Message from Valerie Donner - August 16, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

It seems like so much is happening right now it is challenging knowing where to start. I feel that the ground crew is working 24/7. Doesn’t it feel that way to you? If you wake up tired in the morning it could be that you are spending out of body time in the dream state in places like the Middle East. Higher aspects of your self are assisting other souls make their transition, or helping loved ones of those who have departed, or maybe even healing in various places on the planet.

If you pay attention to your dreams you might begin to see friends, clients and family members that you are helping. We are everywhere right now doing everything we can to assist. We are multi-dimensional beings having more multi-dimensional experiences.

In taking the last few weeks into account, I believe that we have been called into service like never before. We are needed for our love and our Light. Our positive thoughts in the midst of all the turmoil and darkness pave the way for the new energies and the new planet that we are co-creating together. It is important we remember that we came from the future to change this very present time. This is more justification for our loving thoughts, prayers for all the warring places and governments. We are setting the mode for a planet that is peaceful.

All of the war like actions are up for transmutation. The historical hostilities among other countries are being cleared. We must change the present for the future of the planet. We want peace along with most of the rest of the world. In the Bible Code 2 book it talks about the potential for nuclear war in 2006. Are you going to let that happen? NO! You are going to pray for divine illumination, divine guidance, divine balance, divine intervention and divine resolution. Give it to God but remember that you too are God and what you want on your planet matters. Keep your focus on what you want because together we are co-creating our new Earth.

What about the media? In writing the word media—I just realized that these are the first four letters of medi-tation. Let’s make meditation our media. Let’s put our own positive consciousness into our focus. Let’s observe but not get caught up in the fear and war. Let’s be in this world but not of this world. We can do that through meditation, prayer, focus and loving hearts.

When you pay attention to the media you fall into the mass consciousness of fear and chaos. What happens when you do that? You become easier to control. Fear makes you vulnerable to control. Love makes you impervious to control. You are in touch with yourself, your higher power and your own destiny. We need meditation more than ever now. Meditation enables you to rise above the mass hysteria and see what is really happening.

So what is really happening? The Light from our Creator is shining down on all of the darkness. The darkness gets more fearful of losing control, so they try more antics to stay in control. People can either choose love or fear. I see many people wanting to change their lives, to open up spiritually, and to find a new way of living. It means that people are transforming. They are waking up and clearing out old fears and moving into something magnificent. I am seeing transformation all around me.

We are actually in the fourth dimension most of the time now. Have you noticed how quickly time is going? The quicker it goes the higher the dimension we are finding ourselves in. This will happen until we are in the ever present now.

What are you doing in your life to find new truths? Is there a sense in you that is reaching for something higher, knowing that all of the limiting beliefs that you have held about yourself are just myths? They are just stories that you made up along the way. They are ill informed imprints from parents or past relationships. What counts now is that you begin to remember who you really are—an aspect of your Creator. As you progress on your pathway of remembering and going through your zero point, you will begin to fully remember your true self and how powerful that true self can be.

I believe that it is important to gather in groups for prayer, meditation and intention to help all of us move through these times with the least amount of chaos possible. I recommend that you create community by starting groups and sharing what you have been learning over the years. Meditation groups are extremely important now. Create some even if you live in a small area. There are other like-minded souls who are looking for you. We need each other at this time. It will help us flow with ease and grace.





East and Grace
by Valerie Donner

Ease and grace.

Ease and grace.

Follow the energies of

Ease and grace.


When you struggle,

Mess up your life,

You are living

In earthly strife.


Ease and grace

Are a part of the flow.

Struggle tells you something;

There’s more to know.


Flow is divine.

It is the natural way.

It makes your life easier.

It is the Light’s passing ray.


Ease and grace

Are simple and free.

They help you to

Get together to be.


When you allow

This magic to relieve stress,

Ease and grace

Will alleviate the mess.


Ease and grace.

Ease and grace.

Let your life come together

In perfect place.


© 2006 The Ground Crew


A Report on the Mount Shasta Retreat

My annual retreat at Mount Shasta was a wonderful event. The ten of us who attended from July 20-23, are still integrating the magical events that occurred. It was a rich experience for all. It is heartfelt to observe people transform their lives right in front of you.

