Message from Valerie Donner - July 9, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

Thanks for your patience with me. It has been a little longer than usual since I last wrote. It has been a busy time and I also went on a week’s vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a welcome and restful vacation on the beach. The waves were more powerful than I have ever seen due to earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean. This affected many coastal areas. We had huge waves with plumes of water that looked like they reached 30 to 40 feet. Wherever we go the Earth is going through changes.

On July 4 Mercury entered retrograde until July 28.This happens three times a year usually for about three weeks at a time. Since Mercury is the planet of communication we can experience ensnarled communications. It can be with phones, satellites, and computers, each other. We might experience people not calling us back or a slowing down of normal communications. This is a good time to get organized, re-think your goals and plan for the next six months of what you want and where you are going. If communications get befuddled just blame it on Mercury being retrograde.

We are in the midst of an M-class solar flare that started on July 5. Solar flares affect the Earth’s geomagnetic fields and our geomagnetic fields. They can bring extreme weather conditions, which could explain the heat waves that you could be having here in the U.S. They can make you sleepy, or make you feel like you are being hit in the head sideways. Hopefully you will listen to the body and drink lots of water and rest if at all possible. Try not to push it. We are processing a lot right now including the amazing energies coming to the planet that also require extra sleep. The body is trying to catch up with these energies and is trying to integrate them. This takes more energy than you realize.

So what else is happening, ground crew? In addition to feeling drowsy, how are you doing at staying grounded and in the body? How is your nutrition? Have you done any cleansing? Are you getting out in nature? Are you clearing your fears? Are you making new choices in your life by following new truths that are becoming harder to ignore? Are you looking for like-minded spiritual people for community and support? Is your intuition becoming stronger? Are your psychic gifts being revealed in greater ways? Are you taking time to nurture body, mind, heart and soul? Whose life are you living?

As you ponder these questions you might find something that you can do to improve your ability to move through these times. I hope that you find joy every day and beauty. These are both reassuring pleasures about being on our beloved Mother Earth. If you hang on to the fear based media reports you would wonder what you are doing on such a pathetic planet. But the Earth is far from pathetic and you are far from being powerless beings with nothing to do.

Think about it, ground crew. This is our time. It is our truth and support that will assist the Earth and each other in our new way of being. We are energetically throwing out all that is no longer serving us. We are doing this almost faster than the speed of Light. Have you noticed that you cannot hang onto the old, whether is it jobs, clothes, people with whom you have little in common? Our vibrations are changing so when you are not aligned energetically with someone or something Spirit will help you to disconnect. This allows for you to find other like-minded and similar energy people.

It is all for the highest good so we can choose to let go or somehow the choice will be made for us. I like to call the early signs the “cosmic splinter” but if we wait too long we can get the “cosmic-two-by-four.” This means that you can take the hint, see the handwriting on the wall for change, or you can wait to get fired, sick, or have something major happen that will extricate you from the circumstance. Of course, it is always more empowering if you follow the energy and make the choices for your self. Even though it can be challenging since most humans resist change, it will bring what you need for your soul’s growth and fulfillment. Seize the opportunity to find the opportune time for unity.

Listen to your heart and soul. Follow the energy for greater rewards.

Maybe it is time for a reality check. Wake up a little. Where are you? What do you want to do with your life? Where are you going? Are you on your pathway? What is it that you truly want at the deepest level of the soul? Is your life about money and acquisitions? It has been said that when you are on the spiritual path you begin to simplify your life. How simple is your life? What makes you happy? What do you want for yourself, your family, and your planet? What new choices can you make that will feel happier? Do you hate your job? What excuses do you continue to make for staying?

The practical realities of today are different from what they were even two years ago, ground crew. We are in an era of profound change. The choices you made then are different from the choices you are making now. We are in the earth changes. Every choice you make is important. Over the next six or more years life as we know it will be different. There is much occurring now that we are not being told about such as the magnitude of some of the earthquakes that have happened. If you knew everything you would be in greater fear, at least this is the thinking behind the abbreviated information.

Of course, the choice to remain in love not fear is the most important choice. Understanding that you will receive divine guidance all the way is another factor to consider. If you can let go of the old and the way things are you can make room for the new. The new can become even more beautiful and fulfilling than that which you have been so attached to in the third dimension. Aren’t you getting a little bored with the 3D stuff by now? Can you imagine how much your Creator wants to give to you and that there is a divine plan? This is the truth. Open up to the expansiveness of the unlimited creative energy that awaits you and the planet. Let your energy soar into the fourth and fifth dimensions. You will experience much greater bliss than you ever felt in 3D.

One of my friends who lives in the Oakland Hills, here in the San Francisco bay area, recently had a fly-by during the day when she was hanging her underwear out to dry. She saw a small space ship do a zigzag motion in the broad daylight. I think this is just the beginning of more events such as this experience





We Want Fly-Bys
by Valerie Donner

Dear space sisters and brothers,

We know you are there.

You contacted our friend

When she hung out her underwear.


If this is what it takes.

This is what we will do.

We can paint the sky

With undies of white, pink or blue.


Maybe you prefer

Yellow, green or black.

Just let us know

And we will go out back.


We’ll restring our clotheslines,

Get rid of those loud dryers.

We will quietly wait

Your impressive flyers.


We know you want contact.

We are still long awaiting.

We have been patient

While our governments aid in abating.


Please give us your time.

Your cruise speed is fast.

You can stop on a dime.

But our patience can’t last.


We’ll remain clean.

