Message from Valerie Donner - March 21, 2007
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Dear Ground Crew:

Happy Vernal Equinox today! It is the first day of spring and there is much that is blooming. I have beautiful California poppies in my back yard. Interestingly enough, this year the plants remained even throughout the winter months. This is unusual. Now we have the lovely flowers. The seasons are becoming one with each other and so is the rest of life on the planet.

Perhaps it appears on the outer surfaces that there is greater separation amongst life but this is not necessarily the case. It is a time of the “Lion lying down with the lamb.” The animals seem to be portraying this more readily than humans (like the baby hippo finding a tortoise for a mother after the tsunami) however; there is a coming together even though it feels like it is the opposite.

Yes, life as we have known it in the third dimension is falling apart. This is occurring because the negative aspects of the third dimension (like greed, anger, war, hatred, etc.) are no longer serving humanity and the Earth. The financial systems, health care, educational systems, governments, legal systems, etc. are all in a state of chaos. Taking it a step further, everywhere on the planet the hidden secrets are being revealed. This is causing even more chaos as people begin to speak and learn more of the truth.

How have things been in your lives, ground crew? Have you noticed that when you go unconscious even with the best of intentions that the results come quickly back to you for you to clean up? Can you see how those things that you have left unresolved are now right there for you to bring into alignment?

Many people I see in my healing practice are going through challenges. Last week was quite intense for many people. We were between the two eclipses (the lunar on March 3 and the solar on March 18) in tandem with other planetary configurations. When you combine these factors with the energies that most of us have been feeling, you must begin to understand that the planet upon which we are now residing feels different.

Have you been one of the many Lightworkers having challenges sleeping? Has your body been riddled with unexplained aches and pains? Do you feel tired beyond tired? Is it hard for you to relax? Do you awaken feeling more fatigued than before going to bed? Are your emotions as sensitive as a razor’s edge? Do you feel uncertain about your next step and like you are walking on shifting sand? Is time speeding up so that you feel you are always behind?

What a predicament we find ourselves in right now, ground crew. In the dream state many of us are leaving our bodies and helping heal others in places like Iran and Iraq. We are working hard in the daytime and at night. We do have the option of telling our guides before we go to sleep at night that we just want to rest that night and that we do not want to go out healing the world. We can use our choice if we need.

Taking excellent care of the body is always warranted but especially now. Have you noticed that there are certain foods that no longer agree with you? Are you finding that you want to improve your nutrition, work out, stretch, be in nature, take naps (Careful because sometimes we get called out during the daytime too where we are needed.) Everything that we can do to bring the body into balance like through Yoga or Pilates is also helpful.

How are you doing with working the principles of “The Secret”? Have you noticed the masses awakening? It is like a little bell that has gone off inside of them. They are beginning to see positive options in their lives. They are on the course to empowerment. I heard also that the second printing of the book is the largest second printing of any book in the history of publishing—over three million copies. Isn’t this exciting?

Today being the Vernal Equinox is an excellent day to concentrate on what you want to manifest in your life. Sit down and meditate, make your list, or vision board, and begin to focus on these ideas. This is how you will begin to bring them into form.

We are on the path to our own mastery, ground crew. As we enter the higher dimensions of the fourth and fifth, we will be able to manifest almost instantaneously. This is another important reason to watch your thoughts. Instantaneous manifestation is one of the abilities that we will have. We will be doing things like Jesus and the others masters did—being able to make enough food to feed the multitudes, or creating what we want or need at any time. We will be aligning our bodies with all aspects of ourselves and life. Our thoughts will become even more powerful in the universal field of energies. We will be able to create spontaneous healings for ourselves and others if this is what we want.

Yes, ground crew, we are breaking out of the old 3D mold and taking flight into a whole new way of being on Mother Earth. We will begin to feel the oneness of each other and all of life in ways that we could not have previously imagined.