We had channelings from the Lemurians and from Saint Germain in a special portal. We bathed in the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs. We got over heated in the warm sun as we delighted in being at the top of Mt. Shasta in beautiful Panther Meadows (It was named this because Saint Germain was seen there with a black panther on each side of him.) We walked the Labyrinth on top of the mountain as we released the old and created the new. It was impossible to stop gawking as our space brothers and sisters put on an amazing show for us while we were on the mountain. It was awesome!

The Master Kuthumi talked to us in a lovely spot in nature. We swam in a lake and went to some gorgeous waterfalls. We laughed ourselves silly time and again.

I am grateful for all who attended: Debbie, Inger, Merriam, Feridah, Misty, Magee, Janice, Pam, and Mickey. I also thank my dear friends Louise Jones and Nan Olson for their blessed gifts of the Lemurian teachings and the crystals.

A Channeling From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, August 16, 2006

Greetings, I am Mira. I come to you with groundbreaking news. It is the right time now to get more specific about things. We want to keep you informed about pertinent information that you will find helpful.

We see and understand the situation that you now find yourselves and the Earth in. It is an uncomfortable time in which you find yourselves. We know how much you love the planet. It is unfortunate that some believe that the Earth belongs to them and only them. We find this amusing. If only they knew what we know they would change their minds right away. Right now we do not see them revising their plans mid-stream. We see them moving straight ahead to a destiny that will not have much to offer them. A few will change their course and revoke their plans. Most will hit the celestial wall.

You may wonder what we mean by this phrase. It is akin to what you experience on the Earth in the third dimension. It occurs when you run out of options. When your plans and course are stopped in their tracks. You find yourself unable to move forward no matter what you do. This is also a time when you suffer consequences. It can feel like you have boxed yourself into a corner. You are forced to deal with your creations.

The Creator is a wise and just power. In the case of the Earth, certain safe guards have been put in place. The Earth is loved by the Creator beyond measure. The Creator is not about to let any more harm come to the Earth. She has been patient and longstanding in her desire to assist souls in their spiritual advancement. Time has run out for the ones who have been lagging behind. The rest of life is moving forward at an advanced pace.

The Creator has seen to it that those dedicated ones and those who mean no harm will advance. Great learning will come through all of this. Those who try to continue forcing their way will be left in the shadow. They know what we mean by this phrase.

The implications of this are many. You are about to see numerous karmic releases. You will see human nature at its best and at its worse. You will wonder how you and the Earth could have survived all of these energies. Yet the Earth will survive and so will you. You will reflect upon life and see how precious it is. You will treasure what you have taken for granted. You will be in awe at the gifts and riches that await you.

You will be fed with beauty and new loving relationships. You will discover greater purpose as your call into service becomes louder and louder. As you increase your service your heart will be happier and you will see that all of the waiting has been worth it.

We will be with you every step of the way. We are as close as a breath and as near as a whisper. Our technical touch is within your reach. The healing energies are converging upon you and the planet with increasing frequency. The higher realms are rejoicing at the levels with which we are all working. This joy of union includes you—our ground crew.

Soon you will begin to see how important your roles are in the ascension process. You have all been hand picked by the Creator and the Earth herself. You exist within the union of conscious intention. You are a part of the cosmic and universal internet. You travel between the worlds as do we in intervals time and space. The frequency of this manifestation is incomprehensible right now to you. Suffice to say it is working.

We have taken great efforts to interrupt devious plans that would alter life forever on the planet. The dense energies surrounding the Earth have been changed to allow us to raise the vibratory patterns that were inlaid. These patterns were against universal law. It will make our work together easier.

You have everything on your side. The Light carries the messages for you to receive. This needs to be your focus. When you release the fear laden patterns the Light can reach you fully. This is part of the process that you now find yourselves in. Much depends upon the breath. Release the fear through the breath. Receive through Light and love. If your vibration is high you can penetrate the density and receive the necessary information. This is a tip for you. Raise your vibration. Do what you can. You know what you need to do. Suggestions for this include your spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, dietary improvements, and elimination of stress. We will discuss this later.

As the Light streams upon the Earth, we will ride the waves of higher octaves of love and union. We will anchor in the higher dimensional energies together for the planet Earth. You are in our hearts and we love you. We await our reunion.

I am Mira in loving service.


In Conclusion

The ground crew has work to do. We are receiving assistance from the realms of Light.
We are proceeding toward our goal of ascension and we are unifying more with each day. We have a lot to be excited about. Love will set us free.

Blessings love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years.  She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel.
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