Message from Valerie Donner - November 28, 2006
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Dear Ground Crew:

These past couple of months have been interesting. Even though Mercury was retrograde until the 18th of November, it seems like it started a couple of weeks early and may still be impacting us somewhat. It has been about six weeks since my last update. No, I have not sold this website or forgotten about you, I have had a busy schedule and have not had much time to communicate with the ground crew. We have also had a problem with our e-mails for those who are subscribers to the website. We are working on this problem and hope that our solution works. If you are not receiving e-mails from us you might just want to check the website for updates. I also appreciate hearing from you. It is not so rewarding to be writing and feeling like you are writing in a void.


What is exciting for me is my new meditation CD called “Welcome in the Light.” It is doing well and quite a few people tell me they are listening to it every morning. .  It is assisting them with their spiritual practice and that was my intention. The CD has instructions about how and why to meditate, a ten-minute concentration meditation, and two 22 minute guided meditations.


I want to see more meditators on the planet. In a recent magazine article published in the December 2006-Februrary 2007 issue in Shift, At The Frontiers of Consciousness, by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Stephanie D. Preston, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, wrote an article called, Averting the Tragedy of the Commons, An Ecological and Psychological Perspective. The article discusses “individual efforts to survive and the greater qualitative and quantities differences between (1) securing resources for one’s ones needs, (2) existing in a chronic state of fear that you do not have enough, and (3) using that fear to motivate preemptive action or disproportional force against others in order to feel more secure.”  The difference in motives can create conflict. Look at what is happening with various wars on our planet.


“ . . . Empathy and the impetus to help are greatly increased when one feels similar to another.  . . Recent research into the mind-body interaction suggests an alternative intervention that is known to increase empathy and compassion across the board, which may also reduce the primary need to fight over resources and make necessary responses more proportional to the actual threat.”


“Buddhism, in its more modern and less theistic form, employs meditation to improve health and well being.  One important goal in Buddhist philosophy is to attain enlightenment and contentment by relinquishing one’s attachments to thoughts, desires, possessions and even self. It asserts that our excessive investment in self causes us to habitually brush aside temporary discomfort in an attempt to preserve the ego . . . Controlled studies have shown that incorporating meditative practice into Western daily life not only reduces stress and interpersonal conflict but also fosters positive states such as love, compassion, openness, and empathy.”


The upshot of this article is that if more people were meditating they would be less self centered and be filled with more positive emotions. Conflict on the planet would be reduced because people would care more about each other, would be less egocentric and materialistic. Reduced consumerism would reduce global conflict and have far reaching improvements on many levels of life.


In the long run the only way we will create peace on the planet is to create our own inner peace. Meditation is key to making this happen. One of my meditation students shared her experience of practicing meditation. She started meditating about eight months ago. When she first began she was obsessed with her two grown children, had arthritis, walked with a cane, took 16 medications a day and was always in pain. After about five or six months of meditating daily for 20 to 30 minutes, she is now pain free, walks without a cane and no longer takes any medications. She is no longer worried about her children constantly and does not have to go to the chiropractor regularly.


We are creating our own reality. We can create our healing and well-being and contribute to the healing of the planet, simply by focusing within. When we change our inner world the outer world also changes.


What kind of a world do you want to live in ground crew? Are we not here to help transform the planet? What are your dreams for your future and for the future of the Earth? What do you want life to be like five, ten or 20 years from now? How much longer are you willing to live with war? What are the new truths that are pulling at your heartstrings? How can you begin to live in greater truth and align this truth with your life?


As our Creator’s photon Light energy continues to accelerate our consciousness the consciousness of all of life is changing. As the old secrets are revealed the ego is stripped away. What does that leave? More Light shines on the darkness within us and around us. New opportunities and choices are created. We are creating new identities. We are becoming more unified and loving. We are setting the examples for our new Earth.


We are living in a state of grace. When we begin to realize how powerful our thoughts are and how exponentially powerful it is to meditate together, we will take back our planet. We are in this process now of rearranging our lives at the deepest molecular level to usher in the fourth, fifth and even higher dimensions. Consciousness is everything. It is about the energy of thought and awareness. It is connected to our DNA and to our Creator. When there is higher consciousness there will no longer be war. Think about it.


One of the reasons people are afraid to meditate is that they are afraid of what they will find inside of them.  They are accustomed to so many distractions and have been told they were worthless for many lifetimes so they are afraid of themselves. Some feel abandoned by Prime Source and the Light Realms. Others have had fear of the inner connection driven into them by religious programming. This is paradoxical. The reason we are here is to know our selves. Through meditation we will know our selves and we will learn to love what is inside. What is inside comes from Source. It is pure and radiant love.


