Message from Valerie Donner - December 21, 2005
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:


What do you have to say, ground crew? To describe the energies of the past few weeks is almost beyond words. I have been surveying others, some who are Lightworkers and others who are not. I know what I have been feeling and you know your own feelings too. Even the words intense and challenging are insignificant compared to what many of us have been experiencing.


The theme seems to be meltdown. Have you ever felt so many emotional meltdowns in a 24-hour day than you have felt lately? These meltdowns can come unexpectedly or they can simply mean you cry at the drop of the hat. Is it the stress or pressure from the holidays or is it something else?


You may have been feeling pain in the heart chakra. You might not even be consciously aware why your heart chakra hurts. You might think there is a physical cause but I think it is part of the meltdown. To me it feels sometimes the way my heart chakra hurt three days before 911. Maybe it is related to the Earth and pending changes?


We have such a combination of factors that are relevant to what we are feeling. Many of us are going through what Archangel Gabriel (Benu— calls our personal zero points. This is when every old issue comes up for healing so you can clear it and finally (Soon I hope.) be at peace. (He recently said that many have not even started working on their personal zero points. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.)


This means we will be living more in the fourth dimension. I think the bouncing back and forth we are doing is getting more bizarre by the day. We can be feeling great, riding high one moment and crash emotionally the next. The third dimension is getting crazier to some of us. You could be asking yourself, “What am I doing here?” You find yourself looking at the world like almost a stranger. You are part of it but no longer a part of the third dimensional consciousness. You are now becoming the observer but you still have to live and function within the old reality, which makes little sense to you any more.


Your heart is telling you there is something much better. It is a place of loving energy and kindness. There is compassion and caring. Mutual sharing is a given. It is when you feel happy and at peace. Maybe our hearts are feeling the pain of the old third dimensional reality collapsing in on itself. It certainly feels like this is the case. Perhaps we are releasing some of our attachment to the third dimension.


Here in the San Francisco bay area, during the hub of the Christmas and holiday season buying sprees, people are driving erratically, screeching their tires, yelling at each other in the stores, complaining in front of store customers about their jobs and looking stressed. Are we having fun yet? This is what I have been observing and it makes one just want to stay as far away from it as possible. So much for the good spirit of the season that people are talking about.


Today as I was driving to do some errands the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that said: “Go Lighten Up”.  That was a message from the angels and it changed my whole day.


Whatever is happening time seems to be standing still or collapsing in on itself. There seems to be a lag in flow for some of us even to the point of wondering occasionally if our path is to change. We know we are serving but this feeling of standing still is unusual to say the very least.


Some people have explained it feeling like “being in a void”. One channel says we are in the Higher Realms in meetings, re-evaluating our missions, and getting ready for new projects. Apparently January is going to have some positive energies for manifestation. I hope this is true. I don’t think the answer is all astrological either. I think it is more than that.


Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It is the beginning of the powerful seven-year period until solstice December 21, 2012. I wonder what life will be like on the Earth then.


These are the times of great transformation. We need to remember to follow what the angels showed me this morning on a bumper stick on the car in front of me: Go lighten up. It made me laugh and get back to the basics.




by Valerie Donner

I’d like to have Santa sit on my lap.

I’d ask him a few things about this Christmas flap.


Is it true?

Is it right

That we spend to the hilt

And stay up all night?


Is this what Christ intended

When he walked the Earth?

Is the Earth a holy shopping center?

Or is it a place of rebirth?


You will have to search your heart

And make a new claim,

That this Christmas be of the Christ

And not a spending game.


It is up to us

To feel the delight

Of being together,

And doing what’s right.


As Santa sits on my lap

 I look in his eyes.

I see his dimples.

I know he is wise.


What he tells me now

Makes so much sense.

Just keep it simple.

It’s not about dollars and cents!


© 2005 The Ground Crew





Ground Crew Responses


I appreciate the answers from those of you who e-mailed me after my last update when I asked what was happening in your area. Here’s a summary of some of your responses:


Thanks to Russell Boulding, a geologist for telling me about his website: He has a spiritual scientific approach to the earth changes you might find of interest.


From Jenny in the south of England:

Hi Valerie,

Just read your post at Snoedel, it was very uplifting and helpful.

Just wanted to say that what I find disturbing in my area is that nobody seems to be taking any notice, they are just going on about their business as usual, as though nothing is happening!  Nobody talks about the news, they seem to think all the negativity is normal in the world; it's always been like this!  I find it very frustrating, because if I didn't know the things I do, 'the truth', I would be in severe panic.  I just can't understand how they cannot open their eyes, it's like the more that happens, and the more they sink their heads in the sand.  I'm sure this will all change when 'changes' actually affect them directly, and they will be in total shock.


From Carol in Chicago:

Hi Valerie,


It is interesting times here in Chicago... very chaotic for those who are still asleep!


