Message from Valerie Donner - May 2, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

Aren’t these the strangest times? You may have your ups and your downs all in one day with very different energies. You may need more rest, be having vivid and weird dreams, feel super hungry one minute and be extra sensitive. Our bodies are taking on higher frequencies. According to Archangel Gabriel ( about every six months we are being given accelerated energies. These higher frequencies are raising our consciousness. Look around you. Can you see that people are searching more for something spiritual? I see this at the metaphysical bookstore where I have my office.


With these energies we need to take excellent care of the body like sleep more, improve our nutrition, do cleansing, etc. because the body is going through a lot.


Tom Kenyon ( channels the Hathors. (These are highly advanced beings from the Dahl Universe. He works with 13 of them.) In March they gave him an important message that you might want to read. This month he explained that message. In his response he told us that we should focus on these four things: bliss, ecstasy, gratitude and appreciation. If we do this we will be more in the flow of the fourth and fifth dimensions. If this is where we put our focus it will assist us with our ascension as well as the planet.


Earlier this week a silly thing happened. We are finally having some spring like weather here in the San Francisco bay area after many long months of rain. I have a bit of allergies so in response to the pollens in the air, I sneezed. Before I knew it the heating/cooling vent in my dining room fell to the floor. I was surprised. It must have been hanging on by threads, yet the power of my sneeze was sufficient (I hear a sneeze travels at 110 miles per hour.) to make it fall.


At first I thought that all hell must have been breaking loose. I was looking for the metaphor as I always do when something happens. Then I got it—All heaven is breaking loose! Yes, ground crew, all heaven is breaking loose. We are more in the fourth dimension now than in the third. Those tired worn out energies of the third are caving in on themselves. You better watch out for what might fall from the sky next. Here in the bay area and some place else in the country big blocks of ice have fallen from the sky. This happened twice in the past month or so. Scientists can’t figure it out. However, I heard that the airlines are so scattered these days that they sometimes forget to lock the cargo doors on the planes. I don’t know if this is what happened but from my experience we need to keep our feet on the ground but pay attention to what is happening above us. We need to be aware.


If you notice the events in the world you will see that people are taking back their power like in Nepal where the people have protested the king’s rule and he is having to back off. You may not only see things falling from the ceiling and sky, but you may see more political, governmental, and corporate heads falling from office. Everywhere you look or don’t look it is happening. Everything is coming to the surface for transformation and transmutation. This is happening inside us and around us. Wouldn’t you say that this is an interesting time to be on the planet?


Thanks to so many of you who responded to my question in my last update when I asked if any of you were feeling shaking energies within the body. A couple of nights ago I felt what might have been a small earthquake but did not hear anything about it or find it on the Internet reports. Here’s what some of you told me:


One Lightworker feels “as if my body is vibrating at a very high speed—almost buzzing, it feels so fast. Feels like there are energy rays going in and out of my skin. Digestive disturbances also.”


“Feeling the Earth move in the Canary Islands. Electrical sensations with terrible nausea. Feels like I am being moved when standing up, like the rug is being pulled out from under me.”


“Feeling vibrations of change.’


“I have experienced three to four years of steady pulsing. Energy moves through the left leg and foot.”


Sleeping is improving for some and worse for others.


From Guadalajara Mexico—“I am feeling those earthquakes in the body especially when the eyes are closed.”


“I am feeling a vibration like someone is shaking my bed. I reach for things and miss them like they have moved.”


“I am aware of the Earth moving in Louisiana.”


From Melbourne, Australia-“I feel Mother Earth moving and I start to vibrate with her.”


“I am definitely feeling these vibrations very strongly like before the tsunami and Katrina. They come in conjunction with a huge personal clearing and a lot of anxiety. I feel a foreboding that something is coming.”


“I feel joint pain, need more sleep and feel the cells vibrating.”


“I am feeling strong vibrations when large trucks pass and I have not experienced this before. I have lived in the same apartment for over 12 years.”


