Message from Valerie Donner - November 29, 2005
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew,

These are interesting times, aren’t they? We have talked about expecting the unexpected and that is exactly what we need to do. Things are just not predictable anymore. This makes it interesting yet it can leave us feeling uncertain as to where to place the next step. Whether it is relationships, work, finances, where you live, your health or general functioning throughout each day, it seems there is an acceleration of the unexpected.


Part of this is attributable to many astrological events, like Mercury Retrograde, Mars and Saturn that are also retrograde. Some of it is from the energies of the earth changes. Other energies are coming from the Creator in the form of solar flares and the photon energies from the photon belt. It all feels so new.


Some people are just not handling these energies well. This may be particularly true of people who are emotionally or mentally unstable. It may be all too easy for them to slip into crisis. Are you seeing any of this in your life? I am interested in knowing what you think is going on with people where you live? Are they cutting back on driving due to gas prices? Are they depressed? Are they in chaos? Are they afraid to spend money? Do they feel guilty because they still have a roof over their heads when many others do not? What do you think is happening? If you feel like e-mailing me that would be great:    I will incorporate the results in my next update that I will do in December.


The other day a strange thing happened in the building where I have my office. It is a retail store that sells books, gifts and metaphysical items. The young woman who was closing out the store heard a lot of noise in a back office. It was a so disturbing that she called the police because she was afraid. Lights were on that had been turned off and there were sounds that were coming from somewhere. The police dismissed it as a bird but there was no bird to be seen. The next day when I came in she told me about it. I went back to the room to clear out the energy. It was a poltergeist (a discarnate spirit) that was acting up. I heard the being say that she “didn’t want to leave” and that she “wanted to see what it would be like to work there.” This made me realize that everyone is being affected by these energies, even those on the other side and in other dimensions.


Isn’t it amazing to see all of the truth being revealed in our governments throughout the world? Every day we hear about another corporate or political scandal. Many of our world leaders are sitting on shaky ground. Even though people still flock to Wal-Mart, I recommend that you see the Wal-Mart movie:   It is revealing to see how this corporation has become the biggest and most profitable retailer on the planet. To me this movie is a mirror for some of the worst aspects of capitalism. (Please know that I am an M.B.A. and have spent many years in the corporate world.) I know that not all businesses function like Wal-Mart however, I am aware that changes need to be made in business.


Actually what we are seeing is all of the organizations and areas where humanity and the planet are not being served breaking down. Over 30 years ago I was invited to hear tapes from a person named Richard. He received communications from some space beings from the Space Confederation through his car radio. They told us that in the next 20 to 30 years all of the major organizations on the planet would break down. They said that Earth was intended to be a planet of love and cooperation, not competition and greed, and therefore about 60-70% of the planet would leave. The Earth would then be restored to a planet of peace and harmony.


I believe that we are seeing the disintegration of many organizations right now. This includes health care, education, finance, and all sectors of the economy that are not serving the highest good of humanity. Many have been serving a select few. The truth has to come out.


As far as what percentage of humanity that will remain here (30-40%) as predicted 30 years ago, I think that the figure is now reversed. I think that 60-70% will most likely remain and the others will leave. This is due to the higher frequencies that many will want to continue to learn in the third dimension so they will go to a second earth that is being prepared for them. Since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, many people have awakened and are continuing to awaken. That is why I think more will remain on the planet.


In the last few weeks more people appear to be awakening. I think they are processing a lot from the global earth changes. They know in their hearts that many lives have already been lost and that some people have lost everything. The individuals involved in these tragedies are the trailblazers and reflect the uncertain times. They also show us our own vulnerability.


For about the last two weeks an outdoor statue of Mother Mary in Sacramento, California has been crying red tears. The media is picking up this so you may have heard about this already. In my channeling with Mother Mary on November 27, she said that she is crying red tears to let us know she is with us, to tell us how disheartened she about war and to let us know there will be other events occurring that will certainly affect us. She spent time talking about war and how it affects mothers. She also said the following:


“Do you know how much the human heart opens in response to every earth change, loss of life, or other change in response? As you allow your hearts to open in greater and greater ways you assist the rest of humanity to open their hearts. This is the important part of the ascension and transformation; the key is that it is though the heart. So if everything was to go smoothly and you saw all of us from the Realms of Light, including your space brothers and sisters, . . . if we were to flying onto your planet in our ships of light and were to rescue everyone, do you think that humanity would be ready for this? So the only way we can prepare for this ascension process is for the human hearts to open and that is what is happening. Along with the opening of the human heart you will find the human consciousness expanding because it is through the heart. You know that so many people on your planet have shut their hearts down by thinking only of themselves, of their own turf, their own finances, their own survival. Now they know they can’t just do that anymore. They are beginning to join the human race. This is where your planet is going. Your planet is going through a heart opening and so is humanity. We walk along with you every step of the way.”  


A Message from Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, November 29, 2005

Greetings, I am Mira. I am a messenger from the Pleidaian High Council. We watch over the Earth and all that is occurring right now.


Please let me explain some things to you. We have a mission. We work at the request of the Creator. We are a part of the Earth’s ascension process. We have been connected with the Earth for a very long time. There are certain things that we can do and others that we are not allowed to do. In a very short time we will be able to assist the Earth more. You will be surprised at what help is available from other planetary systems such as ours.


