Message from Valerie Donner - September 13, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

Does it feel like you are running with your track shoes on lately? Can you keep up with the pace? Are you feeling yourself called into service in new ways? Do you feel that the pressure is turned up? Are you seeing people getting caught up in increasing dramas? Are you aware of many more people choosing to make their departures?

Yes, ground crew, the road of life has become a little bumpier. If you have only hit a few pebbles on the road you are fortunate for many are hitting potholes and even greater. Life is tumultuous and the energies that are coming in now are stranger than before. The partial lunar eclipse on September 7 was powerful and will continue with these effects for at least six months.

Whether it is health challenges, relationships, work or something else, we are being called into greater service. We are being asked to go the extra mile. Lightworkers are becoming more involved in the process of anchoring in the Light. They are beginning to come out from hiding to do their work.

It is easy to say that you are here to be a Lightworker but what does that mean? You are here to be of service to life on the Earth, to assist with anchoring in the energies of Light and to help heal the planet along with yourself. You must learn what the Light is about. It is more than work, it is also about play. It is about playing with the energies that come from Prime Source to create a holy and healthy life. It is about finding new ways that you can reflect the Creator’s energy and by reflecting that back to others.

You can be creative in this process. Some are artists, musicians, healers, teachers, and corporate employees. You can serve in anyway regardless of your title or your current identity in the world. We are all charged with the task of charging up the Light. We are the transducers of this Divine Source energy that is always creating. These days we need to get as creative as we can be. We need to use the tools that we have like meditation, prayer, and visualization. We need to get the Light word out!

Now is the time that we will be pushed to the maximum creative potential to keep the planet and ourselves going through the current myriad of changes. It is time to take your place. If you are still shaking in your boots about what you came here to do you need to start doing something—do anything that feels important to you. You can make phone calls to your governmental leaders, listen to or counsel others, write that script for a play, help clean up the Earth—there are numerous ways that you can play with the Light.


Play With the Light
by Valerie Donner

Play with the Light
Stop shaking in your boots.
Working with the Light
Will give everyone a boost.

Write your poem.
Make a new dress.
Sew up old wounds.
Clean up the rest.

Seek out other friends
Like your Light self.
Help them shed the darkness.
Spirit will do the rest.

Wake up your partner.
Give them a good shake.
Tell them this 3d stuff
Is unreal and fake.

Play with new ideas.
Throw out the old.
Let go of the sticky stuff.
Release the old mold.

Play with the Light.
You too are God.
When you play with the Light.
You are a lightening rod.

Play with the Light.
Raise your vibration.
Call this work right.
It’s time for celebration.

© 2006 The Ground Crew

There is an aphorism that says, “If work isn’t play than you are falling asleep.” What work are you doing? Are you awake or asleep? Is your heart singing or are you walking blindly down the streets? Is life becoming more of a flow for you or are you in struggle? Struggle creates stress and that means you are not in the flow. Call forth divine flow and that all of your needs are met.

It is now September 13 and have you wondered where half of September has gone? Can you see that time is passing quickly? It is almost like a runaway train to the fifth and higher dimensions. We are experiencing this passing of time speeding up because we are in the fourth dimension right now. It is the lower part of the fourth for there are various levels of the dimensions.

In this situation we have to be in two worlds with one foot still in the third dimension (the material realm) and the other foot climbing into the fourth and higher. We are bouncing back and forth between these realms. This makes manifesting easier and is why we need to be careful of our thoughts. We need to have clear intentions about what we want—conscious manifestation. The third dimension is still serving us so we must continue to cover our third dimensional responsibilities while dabbling in the fourth and higher.

What I am seeing in my work is that many people are having intense issues coming up for them. Some are in major crises. I also see beautiful Lightworkers ready to take some next steps. It is a time of spiritual awakening. There is a desire for further spiritual growth and understanding. It is also becoming clear that we need to create communities for ourselves with other like-minded souls. These communities can simply be groups coming together to meditate, learn or have a good time for now. It does not mean that you have to find land to live on communally right now. In the future we will likely be living closer to the land. Right now we are learning about each other and what it is like to have the support and friendship.

A Channeling From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner, September 13, 2006

Greetings, I am Mira.

I come to you today to bring you some energy from the Pleiades. You need a steady stream of energy for there is a lot of interference right now on the Earth. The Earth is a station of discordant energy so anything that we can do to assist in stabilizing your planet is helpful.

We also come to help you, the Light beings who are intimately involved with the planetary problems and progress. Remember that we work together and we do it in harmony with you.

We are going to offer some information today and some remedies for success during such times as these. Your planet is getting closer to the null zone of the photon belt. It is as if the energy from the photon belt is streaming in faster and faster. This has to do with the Earth’s energy and her ability to receive greater Light. It is also related to many other conditions in your solar system, galaxy and universe. It is proceeding at an accelerated pace and this is necessary for the Earth’s survival. It also explains why some of you feel internal upheaval at times, almost like the energies are poring through the physical body, which is indeed what is happening. Those sensitive to energies may find themselves needing less sleep, not being able to sleep or the desire to sleep a lot.

