeed. Every bite is grace, every breath, every thought—even the ability to think, to speak, to sit in the chairs in which you now find yourself is all a part of the mystery of creation.


Ponder the magic of life and the mystery of creation by not taking things for so much granted and you will also find yourself also coming closer to your homecoming. Appreciate the beauty and value of who you are as the most exemplary design the Creator could find. Think about all of the unified efforts it takes from your beloved Mother Earth to support every life form on this planet and you will know what grace is. And you will know what creation is about. Understand it with your hearts and allow that love and that grace to flow to you and through you in all ways.


I wanted to bring this gift of love to you tonight, beloveds so you could find greater fulfillment and love in your lives right now just the way they are. The gift of life is grace and there is much more to it and someday we will go into deeper meaning of it all.


I am Mary in divine love and grace.



A Message From Mira, From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner July 23, 2005

Greetings, Beloveds, I am Mira. I come to you from the Pleiadian High Council of Light. We greet you and are here to instill even more hope for you as to the status of your planet and how everything is coming together for your ascension. We monitor this status constantly and pull together the most experienced within our realms to assure that all is going well.


You might wonder how we could consider things going well when it appears on the surface that you are bathed in darkness. Let me remind you that what you see on the surface is not what is truth. It is simply a part of the illusion of the third dimension in which you find yourselves caught up. If you focus on the fear and drama you will be distracted from the Light, your true pathway. If you know that these scenes are created like a bad movie you will change the channel. Why would you want to continue to imprint upon your mind the negativity of how things seem to be falling apart when in fact they are beginning to come together? It is all a matter of focus.


What is good or bad is simply a matter of focus. How could something that seems so dark and bad in the earthly scheme of things be serving? Well it is serving because it is drawing you together. We see humans banning together in global ways that we have never seen before. Your global communications are serving this well. You are sorting through the lies and deceit. You are awakening faster than could ever have been imagined. You are expanding at frightening speeds for your darker forces. They are shrinking in the Light and you are expanding.


Even as the dark ones are continuing to conspire to maintain their stronghold they are losing territory. They are losing it within their own ranks. They may think that having massive amounts of money will protect them but they are wrong. Their old tricks are no longer working. They are actually trying to pull all the stops but they are running out of choices. Their desires to penetrate the planet with fear to maintain the seeming stronghold

are becoming futile. Why is this—because the forces of Light are a battalion beyond words. The forces of Light of which you are a part are the foundation for the planet’s ascension. The Lightworkers are regaining their sense of who they are. They are reclaiming their masterful gifts and are using them. They are taking their power back and it is true power.


Mastery is meaning and meaning is mastery. This is what you are coming into, beloveds, you are coming into your mastery and you are meeting us along the way. When you are in your mastery fear slips away and you have faith and trust in your ability to do whatever is necessary to stay on your path. Yours is a pathway of Light. We intermingle our Light with yours and we have power. This is what you are doing. Nothing can interfere with this once it has set its course. This is the course on which you now find yourselves. We are not doing this alone, of course. We are doing this in the full cooperation with other planetary systems, the Light Realms, and the Creator. You have endured long enough now, beloveds, and you and your Earth are freeing yourselves for your way home.


We await you and participate in the divine intervention in which you now find yourselves. This is a time of reconciliation and joyful announcement.





The Bright Tree of Life
by Valerie Donner

Like the branches of a tree

When the roots fall apart,

The leaves begin to tumble

And the tree begins to rot.

The forces of darkness

Are losing their strength.

When they made their stretches before

They no longer have their length.

What seems so towering and formidable

Is shivering in the grove.

They can’t continue to rumble

Without a bit of love.

The burrowing of darkness

Digs a deeper and deeper hole.

It cannot find the sharpness

And is losing its darker role.

We are planting seeds

Of new roots and life

That nurture growth

And take away the strife.

Each and every blossom

On the tree of life

Have purpose, Light and meaning

For sustenance that is rife.

With love and blessings,

Light and sun,

The Earth and her people

Will make their ascension.


© 2005 The Ground Crew


In Conclusion

We are in exciting times. The higher perspective is encouraging and I hope we pay attention to it. We need this perspective to keep us afloat. We need each other to figure out the puzzle and to not get caught up in the illusion. We have much to be grateful for, each other, the Earth, the Light Realms, the channeled information that keeps us informed of the bigger picture and the energies from The Creator. We are working in sync and must remember this is part of the divine plan for Earth’s ascension. Please stay attuned, ground crew. You are the best.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, reader, teacher, speaker and channel. Her work is deeply at the heart and soul level. In addition to being an intuitive healer and energy workers, she assists clients in getting in touch with the inner child as well as shifting issues with relationships, life purpose, and core issues.
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