“I feel an earthquake sensation especially in the early morning while sleeping. It has gotten really intense in the last few months.”


Well, ground crew, we are a bunch of sensitive little Lightworkers, becoming increasingly sensitive with each passing day. Just look at what others like you are feeling. We are connected to the Earth in deep ways. Our bodies, minds, hearts and souls are in union with her.




Sensitive Lightworkers
by Valerie Donner


We are sensitive little Lightworkers

Sitting on a fence.

We are waiting for the Earth to move

So we can get a glance.

We want to know

What life will be like

When we slip into the higher dimensions.

Will it be like turning a channel

On our 3D televisions?

Or will it be a great big leap

From across this world to the next?

Can we take anything with us,

We often do wonder and guess.

Will we awaken one day

In a new world of beauty sublime,

Where all is new and mysterious

And we live in eternal time?

Will we sensitive little Lightworkers

Remember how big we can be?

In the Realms of spirit

We will be happy and free.



© 2006 The Ground Crew


A Channeled Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner May 1, 2006


Greetings, I am Mira.


Today I want to speak about many things. I know you are interested in what is happening from our vantage point here in the Pleiadian High Council. I told you before that we are on standby with constant monitoring alert for the Earth. The time is rapidly approaching when you will see the end of normalcy. You will be constantly bombarded with the need to make adjustments to your physical surroundings and in many areas of your life.


The Earth herself is in the powerful throes of cleaning up an unkempt planet. There are many causes for this and this is not to punish you as children by sending you to your room. All that is occurring and that will be occurring is for everyone’s highest good. Each person and particle will end up exactly where they need to be. Even if the Earth shakes you to your very roots you will grow by standing tall and remaining connected. You can do this—you can stay grounded and rise above it all.


Due to all that is happening within and upon your planet right now it is best that we stay simple. We can get down to the practical brass tacks of what it means for you to be on the planet and how you co-operate with each other for survival. What you are now doing is drawing communities together, sharing your love, wisdom and knowledge. This is in preparation for life in the higher dimensions. Too few of you know how to do this well. There are some places where the cooperative efforts are cohesive and strong. You are just beginning this process of connecting and learning to trust each other. It is also a heart opening for you. It can be a healing procedure and it is something that you have long awaited. For most of your lifetimes on the Earth you have felt entirely alone. Maybe you were with the wrong people or perhaps you lost your way. We are telling you that you are beginning to find your way. It is good. It will be rewarding in the long run. You are starting somewhere and this is what must happen.


The full-scale advancement of living in communities is still a short time in the future. Simply banding together in groups through a particular purpose is giving you a start. Even your Internet groups are one way of drawing you to like-minded people. You always want to be discerning though and make sure that you are in full resonance with those with whom you connect. Otherwise, you may have some sorry lessons with the implementation process. Take a group for whatever good it is for you. Be open to all of the divine flow so that you may be drawn to various groups for different reasons. We can tell you that this is the time for following your heart. You will like the results if you do this. Follow your interests. If you have not begun this process you might want to consider starting your own group. It is most desirable if you have other Lightworkers, the ground crew, to be with so that you will feel confident of your direction. You will be able to share with each other and count your insights into this time as a collective gift.


You all have numerous gifts and talents. You will need to let the creative juices flow. Love and support each other. Let yourselves shine in this endeavor. The ego is falling away in favor of the heart. Some day your hearts will sing in the delight of your new lifestyles and your new planet. We have a template for how this works. It is a blissful way to live. It will be an adjustment for you and could be challenging for those who have not been interested in a spiritual life.


The doors are opening to tomorrow. They are opening wide. You are starting to get a peak at what is on the other side as the third dimension is becoming lackluster. You await with excitement for a taste of something better. You are setting the energies in place with your intentions and dreams. Your dreams will come true.


Through intentions and dreams created your planet. Your Creator has big plans for you and the Earth. You dreamed big before you incarnated into the body. Your Creator and you are a cohesive group that is moving things forward. We assist along with many others. We are excited about all of these creative opportunities. We like to try new things too even though we have served many planets in their ascension process. No two are alike and Earth is unique.