It takes a lot of courage to remain in the physical form while undergoing the ascension process. We are learning about this because it is a new process. We will help you as much as we can to make these transitions as smooth as possible.

There also things that you can do to help yourselves. Here is a list of some of the possibilities:

    1. We prescribe that you invite in our healing energy during meditation. This will assist you with your frequencies and your healing.
    2. Stay grounded to the Earth so that means frequent walks and even barefooted will help. This will keep you in your body. Right now the energies can take you out of the body so this is not good especially if you are driving, etc.
    3. Your spiritual practices are extremely important. They will keep you setting your sights high for what it is you are accomplishing with ascension.
    4. Keep the body hydrated with lots of good water. Water carries frequency and consciousness so this is what you are working with too as you progress on your path.
    5. Remember to keep a positive outlook with others even when things look bleak on your planet. You are setting the stage for how you want your planet to be—the new Earth. When you hold a positive position on the world events it means that you are holding the Light and rising above the fear and negativity. This is a powerful practice for anchoring in the Light.
    6. Be in touch with all of the beautiful loving energies of the Earth. Nature will continue to support you if you avail yourself of this precious resource. Your Earth is one of the most beautiful of all planets. Some of the best resources were brought here in order to flourish. We will all see to it that this continues in spite of the lack of regard for these precious elements. They have been treated like commodities that don’t belong to all of you but they do belong to all of you. Acting as if they are yours is a good focus.
    7. Be mindful of if you are thinking like a victim. This means that it is time for humanity to become empowered. If you blame others you are still staying in victim consciousness. Knowing you always have choice and making choices that make you feel good about yourself are empowering choices.
    8. Be willing to change your diet. Your bodies are going through numerous changes right now so the old way of eating may not serve you. Be open to new forms of protein. You will be eating lighter fare.
    9. Get as much rest as possible even when the energies make sleep a challenge. You are working on many different levels now. When you rest you allow the Light energies to integrate into your cellular structure and your consciousness. Know when to quit doing something. Say “No.” when you are too tired to carry on.
    10. Release all that is holding you back. This means the old belief patterns and issues. You are in the higher dimension now and you need to create a new identity that exemplifies who you are becoming and what you want to be.
    11. Support your own growth by including new behaviors on a regular basis. This means try something different, step out of the ordinary, take a few leaps of faith and be willing to let your spirit soar.

Before you know it, we will be closer to you than ever. We are always gaining ground in our destination of being with you again. We have so much to share with you. As I have said before, we have a lot to learn from you too. We anticipate growing our worldly community and including the Earth back into our galactic family. It is not that she has been separate it is simply that the interference on the Earth plane has made it inopportune to make ourselves known to most of you.

You have a complex mixture of energies on the Earth that are now getting sorted through for the ascension process. Proceed with delight because you know that we are with you and Prime Source is in charge. Your space family is on standby.

I am Mira in communication from the Pleiadian High Council.

Prayers Needed

Many are in need of prayer and assistance. My friend Christara’s daughter, Kim, and her partner, Terry, adopted three little Russian orphans three years ago. They are now five-two little girls, Gillian and Sasha and a little boy named Andrew.

During the adoption process beloved Gillian Grace’s video was sent to Kim and Terry “by mistake” because she was considered unadoptable. Gillian has only one kidney. I remember seeing her video because this all began while I was living in Mt. Shasta. Christara was my neighbor and long time friend. Gillian looks a lot like Kim. We all fell in love with her and she was adopted.

Last December 26, Gillian became gravely ill with renal failure. Her only kidney was not functioning. She is five and has had to be on kidney dialysis three times a week in San Francisco since then. Her mommy has to drive her through congested traffic from a long distance three times a week along while caring for the other children too.

The miracle is this—Kim is a match for a new kidney for Gillian! As it is now scheduled they are going to have their mutual surgeries in San Francisco on Friday, September 29, at 8:30AM. Dear ground crew, please pray for these precious loving angels that all may be in divine healing, flow and order. Whatever prayers you can send will be received in deep gratitude.

In Conclusion

Whatever is happening there is a unification process going along with it. We are unifying on the Earth even though the separation appears to run rampant. Our hearts are uniting with each other, or spiritual families, and our space families. It is exciting to think that we are rising above the mere physical reality, adjusting to new frequencies and finding the real truth.

Holding ourselves back in the fear is going to delay our continual rise into the higher dimensions. In these dimensions there is no fear. Allow your new life to be in divine flow. See how easy it is to live in the higher frequencies. Try it you will like it. You already know 3D pretty well. Embrace the new. Let us do this together.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, channel, teacher, writer and speaker. She works deeply at the heart and soul level where healing is needed. She sees things, feels things and receives information for her clients. She has been meditating twice a day for over 30 years.  She works with her team like the Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwal Khul, St. Germain and the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Uriel.
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