Message from Valerie Donner - September 27, 2005
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Dear Ground Crew,

The world is a different place since I wrote my last update. Two major hurricanes later here in the U.S. make it clear we are in the throes of the Earth changes. These changes are combined with major solar flares that continued for about ten straight days earlier this month. There were many other changes throughout the world. So what can we do?


We must find peace within the center of the storm. Staying free from fear and allowing the changes are a must. I found last week prior to hurricane Rita that I needed my deep meditations with the Creator and the Earth. I merged with them both in my heart. I received love and peace. The Earth also spoke to me. She said, “We are her guests. We do not own any piece of her although we have thought otherwise. We have greedily bought up her land. We have disrespected her and polluted her. Now she is showing us how powerful she can be.” (You know she could cleanse herself in a matter of a few hours but that would destroy all of life. Therefore she is doing her cleansing in stages. We are still in the early stages of the Earth changes.) She told me “she is tired of us using her blood (oil) for energy.” (It was never intended for oil to be used for energy; it was intended to lubricate Earth’s tectonic plates. It is exactly this use that has weakened the plates and created the potential for earthquakes especially along the Earth’s coastal areas.)   The Earth also told me she is “happy that she has begun her cleansing. She is relieved of some of the toxins that have been building up and causing energy blockages for her.”


Many have been feeling fatigue, especially last week. I believe this is due to our work on the other side in the dream state. We are working with people in the southern U.S. where the hurricanes were. We are assisting many who are leaving the planet. We are processing our own emotions including our fears and doubts. We are doing our own cleansing along with the Earth. By this I mean whatever stuck and toxic emotions that are no longer serving us are coming up for healing. We cannot take them into the higher reams.  We are healing along the with the Earth and also assisting her with her birthing process. Don’t you think we’ve been busy?


We are clearing out a lot of negative energy and making room for the higher frequencies of Light. Remember those who choose not to go along with the higher frequencies of Light will go elsewhere.


As Lightworkers many of us have been waiting for years for the Earth changes to begin. Here they are, ground crew. Although in the early stages, we are clearly in the process. The Earth has taken charge.


Some channels and other reporters have implied the dark forces have had a hand in maneuvering the weather where they want it to have the most effect. Some have even stated that the levies in New Orleans were bombed out in places so the lower level areas of the city could be cleansed and rebuilt. I believe the Earth is still in charge even if man has taken advantage of the situation. The Earth is far more powerful than what humans can arrange. If anything, I know with certainty that our prayers helped ameliorate some of the worst effects of both storms. That is true power.


Yes, there is darkness taking advantage of the situations. It is important to keep your eye on the prize and to remember who is in charge. There is a divine plan. See the bigger picture and be grateful for your part in it.


In the next few years there will be many who will find their lives inconvenienced like those from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Yet if we remember we are here as guests on the Earth at her convenience we will not let our egos be caught up in the need for adaptation. Renewal is available and necessary for all of us for the Earth. Life cannot continue to survive without this renewal.


One of our ground crew members wrote me an e-mail about the challenges she and “her circle” were having now. She mentioned they were having the “worst times of their entire lives happening now.” She revealed, “How shocking the intensity is for them, yet they realize too how strong they are.” She “wants to know why those of us who awakened decades ago are feeling so very tired, and why everything in the 3D world is becoming much harder to do.” She also said she was “feeling forgetful, depressed, and lacking funds for even basic survival.”


First, the fatigue can be attributed to several factors. We Lightworkers have been carrying the Light for the rest of the planet our entire lives and many previous lifetimes. This is a dense planet. No wonder we are tired. Right now this is a battle between the Light and the dark. The dark is afraid. We are working hard on all levels to anchor in the Light. Fortunately some others are beginning to awaken and we will be receiving some assistance from them.


The intensity we are feeling now is our soul’s remembrance of when Atlantis fell 12,000 years ago. Many of us were there and we are feeling similar energies. We even have some of the same governmental leaders. One excellent channel even said that our current President here in the U.S. was largely responsible for the fall of Atlantis. The soul remembers.


The third dimension is challenging for us to be in because many of us are spending most of our time in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Then when we get pulled back into 3D we have resistance because we like it better in the higher realms. We still have to ride out the remaining 3D energies until we are fully connected with the fourth and fifth dimensions. Enjoy the higher energies yet continue to remain in the 3rd and do what is necessary to maintain yourself here. If you are living your truth and doing what you came here to do you should find greater soul satisfaction. If you are hanging onto your 3D sense of security and survival you will be stressed because the soul wants to be in truth. You will find yourself getting messages to live your truth. This means you may need to make new choices for yourself.


The forgetfulness some are having is from the changing molecular patterns in our DNA. This affects our brains because we are taking on more Light as we become more crystalline in nature. We are changing from our carbon-based bodies to crystalline. This can also require more rest.


The depression can be from a number of reasons. It might be a result of our inner knowingness that the Earth’s ascension is long overdue. It can be from long standing issues that you have yet to resolve. Please do not disempower your self into feeling like a victim. This will be turning your powerful Light energies to the dark if you give up in despair. You must remember that we have the Legions of Light Realms working with us every step of the way. We must choose the Light. The depression could also be from empathizing with those who have been affected by the hurricanes most directly. (We are all One anyway so the entire planet has been affected.)





Whatever It Takes
by Valerie Donner

Do whatever it takes to keep the pathway of Light clear.

It will be worth it to let go of the fear.

