Message from Valerie Donner - March 1, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:


Have things seemed a little quiet lately? We are just beginning a new phase with Mercury going retrograde on March 2 until March 25. This is the time for us to re-group, re-organize and re-think our lives. In a dream last night I was told to spend the next 30 days doing external cleansing. I believe I am to share this with you because I think they want you to do the same.


We are just coming out of many months of much internal work. If Archangel Gabriel (Benu, is correct, some of the Lightworkers have completed their zero points. This means that you don’t hang onto things any more and that you have come to a place of peace and completion with your emotions. He also says that this shift has raised the frequency of the planet. Therefore, it stands to reason that we would next be called upon to cleanse our external spaces and perhaps our physical bodies as well.


The physical bodies are going through tough changes. They are adjusting to all of the intense new energies that are bombarding the Earth. They are constantly adapting to a myriad of toxins that are in the air, water and food we eat. They are everywhere. It is necessary to eat organically as much as possible. Please watch carefully what you put in your body because this also affects your consciousness.


Maybe the quiet we are feeling is a bit of a reprieve from all that busyness in which we normally find ourselves. We are going with the flow, the divine flow. When you are in divine flow it means you are not struggling. Even though there is plenty of chaos on the planet with our world governments, businesses, wars, etc. we can find peace if we allow ourselves. Meditation is the key. Remember, if you are getting caught up in the chaos then you are not doing your inner work.


In my work as a spiritual counselor and healer, I see many clients who are seeking profound change. Whether it is a job or a relationship they can no longer tolerate, or simply old issues that are no longer serving, people are deeply working on finding new truths. These truths of course can be challenging to come by because they mean change. For the most part humans seem to always want to know the results of what a change will be. They want promises that these new choices will bring them what they want. Yet, we know that we cannot make these promises. We can only surrender to the Creator because even though our wills sometimes are strong, the Creator knows what is best for us.


We are swimming in the energetic field of universal energy and life. We are truly a part of the same divine energy as our Creator. Why is it so hard for us to trust in our new truths and creations?  Why is it so difficult for us to listen to our souls and to follow the energy within our hearts and souls?


In the years to come we will need to trust and be in the flow. Things are moving rapidly towards the unknown. In fact, there is less certainty on the Earth now than ever before. This is because we are in the throes of a huge shift. Everything is breaking down, falling apart so that it can be re-created in a way that is life sustaining and soul fulfilling. When you live in a cooperative and supportive environment and everyone has the same intention you will be living in the higher dimensions.


The old energies of “Me first.” are changing to “The highest good for all.” You can see how these old energies are coming to the forefront for healing. To those of us on the spiritual path, Lightworkers, those of us living in more of the fourth and fifth dimensions, the “Me first.” mentality seems to have vaporized away. It does not apply in our everyday lives.


Even more foreign to us is the energy of lack of truth and integrity. Can’t you feel the untruths all around you now? Do you find your own truth cannot be held back? Are you finding yourself becoming more courageous and outspoken? The more you stand up for the truth you will be serving the planet in a higher way. You will find that you don’t have time to spend energy trying to figure if someone is not being in truth and integrity. These people and situations will simply fall away.


Karma is being played out for its final end. You may see or be a part of situations where there is a lot of drama. In the end your soul wants peace. You will likely find that you will stand up for what is right but not be attached to the drama or the outcome. You will see that you are trusting in your Creator to bring all that you need to take care of you and to resolve these situations.


Radiant waves of Light from the photon energies of the Creator that come around every 26,000 years are impacting us daily. They are activating our DNA in cellular memory of our purpose and destiny. They are forcing us to let go of what is no longer serving. They are increasing our intelligence. And we are becoming more magnetic as we progress from carbon-based bodies to silica-based bodies. This might also explain why desires for certain foods are changing. We will be eating lighter and lighter. Pretty soon we won’t depend on animals for protein. The move towards vegetarianism is getting stronger.