Are you ready? Are you ready to remember us? Do you realize that some of our DNA is in yours? We are one. It has been an old belief system that has created the separation. We are actually one with each other. There is no separation. You will find your reconnection with us a delightful experience with many other wondrous experiences to unfold. We are so pleased to be a part of this awakening. That is one of the reasons I am communicating with you now. I am going to be preparing you for more information to come.


We see that some of the recent events on the Earth have been a little rattling to your nerves. This is how some are responding anyway. Everyone is affected whether you realize it or not when there is an earth change. You feel it and in a sense you know what has happened. You feel greater fatigue and therefore more need for rest. You need some personal time to reflect on your feelings, to process and integrate what is occurring. You need to stay on a steady keel as much as possible. We need you to be steady on your feet. You are the Lightworkers, the ground crew. Soon many will be looking to you for advice, assistance and guidance.


You might also need to have time away from the mainstream. Perhaps you may need to turn off the television or radio for a while. You might need to leave town to regroup and rethink your life. Getting out in nature will help you to be grounded and centered. You will need to remain connected to the Earth at all times.


We ask you to remain as calm as possible when events occur. Keep your wits about you. Trust your guidance. You will be told what to do and where to be. Some of you are getting guidance already about relocating, changing your diets, improving your health, preparing for possible earth changes, and how to live more off the land. You are connected and need to remain connected. Pay attention to your dreams. They will also play a part in your ability to thrive during these coming changes.


Please realize that every earth change is necessary. Every drop of rain has a purpose. When the Earth quakes and quivers, there is purpose. Where the water runs or the wind blows there is purpose. When the volcanoes erupt there is purpose. This is all about the cleansing and clearing of old energies that the Earth can no longer tolerate. If this is disruptive to your normal lives know this is necessary. You came at this time to learn flexibility and you will need it.


We are pleased with the ground crew so far. More of you are awakening to your destiny. You realize that you cannot sit around much longer waiting for events to happen. You must be prepared on all fronts (mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically). Denial will not serve your best interests. You will need to be proactive on your own behalf.


We have instrumentation that tells us what is occurring with the Earth. We closely monitor what is happening through our sophisticated systems that are somewhat like your computers but only more advanced. Even with all of our technology we cannot make exact predictions about the time of the events. We watch the building nature of things that will create unstable situations on the Earth. There are many in the making right now. The Earth is on a fast trajectory for her ascension. It will remain this way for quite some time so we want to keep current with our communications.


Please let go of fear. This is the biggest recommendation we can make. Simply know that this is a natural process. You are one with it. You are prepared from many past life times on other planets where you have been through ascensions. You will know what to do and how to care for yourselves.


Find time for joy, gratitude and appreciation of life. This makes the process less stressful and helps you know that life on Earth can be fun. It is a gift. It will become more obvious to you in the future.


I cannot point my finger to tell you where to go or what to do. This is somewhat part of the dance and the lessons you will be learning. You will be learning to trust yourselves and partnering with the Earth in ways you where you intuitively know what to do. You will be making landmark decisions that will serve others vastly. Your prayers, love and generosity are needed. Please give of your time and energy by working with the Light, for the Light so that divine direction and divine balance can be maintained.


I am Mira in loving service to the Earth from the Pleiadian High Council.



Important Health Tip


If any of you are having trouble sleeping, here are a couple of suggestions. I have recently learned that clocks or clock radios with blinking red numbers are bad for our energy fields. A friend told me about this as part of a healing session. I threw out both of my clock radios with red blinking numbers (One was in my office and the other was in the bedroom.) Much to my amazement I am now getting the most relaxed sleep I have had in years. I am now using a clock with green numbers that I can dim at night. It is excellent. (Please note that I was using a clock that was purportedly designed to prevent disturbing electrical energy for about 10-15 feet in the room. I bought the clock at least 12 years ago at a Whole Life Expo. So much for trusting what some of these companies tell you.)


Second, some of you know I have been doing the sun gazing process for about three months now. This has been grounding and healing for me. The man who teaches about the process (Hira Ratan Manek) recommends not wearing sunglasses unless you are going directly into the sun. He claims the eyes need the sunlight for the brain to produce the necessary hormones, for proper sleep. (For a free e-book on the subject go to:


by Valerie Donner

Change is in the air.

You can feel it everywhere.

Whether you are touched by the wind,

Or the story of a friend,

Change is in the air.


One morning you are up.

The next you are down.

These broad sweeping emotions

Can keep you with a frown.


But little by little you will adapt.

You will crawl into bed and take a nap.

You will call up your friends.

Go for a long walk.

You will awaken with the sun

And have a good talk.


Your body may ache,

Along with your heart,

As slowly and surely

The Earth does her part.


The changes she is having

Are important and real.

They are necessary

To help us all feel.


We need to know the truth,

To open and heal our hearts.

We need to realize

We are one from the start.


It is important to be happy

Regardless of what goes on.

Life is a gift and a blessing.

We need to make this known.


So when people or the Earth are spinning

And you wonder what to do next.

Find yourself grinning

And always do your best.


© 2005 The Ground Crew


In Conclusion


These are special and slippery times. We are processing different energies and moods. We are adapting energetically to numerous new events that are occurring with great regularity. New truths are being revealed so frequently that it makes life interesting and exciting. We must be flexible and respond in the most grounded ways possible.


Much assistance is being given us. Please remember we are not alone. We must follow our inner guidance and be grateful to be a part of this amazing ascension process.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner





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