It is time to take action, to proact on our your own behalf. Take the next steps on your spiritual pathway to find peace within. Make your spiritual practice a commitment to yourself and your progress. When we leave the planet all that we take with us is our consciousness and our soul. We get asked about what we learned in our lifetime and if we learned unconditional love. How are you doing? Take the time to listen and learn. It will be worth it on all levels.




Welcome in the Light
by Valerie Donner

Welcome in the Light.

It will make you feel good.

It will make you happy.

It will shift your mood.


Welcome in the Light.

Let your self be loved.

You will feel warm and fuzzy.

You will know it’s from above.


Welcome in the Light.

It is all around.

The Light is in every cell.

It is love profound.


Welcome in the Light.

It is something to behold.

There is a loving energy

That takes hold.


Welcome in the Light.

It is a powerful force.

It comes from the Creator

Also know as Prime Source.


Welcome in the Light.

There are angels and Masters there.

They might tap you on the head.

Or show you colors to make you aware.


Welcome in the Light.

Be as happy and bold as you can be.

Welcome in the Light.

It is your key to eternity.

© 2006 The Ground Crew




A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Channeled by Valerie Donner on November 28, 2006




I am Mira. I come from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today from the Pleiades. We are called the Seven Sisters. I am speaking to you today from Alcyone. We have just come out of some meetings relative to your planet, the Earth. We love the Earth and are watching over the current events.


Since we last spoke much has occurred on many different levels. You must have noticed that the intensity has accelerated. This means that the emotions are stronger and your sensitivity is greater. It also means that events are accelerating. This has to do with gravitational changes and the gravity of the times.


It is interesting to us how much turmoil is going on right now. It is coming in phases and you are now entering into a new phase of more cataclysmic events. The Earth herself is in great turmoil. She loves you all very much but she too is more sensitive and the photonic energies are creating waves that must be released. The old stuck energies need to be washed away and they will through storms, and a variety of water events.


If you could see how lovely your planet appears now you would be in awe. The electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields are changing and this will continue for some time. With each change new colors appear that serve the next change. The colors are healing to the Earth and are serving life on the planet.


The Earth is also emitting new sounds like sighs of relief as she progresses through her stages of cleansing and healing. Her breath and heartbeats are part of yours. With each in breath she is receiving and with the out breath she is releasing. I suggest you participate in these breaths with the Earth. You will benefit and feel more one with what is transpiring.


It is magnificent to see that some of humanity is awakening. It is almost like they have been awakened from a deep sleep. They are looking around themselves and asking pertinent questions. They are evaluating the state of affairs. They are looking for more.

This means that they will be seeking more of the awakened ones, like those to whom I am speaking today. Don’t worry, they will find you and you will be ready to assist them.


We are still on standby ready to assist. Much is happening above in the skies if you will only look. Soon your eyes will light up with the activity that will be occurring. You will find it quite invigorating. You will soon learn that we are around and that your governments will no longer be able to prevent you from knowing about us. Even your scientists are posing that there could be other universes and life on other planets and universes as well. The truth is bursting forward.


We will become more obivious. The blatant hypocrisy and secrecy is becoming more obvious. The destiny of life and the Earth is becoming more of a focal point. The Earth's place in the solar system and the universe is important and that is why we are all assisting with the changes. You know that what happens to the Earth affects all of us. We are watchdogs. We have a few dogs to watch, you might say.


This encompasses a full range of details about which we are concerned. It is not just he nuclear issue, but the myriad of issues that affect the well being of all of life on the Earth.

Most of you are aware of the environmental concerns that are of the utmost importance, but there are many others. Your space family which includes us does what it can to assist with the atmosphere and environmental clean up. There is much more to be done. Our technology will be of great assistance to the Earth. She wants and needs our love and assistance. She has tolerated so much for so long. This is a group effort and if we do not all help it could be disastrous. This is not part of the Plan though. It will take effort and work but we will accomplish our mission.


It helps us when you acknowledge our presence and when you welcome our input. We feel honored and are honored to be a part of your transformation.


Next year you will be in for some major changes. You will be surprised at how flexible you can be and how positive these changes will be. Change will be the name of the game. You will learn to go with the flow and will be at peace knowing that you will have all that you need.


I am Mira sending you love and guidance from the Pleiadian High Council.




In Conclusion


We are not alone ground crew. The Higher Realms are always available to us. The space beings are with us. We just need to begin being here for each other, the planet, and ourselves. We are not individual satellites spinning around the Earth. We are each cells in the ocean of life that our Creator put here.


 I hope that you will meditate and that you will make your spiritual path an important one. Everything is in place for our transformation we simply have to do the ground crew’s part of the plan. As you accelerate on your journey you will find joy and soul satisfaction in doing your part.


Please remain in touch with each other. Keep up the good Light work.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner


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