Message from Valerie Donner - March 29, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

Did you see it, feel it or wonder about the effects of it? Today is it—the full solar eclipse that some say portends energies that could result in powerful earthquakes, weather changes and other events. The effects of eclipses can last for a long time. These potential changes may not happen right away but the stage is being set. If you look on the Internet you can see photos of the eclipse—they are quite beautiful. They are shot in different places where the eclipse was visible.

According to the website:, It started in Brazil, went across the Atlantic Ocean, to west Africa, along the coast of Ghana, to Togo, moved to Nigeria, then traveled to the western part of Nigeria, will exit around Katsina and then move into the Niger Republic towards Libya.

We are having lots of rain here in northern California. This is one of the wettest Marches in years. It does not seem much like spring even though some of the trees are blossoming; the flowers for the most part are slow in popping up their lovely heads.

On an emotional level have you found it strange? Some claim they are still having a hard time getting into their bodies. You might feel heavy in the head. Stomach issues have presented themselves to some. Other issues that you have might be coming to the surface for the sun (wherever it is) can shine upon them. This forces the attention so that you can release.

As I mentioned in my last update, there is a need for cleansing. I have been doing internal cleanses along with infrared saunas, and even ionic footbaths. I think these have all helped me to clear the physical body to feel relaxed even though the energies have been weird. It is necessary for us to take extra special care of the physical body, to love and nurture ourselves.

Our bodies are going through so much right now with these energies. If you need more sleep give it to yourself. Some people are having a hard time sleeping. The photon energies coming from the sun (from the great central sun), are hitting us deeply. Our brains might be finding it challenging to process all of the new energies and information that is coming to us.

It seems like every day there are new supplements to consider. They might be for cleansing, cellular rejuvenation, energy or nutrition. We have lots of support available. For those of us who live in cities, we are exposed to so many environmental toxins it is important that we utilize these supportive modalities to help heal and cleanse ourselves.

Have you noticed that people around you are going through huge openings? In my practice I am seeing people preparing to make giant leaps in their lives. These might be prompted by serious health challenges such as cancer, or simply a general knowing that they cannot continue on the stressful life path they have created for themselves. This is a time of truth.

Personal empowerment seems to be at the forefront in peoples’ lives. In the U.S. we are having huge protests against some of our political leaders on the issue of immigration. I think this issue touches the hearts of all of us since very few people who live here are indigenous to the United States. In the San Francisco bay area there is much diversity. Most of us seem to welcome it and appreciate it. We all work together to support each other here and everywhere—We are one.

On a global basis, people are beginning to speak up and take their power back. We have been giving our power away for too long. Even some world leaders are changing and are making decisions for the betterment of their countries.

As we see this happening on the global scale it also applies on the individual. If you remember that you are not a victim and that you have choices, you are furthering your empowerment. Making choices that make you feel good about yourself will improve your self-esteem. It will help you get unstuck. These new energies are so massive that you will simply have to let go—being stuck will be a thing of the past.

Everything is on the move. The Earth herself is feeling quite unstable. Do you ever feel her vibrating? Sometimes it might feel like your body is quivering, or maybe even like an earthquake is occurring. This has happened to me while I am sleeping. I will wake up and feel as if there was an earthquake. The Earth is pulsing and moving a lot of energy. I think this is a global occurrence. If you are feeling this please let me know. (

With these monumental changes one might find themselves longing for inspiration. The Light Realms, the spiritual helpers, our angels, guides, masters, teachers, everyone who supports and works with us from the other side, is with us always. Remember we simply need to ask for help from them. That is why I love to channel and to meditate. To feel the energies of the Creator and our spiritual support team makes all of the difference on a daily basis.

I hope that you are tapping into your spiritual roots for support. If you forget to do this you will get caught up in the chaos. Staying grounded and centered is important. Have you noticed how ungrounded people can be when they are driving? It is scary here in the San Francisco bay area to observe how “out of it” many drivers are as you make your way around. I wonder if some day people will be born with a cell phone in their hand. They look like appendages as people are making their turns and talking on their cell phones.

Let’s get a Pleiadian perspective on the recent times.


A Channeling From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner March 29, 2006

Greetings, I am Mira. I am reporting in to you from the Pleiadian High Council.

