Message from Valerie Donner - January 17, 2007
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Straight From The Heart

Dear Ground Crew:

This New Year is beginning to seem like one of the most eventful and challenging new years ever. It seems as though we are being faced with the need to make powerful new choices and to stand firmly in our truth. I have observed that situations can seem dark and scary for a few moments then shift to the Light. This seems to be true for many.

The weather is unusual around the planet. We are being forced to adapt to the Earth’s changing climate, if not to other things that she is presenting. This seems most appropriate since she has had to adapt for such a long time to our treatment of her.

Can you imagine what it must be like for the Earth’s physical body both on the surface, below and atmospherically to continue surviving based on all that humanity has done? Needless to say, if we are inconvenienced (“An Inconvenient Truth”) in terms of colder weather (It has been below freezing here in Northern California for over a week), or other situations, we simply need to learn how to respond and prepare. (Our citrus industry is facing over a $billion worth of loss of lemons and other citrus products. Perhaps we will have to eat citrus from other places and pay a higher price.)

In the long run we will all pay a higher price for whatever adjustments the Earth must make. Some will be easier than others and we might find ourselves uncomfortable as we adapt to the climate changes and other factors.

The Earth is cleansing and healing. There is purpose in these inconveniences. In the past I remember channeling Mother Earth. She told me how uncomfortable it is for her to have concrete on her surface. It is her skin and it makes it hard for her to breathe. In taking the Earth’s oil we are using her blood and affecting the tectonic plates thus making the possibility for earthquakes as they adjust to this loss of lubrication. Mother Earth also told me that she likes it at night when people are asleep because it is quiet. I think the Earth is one of the nosiest planets in creation.

It feels like she has more to say to let’s see:

Greetings, I am Mother Earth. I come to you with love in my heart and pain in my soul. I see my children are suffering yet there is little that I can do about it. I love all of you. It is time for me to move forward. My soul is on a homeward bound course back to the Creator. Would you like to come along for the ride?

I have always given you plenty. I give you abundance in beauty, variety in food, colorful geography, and free reign with my water and other resources. I give you my blood. I give you my heart.

What is all of the commotion about when I need to make adjustments in order to survive? You know that you survive at my bequest, don’t you? I allow life and will continue to allow life. You must now allow me my way so that I may continue to survive and that you will be able to live here too.

It is still early in my awakening process as it is for most of humanity. I recommend that you each work on your own awakening and in deepening your connection with me. This is the best way that I can assist you. When you are attuned to me you will know where to be and what to do at all times. This will become increasingly important as I set about my reconstruction program.

I would like to tell you about it. It involves clearing out the debris and cobwebs left over from many thousands of years of misuse. I have discomfort in many places due to misplaced thought forms and behaviors. How much longer do you think that I can tolerate the energy of war running through my skin? I want war to cease. In some ways I think I have been an overly tolerant mother. I have spoiled you and let you ruin many parts of my domain. Yet, this is my domain and I am taking it back. I am the one who calls the shots from now on. Those who think they can continue with their old ways of rampant greed and war will find out otherwise. I have a remedy for everything. You will regain your respect for my world and me.

The days of seeking my nurturing gifts for self-serving ways are coming to a close. You will begin to see how important it is to cooperate with me and with each other. There will be new codes of conduct for how to behave on my terrain. You will see that we are a cooperative unit. We work together in harmony and that is what you will have. If some of you work against the natural flow of being and continue to create discord I will have to make the necessary adjustments.

Like each one of you, my energy fields are becoming more and more sensitive. I am beginning to tolerate less and less of the current situations. I am seeking balance and this is also what I recommend for each of you. When you find balance, peace and calm, you will assist both of us.

Humanity is at a breaking point right now. Most of humanity does not understand the pressure that I am under to find balance. I could explode at any moment. You will need to stand with your feet connected to my ground. You will want to explore new ways of staying connected to me at all times. There may be times when you too feel that you might explode from the upwelling energies that are bombarding all of us.

Fortunately we have the assistance of all of creation. I am being ushered through the changes with the loving hands of the Creator and the legions of loving beings that have been long awaiting this pivotal point in my evolution. It saddens me that we have evolved to the point of no return. I must cleanse and heal. I am sorry that some of you will be inconvenienced but this is the only way that I can survive.

From this year forward you will see that things will be moving fast. You may have to run to catch up with me. I am actually far more comfortable now as I relieve some of the pressure but I still have a long way to go until I can rest. This also applies to most of you.

The longer you remain a partner with me in my divine plan you will find yourselves in fewer struggles. The main idea is for you to trust me and to trust your self. It may sound simple but many of you are new at this idea of trust.

Haven’t I provided all of your needs in your entire lifetime? Yes, I provide in abundance from my unlimited treasure chest of love. I am pleased to give to you and happy to share. If you will work with me together we will begin to lighten the way for each other. I will always join with you in cooperative efforts that you make. When you align with me we will be a formidable team.

I chose to speak through this channel today so that you will clearly understand your role in supporting the healing that we are now going through. If you see it as a healing you will receive the greatest gifts.

I will now say goodbye to you and say, “Let us stand rooted together as the trunks of the trees. Branch out and reach up to the Light. Stay connected to me. We are one.”

I am Mother Earth.




Mother Earth’s Treasure Chest of Love
by Valerie Donner

Behold, my children.
Look at what you have been given.
From the tiniest flower
To the gentle breeze,
My love touches your very soul.

I whisper in your ear
The magnitude of my love,
When you hear the soft rain,
A bird’s song,
Or hear the sound of thunder.

Each time you taste of my sustenance
You eat from the heart of me.
When you drink from my wells
And sample my sweetness,
You experience the love of the Creator.

My blood runs deeply
In your veins.
It brings some of you great riches,
Others places to travel,
Ways to provide for yourselves.

My sunrises and sunsets
Should be enough of a painting
To get you to arise each day
And feel blessed each evening
With my beauty.

My plants and animals
Bring joy, nourishment, and healing.
This is a treasure chest
Of unlimited supply,
Unlimited love.

My oceans bring waves of delight
Speaking to the lovers of the world
And to those who need solace.
They grace the sand
With unlimited treasures.

My mountains give you something to look up to.
They show you the grandness
Of what it is like to reach up to the heavens
Yet to stay anchored to the Earth.
They challenge some to climb to greater heights.

My minerals, crystals and rock kingdom
Add to the bountiful beauty
That many treasure.
The source is from the depths of my being.
It is a gift.

I give to you, my children,
All of the treasures
That should make you happy and fulfilled.
I only ask that you be grateful
And be lovingly at peace.

© 2007 The Ground Crew



In Conclusion


I guess it was Mother Earth’s turn to speak this time. We are so close now. Our hearts are merging with the loving awareness of this incredible evolutionary process in which we now find ourselves. Let us embrace the changes and remember that it is all about love. 
Blessings, love and Light,  

Valerie Donner



© 2007 The Ground Crew


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