We have a deep connection with Earth and her inhabitants that goes back in history. Many of you have Pleiadian roots. You have spent many lifetimes here in the Pleiades because it is a wonderful place to be. For you it is home.


Your life times on Earth have been intense and challenging for the most part. You have always missed your home. You have felt like strangers in a strange land even though you love the Earth. Most of you lost your instant messaging system with the Light Realms and with your Creator. This fact has been devastating and has brought some of the loneliest feelings for you. You might not have been able to put your finger on the feeling but this is the crux of it.


In the Pleiades we live so differently from the way you now live. Our governments are not full of bureaucracy. They are run by councils. The council members serve on various councils. The Pleiadian High council oversees all of the various councils here. We help when needed and mostly serve as advisories. Our system stands on its own merit. We are able to accomplish great achievements with a smooth flowing government. We work hand in hand and make sure that the good of all is served.


Council members have achieved a high degree of wisdom. They serve for long periods of time. They have the history at their fingertips and the expertise to go along with it. Each member has special merit. It is an honor to serve on the councils.


As your planet evolves into the higher dimensions you will see your governments changing. Eventually they will be based on councils. This method is how your Creator continues to create. It is a miraculous way of conducting life. It is simple and politics are not the way you experience them. It is an entirely different way of being.


You have a positive future with much to look forward to and many rewards along with it.

Please do not feel that you have to hang onto the present 3D form because creation takes many forms. Being attached to the old way of doing things will arrest your development.


We are with you in this evolutionary process. We hold the energy for your enlightenment and for that of the Earth. We collaborate with the creators of future of Earth and that includes you. Please stay in touch with us and we shall usher in your new world together.


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.



Heart of the Mountain Retreat At Mount Shasta


I am facilitating another Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mount Shasta. This year it will be from July 20-23. Louise Jones, author of the Telos books will be participating. If you are interested in coming to Mount Shasta to have a wonderful “life altering” retreat please check this website for the flier. OR Click Here.

"Telos, Volume 3"

"Protocols of the Fifth Dimension"

By Aurelia Louise Jones


My friend Louise Jones has just finished her third book about Telos the Lemurian city that resides in the higher dimensions underneath Mount Shasta. She has channeled beloved Adama, the high priest of Telos. He discusses awakening to a fifth dimensional consciousness. This book includes messages from other Masters like Sananda (Jesus), Maha Cohen and Serapis Bey. .


“We the Masters of Light, are giving you, through the simple teaching in this book, all the keys you will ever need to make it all the way to your Ascension with Ease, Grace and Wonderment. You must gain the full understanding of what it means to become an ascended being and the state of consciousness and responsibilities that come with it.


The experience of ascension in a physical body is new to most of you, as it was new to most of us. This is the grace that this planet offers in this time and space. Through this sharing, we further the evolution and expansion of our group consciousness in unity and love.


It is up to you, beloved children of our hearts—you now have all the keys of Ascension through the material of the book! As you unlock these simple but precious “Keys of Wisdom” within the heart, we are waiting for you on the other side, to receive you in the arms of love!”


Adama, Ahnahmar and the Telosian family


If you want to order this book you can e-mail me with your information, call or write to the address at the end of this update. The book is $20 U.S. plus $5.00 for shipping.


In Conclusion


Our bodies, minds, hearts and souls need our love and attention. We are embarking on new energies that will take us to the heaven that is breaking loose. It has to break loose and in order to achieve our heaven’s we have to be open and ready for the opportunities that present themselves.


As the energies accelerate we will come together in unity and love. We will find our pathways of service opening in the most divine manner. We are going to be busy Lightworkers, ground crew. Isn’t this what we have been long awaiting?


Hang in there. We have all of the assistance that we need. We have each other.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner


P.S. Happy Birthday to Linda our beloved ground crew webmaster!





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