We reach out to you in these times. Your Earth is sending out distress signals. She is at her maximum capacity. If you think you are overloaded, tune into the Earth. She has needed extra assistance from us and from other extra terrestrials who are supporting her in her unfolding process. She is progressing rapidly. She is having what you call labor pains. She is moaning and groaning. Can you feel her or hear her? She is reaching out to all of you for your loving support. We help her steady her course but these times are not easy. She does not want to cause major disruption to life but will do what is necessary to continue with her pathway. Remember that you are blessed by being allowed to remain on the planet as the Earth is making her own ascension. Most of the time a planet ascends life is not there. The planet does it without having to support its inhabitants. So the Earth has to be judicious by still allowing for other life forms to remain.

It is unfortunate that the human egos think they are separate and apart from the Earth. Many fail to acknowledge the Earth is the source of all that supports life. Even the paper money they consider to be so valuable would not be available if the Earth did not provide the natural resources for this production. No one likes to be taken for granted, not even your Earth. There are many on your planet that disrespect and disregard the Earth and all that she does for them.

In the years to come people will begin finding their way back to the oneness with the Earth. It will become part of the earth changes that will warrant a closer connection to nature. You will begin to rely on each other and to connect with the Earth, sun, sky, plants, minerals, animals and all of life. It will bring you back to your original roots that your indigenous peoples remember.

You will be faced with some obstacles on the way but if you stay connected to your inner guidance and to the Earth you will maneuver your way through the troubled waters. I say it this way because the waters right now are beginning to play a larger role in the earth changes. You are observing this around the planet. We are watching them carefully. We direct energies electro magnetically where we can to assist so that damage is minimized where possible.

The Earth is making large statements to her inhabitants about her natural resources. What she is showing you is that you cannot continue to disregard natural laws forever. Resources dry up or flow to set forth new balance and growth wherever possible. This cannot be forgotten and the Earth will bring this to your attention.

The force of nature is strong and runs currents where they need to be run. Wherever you are you will see the force of nature speaking up. You will notice and you will have to adapt. You will be finding this new adaptation rewarding in some ways and challenging in others. You will realize who is in charge and it is simply not humanity. Your Creator has a hand in all of this and your consciousness affects each weather pattern and change. What could be better than you working together hand in hand for a change? This is the best methodology for getting the job done. Begin trying this now. It is time for you to merge back into the sea of life whether you are in the mountains, desert, city or country. Make an effort to create this re-union with the Earth so that you can be of the utmost assistance to the Earth and to others. It is the beginning of making new patterns for existence. We will help with the template.

From our perspective things appear chaotic on your planet. We can see that there is movement upon, within and around the Earth. Much is happening. Much is at stake. The winds of change flow fiercely now in some places and will continue to accelerate. Your thought processes also flow wildly. Your minds flitter here and there. You are attempting to process information that is flowing to you in the dream state as well as the awakened state. Sometimes you feel the need to take a rest from it all by leaving your body for a nap or by simply being some place else in your mind. Hopefully you avoid this during your driving.

You might be prompted to get some extra supplies and provisions for your selves and your families. If this is so, please follow your guidance. It is a good idea to have a back up plan during these uncertain times. Please rest assured that you will be provided for but anything you can do to make this easier for your selves will be a step in the right direction.

If circumstances change rapidly where you live you will need to be able to respond accordingly. Some of this will happen quickly without notice. Plan ahead. Stay close to your inner knowledge. Access your inner knowingness. Rely on you own response mechanism. It will be there when you need it.

The Ebb and Flow
by Valerie Donner


The ebb and flow of life
Are important now.
If you think you are in control
You need to ponder more.
How does the Earth
Fit into your life?
How do you
Fit into the Earth’s?
If you are resisting
Ignoring the changes,
You may create
Some interesting challenges.
There are signs
And messages
That you can see.
If you are aware
You will breathe easily.
You will take your precautions
And become prepared.
This is a way to
Not be scared.
The ebb and flow
Is stronger now.
It cannot be ignored
Any longer now.
Stay with it.
Focus well.
With the ebb and flow
You could go
Pell mell.



© 2006 The Ground Crew




In Conclusion


As we deepen our connection with the Earth and each other, we will acknowledge thoroughly that we are indeed in times of profound change. We know this in our hearts, bodies, minds and souls. We must do whatever we can to support ourselves on all levels. We must find inspiration by listening in meditation and by finding the help right there. We are loved, blessed and supported on all levels. As we stay connected we will know where we need to be and what to do. As we let go of fear, trust our Creator, we will be in love and joy as we progress on our pathway towards home. 
Blessings, love and Light, 

Valerie Donner





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