Message from Valerie Donner - December 19, 2006
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:

As the year 2006 is rapidly coming to a close, we can see that 2012 will be here before we know it. What will these next five years bring? If they flow as quickly as these past six years we will be in the new energy of the new Earth. This means that life, as we have known it in the third dimension will be different. We will are on a trajectory into the fourth dimension and then into the fifth.


Our Creator is behind this trajectory in tandem with Mother Earth. In the past couple of weeks we have had constant solar flares and geomagnetic disturbances. If you remember, the sun is part of the Great Central Sun, which comes from our Creator, you might imagine that these solar flares are waves of loving energy coming from the Creator’s heart. They are intense radiation particles of Light that are being beamed to the Earth to increase consciousness, to shift the planet. These are being sent to us along with the photon energies, the band of Light that comes around every 26,000 years. Light carries information and this Light is what will help bring us our enlightenment.


Our enlightenment is something that many of us are striving for but it also means that we need to fulfill our part of the plan. We must be aware of our thoughts and our own creations. In the fourth dimension and higher, thoughts instantly manifest. That is why I think the movie “The Secret” ( is important for our transformation. This movie is bringing a profound shift among many people. It is about the Law of Attraction. If you have not seen it you might want to go to the website or order the movie. It is worth seeing more than once. It seems to have its own energy. I wonder why???


How has life changed for you since the millennium? What trends do you see for your new life in the new energies? Do you still feel fully connected to the third dimension or do you feel slightly apart from it? What would you like your new Earth to be like?


Have we had enough war? Have we acquired all of the material things that we could ever want or need? Have we eaten every type of food that we could find? Are we bored with the third dimension? Have we studied and learned from the polarities—what good relationships are not, what good parenting is not, what good bosses are not, what good neighbors are not, what good governments are or not . . .? Have we mastered these lessons or are we still entrenched in the polarities and drama?


What are we now achieving in terms of our own mastery? I had the privilege of hearing George Leonard speak this past week. He is the author of over 14 books, including “The Life you were Given,” written with Michael Murphy, “Mastery,” and “The Silent Pulse.” George Leonard was the editor of “Look Magazine” and is considered a true visionary. He is 83 and has his fifth degree black belt in Aikido and still teaches at his Dojo in the San Francisco bay area. According to George “practice” is one of the main steps in mastery. Have we practiced our spiritual pathway in separation long enough? What more can we do to find our mastery?


This is the time of transformation. It is the time that we have been waiting for and it is time that we take action. We are creating our new Earth as we speak, think and act. We need to focus on what we want. We need to realize our power. We are the masters of our own creation. We are creating our new energies with the assistance of our Creator.


We came back from the future to change this very time line in which we now find ourselves. Apparently we did not like what we saw had happened to the Earth in this time line. Even looking another 40 years into time we did not like what we saw. Whether our beloved planet was destroyed through nuclear war or whether it became more of an imprisoned planet, we have made a new choice for the Earth. We are the bringers of Light who came to assist the Creator, the Light Realms, our space family, and all of creation, re-create the future and the present Earth.


So ground crew, aren’t you the ones we have been waiting for? You are the ones who have come here to be of service to the Light to anchor in the new energies. It is through your love, Light and creations that we will move this planet into the New Earth. It is our job.


Some times I have clients with a core fear that they will not accomplish their mission in this lifetime. Do you ever feel this way? This could stem back from past lifetimes when we tried to assist the Earth with her rise and it didn’t work. It could also be that too many of us are still caught up in fear, especially financially, and that this fear keeps us from following our heart and doing what we came here to do.


If this applies to you, I recommend that you begin to take the necessary steps in your life to create inner peace. Whatever it will take, you must ask yourself “What will give me peace?” Keep asking and then consider your choices. You must get out of your stuck places and take responsibility for creating this peace. The only way that we as powerful Light begins can assist ourselves and the planet is to get unstuck.


Please think about what I have just said and make some new choices for yourself. We cannot continue to make excuses for our selves and remain stuck. Meditate. Pray. You can pray for divine guidance, divine wisdom, divine truth, divine order, or even divine intervention and divine resolution. Just make it divine and ask your Creator to help you.




Get Unstuck
by Valerie Donner

Little by little get unstuck.

You don’t need to

Get run over by a

Garbage truck.


It’s like a bolt of

Lightening hitting your hand,

Just let go

And hear the band.


March to the drumbeat

Of something new;

The old no longer serves

And has lost its view.


Make new choices.

Pray, get mad.

Do whatever it takes

To make yourself glad.


Step on the gas.

Take your foot off the brakes.

Listen to the inner.

So there will be no more fakes.


Look at the mirrors.

Let go of heartache.

Embrace your fears.

There are new choices to make.


Use a wrench,

Whatever you need,

To grease the skids

And get your self free.


Your Creator knows

How powerful you are.

You are a glorious one

Who comes from afar.


Let your Light shine.

Be that sparkly star.

Help yourself.

Be who you are.

© 2006 The Ground Crew




A Message From Mother Mary
Through Valerie Donner

December 19, 2006


Greetings beloveds, I am Mary, the Mother of peace, the keeper of the hearts. I am with you in all ways.