Breaking out of the Mold
by Valerie Donner

We are breaking out of the 3D mold.
We’ve got places to go
And hands to hold.
We’ve got lives to uplift,
Things to share.
Life is becoming love and care.
We are breaking out of the 3D mold.
It’s got to go.
It’s older than old.
Struggle and strife
Will call it a day.
We will go for the fourth
In the biggest way.
We’ve got lots to do,
Many to teach,
Mouths to feed,
Dreams to reach.
We’re breaking out of the 3D mold.
We’re taking big steps.
We are Light and bold.
We are letting go of what
No longer serves.
We’re standing up to the declining forces.
We’re the ones with spiritual nerve.
We’re breaking out of the 3D mold.
We’re telling the truth
That must be told.
We’re releasing limitations
With breakneck speed.
We’re calling forth
The end of greed.
We want what’s
The Highest good for all.
The third dimension is taking a fall.
We’re breaking out of the 3D mold.
Our new earthly streets
Will be lined with gold.

© 2007 The Ground Crew


A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council
Through Valerie Donner March 21, 2007


Greetings, I am Mira. I am excited to be speaking with you today. All of the forces of Light are with you. We are here to assist you in creating your new life on the Earth.

We are old friends. We relish the connection that we have with you. Our ships are around the Earth holding a network of assistance to the Earth that we love deeply. We love you deeply too. We are partners with you in the birthing of the new lives that you will be living.

We have a long list of instructional items that we will be helping you with as you move more into the higher dimensions. We can see how these times can seem strange, for indeed they are new to you. This is to be expected because you are moving into new territory. Uncharted territory requires assistance, like those who have experience with the ascension process. We have a bit of a map that we will be providing along with some important teachings.

We agreed to partner with you as you spread your earthly wings and begin to fly. Some of our assistance will simply be through love and support. In other ways we will be providing technology and scientific guidance. You will be getting excited about the things that we can do together. We think you will like it and will remember us from before.

We have been part of the history of the Earth throughout time. We have always been there when you have needed us. We will continue this commitment.

In the Pleiadian High Council we provide guidance and direction to our teams that are assigned various missions for the Earth. We have a variety of special project teams that are assigned to you. We have an organizing system that is highly functional based on long-term success that we will be showing you. It will be a time of remembering for when you see it you will see a light turning on in your brain. You will say, “Oh, yes, now I remember how this works!” This will make your transition into the higher dimensions a smoother one.

There is much that we would like to be doing with you right now. It is part of our plan but we are not quite yet permitted to interfere. We know that some of you are having physical challenges. We have suggestions for this too. We can help you with your upliftment on many different levels.

Our scientists have plenty to teach yours. They have gifts to bring and rapid rewards will follow. It will be a cohesive relationship. This is the way the Creator has it planned. As part of your star brothers and sisters we can hardly wait until you are back with us. We all have so much to share. You will be happy and so will we when we actually get to meet again.

We love what we do and we perform well. We all work together and competition is unheard of here. We are all equal to each other and know that this is how the Creator views us. We work as teams in cohesive units. We can changes teams, as we desire after we complete our work with one team or we can remain together for what you would call hundreds of years.

We want you to know how loved and admired that you are. We understand that most of you have had challenging lives but want you to know that these days are almost over. We don’t have the same kind of challenges that you have but we have other lessons to learn. Our lives are in oneness. Yours have been in separation. That means that the lessons that you learn in the third dimension sometimes make you feel that you are all alone. This is far from the truth. You will begin to understand this fact as you progress with your ascension process.

We have plenty to tell you and to share. Before you know it you will clearly see us and your other space brothers and sisters in your skies.

Thank you for holding the Light during this time of shifting energies on the Earth. We admire you greatly.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.





In Conclusion


Change is coming at us from every direction in our lives. The stagnant pond is getting cleaned out. Everything is on a new path towards the Light. It is an exciting time to be on the Earth and we are blessed to be here. Just wait until more new truths emerge within your self and upon the planet. We are in for some interesting times.


Be good to your self and to others. Stand tall in the unified field of the Light. Remember that love is all there is and that we are on the pathway home

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

In addition to being the founder of The Ground Crew website, Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, energy worker, channel and teacher. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to assist her clients with profound healing. She works with the Masters like Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul and Kuthumi as well as with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Rafael and Archangel Uriel. Her work can be life transforming. She may be reached at: 925-287-8976, P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596,


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