Radiant Light
by Valerie Donner

Radiant Light is speaking to you.

It comes in colors of all rainbow hues.

From this radiant Light

We will make a new mold.

We will be growing and flourishing,

Being something to behold.

Radiant Light streams

Come so we can follow our dreams,

By letting go of what doesn’t serve,

What we no longer need.

From pillar to post

We are receiving it fast.

Our minds try to keep up.

Some things go right past.

Radiant Light is amazing stuff.

It makes you feel fluffy

And warm enough.

From the tops of our heads

To the tips of our toes,

Your mind, body and spirit

Are in the know.

Radiant Light will make us glow.

We will shiver and whisper

That God loves us so.



© 2006 The Ground Crew


A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner March 1, 2006

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you as I move through the intergalactic gateway so that I may communicate with you through this channel.


There is certainly much to behold as I look around and upon your Earth’s surface. This planet is a brew with unstable energies of great proportion. Weather patterns are amplified in many directions. If you could see what I see you would be astounded at the monumental changes. Being embodied on the Earth allows you to feel a part of these changes but being a spectator from this side makes an impact.


As if the energies of darkness and war were not enough, you also have instability with every aspect of life. Personal changes are being called for in all areas of life. This is parallel to your planet for your beloved Earth is making many personal choices and changes right now. Your souls too are at pivotal choice points. You cannot continue doing the same things you have always done forever because there is much at stake. It could even mean your survival in the truest sense of things.


We are here to support you and to help you understand that these shifts are from the highest level possible. They will also be resolved at the highest possible level. You simply have to pay attention. We will be giving you messages in whatever method works. It won’t be too long before you will have more direct communications with us. You will be your own channels for intergalactic communications. It will be like you have your own computers and televisions plugged into our higher frequency modes of communication.


You will also love it when we bring some of our radiant forms of transportation. Your fossil fueled machines will be exactly that—fossils. We will see to it that you can get around. It might take a while for this to occur for everyone but there is a plan in place that will secure your ability to travel. Some of you may even want to travel here and in due time these forms of travel will happen. Those of you who like science fiction will find more fact than fiction in what you have been fantasizing.


Yes, you will have many adjustments. Your lives will be changing for the better. You will be healthier and happier. Your planet will be increasingly beautiful and so will you. If you simply allow and adapt to these necessary times of change you will find that your flexibility will pay off. If you try to resist your new directions it could become challenging.


We work with you via many means to expand our reaches for your planet. It can be through books, movies, dreams, channels, daydreams, or in the real third dimension, that we will help prepare you for your new lives in your new world. Many of you are wearing thin in the current status quo. Not only are you bored but also you are certainly ready for major improvements for all.


We have compassion for you. We know in your earthly time it seems like forever before we get to be with you, but in real life it is but a blip in the stream of life. We realize some of you are impatient but we encourage you to have faith and to hold onto our Pleiadian reins. We will provide as much assistance as possible to help jettison you to the higher planes of existence. We present our stories and we send our currents of energy to you. We are constantly at your service even though it may seem as if we are undercover. We do what we can to make things happen. We do it the streamlined way so that all goes smoothly for those involved.


Hold steady on course. You are on the right path. Know that we are with you sending our courage and guidance. We are in each other’s future.


I am Mira in loving service.


In Conclusion


It can seem like life is getting a little more chaotic and crazy if you step into the chaos and don’t do what you need to take care of yourself. Meditation is truly the key to keeping on the steady path. We have so much going on right now but it also seems that we have a lot to look forward to in the future.


Each day we are blessed with greater awakenings within our selves and on our planet. There is so much to appreciate and be grateful for that if we simply spend some time each day in gratitude we will be aiding our pathway.


I hope you will take some time this month and do some physical cleansing with the body as well as in your physical surroundings. These are good places for you to focus your energies. Maybe it is simply another way for us to lighten up.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner




Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years.  She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel.
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