Traffic wise, people are in a hurry to get to the next red light.  They are intolerant to anyone, like me, who drives the speed limit, in the right lane!  Often, they will ride right on my bumper.  It is often worse at 6:15 am, on the way to work, than it is on the way home from work.  I have seen two major accidents on my way to work this week alone.


Work wise, many people are bickering with each other.  People are in a hurry and irritable. There is a surge in the backstabbing and petty politics.  I see many more mistakes in peoples work that filters its way to my desk.  People pretty much do not care that the end of his or her work is the beginning of someone else’s.  Ironically, people also seem to be tired of the fighting.  They long for peace in the workplace and people are physically



There is also a surge in the number of people who are battling autoimmune diseases, in particular, cancer (not any one particular type.. (maybe colon) ). And the weird thing about their journey with this cancer is that they almost get ready to leave the planet, and then, make a "miraculous recovery", then, they deteriorate again, and recover... Some of the people who have taken on the cancer are young too...mid 20's.


I have a Crystal child on my husband’s side.  He is just over 5.  He is acting out too! I watch the lessons vacillating between this child and his parents.  When the parents do not get the lesson the child is attempting to teach them, the lesson comes back to the parents again, in an extreme manor.  While I do not speak for all Indigo and Crystals, it is my experience in watching this particular child and his parents.


From Charlotte:

Dear Valerie,
I have a friend who has been in a deep depression for about three weeks.  She is finally coming out of it and is more like her old self.  I had some minor depression myself  about a month and a half ago.
Many of my friends and myself are cutting down on our "running around" because of gasoline prices.  My husband and myself keep the  thermostat about four degrees cooler than we used to in past years  because of the price of home heating fuel. The crisis in the world and the corrupt governments are doing a  number on people.  I believe that a lot of people are waking up to 
the fact that we are no longer living in a republic or a democracy  either as far as that goes.
We pray daily for peace in the world and send love and light to all  the places where there is chaos and calamity.


From Robin:

Dear lovely healer lady,

I like the fact that you asked for your readers opinions. Oh ma,n is there ever a change coming up.  Here in Victoria there are a number of subtle changes going on.  One has to do with the homeless. You see here we have usually a very nice summer and a tame winter with practically no snow just rain.  Many Homeless people live on our streets year round.  Now there is a major rebelling of many homeless. This is probably stemmed from many reasons.... Victoria is home to a majority of rich upper class people (retired or young and uperwardly mobile) who reside in heritage homes (town named after queen Victoria) or in one of the many new condominiums 'growing' downtown.  The homeless see it and are jealous.

And the other reason is it is so nice here.  But this has been changing.  For the first time in many the first time since I've lived here (12ishyears) it snowed in early Dec.  That compacted with the fact that
many of the homeless are getting their act together and creating tent cities on public property and standing up for themselves.  I think this is great and even though I m not one I feel they have survival skills and are forerunners of humanities growing need to create community.  Many are knowing that rich life is not all it is cracked up to be and working on living better in the style they have for many years.  Although they live in cold and dirt they are closer to the earth than many Victorians.  They know they have something precious, which we call poverty.  Of course they would choose our life if they could but they make do and have probably grown to value some aspects of their life.  Also there is more compassion among house dwellers and the homeless know it.  They are making friends with house dwelling hippies and have flyers to notify each other and the public of protest camping events, and one has made, with the help of hippies, a documentary and a web site about the near hopelessness of his situation (no home means no address which means no job/hiring and no social insurance code which means no money and then no home).  If that is not enough evidence. Also, I talk to many bussers in my day.  I am finding more ease in talking to random people.  Perhaps it is a change.  No, not perhaps, I know it is a change.  I see it in small ways and in ways that people act and smile and the tones of conversations.  It was Saturday night and was on the bus.  I was talking to a young woman who looked like your average clubber and was very pretty and really in style.  When she sat next to me and I thought "oh my just another foolish young person out to get drunk and stuff” I continued to be friendly and try and have a conversation even thought the stereotype was strong.  I learned something.  She was pretty and 'popular' but she is also taking social worker courses at college and she talked about how she wanted to make a difference cause she sees so much pain in the world and she felt by being a social worker she could make some difference. 
See? It is amazing and I continue to be amazed with society each and every day.  We Are Evolving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am an indigo young adult and am just discovering myself and my indigo ness.   I am very grateful for your online articles and have been often caught laughing out loud in the middle of a public library room computer room.  Me and my newly discovered company and guides send loving and heart filled
thanks to you.

From Rev. Mandira:
Dear Valerie,


I have been feeling the changes immensely lately.  Many of the people we are serving in the church I am associated with, Creative Living Fellowship, a Church of Religious Science in Phoenix, are preparing to make their transition or have family members who are leaving.  Most of my lightworker friends are either blissed out and resting and gaining weight a lot or being very angry at others as their own emotional work slaps them in the face.


Since 9/11/05, I have been privileged to have the Peace Ministry at Creative Living Fellowship.  I have worked on the UN Peace Pals Art Competition, which was here in Phoenix this year.  I have also worked with the Arizona Department of Peace Campaign.  It is very important that we let our legislators know that the federal Department of Peace is an excellent first step.