 In the short term go with the flow.

Be grateful to be in the know.


Do whatever it takes to keep the pathway of Light clear.

Many are not like you

They have fallen in the rear.

Yet you can stay in the forefront of truth and change

Knowing your spirituality will keep you in the range.


Do whatever it takes to keep the pathway of Light clear.

What works for you

Will seem steady and near.

Your bold hearts of simplicity and compassion

Will keep you free of disaster and depression.


Do whatever it takes to keep the pathway of Light clear.

Light your way

With prayer and meditation.

Reach for like-minded others on the path

This will soften the changes of Earth’s aftermath.


Do whatever it takes to keep the pathway of Light clear.

Tell those close to you that you love them

And that you want them here.

Be true to yourself and your own inner guidance.

This is most important for your work and providence.


© 2005 The Ground Crew


A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner
September 27, 2005




I am Mira contacting you as a representative of the Pleiadian High Council. We watch over the Earth and all the changes that are now occurring. We assist as we can. We assure you that you are not alone. We constantly monitor the Earth from different angles. We are with you on all levels.


You are still recovering from the shocking hurricanes that impacted the Earth. We observed with awe as we saw how you responded to these events. Some things surprised us for our minds do not think in the lower dimensions. We see the purging and feel the planetary cleansing. We receive our own directions and instructions only intervening where the need is the most. Other planetary assistance is also given in ways that further the cleansing of the Earth. It will be quite a while before things will become a semblance of normalcy.


As you search for meaning in these challenging times you will find the greatest meaning comes from the higher spiritual knowledge and insights that come to you through these occurrences. They are intended to create expanded consciousness. They are designed to instill awareness in humanity of the importance of life itself. When the basic needs of life are brought into question the human consciousness must come to grips with its own values. Connection with others and providing assistance in whatever form is feasible becomes this norm. This connection creates empowerment and unity.


Whatever means it takes for you to discover your own creations you must come to grips with the stronghold of the past and the importance of clearing this unneeded energy. This is exactly what the Earth is forcing upon all of life. The Earth is one of your greatest teachers if you allow her messages to get through. Some of you are getting it and others will need more mirrors to awaken.


 Those of you who live in the United States have been sitting on a false cushion of security. You have taken your safety and earthly provisions for granted. Have these life-altering events taught you anything? What will you do with this knowledge? Will it lead you to live your life with greater awareness and appreciation? Will it increase your love of the Earth and each other? Will it cause you to remedy the old ills in exchange for renewed life and purpose? What other exaggerations do you need to rectify your inner places of darkness for renewed Light?  Are you ready to become a part of the unified whole by letting go of the diverse lines of separation? Are you ready to claim your right as universal citizens of life itself?


Answers to some of these questions depend upon how quickly you are ready to step out of the old into the new pathways that are opening. If you are one of those who have been displaced by the hurricanes can you allow yourself to be present in the now moment? This is what many are being given the opportunity to learn. They have simple needs—food, water, clothing and a roof over their heads. They are being gifted with much love and many provisions for this to happen. They are becoming fluid and creating new roots like the Earth her self.


From our perspective we see a stabilizing force in operation. It comes from the Earth her self and from the Lightworkers. It is a force that seeks its own life and is becoming itself. It is taking the lead although there are some who would like to believe otherwise. It is a part of you as you rediscover your own power and who you are as the guardians of the Earth. At this time many of you should be feeling more on purpose as you hold the harmonious energies for the Earth’s ascension as well as your own. These recent events have been a colossal awakening for the Forces of Light, of which we are a part. They have pushed you forward on your pathway and reminded you the importance of your guardianship. For now and henceforth you are on target with your work. Do not let this importance slip between your fingers. Do your part to support this process and you will be supported. Follow your calling and do what comes to you. You have been activated. Consider yourselves on standby.


Humanity itself is a beautiful part of creation. It has kept itself separate from this rememberance. Only a few have remembered and these are some of the indigenous groups along with many of the Lightworkers. You would be served well to remember that even when there is destruction and cleansing that renewed beauty is awaiting. This is how creation works. It is marvelous to observe and to participate in this miracle of life.


Find it easy to let go of the old ways of being that you thought would be permanent. It is part of the metamorphosis into your higher state of living and consciousness. Progress cannot be controlled or interfered with for your Earth and the Creator have their own plan. Some may think they are in charge but soon they will be too overwhelmed to respond in their old ways. This means they will even have far more important priorities than creating new wars. Their peoples' survival will be first and foremost. The Earth is interfering with their best-laid plans.


Reach for the stars. Know we are beaming back at you. Your interplanetary family is cheering you on as you experience each energetic shift. Maintain your balance. Follow your calling. Heal your hearts. Bless your Earth. Be grateful for your life. We are One.


I am Mira in service to the Light.


In Conclusion

How we respond now to the Earth changes is important. This response will carry us forward as other changes occur. We are guardians of the planet and must realize the importance of this work. Our jobs are to stay in union with the Earth and with the Creator. Then we will unify ourselves through these changes and will be blessed along the way.


Our work is in full swing. It is up to the ground crew to use the talents we have to assist the Earth and humanity. We are just beginning to realize why we are here. Let us work together in peace, harmony, joy, unity, love, abundance, healing, community and all the good that we know our Creator wants us to have.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner



Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, teacher, channel, writer, poet and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to assist others in powerful healing. She is available for individual channelings with Masters such as Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain, Kuthumi and others. You may reach her at:
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