And hang out at the line.

Just one little fly-by please.

And everything will be fine.


We are so deserving.

To us it will be bliss.

It won’t be unnerving.

We’ll send you a kiss.


© 2006 The Ground Crew


A Channeled Message From Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner July 9, 2006

Greetings, I am Mira.

I come to you today from the Pleiadian High Council where we observe the current conditions upon the Earth. Like you we love the Earth and feel responsible for her well-being. We cannot tell you all that is happening but there is much getting ready to happen. There will be eradication of places, people and things that are not in agreement or alignment with the new choices of your planet.

What does this mean for you? It symbolizes the importance of your intentions for the well being of the Earth’s physical body as well as your own. This could put you at cross currents for the mutual regard of both for some of you love the Earth more than your physical embodiments. We see this on the mass scale on your planet. It is not all due to your fault but to the programming that you have experienced. It comes from past lives and the perpetual self esteem issues with which you regularly consider.

Now that we are bringing this to your attention we ask that you liken your body to the beauty of the Earth. The Earth is known as the “Blue Jewel” throughout the universe. Do you think your Creator would place physical junk on this beautiful planet? You are the ones whose physical bodies are composed of the same elements as your Earth. Yes, you have different physical appearances based on your geographic ingredients. The beauty of the physical body is in the eyes of the Beholder. There is beauty in every one of your bodies so why do you object to people trashing the Earth when you chemically alter your bodies with detrimental properties?

We ask you these questions because they serve to make you think. We see things differently from here. We see your struggles and challenges. We see the harsh conditions under which some of you live. We want you to know that we are with you as you embrace the higher frequencies that are coming to your planet. You can already feel the physical body attempting to raise its vibrations. Your sensitivities are increasing and so that means that your bodies will be rebelling against some of the harsh toxins that are within your bodies. Some of these toxins could be eliminated if you made some different choices.

We are participating in healing and cleansing cycles of your planet. We are doing this along with you. As you begin to revere this process with your own physical well being you are also assisting the Earth’s well being. You are calling forth powerful new choices for food, water, air, land, soil, consciousness and intention. You are beginning to cooperate with us for we cannot do this alone even though our technology and nutritional needs are advanced. We cannot stick food into your mouths. We cannot make your choices for you. We can and do help improve your air and water. Your soil needs a lot of healing. We can work on this with you together. We can provide you with potential new solutions.

If you can remember the great love that created your planet as well as the powerful love that created your physical form, you will begin to see that trashing either your bodies or your Earth will prevent you from reaching your desired goals. Our discussion today comes at a pivotal time when your Earth’s environment is at a tragic point. The fragility of the ecosystems of the Earth is being brought to bear in the form of the health and well being of all of life. Sustainability is the question. How can your planet and you become self-sustaining without tipping the scales to ruination?

We have scientists and technology that are measuring many guideposts to the sustainability issue for your planet. The picture they are presenting is one of sickness and ruination if the pathway is not changed considerably in the immediate future. You must understand that we are all helping as we can but you live on your beautiful planet. You are the guardians. We can consult with you, be your advisors. We can pull in the greatest information but you must heed the advice. It is like when you go to your physicians or healers. If you are non-compliant we are not allowed to do it for you.

Simplification is the key ingredient to your healing. Even though the issues appear complex, if you simplify your lifestyle, as well as your eating habits, you will begin to release some of the toxins and burdens that the bodies are carrying. This relieves the Earth. She is capable of transmuting for you what you clear. She is most powerful. So are you.

You have the freedom to make new choices. The changes that are in process will begin to force the simplification. There will be external changes that will force you to get back to the basics like growing your own food and cooperating with each other. It is important to prepare in advance with this knowledge. Think about what you can learn and do right now to begin this process.

Getting closer to the land, your lovely Earth will be rewarding. There is much that can be learned from securing a closer networking position with your Earth and your neighbors.

You are in the last vestiges of an era with the complexities and toxicities that are endemic on the planet. Use this time well. Get your physical life in better shape and help your planet. Become more aware of even the smallest choices that can be made every day to raise your frequency and improve the overall health and well being of all.

The Pleiadian High Council serves as an advisory team to your planetary system as well as others. We are aware of the challenges that humans experience as they embark upon the ascension process. Each planet is unique yet many of the issues are similar. What we have observed and recommended in this update are achievable. Let us work together to further your growth and healing.

I am Mira in service to the Light of the Earth.


In Conclusion


Whether it is fun things like fly-bys or awareness of our personal body, mind, heart and soul issues, we can find these times entertaining and interesting. As our sensitivity and self-awareness increase on all levels we will simply let go of what is no longer serving us. This is part of rising into higher consciousness. The dimensions reflect this consciousness. The challenge is to gently and easily create the energy of ascension.

As the Creator sends out these higher frequencies it is our job to transmute them and integrate them. In this way we are serving the planet and ourselves. Then one day after all this inner work and clearing you will awaken to a peaceful and blissful state of being. You will feel disconnected to the third dimension and be the observer. You will be a steady stream of peace and love. Others will want what you have created. Love and unity will then become the norm. We will be at the critical mass.

Let us enjoy the process, ground crew. It is a call to action. Get out and do more of your work.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner




Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years.  She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel.
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Information about lodging and camping will be provided.

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Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, teacher and channel. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to facilitate healing and transformation. Valerie has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years. She is the founder of The Ground Crew website, She lived in Mt. Shasta for three years and is pleased to share some of the blessings she discovered of this sacred place.




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