In my work with St. Germain, he has made it clear that anything I thought I had to do that isn't about peace is of little importance.  I set up a 2-2-2 Plan:

     1.  Spend 2 hours/week working on peace (reading, helping a peace project, etc.)

     2.  Donate $2/week to a peace project

     3.  Spend 2 hours/week meditating, contemplating or praying for peace.


It is my hope that many people from many arenas of life could do these simple tasks at the level that is available to them.  It will help the upcoming changes to be more harmonious and make this transition easier.



A Channeling From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council


Greetings, I am Mira. I come to you from The Pleiadian High Council. You are looking for answers and perhaps I can shed some Light on things for you. You could use a different perspective for I see that many of you are seeking solace and truth. You wish the planet Earth was in a better situation. So do we.


We regret that you are living under such times. I want to remind you though this is part of the great transformation of the planet as well as for you. There is so much activity going on within in you at a deep cellular level that it should not surprise you to see it in the physical as well. It is a combustible situation, you might say. When things combust it means that they break away and create new form. If you always had everything going your way it might not fit into what is for the benefit of the many. It is about transmutation, transformation and clearing the path for the way of the Light to take hold upon your planet. You are seeing the breakdown of the old systems and feeling it more intensely than ever of how these things have not served you. It is something to behold.


When we observe from our vantage point we see great turmoil in the present and in what you call your future. Everything is being shaken up, shaken to the core and being pulled up by its roots. Whether this is being done by natural means or contrived please understand this will continue. It cannot stop. Transmutation is a process of its own.


Review what is happening within your own emotional being. Can you see how you are delving into deeper truths and what you are finding to be completely self-evident? Can you see how this process, although challenging is freeing? It demands you know your truth. This is the truth upon which decisions are made. It is what you need to free yourself for the next level of unfoldment. It is your work at the present. It will simply not allow you to bury issues that you need to release or with which you must deal. Even if you do not choose to do this at this time you are being forced to face them. The issues will become more obvious so that you can focus and resolve what is outstanding. There is no room at the fourth or fifth dimensional inns for these seemingly weighty burdens.


You have been given a lifetime of latitude this time around. You have faltered, dragged your feet, worked on yourself, played out feeling like a victim, and have felt like this would go on forever. You could not see an end to it. I want you to know this is the beginning of the end for these behaviors. You have projects ahead of value and merit. Your true works are in the offing. This time you are being called upon to step into your new roles. You are being called on the carpet of Light so as you skirt over the shadowy darkness of the diminishing third dimensional energies. You will know you are on the path.


This means you are freeing yourselves once and for all. Accountability and responsibility will be right there for you to assume. You are rising above the lower third dimension and seeing how the Light is shining on it. The Light is shining on you. You need to receive and own this Light. It is there for you. Do not get bogged down in the dense energies.


One way we can assist from our perspective is to give you a Pleiadian perspective. We have seen planets go through ascensions many times before. We acknowledge the Earth’s situation is unique and simple in some ways. It seems simple to us because we know what to do yet in other ways it is a labor-intensive birthing process. The simple fact is that you are ascending. You are not going to have all of the answers about how things will work out. You simply need to know you are fully in this process. You can expect it will be a little tumultuous as you root out the old. The deeper the roots the harder you must pull. The Earth is supporting this uprooting yet when you plant the roots in a stable harmonious ground you will see the beauty that arises.


In the next few weeks you will find some stability returning in your lives for a little while. Then another wave of ascension material will take you for a ride. When you go with the flow like your wave riders (surfers) you will find a more enjoyable time of it.

You will see and feel the energy of the flow and want to go back for another ride. You will be making progress.


This is what you are doing now in this uncomfortable spot you have been finding yourselves feeling. You are making leaps in your ascension process. It may not be apparent to you yet but soon you will feel lighter and happier. Then you can wait for the next wave.


Much of the Earth’s energies are being cleared right now. They are being dislodged from the planet and you are assisting in this process. We work with you along with many other Light beings to facilitate these clearings. They will continue until your planet Earth becomes the Beacon of Light that she intends for herself. You will be satisfied with your selves to have participated in this historical ascension.


We send our love and Light from the Pleiades.


I am Mira from The Pleiadian High Council.



In Conclusion


We have now completed the eighth year of The Ground Crew website. I keep starting from a blank page and wondering what to tell you next. Each time we make progress. In some ways it seems like forever that we have been coming together. Now I believe we are in a definite shift.


Imagine with each passing year how much more Light we have on the planet. By 2012 we may be fully in the fifth dimension. Think about how beautiful the Earth will already be. This will have been worth it.


I wish you all the happiest of holidays, holy days, and a most Light-filled, wondrous 2006.


Blessings and love,


Valerie Donner






Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years. She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel. She can be reached for private sessions at:
866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.) or 925-287-8976
P.O. Box 5705
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