I come with a message for you today. It is important that we speak. It has been a while since I have addressed this audience. I speak to you of this time of the year. We in the Light realms are ever so close. We know your heartbeats and we hear your thoughts. We observe your energy and know your wants. We hear your desires, and feel your pain. We are always with you and nothing shall be the same.


There are a few things that I want to address. First, at this time of the year it is a holy time. It is an appropriate time for you to be closely connected with us in the realms of love and Light. We are closer than ever at this time. It makes it easier for us to connect.


If you remember the story of the manger, where we welcomed in my beloved son, Jesus, 2000 years ago, you will remember in your heart all that this season is intended to be. It is through the heart that you will find your way. The metaphoric stable and the manger are simple with the star of Bethlehem pointing the way. Spiritual truths are simple, beloveds. We love you. The Christ, represented by Jesus, 2000 years ago, paved the way for this present time. It is a time of opening the heart and healing the heart. It is a time for clearing out the past lives and coming back into the heart of stabilizing the heart. My beloved son’s heart is always open. Together we work with your hearts.


We in the Christ family of Light came here to anchor the energies for this present time. We brought love, healing, truth, and heart. We bring this again today and ask you to join us in the spreading of these energies. This is what you need for healing and what your planet needs.


Much is beginning to come to fruition. The energies that we set 2000 years ago are being activated and progress is being made. You will find yourselves coming around like you did 2,000 years ago. You may be seeing some resisting these energies and slipping away. Just remember it is their way beloveds. We welcome all of you with open arms and loving hearts. Those who are afraid of this love will find themselves challenged.


We are doing this together, along with all of you. We in the Light realms are working hard. We hear your every word and know your thoughts. We see your Lights and they are brighter than they have ever been. If you could only see what we see you would see your world in a different Light. What we see is this influx of Light that is so bright that you can barely open your eyes to it. It is a flame in the heart of all hearts and especially of your Earth. It is giving her the strength to move forward with her cleansing process and is allowing her to progress on her path.


More and more of the hearts of humanity are beginning to glow. We have been long awaiting this transformation. You are ruling in love and ruling out the opposites. It makes everyone feel better except those that thrive on the opposites. This can bring forth some uncertainties in the heart center. It is a different feeling from what you have previously felt. It feels new yet sharp and steady. If you are empathic and most of you are becoming even more empathic, you may be feeling the squeeze of the darkness as it squirms its way along its shortened path for this planet.


Allow these new and unusual circumstances to move through your heart and embrace the change. It is what you have been waiting for and what we have been co-creating for a long time. Transformation is what is happening now beloveds. Like the butterfly moving out of the chrysalis, it can feel uncomfortable at first but once you begin to fly you can spread that beauty of spirit everywhere. You can grace the planet every place you land. You can transform the darkest energies with your beauty and Light.


The plans for this time were laid 2,000 years ago and even before my beloved son Christ was incarnated. Much has changed since that time. You are now playing out the last vestiges of separation and war. You are beginning to see the huge mirrors of obstacles that have been before you and the Earth. You can now clearly see the fear that has been holding you back.


Now the hearts are inlaid with the golden Light of the Christ. This Light is impenetrable. It is the power of the Christing of the entire planet.


You must keep your hearts open, beloveds and continue to clear away any shadows that interfere with your own Christing process. It is time to be free and clear so that you can fly with those lovely wings to take the Earth in this now moment into her new destiny. You will be with us and you are one with us.


Mother Earth and I have had a long established relationship throughout eons of time. We are a team. We love and bless our children and like all mothers, we wish for the best for all of you.


I am Mary, sending you love, joy and peace, from the Realms of Light.



Beautiful Lightworkers Return Home


As I mentioned in my October update, my friend Adam, a ground crew member from almost the onset of this website, was gravely ill. Last month he made his transition. About two months prior to his illness he told God that he wanted to be of greater service. Then he became ill and was out of his body before we knew it.


I will miss Adam. He was a special soul. He was an avid hiker and a beautiful photographer. He always sent the loveliest cards with his photography that was in nature. He was on his path as an inspirational teacher and healer. He had a big heart. Somehow the world seems empty without his Light.


Richard Carlson, a San Francisco Bay Area psychotherapist and world famous author of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” and 30 other motivational books stressing love, gratitude and kindness above all other values, collapsed and died on December 13. He was on a flight from San Francisco to New York where at the age of 45 he apparently had a massive heart attack and died.


Richard lived in Walnut Creek, which is where I live. He made a profound impression on many people throughout the world. He contributed much of his earnings to charitable causes in which he believed.


To Richard and Adam, we thank you for gracing us with your presence, love and Light. Your energy and work still live on in the hearts of many.




In Conclusion


It is almost the end of another year. A lot has happened this year. We are closer to our goal of an enlightened planet. We have the utmost love and assistance. We have each other.


As our Lightworker friends and others make new choices for their purpose and destiny, we too must re-confirm our intentions in being a part of this ascension. Our ability to connect with the Light Realms is becoming easier. They will assist us in greater ways that will bring clarity and joy to our hearts.


Create your intentions, ground crew. Work the Law of Attraction. Watch your thoughts and manifesting abilities. Most of all find your gifts, honor your self for them, and let’s co-create powerfully with our Creator, the most awesome new planet Earth that we can possibly create.


Have a wondrous, blessed and joyful holiday season and new 2007.


Blessings, love and Light,


Valerie Donner


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